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Been trying for 6 months...

Okay so we’ve been ttc for 6 months and every single month I’ve convinced myself I have specific symptoms and end up dissappointed when I’m not pregnant. But this month was just a bit different: I’m currently 13 dpo. I took a clinical guard test at 10 dpo and it was negative so I’m trying not to take more and end up sad about it. For the last couple days I’ve had mild cramping, nothing crazy. No discharge or blood. I’m not expecting my period for another 3 days. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to pee which is totally unlike me because I’ll do anything to avoid getting out of bed. I’ve also woken up extremely hungry very early in the morning. My sense of smell has been insane. A week ago I kept smell cigarettes in my house but no one smokes. To the point of being nauseated by it. My husband swore he couldn’t smell it. The other day my husband came home from work and used the restroom and I could smell his pee from the living room. It was awful. I don’t have any discharge, nor are my breasts sore. Just a couple more days and I’ll probably have a better idea as to what’s going on. Sorry for the novel, just need to vent I guess.

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