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Did you know that the TWW website is funded by donations from our generous benefactors at Fairhaven Health? We encourage - nay, implore - you to bestow them with your patronage. Whether it's pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, fertility supplements, a fertility monitor - whatever - they'll set you up. Tell them TWW sent you. In fact, use coupon code: TWW at checkout and you'll save 10% off your entire purchase there!

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What is the two week wait, you ask? It's that seemingly interminable time period after you ovulate and before you can take a pregnancy test. Yes, it's a tough time, but rest assured, you're not alone! is dedicated to getting you from ovulation to BFP (big fat positive) intact and relatively sane. How will we entertain you during this fragile time? Pour yourself a cup of tea (you might be pregnant after all, and a Cosmopolitan is out of the question), settle in, and let us count the ways…

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Where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience.

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