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Do I have a little bubble

Hey everyone so I'm 20 years young. I usually have a 28 day cycle. My last period was a day early and two days short. I thought stress. I usually get them for a full week. Anyways, around 8-12 dpo I've had cramps , tender boobies, headaches really bad and I never usually get those before my period ever. I have thrown up for a few days straight during that time frame. Around 12-14 dpo I've been so exhausted I couldn't even get out of bed all day yesterday. All I did was sleep. My headaches get worse at night and my appetite has been more so than usual. I wake up hungry around 5 in the morning and I've been peeing a little bit more but that could be from drinking more water. I took a pregnancy test when I was 12 dpo and it was negative. Then I took one about an hour ago at 14dpo, I was supposed to get AF but she didn't show nor am I getting any of the pms symptoms I usually get a week before she comes, and it was also negative but looked positive. I'm thinking because it's a DS test and the dye was just everywhere idunno. Any thoughts or suggestions would totally love right now
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