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A little back story. I had a chemical pregnancy at the very end of October which was unfortunately the first time I was pregnant so I had all of these hopes and dreams of what would be etc. Before my CP I had regular 28day cycles but after those cycles shortened and I could never tell when I was ovulating or about to come on. I'm not sure what DPO I am as I'm not sure when I ovulated but I think I'm around 7-9dpo roughly. Starting yesterday I had a flood of symptoms which keep on getting my hopes up. I was wanting to wait to test just incase I suffer another CP but when some symptoms hit you in the face it's quite hard not to wait because your body is telling you something. So anyway yesterday morning I had very bad gas. I think within the space of 2 hours I pumped 10-20 times. In the late afternoon my boobs started to hurt but it was more PMS so I tried not to think about it but a few hours later they got more tender and it was the same feel as when I was pregnant last time. I like to describe them as fake boobs because they feel like they're fake as they're completely different than normal and the skin feels heavier and feels weird. Then came the metallic taste in my mouth but it didn't last long as I brushed my teeth to check for any bleeding (I didn't see any). Then I burped which isn't weird but it is weird for me when I hadn't drank anything in a while. Then I felt the startings of heartburn... Yeah the heartburn got worse to the point I needed my rennies which I bought when I was pregnant. The only time I remember getting heartburn was when I was pregnant and whenever I drink lucozade (especially cherry) and I had no lucozade so that was weird and I never burp with heartburn but I did this time and last time. When I was in bed I felt a sharp twinge on my pubic bone just above my vagina which was weird and it lasted for about 3 minutes. This morning I couldn't stop gagging and I felt nausea. I took my clear blue test and it came up negative. Oh and the past few days I've had loads of headaches and constipation. My cm is also wetter today

Am I Pregnant?

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