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TTC Advice and Tips

TTC Advice & Tips

Would you rather receive TTC advice from your mother-in-law or a complete stranger? Most ladies I know prefer the complete stranger route (myself included). Well good news! Our site is literally crawling with complete strangers (the good kind), many of them eager to share their "tried and true" TTC stories with you. So unless you're a mother-in-law, we invite you to chime in with your TTC Advice and Tips. What got you pregnant? We want to know!

And for gosh sakes – if you have TTC advice to share, stop hogging it to yourself! Send us your TTC advice so we can share it with the world!


I've been trying for a year and a half....started clomid in June and now I'm waiting....I feel like I'm crazy....obsessed and everything else u could possibly be....period due in 7 days....took a test today and it was negative....anyone else waiting?!?!

Need advice on using opk

I've been using opk's since last month. My cycles are 28 days, I got a positive opk on cd 14 in the afternoon then on cd 15 in the morning, by 7pm that nite it was negative. we BD on both days and no success. So my question is, do you think I ovulate on CD 16 maybe CD 17??

Extended breastfeeding and TTC #2

I'm still nursing my 20 month old daughter. She nurses 3x a day and completely night weaned. Haven't had a menstrual cycle yet. However, on June 11th I noticed a TON of super stretchy cm. I took clearblue ovulation test and got a solid smiley face. I was in disbelief!! So, I also took one of those cheap ovulation test sticks. It was positive. Hubby and I did our thing for the next three days. Now, I'm on the dreaded 2ww. I haven't had noticeable symptoms. Just mild nipple soreness when I nurse and vivid dreams. So far bfn. Anyone else in a similar situation?

i need your help!!

I haven't acully been trying to conceive I have a 15 month daughter. So I haven't been tracking anything what so ever. Ok so here it goes last month I had what I figured was my peried it came 4 days early have a 28 day cycle. About a week after that peried I have had so many different symptoms which I never ever get. I had headache about 2 weeks straight I never get headachs. Very cloudy mind couldn't focus at all. Very very tired especially right after I ate dinner.very very bloated since day one. I get moody on and off nothing to bad. I have been getting nausea all the time I will feel so sick mouth watering bad then a few mins later my stomach starts growling and I eat something then the nausea goes away for a little while. I use to eat once a day now I been eatting 3 times a day. Not every day but most days. My boobs were fine intill yesterday now they are hard but my peried is suppose to be here in two days. Last week I took a test bfn I'm scared to take it again. With my daughter a urin and blood test all came back neg when they finilly gave me an ultrasound which showed I was three months pregnant my thyroid levels were really low so no test in the world would work for lastnight my daughter woke up at 3am and for some odd reason I had mild sharp pain on my left side of belly button after about two hours it went away, so what do u think?

looking for ttc buddies on kik messenger or whatsapp

Hi I'm looking for ttc buddies to chat with on kik or whatsapp. This is my 4th month ttc. I'm either on CD 16 or CD 44 it depends if one day bleed is classed as a period or not and it didn't even last a day just once when I wiped. So ye if anybody wants to add me on kik to help each other thru this emotional journey to mummyhood my username is flash66622 or whatsapp me +447855882541. Thanks and goodluck to everybody

GOD is my witness that I need help with having a baby

Last year I had two mc and it was not hard at all to concieve. Now me and my hubby are trying again to concieve but nothing is helping. Please if there is someone out there that can help by giving advice on what can I drink or take to be pregnant.


hello ladies 4 months ttc..this month got bfp..symptoms start from 10 dpo got bfp on 15 dpo..severe back and leg pain is a good sign

Just sad over here!

I always knew it would be a long process for myself. I was told when I was 16 that I might not have kids.. PCOS is my enemy!! My dr said I'm harder to treat, I don't have any weight to loose and my hormone levels aren't that imbalanced. Also I only have the cysts. But for some reason month after month my Jody isn't ovulating! This is so much more emotional and hard than I thought. 9 months and counting for me. I just get so sad sometimes cause everyone at my work is pregnant and even my sister is pregnant and she wasn't even trying! :( I tried clomid and it didn't work, next up is femara Fingers crossed!


I have three kids already that I conceived within 1-2 months. I am 40 years old and my youngest is 11 but she was 10 at the time I started ttc. After a few months went by and nothing was happening I just figured it was either my age or my bf (he has no kids). Couple of months later, (total of 5) is when I scheduled an appt. to see and RE just to make sure nothing was wrong with me. And what do you know, I had an hsg and both my tubes were blocked. I was in total shock!!! She scheduled me a lap/dye and hysteroscopy the next month and was able to unblock both my tubes. Now I am on dpo 4 the first cycle after my lap and just waiting to see if I conceived this time. So my advice is to all the women 40 and above, do not waste time seeing a doctor even if you already have children cause you never know. I would have never in a million years believed my tubes were blocked and from the grace of God they are not anymore but I wish I had scheduled my appointment from the minute I decided to ttc.

CM mystery

I am stumped! I have looked what seems like everywhere online and CAN NOT find what Im looking for, so I figured best place to ask is here! I am 3 DPO and noticed some interesting CM. Its white and milky, lotion like. Out of curiosity I wanted to do a water test on it and noticed it balled up and floated white some of it dissolved. It has now been 15 mins and its still balled up and floating! Now I am confused. What does this mean?! I thought if it balled and sank it was fertile and if it floated then dissolved it was semen. Is this pregnancy CM?! Is it to early?! HELP!