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Crazy lady?

Hey guys, I’m new here and was hoping for some input. My SO and I have been “if it happens it happens” trying for our 2nd baby. I have PCOS and my cycles are between 28 and 30 days. I bleed for 5 days. My period ended on 26th August and we had unprotected sex between the 27th and 29th ish. I know that’s really early for ovulation but I’m not sure if or when I ovulate except for a period tracker app guessing based on 14 day rule. So anyway from what I have read sperm can last up to 5 days which would take me to approximately cycle day 12. I have had some nausea and lightheaded ness with a killer headache. My nipples have been itching like crazy (never had this before) and some mild cramping. Just wanted your thoughts? Could I be or am I crazy? Period isn’t due until 21st so I know it’s way too early to test and should be too early for symptoms but the itchy nipple thing is what has made me question it. Maybe I ovulated early? According to Tommy’s I would be 4DPO today but according to my app only 1DPO. Anyway, I know it could be PMS but thought I’d ask :) Hope you are all well!!

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