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8 days late, pregnancy scare

Last period ended on the 15th of december. This one should've started on 6th of january. Now I'm 8 days late and freaking out. I don't usually have regular periods, but I have never been this late. Had protected sex 3 days after ovulation, and couple of times after that, on 2nd of jan protection failed, but didn't think much of it, because my period should've started in few days and there could've been only pre-ejeculate, although, partner checked it and said there is none. Last month it was late 3 days, the longest I've been late that I remember is 5 days. I have been going trough a lot of stress and anxiety from the 3rd of jan, and this is giving even more of it. But I have no pregnancy symptoms nor pms. I may be discharging more, mby, but not sure. And I have an uti, I have had them trough all my life when having intercourse, but I dont think it has ever delayed it (or has it?), and i am taking antibiotics for it. Plus I have cramps for like 10 seconds whenever I come out of hot bath. It's not really cramping, just this feeling exactly before period I have- feeling of nausea, diarrhea and cramps combined. But it quickly goes away. I have had it for 3-2 days but still no other signs of period. I know, it's weird. So could I be pregnant, has anyone had anything like this? Please leave opinions.


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