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Lighter than AF bleeding? Pregnant?

Cycles are fairly regular. I only had sex once about 3-4 days before ovulation and I thought he pulled out in time, but 2 days later a small glob of his solider boys came out. I'm not on the pill. I was sick around time of ovulation with flu symptoms and didn't monitor or pay close attention until days later. 1DPO-5DPO. Flu or some kind of cold which explains fatigue and queasiness. 6DPO-9DPO. Really sore lower back and AF like cramps. Tons of creamy CM. Gassy, heartburn, and fatigue. Mad at the world. 10-13DPO. Less intense AF cramps, some creamy CM, and less lower back pain. Intense breast tenderness and extremely bloated. Itchy around belly button and nips. Cried a lot more than normal. 14DPO. Pink spotting during AM which is normal before AF. Back aches and extreme fatigue. Breasts still tender (BF noticed how FULL/HUGE they are). Pink spotting turned into a heavier flow after lunch, but nothing like my AF and wore a panty-liner pad (TMI - I have heavy flows for the first 3 days and clots throughout AF so this is abnormal). 15DPO. Same "light" bleeding as last day of AF. No other noticeable symptoms. 16DPO. Flow is lighter but goes back and forth between light and spotting. Breasts still tender (strange - tenderness stops a day after AF). 17DPO. Flow is same, heartburn, tired but too busy Christmas shopping to take a nap. Breasts less tender. Feeling a little down (I notice I get moody or sad if I do NOT get my naps in). 18DPO. Flow is slowly going to spotting. Queasy. Slightly tender breasts. Stupid tired and cranky. Go off on a rant during work then cry all night. 19DPO (today). Spotting which stops for a while and comes back. Queasy. Tender breasts with some twinges. Really BAD lower back pain. Some twinges on both hips. Stupid tired again and feeling really needy. Tons of crying. I'm also craving anything spicy/hot. I put hot sauce on everything or will down an entire bag of hot pig skins. Not healthy I know, but I cannot get enough of the spices. Is this type of flow normal for implantation bleeding? Could I actually be pregnant?

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