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Could lack of PMS symptoms be symptoms???

So I don’t know my exact O day because it was really all over the place this cycle. CD 8-10 Ewcm and cp SHOW (abnormal but maybe just left over from af) CD 10-16 predicted o day was cd12-15 but was dry CD 17-20 ewcm is back, cp SHOW again even more open than before. So my guess is O day was here, and just for “DPO” purposes I’ll consider CD19 to be O day. Normal pms I did get were headaches, slightly more sensitive to smells, some nausea especially after eatin, and major bloating no matter what I eat! So bloated I look and feel pregnant. Went from 130lbs to 136 around 3DPO overnight and haven’t come back down to normal weight since. Also craving hearty, savory foods, and sooo hungry all the time. Fatigue so bad I have to nap. Even twinges in ovary/uterus/vagina is all normal. So here’s what I’ve experienced that was abnormal: DPO 1-5: veins in boobs usually show up a couple days before af, and go away around CD6/7, but since this cycle started the veins have only gotten more prominent. Normal PMS mood swings not coming through like they usually do, though? By this time I’m bouncing between ripping bf’s head off and being totally lovey and cuddly with him, but I feel completely normal DPO 6-10: boobs usually start hurting at this point, and yet nothing this month not even to the touch or after taking bra off after a long day??? This one is REALLY abnormal for me!! If there’s something I can count on to happen every month its 8DPO-CD5 boobs are soooo tender! Also peeing every 20 minutes. And not just a little tinkle, no it’s like a full blown fire hydrant between the legs kind of peeing every 20 minutes. Even wakes me up through the night. Also I normally get so constipated a day or so before af but I’ve been having very frequent and loose bms? I’m normally dry until a day before af then I get creamy/clumpy white cm until af starts, but so far this whole cycle I’ve had a lot of jelly like yellow cm, only when checking cm internally. And around 6DPO I started seeing little teeny-tiny bits of red, so little it looks like a tiny bit of bright red thread. At first I thought it was red threads on toilet paper, but then realized I would only see them in cm, not when tp is dry, not when it’s wet with pee, just in the cm. Maybe spotting but I don’t know? Also normally my whole luteal phase my cervix is soft, high, dry, and slightly open, then I can tell af is a few hours away because it suddenly gets firm and drops really low, but this cycle it’s been opposite! Extremely hard the whole time (hardest I’ve ever felt it, even harder than right before af!!?!) and sealed closed, until today when it got really soft, still sealed tight, and rose up into the walls of vagina. So that’s it for this cycle so far. Normally I start af CD27-31 with average cycle length being 28 days. Today (10DPO) is CD29 so I should be starting soon, but the top 3 100% consistent pms symptoms are nonexistent this cycle: low, dry, firm cervix; tender breasts; and cramps!

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