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So a little background info: partner and I were TTC for almost a year to no success, I'm 30 with one child and he is 33 with two. We decided to be more lax about it and just let life take its course. I do have PCOS so that will help in understanding that my last menstrual cycle was October 12, 2018. When I do skip my periods, it is usually only for two months, three being the most with my cycle then beginning like normal, dark red, heavy flow lasting 5-7 days. Well here I am today, it's been almost 4 months no period (4 months exactly Feb 12th). Charting everything with Fertility Friend except my bbt because to be honest, 3 months no clear shift and erratic temps gets old. We "did the deed" Jan 9th and then, on Jan 14th I had one single day of extremely light pink spotting only when I wiped once in the morning and once in the evening, that was it. No other signs of PMS or my period approaching, no need for a liner, tampon, nada. Fast forward, we did the deed again Jan 20th and 27th. Then on Jan 30th I went to use the restroom and had clear ewcm like mucuous mixed with little strings of red and pink on the tissue. Figured it would be my period finally starting. Nope. It's now day 4 and the light pink spotting continues to come and go, but only when I wipe and sometimes it completely stops for hours. We did the deed last night, I was hoping it would bring my period on stronger. Nope, not even a change in the flow or color. Nothing on my underwear or anything of that nature. No cramping, I'm a little extra sleepy than normal. I've heard so many different opinions on what could be implant bleeding but I'm genuinely interested in others opinions if this is some kind of anovulatory breakthrough bleeding or what. I've been diagnosed with PCOS almost 4 years ago and this is a first that my cycle didn't come on full force after skipping. I have a HPT in case I decide to just take it and ease my mind but I also know if this is IB, it could be too soon to test. Making a dr apt with obgyn first thing monday no matter what my outcome this weekend.

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