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BFP DPO? DPO symptoms???

We have been trying to conceive for about 7 months. Had an early miscarriage in oct 2017. I love looking up symptoms others have had before their BFP. Also, how many DPO (days past ovulation) did you get your BFP??? I have had headaches every day since ovulating. Extremely tired. Seriously feels like the flu without the sore throat. Runny nose. Lotion like cm? Idk all the terms yet lol. Cramps and ovary-like pains today. Oh, and I am 5 dpo.

Am I Pregnant?


I got my BFP at 11dpo (that was the earliest I tested). Normally you will implant around 9dpo but the earliest is approx 6dpo and the latest is 12dpo. Your body won’t know it’s conceived before this and you won’t have any symptoms. I’m 22 weeks at the moment and the earliest I had any symptoms was around the 5 week mark at approx. 21dpo. The only thing that was different in my TWW was that I didn’t start spotting pre-AF like I normally do. Good luck, and I hope this turned out to be your month :)

Sorry a bit long but I am so confused about this cycle! So hiii I’m a lurker here (and other forums like this lol) and have been going through these forums to learn about my cycle. Me and BF are not ttc, but not preventing either, just kind of going with the flow! Since we decided we wouldn’t actively prevent it a few months back I’ve started tracking my cycles, and each month I discover more and more symptoms that are actually just PMS! Thing is we’ve had unprotected sex around ovulation day during several cycles, and nothing happens. I was starting to suspect my O day was coming earlier or later than I thought run 3. This month was really odd. Last month I experienced such different symptoms than usual I thought for SURE I was pg! Then I was over a day late and was like “Yep I knew it!!!” And then af showed....

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