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TTC Advice and Tips

TTC Advice & Tips

Would you rather receive TTC advice from your mother-in-law or a complete stranger? Most ladies I know prefer the complete stranger route (myself included). Well good news! Our site is literally crawling with complete strangers (the good kind), many of them eager to share their "tried and true" TTC stories with you. So unless you're a mother-in-law, we invite you to chime in with your TTC Advice and Tips. What got you pregnant? We want to know!

And for gosh sakes – if you have TTC advice to share, stop hogging it to yourself! Send us your TTC advice so we can share it with the world!

Buddy (Buddies) Again!

Buddies Unite! MAYbe a May baby?? :)


After taking a 2-year break from IUIs, we just did our first (and last) IUI on Saturday before we decide to move to IVF. This time around, I started doing acupuncture about a month before and have made dietary changes, taken some holistic/natural supplements, etc. Hubby's numbers are always low - this time (post wash) it was 6 million with 85% motility. Number still low, but this was the best motility we've seen. Anyone have any positives with these kind of numbers?

2WW Is Torture

Month after month the 2WW is slowly (and painfully) driving me to clinical crazy. I think this is a worse feeling then not responding to Clomid and having to "waste" a month and a half. (Fingers crossed I continue to respond with Femara and HCG)
So what now? How do you ladies survive the 2WW with your sanity and dignity?

Feeling at Little Lost...?

Hi Ladies!! This is my first time writing here, I just love reading all your stories and thought I should share mine and get your thoughts. This is my second cycle TTCing, I stopped taking BCP at the end of March. Last month my cycle was 44 days long, I was always 28 days on BCP. Last month I never really used any fertility aids, this month I am using OPK's, BBT Charting and Fertile Focus Savlia Testing. CD 1 was May 11th, so today is CD 32 (long cycles are the worst, even more waiting!). I wasn't sure how long my cycle would be this time, I was hoping it was just longer last month because my body was still adjusting to stopping BCP. So since I wasn't sure how long my cycle would be this month we started BDing every other day on CD 13 and still continuing that now. I started using OPKs on CD 13 but they have yet to show anything more than a faint line for me... I'm convinced they don't work for me! Yesterday I got full ferning twice during the day with my Fertile Focus and that was the day I was expecting to ovulate based on 44 day cycle. However, no change in BBT to suggest ovulation yet.

Were any of you ladies taking the 3 month extended period BCP? And how long did it take to regulate and what were your cycles like?

Anybody know if OPK tests don't work for everyone?

Anybody using the Fertile Focus or other Saliva testing, I'd love to hear your thoughts on interpreting the results? How do you determine the difference between Not Fertile and Transitioning??

I'm starting to feel a bit discouraged cause I have not seen a temperature shift yet.... and I've been hoping for the last few weeks to see something sooner to indicate a shorter cycle this month. I'm starting to think I will never see a change! What if it doesn't shift higher at all and I eventually start AF? Anybody have this happen and still ovulated? Does BBT work for everyone guaranteed or will it not show a shift for some women?

Please share your thoughts, last month I felt like I didn't have control over anything and this month I felt a bit more in control what with all the tools I had this month but now with nothing showing a for sure positive I'm just not sure anymore....

Thanks Ladies!!

TTC Advice

I was obsessed with this site while TTC! I got BFP in my 3rd cycle of trying and I did 2 things differently that month that I wanted to share. Also, I am somewhat of a POAS addict. I ordered a bunch of cheapies online so I would feel OK about it. This cycle I told myself that I would wait until 10 dpo. My temp spiked a little on 8 dpo so I decided to try then and it was a BFP! faint but definitely there.
1. Starting on cd1 I began to drink 1 cup of whole milk each day. I have no idea if this changed anything, but I can't remember the last time I had whole milk on a regular basis so it was a definite change for me. I heard that it's good for ovulation, I ovulated a few days earlier this cycle.
2. BD every other day from the first EW CM. Then AM and PM on the day of my temp shift just to make sure and because we figured it was the last chance anyway for that cycle.

Good luck to all of you!

Finally, a BFP!

I have been looking at this site the past few months, and have been very interested in what other people's symptoms are and what they might have done differently that month that resulted in a pregnancy. I have tried various things that people recommend, and I appreciate it!

My two week wait did not seem any different than waiting for my period. Same symptoms and everything, so I really did not think that I would get those lovely 2 lines when I POAS. But I did. I am very happy and hope that it

I thought that I would share some information about myself and what I did differently this month that might help other people:

1. I am 38, I have a 3 year old child, and had a miscarriage last year in November. Have been trying to get pregnant ever since.

2. I have tried a special massage (Mayan massage) and acupuncture and herbs, but no dice.

3. This month, though, I started taking 1000 mg of Vitamin D, Very Green from Trader Joes, a pregnancy herbal pill from Whole Foods called "Baby Me Now," prenatal vitamins, flaxseed oil AND raspberry leaf tea. Every night (wellll, almost every night). I also downloaded a special mind/body fertility program from a website called Circle + Bloom. I kept falling asleep to it, but I really liked it!

Anyway, I hope this helps!

BFP -helpful conceiving tips and symptoms

Hi Moms,

This was our 2nd month of TTC.  I did not notice much CM last month so I tried these tips. 4 EPO pills/day(cycle day 1-O) tons of grapefruit juice(Ovulation, this produced amazing results!!!!) Green Tea(Cycle day 1-Oand current) Vitamin B6(100mg/day. Cycle day 1-current). I'm no doctor, but I think all this helped.

Day 1-5 Twinges, slight breast tenderness
Day 4 and 5-swollen sinuses, teeth sensitivity, vivid dreams
Day 6 and 7 Cramping
Day 8-increased breast tenderness, disturbed sleep
Day 9-similar to Day 8
Day 10-tired, nauesous, disturbed sleep continues....the absolute most faint BFP...not convinced yet.
Day 11-FMU: EPT/Answer/Digital Test: BFP!!!!!! continued tired, disturbed sleep, breast tenderness, nausea. HCG blood test done on this day.
Day 12-HCG blood test back at 52, continued symptoms

This is our 3rd child! We are soooo happy! My very good friend who has suffered 2 miscarriages also found out she was pregnant last month and saw the heartbeat for the first time today, which makes my news even sweeter! !!

TTC after miscarriage

I just read the What no one told you section, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

If it really helps, I just wanted to let you know that two of my friends who had PCOS got pregnant after low carbing. The lower the carbs, the better. Atkins, protein power re two very lowarb diets and metabolism miracle is a diet in moderate carbs.

I also believe a lot in the power of prayers and there are two prayers i suggest-a novena to saint Anne, grandmother of Jesus. She did not have  a kid for 19 long years and in their culture,women were considered cursed if they could not have kids.She had to go through severe mockery but she kept her faith and coceieved Mary at age 39. My friend said this novena and on second day had a BFP! Then there is also the prayer to La Leche mother. Google to find out more about these prayers.

I am reading a book called fertlity and nutrtion right now and it makes so much sense too. Read the reviews in Amazon. I sent everyone including me here some babydust.

Some good info on HPT false negatives

I just read this really interesting bit of info on false negatives - it's giving me comfort and hopefully will for others:

Consumer Reports Reviews of Home Pregnancy Tests

We tested 18 pregnancy-test kits to find out which brands work best. Buy the top performers and follow our tips for the most accurate results.

The claims on home pregnancy-test kits certainly sound impressive: "99 percent accurate," "results as early as 1 minute," "ready to use the first day of missed period." But how trustworthy are they? Our tests found that for many women, home pregnancy-test kits will not work as accurately, as quickly, or as soon after the missed menstrual period as the labels promise.

We also found that the usefulness and accuracy of home pregnancy-test kits can be improved if women are aware of the kits' limitations and learn how to work around them. For example, though most test-kit labels advise women to test "as early as the first day of missed period," the kits are more accurate when used a week later.

For women who consider it important to test at the very first suspicion of pregnancy, our tests identified one especially sensitive and reliable brand, First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. It will detect the very low levels of the hormone likely to be present in the earliest days of pregnancy.

However, First Response promises on its package to detect pregnancy several days before a missed period. At that point, 26 percent of viable pregnancies are not yet producing any pregnancy hormone whatsoever, according to a 2001 report by Allen J. Wilcox, M.D., Ph.D., of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a federal research laboratory in Durham, N.C.

All home pregnancy-test kits use monoclonal antibodies to detect a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced by the developing placenta beginning the day on which the embryo implants in the uterine wall. Concentrations of this pregnancy hormone vary widely, depending on the individual. A recent study of pregnant women, conducted by Laurence A. Cole, Ph.D., Chief of the Division of Women's Health Research at the University of New Mexico, found that urinary hCG ranged from 23 to 652 mIU/ml (thousandths of an International Unit per milliliter) 28 days after their last menstrual period. During the first several weeks of pregnancy, hCG concentrations in blood and urine increase exponentially, doubling every two to three days.

All 18 brands of pregnancy kits we tested employ similar technology. Most use sticks with absorbent wicks that are held directly in the urine stream. Most also allow the user to collect the urine in a cup and then dip the stick. One brand, the Inverness Medical Early Pregnancy Test, offers a choice of two products, one with a stick and one with a two-step process in which the user first collects urine in a cup, then uses a medicine dropper to transfer a few drops to a plastic cassette.

Regardless of collection method, reading the results is the same for every test kit: If a line, however faint, appears in the result window after a specified number of minutes, the test is positive. (The kits also have a second, "control" line that appears when the test is working properly.)

To assess the sensitivity of the test kits, we worked with an independent laboratory that specializes in hCG studies. We spiked hCG-free urine with varying concentrations of the hormone, to mimic the range found in normal early pregnancies. We tested each product at increasing hCG concentrations until we obtained a positive result.

We conducted the tests as instructed on each product's package insert. Technicians read the results after the specified minimum wait--anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the product--and then again at the maximum time allowed (10 minutes in all the products we tested). They also evaluated each kit on how easy it was to read a positive result, and on overall ease of use.

One product, First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, emerged as the most reliable and sensitive test kit. It detected hCG at concentrations as low as 6.5 mIU/ml. That's almost certainly sensitive enough to detect any pregnancy soon after implantation. One other product, Clear Choice At Home Pregnancy Test, which provides a small jar for urine collection, was able to detect the same low hCG levels at the reading time specified by the manufacturer. But several of the Clear Choice kits we tested failed to work (showed no line in control window), making it less reliable than the First Response product.

The other test kits were less sensitive than those two; the five least sensitive couldn't detect hCG below concentrations of about 100 mIU/ml at their specified reading times.


Me and my boyfriend were ttc for awhile and I ended up getting pregnant, but a few weeks later I lost the baby. So we kept trying but nothing happened. We recently had sex, but I was on my period at the time that we did it. But I have been having alot of the symptoms that alot of people have posted. I have headaches, tired all the time, it may be too early but I have been peeing alot more than usual, I got the hard pressure on my pubic bone and lower stomach, my breasts were extremly sore for like 5 days, and they never get sore. My urine has been darker, and my emotions have been crazy. Very emotional about everything. My stomach has been bloated, I have been eating like crazy. I may just be having these symptoms because I want another baby so badly, I have a 2 year old son, that would love a brother or sister. But Im really hoping its the real thing. I could then prove that you can get pregnant on your period. Does anyone have any advice or what their opinion is on my symptoms? Please I really want positive words because this is the last time were going to ttc for awhile....