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TTC Advice and Tips

TTC Advice & Tips

Would you rather receive TTC advice from your mother-in-law or a complete stranger? Most ladies I know prefer the complete stranger route (myself included). Well good news! Our site is literally crawling with complete strangers (the good kind), many of them eager to share their "tried and true" TTC stories with you. So unless you're a mother-in-law, we invite you to chime in with your TTC Advice and Tips. What got you pregnant? We want to know!

And for gosh sakes – if you have TTC advice to share, stop hogging it to yourself! Send us your TTC advice so we can share it with the world!

First round of clomid

Hi me and hubby have been ttc for fours years with a miscarriage in September 2011 and September 2013 finally after hundreds of scans & blood test we have been given clomid, my periods have been irregular since the first miscarriage I am not ovulating every month. I go for a scan next Friday to check if it has worked I haven't really had any side effects except tirdness and feeling more emotional but that could be period. I am just looking for some advice & stories from people clomid has worked for.

New to this Blogging

Hi everyone. First let me apologize for not knowing all the abbreviations for everything. My husband and I have been together for 3 years now. We wanted to start trying immediately but he had a vasectomy with his previous marriage. Almost 4 months ago he had a reversal, everything went well and when he went to get his sperm count checked they said it was like he never had a vasectomy.. This was all great news. We started tracking periods and ovulation dates before the reversal and everything was going good. However, since the reversal it seems that it has been way harder on me. I have heard from people “if you don't think about it, it will happen" and many more... I have tried not thinking about it but it seems impossible. Today I am 7 days late and have received many NEGATIVES.... WHY? I don't understand why Mother Nature is messing with me... My husband gets really mad when I say this but I pray all the time "if I am going to start just do it, if not give me a positive". He says that I am asking for my period but I'm not. Anyone going through the same thing? Does anyone have any advice?

Cervix and Cm play no role at all in my case

Hey all,
Over the past few years of ttc, I always ultimately based whether I was pregnant or not from my cervix and cm because I'd always heard that cervix gets high and soft and cm is creamy and abundant. Not the case....for me anyways!!!! I got my BFP at 14 DPO, I am now at 20 DPO and my cervix is still low and firm and my cm is extremely minimal and what I do have is watery/slightly creamy. It looks exactly the way it does before AF. Also, I had symptoms come and go, for a couple days my boobs would be sensitive and then the next day it was like they were gone.

why won't my post post?

I got my period on Christmas and it only lasts three days and I had unprotected sex with my fiance on the 28 then again on the 30 31st and1st and in the morning on the 1st had mucus like Brown discharge and on the 2nd had pink spotting n every since then been tired nauseous cramping constipated. Metallic taste in my mouth stuffy nose and my two year old has been extra clingy n whining could I be pregnant???
Also today I had light brown discharge and now I'm currently having clear milky discharge that is weird and smells like period blood but I'm not due for a period until the 19th of this month ***My mcl is 25 days ****Luteal phase 17days

I'm going crazy been ttc a yr n still nothing!

Hey everyone.
So I'm 26 and been ttc a yr with all bfn's . N it is devastating :( I eat sleep dream babies n everyone around me is pregnant! We've done 4 failed iui's, 4 months of daily injections, clomid 100mg most if this yr. a few months ago we decided to stop all treatments n try naturally n nothing yet :( n it is not for a lack of trying. I've recently started taking primrose oil, cod liver oil b6 &12 n folic acid. I've never been pregnant before. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, advice or different supplements to try. Thanks so much

BFP today, what i did differently

I have been trying to conceive for 4 months and finally got my BFP today on a cheap PT strip. My story will be short and precise. Previous months i only did missionary during ovulation cus i read so much about d position, after sex i realised that the sperm always pours. Hubby and I decided to go for doggy and behold it didnt pour. I stay in d doggy position for 1hr after he cums, I also cum after then and it helps d sperm flow in. Did a test at 9DPO and got BFN. My main symptom was no sore boobs b4 AF. I HOPE THIS HELPS.. Baby dust to u all

BFN :(

It's been a long and winding journey as most of you can relate to. I had my one and only child when I was 18 and conceived him fairly easy considering I was so young and naive. I do remember having to take a few negative tests before I got my BFP with him. I became pregnant again in June of 2013 a month after removal of my Mirena IUD and again in August 2014 however those two babies are my angel babies. Miscarriage is devastating and I really thought I would become pregnant this month (2nd cycle) since mc. My friend from work suffered a mc three months before finding out she was pregnant again (we found out the same week) as long as two more friends from work due in May like I was. I can't help but think I should be getting ready to find out what I'm having, not ttc again. This past cycle I have used cb digital advanced OPK and got 9 days of flashing but no peak. When I called they didn't offer much help. I don't temp or chart I already feel kinda silly for being so obsessed with ttc because with every pregnancy it wasn't like that. Anywho! Last month AF came on the 14th of Nov. with spotting on the 13th. I've had nothing but cm and yesterday after I poas I had goldish stretchy cm ?? I also had spotting around ovulation or close to it, which I had with one pregnancy. I don't feel pregnant necessarily (intuition) but I have had a few symptoms. I'm cramping but mostly on the sides, now it is more of my abdomen. I know AF is on her way. I took my last blue dye HPT this morning with FMU and BFN. I'm disappointed and impatient I just thought I would fall pregnant after my mc. I've decided this month I'm not going to OPK or TRY not to obsess over ttc and focus on other aspects of life like the holidays with my son and boyfriend. I'm going to workout to gain energy and possibly start to look for a better job. (Didnt want to do if I was pregnant) I have read while stalking this sight that when you start to not obsess over the process is when it will happen. I need to let go for now. Of course I will still pray for a baby of our very own that I will be able to hold in 9 months! Hapot holidays everyone and sept 2015 sounds like a great month for a baby ;)


I am currently 13here.I had a dnc on September 25 because I was non stop bleeding for a month straight. Ive been checking my cervix for about a week now and my walls are making me feel tight and seem hard but my cervix feels open and squishy. I was supposed to get my period today or tomorrow but haven't even had a sign of it at all. I spotted from days 8 to 11 on aand off only enough when u wiped nothing actually on underwear or a liner. My symptoms were crazy until yesterday now its like they are all gone except feeling full frequent urination vivid dreams and headaches. Im just unsure what's going on here. Can someone please help me?????

Need some positive comments and boosts :)

Hey everyone

I'm new to this and hope to find someone who I can go through this journey with!!

A little bit about me. I have just finished taking provera and am waiting for my period to start my 1st lot of clomid. My husband and I started trying in November 2012 after our honeymoon (never worked out to be a honeymoon baby) and after finishing the pill I didn't have a period for 6 months. So went on to have tests which told me I had PCOS, my husband also got tested which he found out he didnt have any live sperm and he had to go back 6 months later after being told what to do to see if it would reverse. Well we got the amazing news that it did and that he was now above average with his sperm count. So all focus went back onto me which is amazing and now we have started out journey!!!

To be totally honest I am slightly scared it won't work. I keep trying to read success stories to boost my confidence. Would love to have someone to chat to about problems or how we're feeling on this journey!!

It's been a long tough journey for both me and my husband and hearing all our friends getting pregnant with the click of fingers is hard but hopefully it's not much longer for us to be sharing some news :)

Hope to hear from you soon :)

help usually clockwork cd8 positive opk

Help! I'm cd8 we were going to start tonight I usually get digital positive opk on day 12 and instead got smiley face this am!?? I'm at work I only got one day of positive last month we DTD that day and day after with no luck. My cycle came like clock work last Friday. I really hope we didn't miss the boat again!:-( bfn on hpt so that'd not it before you ask. I'm so sad we may have messed up. We were going to start a day earlier than all the Calender's said but I passed out last night. Please help