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Terrified to POAS - Pregnancy Symptoms? (long & in depth)

Sorry if this is a repost... I cannot find my initial post under my account info. Anyway... before conceiving DS I found out I have endo among another fertility issue. My cycles used to be 43-67 days long, but I've since become more regular with a 30-33 day average. We've not been TTC and have been using pull out method for BD because I'm not on BC (I get severely sick)... I do natural BC by tracking and use pull out or protection during that time. I'm not sure what day I ovulated, the app on my phone says 12/2 and I had +OPKs for the 1st and 2nd this month and Negs after that. I think I ovulated the 5th or 6th, but this is how it goes............................... 11/29) Neg OPK. BD pull out method but did not urinate before BD again. 11/30) Neg OPK. No symptoms. 12/1) +OPK. CP low/hard/open... the only time I checked. Emotional. Some cramping. Fatigue. 12/2) +OPK. .4 jump on BBT. BD but didn't urinate before more BD. Emotional. Stronger cramps. Some cravings. Headache. Fatigue after BD... NOT like me at all. Chills in the afternoon. 12/3) Neg OPK. Mild fever. Lower back pain which felt like UTI. Queasy. EWCM. Increased libido. Fatigue... struggle to keep my eyes open. Chills tell me I'm coming down with something. 12/4) Neg OPK. Fever and now my ear hurts really bad. Emotional. Cranky. Increased libido. Less EWCM than yesterday. Chills. 12/5) Neg OPK. Temp higher... went to DR for a bad ear infection w/ blood in the ear... started antibiotics. Extremely emotional. Headache. Breast sensitive. Queasy. Minimal EWCM. Super HIGH libido. Fatigue. Possible O'Day? 12/6) Neg OPK. Temps going down. Headache. Breast sensitive. EWCM gone. Moodiness. Cramps. Lower back pain. Fatigue. Possible O'Day? 12/7) Stopped OPKs. Temp normal. Super gassy. Cramps. Heartburn. Headache. Hungry. Thirsty. Emotional. Eczema outbreak. Pimple hidden in eyebrow. Swollen taste buds. Fatigue. 12/8) Heartburn. Gas. Creamy/sticky CM. Strong cramps. Hungry. Thirsty. Emotional outbursts. Eczema, swollen taste buds, and pimple still present. Fatigue. 12/9) Last day of antibiotics. Less cramps. Lower back pain. Stronger headache. Slightly increased libido. Creamy/sticky CM. Moody. Eczema and pimple still present. Swollen taste buds getting smaller. Fatigue. 12/10). Stronger cramps. Constipation. Creamy/sticky CM. Moody/cranky. Emotional outbursts. Increased libido. Bloody nose 2xs today. Tongue blister almost gone. Belly button twinges. Decided to check CP randomly... high medium closed. 12/11). Strong cramps. Right ovary hurting a little... happens with my endo once in a blue moon and lasts a while. More Creamy/sticky CM. Breast sensitive. Greasy face. Eczema, pimple, and blister gone. Confusion/forgetful. Fatigue... overslept and forgot an appointment. CP high medium partially open? 12/12) Tested last OPK for fun... Neg. Deep pelvic cramps... uncomfortable not painful. Right ovary twinges. Increased Libido. Creamy/sticky CM. Random dizzy spell. Mild breast sensitivity on the top part only... strange. Moody/cranky... went off on man. Greasy forehead. Left swollen nostril. Fatigue. CP same 12/13) 3am bloody nose woke me from my sleep. Dreamed of monster chasing me. Deep pelvic cramps again. Increased libido... cried because I was not getting any. Creamy/sticky and slightly watery CM. Pimple on cheek. Breasts hurt. Feel like I'm in a fog. Forgetful... forgot my DS appointment this time. Bloated. Queasy. Moody/cranky/tearful... went off on man again then cried to him. Fatigue... took 2 naps. CP. high medium closed. 12/14) Gassy cramps. Mild hip cramps. Very gassy. Bloated. Super tender breasts and nips... felt like they were on fire it hurt so bad. Creamy/sticky CM. Mood/Cranky... went off on man. Heartburn. Slight increased libido. Fatigue. CP high soft closed. 12/15) 9-10DPO? Gassy. Super bloated... uncomfortable feeling with pants over my pelvic area and had to unbuttoned. Pelvic cramps. Tender breasts... not as bad as yesterday but more localized to nips today. Random dizzy spell. Cranky/moody/extremely irritable... went off on man in a 30 minute conversation that I cried about all day. POAS BFN... cried about results for a few hours even though I'm not TTC. Fatigue... took 3 hour nap after work. Smaller amount of creamy/sticky CM. CP high soft closed. 12/16) AF due according to app... but I think it's due closer to 12/19. Breasts less sensitive... nips and top part of chest hurts. In a fog again. Moody/tearful... dug into him again. Gassy. Super bloated. Less cramps until I stress or cry too hard then I get deep pelvic cramps. Lower back pain. Fatigue. TMI... BIG glob of creamy/sticky CM when I checked CP which is high soft closed. ........................................ I crave watermelon and beef plus I almost go through a gallon of water a day... possible craving? I did check my BBT through it all but fever spike could have masked O'day temp, randomly started to check CP without a baseline, and not sure how accurate Walmart or Clearblue OPKS are. I've never, EVER been this moody, emotional, or tired in all my freaking life. DS was an easy pregnancy... some implantation cramping and craving milk... that's it... no symptoms... and tested everyday but could not get a BFP until exactly 14DPO. I believe I tested too early this time since I'm due for AF from 12/16 thru 12/19... but feel like it's supposed to be closer to 12/19. What do you think? Pregnant or not?

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Maybe some intermittent cramps. But nothing significant. 7DPO super tired at 6pm. Dull cramping all day. Woke up with the same sharp L sided pain at 1am-just inside L hip bone near ovary, maybe? Wrappped around to my low back. Lasted 20 min. Annoyingly itchy boobs...and a little tender but nothing like the pain with my little guy. *no spotting or increased happy glass 2.0. Just some small amounts of watery weirdness that make it to underwear. What do you think??

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