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I am such a baby when I am trying to have a baby...

I can't tell you how many DPO I am. I can't tell you if my period is "late". I can't tell you if I've even ovulated yet! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I have...say it with me...irregular cycles and possibly PCOS! Before anyone says anything, I was intending on starting to monitor my temp, but it says to start at the end of your period, and my period hasn't come since I bought the thermometer. I have taken two tests with first morning urine and they were both negative, I THINK, because the last one I believe was an evap line. We just started TTC last month, so I'm a big fat baby for complaining about this when other people have been TTC for years, but if you have the patience, here is my story: I wanted my TTC journey to be super chill because I have two anxiety disorders already and I know stress impacts conception, so we've basically just been like "let's just fuck a whole bunch!" (sorry, if that offends anyone, but that is literally what we've been saying), and that has been great because sex is fun! If hypothetically I had a regular cycle every month, then yes, technically I would be late, but I have never ever had a regular cycle, so that alone doesn't make me think I might be pregnant. The first thing I noticed with a little cramping that lasted literally maybe two minutes and then was gone for the rest of the day --I've had this happen once a day most days since. The big thing was that I got the tiniest bit of spotting and then it went away instead of turning into my period the way it usually does. I had some of that again yesterday, but it doesn't even last the rest of the day before it stops. I get dizzy spells, I feel queasy, I don't want to eat things that are some my favourite foods, I have felt the need to seek out very specific kinds of foods, like peppermint and cabbage. I enjoy both of these normally, but I would prefer other things, if given the choice. I have a dry throat and twice I felt like I was getting a cold but it never materialized. I'm having mood swings in a way that I've never experienced before; normally I would say I had mood swings when I was fine/happy and then suddenly sad or angry, but these days I can swing right back to happy just as fast, which I have never experienced before in my life! I've been bleeding more and more quickly than I'm used to, and smells are bothering me more but I can't tell if other people smell them too or if it's just me. I guess I should be asking. We have decided to wait another two days before testing again, because if the spotting I had was implantation bleeding, I tested the very next day and the day after that, and that is way too early to test. Anyway. I feel like this is driving me insane because when I start to think I might be pregnant I feel good about life, like maybe the best I've ever felt, but then I remind myself that I might not be, and if so I know I'm going to feel so stupid for thinking I was, and I'm going to feel crazy for experiencing all those symptoms! Oh and nausea, dizziness and mood swings are all symptoms I experience regularly when my anxiety gets bad, so it could totally just be that.......I do apologize for complaining, but if you've managed to read through my rant, what are your thoughts?
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