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Late period but bfn

My husband and I have been sorta trying for about 5 months now we’ve been just been kind of trying to go with the flow instead of truly trying because I was hoping it would help me to not obsesse, but that’s not working lol. So I’ve just been going off ewcm, based on that I have a 10 day luteal every month. We had sex about 3 days before ovulation and on ovulation day. My period was due yesterday and I’m NEVER late by even a day (I should be about 11 dpo today) never came and zero signs of it even showing up (no spotting or cramping) I took a cheap blue dye today with afternoon pee after a 4 hour hold today and bfn. I know it’s still kinda early to test and those tests aren’t as sensitive, but I’m still feeling a little discouraged and confused. And I have been having some symptoms, but they are things that can be chalked up to pms as well, main things being tummy feels gurgling with some intestinal cramping and have been supper emotional! I would appreciate any insight! What are my chances of still getting a bfp in a couple days?

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HPT sometimes 'lie'. We don't register until later on. On BOTH pregnancies, it didn't register until we were 6-7wks so I never knew until then. I didn't have any symptoms so-to-speak except that we were TTC & I fell straight away -Second pregnancy, we only were only together once in that cycle so we're quite fertile *lucky us*. But anything could be symptoms -A friend of mine knew she was pregnant the next day after she conceived as she felt pains in her uterus. Apparently her womb was finding it hard to hold the growing baby -Ended up being OK in the end. And another friend of mine knew she was pregnant because her gums bled while brushing which only happens when she is pregnant. So anything can happen. Looking back I was drinking a huge amount if OJ and mocha which is unusual but apart from that there was no other signs.

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