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Am I Crazy, Pregnant or Both??

Sorry this is really long ladies! Hx: 33yo mother of two DD17y & DS14y.(previous relationship). On BCP since son was born in 2004. With my DD I was so young I didn’t realize I was PG until 6wks. With DS I stopped BCP and assumed it would take 6mo-1yr to concieve. So we were not actively trying but not preventing either. I stopped pill in Nov 2003 and ended up conceiving in Feb 2004. BFP Mid March. I didn’t realize I missed my period. Just started feeling PG and was like uh oh! and BFP! Both kids C-sections and breastfed. No implantation spotting that I remember. 14yrs later New relationship. DP 28y has no kids and wants to try. I went off BCP in June 2018. I didnt get my period until July 11th (due June 17th) and I believe I had a chemical as I had one BFP then my period started. Since then I have started prenatal vitamins but I have charted random red spotting (anemia?)(stopping bc?)(ovulation spotting?) between periods and sometimes after sex. Sometimes 1hr or lasting 2-4d at a time. My period has been pretty consistent starting with 1 day of spotting on cd 25 then increasing to AF on cd 26. This is our 1st month actively TTC. I do not use OPK, temping, nor do I check cervical placement. I use flo period tracker: (Avg AF: 26d cycle lasting avg 5d, 14d luteal phase, EST ovulation: CD 11) LMP: 11/16 (spotting) then AF 11/17 & 11/18 then spotting on 11/19. According to Flo this cycle OD Nov 26th (CD11) but i think I ovulated 11/27 (CD12) d/t watery cm, spotting, and cramping. Internet Ovulation calculators calculated 11/28 (CD13) as OD and I had some spotting this day also. CD 1-4 AF. OD on CD 11, 12, 13? Unsure, but my best guess is 11/27 or 11/28. (CD 12 or 13) We BD on cd 6,7,8,9,10,12,15, 16 & 21. Ok so here goes: 11/16-11/19 (CD 1-4) AF 11/27 or 11/28 (CD 12/13) OD 12/1, CD 16, DPO 3/4?: HOT in middle of night then woke up sneezing Nonstop but Only right nostril runny and right eye watery? So strange, boobs sore, slight cramping on and off. ITCHY stomach & boobs ITCHY Everywhere! Watery CM. 12/5, CD20, DPO 7/8: tired, runny nose subsiding, sneezing, emotional, Weird twitches, electric type cramping low (left side) and a zing feeling on left vaginal wall? Really weird. Suspect something is off. Mix of random PG sx: GAS, ITCHY, nausea? Metallic taste? Veiny boobs? Line from stomach to navel darker? Poking boobs through the day. Left boob hurting and nipple really sensitive? Seems to be extra CM? Odd. Literally feel Every PG symptom. And when I say every I mean EVERY! Convinced im symptom spotting as I have been stalking this site! Very emotional cried 2x. DP inquired if im pregnant and started balling thinking im infertile. I do not cry! PG test BFN! ($tree) 12/6, CD 21, DPO 8/9: desert CM-non existent at best) sneezing & stuffy nose? GAS, crying again, moody, BD then fight with DP. More symptoms on and off (cramping, nausea, sore boobs, ect) test BFN!($tree) 12/7, CD 22, DPO 9/10: PG test BFN ($ tree) feeling out, not really any symptoms in morning? Convince myself everything during last week has been imagined. Put on liner before work d/t feeling slightly wet. (Hopeful? Stahhhp!) emotional, mood everywhere, some symptoms off and on but not really until I noticed really odd sensation in boobs and nipples (almost feeling like milk letdown?) heavy/sore. Tell myself Im not PG and Im imagining things. At 9pm go to bathroom at work look on liner and 1 nickle sized weird light pink spot/blob (almost like pink tinged thick cm) but nothing when wiping. Implantation spotting? Try not to be excited. (Go figure now Slight cramps again, then zinging feeling again in left vaginal wall?) Go home vaccum and noticed my right boob leaking 2drops clear fluid? Woah? Go To bed excited. Today 12/8, CD 23, DPO 10/11: Up at 4am test with FRER FMU BFN! $ tree test BFN! Feel like a POAS junkie. OBSESSED! Get out all previous tests and think I see vvvfbp on a few. Only if held in certain light. Try to tweak and fail. Took pic of what I thought was IB on pad last night and compare to google images. No more spotting, Boobs still sore but not as much. Symptoms gone again? Confused and Discouraged. Think im out for good. Party tonight and im thinking of having a drink. AF not due until 3 more days (12/11). Driving myself insane, anxious, frantically googling everything PG related. Could I be pregnant? Did I test too early? How long after implantation spotting should I test? When should I test again? Please help!
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