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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Miscarriage

Finally got your BFP after contending with a previous miscarriage? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

First Clomid/IUI round

A short back story: I'm 36 and started trying for my first baby at the beginning of this year. I had been tracking my ovulation for a few months, so I thought I knew when to time things so that I'd get pregnant fairly quickly. I had been on some form of birth control since I was 19, and most recently went off Depo Provera a year ago. I had regular periods and no signs of concern. I got pregnant after 3 months of trying, only to sadly end up having a chemical pregnancy and losing it before I even made 5 weeks. I decided to see a fertility specialist when I hadn't become pregnant again after 6 more months of timing things perfectly. I was SO frustrated and scared. Month 9 of this journey was my test month. I had an ultrasound, blood/urine tests and an HSG exam to rule anything out. Everything came back normal with me and my husband - we had "unexplained fertility". I was almost hoping for something specific that would explain why we weren't pregnant yet, but this unexplained thing was so irritating. My doctor decided since I was older and already had 1 miscarriage, she would start me on a round of Clomid at the lowest dose of 50mg. I would then have an IUI done after tracking with opk's at home. The Clomid/IUI round when pretty smooth. Clomid made me pretty uncomfortable, though. By the time I had my folicle ultrasound check, my ovaries felt so incredibly sore and swollen. Having sex was so painful, too. My ultrasound did show i had 3 very mature follicles (which explained my pain). I when home and got a positive opk that evening, called the clinic and scheduled my IUI for the following morning at 11am. I was slightly concerned the timing may have been too early, since it was less than 24 hours from my positive LH surge. We BD that night and i was feeling myself ovulate overnight (so much pain!!!). I was also concerned we screwed everything up doing that, too - since my husband had less than 24 hours to "remake" a good sperm sample. Well, after he gave his sample the next morning, I went in for the IUI and the nurse told me beforehand he gave a fantastic sperm sample! LOL I guess the refraining for 48 hours thing didn't apply after all. My IUI was painless and took about 3 minutes total. I've had more discomfort having IUD's inserted to be honest! I went home and rested that day. I know we probably should have BD that night as well, but my stomach was in so much pain still from ovulating 3 huge eggs, I just could not handle it again. Fast forward to 10 days post IUI and I was feeling soreness in my boobs. I normally didn't start feeling PMS symptoms until closer to my period, and I was still 4 days away from my test date. I thought that was strange, so I decided to test early expecting nothing to happen. To my shock, I got a faint positive that morning!! I tested again the following two days. Every time, the lines were getting darker. I decided to call my fertility clinic and they had me come in for an HCG beta test at 13DPO. My level was at 98!! I came back 3 days later and it had increased to 350. They said there was no need to keep testing, I was pregnant. I'm still in shock after 9 months of stress and trying, it worked on my first IUI try. I think the combination of multiple eggs and the IUI was the key for us. All along I suspected maybe I was deficient in fertile CM, which would explain this being successful for us. Who knows??! I am now almost 6 weeks and feeling hopeful this is the one. Hope this brings someone some hope as well. I felt so discouraged while trying - but just know it'll happen for you eventually. Stay active, eat healthy and take supplements. I also went to acupuncture to regulate my hormones every month. Don't be afraid to seek out help sooner than later, doctors have lots of things to speed up this process for you.

BFP 1st FET after Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

To all the ladies who are reading this hoping for a BFP, I’m praying for you to get it :) to start, here were my tww symptoms: headache, mild cramping, full extremely heavy boobs, light creamy discharge, mood swings, food aversions, increased sense of smell, light mild nausea. If you want to read the full story, here ya go: Today is 8dp5dt and I took a test around noon and got a strong positive! I’m so through the roof happy right now, I can hardly believe this is happening. I’m 28 DH is 42 and we are completely healthy. In 2016 we conceived our perfectly healthy daughter naturally and almost by accident. I thought getting pregnant was so easy... then when we were trying for #2 in the beginning 2018 we got pregnant first try again. I unfortunately had a devastating and physically traumatic miscarriage at 10 weeks. We decided to keep trying and had 2 more miscarriages in 3 months. By that point our midwife recommended we see a specialist. We went to fertility clinic, had all the tests done and we are both in great health. I had to have a few polyps removed and then we were good to go. 2 more miscarriages after that. Devestated and depressed and absolutely desperate, I said we were doing IVF. Our RE seemed to think the babies were all abnormal chromosome wise so it seemed like this could work. Egg retrieval in June, I was so nervous but we had 14 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 6 fertilized and 4 made it to day 5. We did PGS testing. Of those 4 only 2 were genetically healthy and normal. 2 out of 14 healthy babies. We transferred one baby on 9/9 and I did acupuncture, a gluten free diet, manifestation and lots And lots of prayer.

Unplanned BFP after infertility — when the time was right!

I used to be obsessed with this site and all things TTC. Like so many of you, I spent every month hoping and praying for those two little pink lines, only to be disappointed again and again! Now I’m almost 14 weeks along with this little one, and couldn’t be happier that it happened when it did (and not earlier). My story is perhaps a little unusual, but hopefully reading it helps a mama or two out there! I married my high school sweetheart in December of 2016. We had always had an on-again, off-again relationship, and when we announced our elopement, it was received with mixed emotions (everything from, “Finally!!” To, “Oh, um...really?”). Anyway, I had been on various types of hormonal birth control since we started dating in 2009 (various Pills and Nuva Ring), and decided to come off right before we got married. I thought it might take my body a little while to adjust, especially since I started my period late and didn’t yet have regular cycles at all when I started birth control at age 16. For the next year and a half, my cycles were very long, irregular, technically classified as ‘absent’. I gained weight—somewhere between 15-20 pounds— despite my very healthy vegetarian diet, regular exercise routine and overall active lifestyle. I struggled with depression and wondered what was wrong with me! We actually conceived the first month I was off the Pill, but lost that pregnancy just before 5 weeks. I suspect that may have been the only time I ovulated naturally. I was taking so many opks to try to figure out when or if I was ovulating, only to be further confused by days of dark/nearly positive tests with no true positives. I was diagnosed with PCOS, but I didn’t have any of the other symptoms, so that didn’t seem right to me. I tried Clomid and Femara, I went to so many OB/GYNs, a reproductive endocrinologist, an acupuncturist, and a naturopathic doctor. The naturopath was by far the most helpful, telling me that I was obsessing too much, and that I needed to take care of myself and redirect my attention. Of course, this was so hard to hear because all I ever wanted was to be a mom! I had been unhappy in my marriage from day 1, but was turning my focus away from that truth and busying myself with work, exercise, music, and yes, TTC. I can see how unhealthy it is now, looking back on it, but in the moment I wasn’t allowing myself to accept my reality. After a year and a half of being unhappily married to someone I was not meant to be with, I decided to leave the relationship. This was in March 2018. In April 2018, my cycles regulated and the weight fell off. I didn’t change anything intentionally, I just felt liberated, happy, and like myself for the first time in almost a decade. Month after month, my cycles were 30 days long and I knew I was ovulating because I could feel the symptoms in my body. Also in April, I met a man with whom I became dear friends, began doing some freelance work, and steadily fell in love. In the winter/spring of this year (2019), we began talking about starting a family, though we thought it was still a year or two in the future for us. I told him that I thought it would take me a long time to conceive, since I had dealt with infertility with my ex-husband. I was not on birth control, but since my cycles were so regular and I could feel when my body was gearing up to ovulate, we just avoided DTD during my fertile window. I also used OPKs as a preventive measure. It worked...for a while. In June 2019, my body decided to play tricks on us, and I ovulated a full week early! I kept waiting for my fertile signs, and they never came... I had started using the OPKs on CD15, but at that point, the test line was fairly light and just kept getting lighter...until it started getting darker. By CD 23, the line was getting darker. I was just confused at this point. By CD 29, I was EXHAUSTED. I am not a napper, and I needed long naps, and then was still tired. On CD 31 (Father’s Day, lol), I was dragging through work, tired, foggy and just out of it. I came home and cried to my partner, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” About half an hour later, it hit me that I could be pregnant. I took one more OPK, and told myself that if it was positive, I would take a HPT. Sure enough, it was! I dipped the HPT and before my pee had even moved across the screen, I just knew. I had taken so many pregnancy tests before, and this one felt completely different. Sure enough, a nice and dark pink line showed up! I was shocked, and I think excited, and scared, and allllll of the emotions that come along with an unexpected (but not unwanted!) pregnancy.

BFP after many months of trying and one miscarriage

Just wanted to share my story because these BFp stories have been what’s given me hope! My husband and I have been trying on and off since October 2016. Last year in June of 2018 we got pregnant but sadly miscarried at 8 weeks. We’ve been ttc again since September. We started seeing a fertility specialist in March. I was put on progesterone (for short luteal phase) for one month. For the last two months I’ve been on 5mg of Femara CD3-7 and progesterone after ovulation. I just got my bfp and am praying this is our rainbow baby!! We BD every other day leading up to peak ovulation. CD15: peak smiley on ovulation test CD 16: assuming ovulation because I had shooting pains down there 1-6 DPO: boobs start hurting (normal for me) 7 DPO: very emotional, have pinching like cramps. I wondered “could this be implantation?” 8 DPO: test in morning (BFN). More pinching cramps 9 DPO: test in morning (BFN), cramping, emotional and crying. I kept feeling like I was pregnant but was anxious for confirmation. Took a nap and woke up around 4:30. I took two internet cheapie tests. I honestly thought they would be steak white like I’ve gotten so accustomed to seeing but no. Wait! I think I see a shadow of a line. 10 DPO: tested in the morning with a internet cheapie, first response, and digital. All BFP! Now we are just praying for a healthy pregnancy!

Pineapple + Robitussin BFP after 16 months

I have spent a lot of time on this website reading the BFP stories with interest. I’m so excited that I now get to share mine. DH and I have been trying for 16 months. We each have a child from a previous relationship but this will be our first together We found out shortly after ttc that DH had a varicocele, which could have been affecting fertility. He had varicocele surgery primarily because he was experiencing pain, so we do not know what his numbers would have been before the surgery. DH had a varicocele embolisation in late August 2018 - 9 months after we first started ttc. We were told there would be a minimum of 3 months before he would have an improvement in fertility. In the meantime, he did a semen analysis for the infertility clinic and his motility + morphology came back below average. However, the test was within 3 months of his embolisation. Fortunately, my tests came back normal and a dye test in January 2019 showed my tubes were clear. In early December 2018, we found out I was pregnant for the first time (just over 3 months after the surgery). Sadly this ended in a chemical pregnancy just 2 days after the BFP. Since the chemical, I have been even more obsessive with checking my sympoms. This month I ovulated early (I know from temping) so we just had sex 2 days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and 2 days after ovulation. Things I did differently: 2nd month temping I took 5ml of Robitussin Chesty Cough mixture 3 times a day from 3 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation to increase CM. I cut a pineapple into 5 pieces (including the core) and are equal segments from 1-5dpo. I saw the Bromelain in pineapple can help with implantation. We used Conceive Plus, although have tried it on a few other cycles. On ovulation day, I inserted a menstrual cup to keep the sperm up there as I didn’t have time to lie down. I didn’t have any spotting this month either. With the chemical and my son, I had spotting around 10-11 dpo. This time.. absolutely nothing. Symptoms: 1-2 dpo - nothing 3-6 dpo - sore boobs (common each cycle) + irritable 7dpo-9dpo - itchy nipples and temp seems to be going up at 9dpo 10dpo - very mild nausea when hungry and slight heartburn (so mild I thought I was imagining symptoms) 11dpo - temperature still up and FF has indicated ‘possible triphasic chart’. My nipples are still itchy and had a wave of nausea when I woke up at 5am. I couldn’t resist, so I tested (twice!) this morning. BFPs. It’s my wedding anniversary in 2 days so I’m going to wait and surprise DH

Pregnant at 45 with no fertility help, will be 46

I have been a loonnnngtime lurker on this forum, and since I just got my BFF, I thought I should repay the favor by sharing my story also! I’ll be 46 before my due date, so I was not at all optimistic about my chances of getting pregnant this time. We’d only really been trying for a few months. We have 4 kids already, so we would not have gone for fertility help if we didn’t conceive. I know I personally have liked reading of the happy stories from women around my age. Hopefully this will also end up to be a happy story, though I am realistic that miscarriage is very common at my age. I can only try to think positively and enjoy every day of the pregnancy. I really can hardly believe it’s real! We are definitely holding off on telling any family, including our other kids, until after the first trimester. I did have one miscarriage in the past, between two of my other pregnancies. Please send prayers and positive thoughts for me that that doesn’t happen this time! Our youngest is in elementary school, and we had told the kids before now that I am too old to be hoping for any more babies, whenever the idea of wanting a little baby brother or sister came up. I really hope we’ll be able to give them some amazing happy news around March. My cycles have been 26-28 days long, and always with a little light spotting 1-2 days before my period starts. When I didn’t have even a trace of spotting, and it was 28 days after my last cycle started, I wondered if something could be happening! Then that same day, I got up from a nap and had a huge overwhelming rush of nausea and almost dizziness/ lightheadedness. It took a few minutes for this to pass and it was a very extreme miserable feeling. I took that as a definite sign! Since that day, I also now have constantly sore swollen bbs. No more nausea for now. I did have a little heartburn around CD 26 or 27, which I never really get, but at the time, I didn’t feel it could really mean anything. I did take a home pregnancy test to confirm, but I pretty much knew what it would be. It was a very solid “+” sign immediately. Sorry if this post is a little long! I always like to read plenty of detail in other people’s stories though. Hope this post might be helpful to someone out there. You are the only people I’m telling for now! Hope to hear back from some of you! I intend to keep you updated!

My Rainbow Baby♥️

Okay so a little background info is that I got pregnant accidentally in March of this year and miscarried in May, fast forward to September and we decide to start trying and only used opks that month, it ended in af showing up and so this month we tried; preseed, geritol, temping, opks, and I took a biotin pill everyday Cd 14- I got my positive opk Cd15- temp dip (ovulation) along with some very mild cramping 1dpo- runny nose, specific cramping in my right ovary that lasted hours, and my boobs were sore and that NEVER happens this early, more like 6-7 dpo until I start 2dpo- still stuffy, sore boobs, and still right ovary pain 3dpo- tired, sore boobs, temp rise (confirming ovulation), still stuffy nose 4dpo- exact same as 3dpo 5dpo- super gassy, sore boobs, lotiony cm (and usually it’s pretty dry right about now), SICK! Eyes watering all day, nose like a waterfall, sneezing uncontrollably, and pretty tired 6dpo- it was like yesterday didn’t happen, just a bit of sniffles but that was it!, sore boobs, backache at night, and a temp dip 7dpo- heavy creamy cm, very slight nausea at night, cramping uterus, sore boobs 8dpo- BFN!!! and at this point I’d been having super vivid dreams each night but brushed it off, cramping, sore boobs 9dpo- BFN!!! Ccm, sore boobs, vivid dream, bloated 10dpo- BFN!!! Sore boobs and not much else 11dpo-BFN!!! So I thought I was out and went ahead and had a few drinks this night, extremely hungry, should have known something was up when the alcohol tasted weird, sore boobs 12dpo- SUPER SUPER faint on a test, like literally it was invisible, took 5 and they all looked the same, sore boobs, super calm (and usually now is when I would be a cranky b**ch) still super hungry, cramping 13dpo- darker but still faint BFP!!!- happier than normal, no breakouts, sore boobs, thirsty, and hungry 14dpo- BFP!!!! I can definitely feel myself sleepier than normal, hungry all the time, and more thirsty for no reason (well I guess I do know!!!) I totally thought I was out when I didn’t get a positive until 12 dpo and really questioned if I was pregnant or it was a chemical. But I trust my body to do what’s right and I’m just super excited Rainbow baby due JULY 10TH, 2019!!!!!

18 cycles after a miscarriage & finally my BFP!

Wow, I am actually getting to post my BFP story after reading every post on this site religiously for the last 18 months! I'm 34, my husband and I were trying to conceive our first for 18 months after suffering a miscarriage (we weren't even trying when we got pregnant then!). During the last few failed cycles, it was hard not to breakdown whenever I got AF. I stopped testing early because the sight of a BFN is possibly the worst thing to see in the world when TTC. We were already discussing the possibility of IVF and were both becoming really down about it. I have tried every single thing possible I think! These were the things that were different during this cycle. We BD'd every OTHER day instead of every single day during fertile week. Afterwards, pillow under bum and legs in the air for at least 30 mins - (to be fair I actually did this for the last 4 cycles but couldn't hurt right?). Started taking FertileCM as I usually get creamy cm and only one mornings worth of EWCM usually 3 days before O day. It did the trick after 1.5 cycles and I had EWCM for the whole of fertile week. I had tried Preseed before and it never worked for me. Started taking DHEA at the same time as FertileCM as I read it improves egg quality, and being near the 35 mark, thought it may help. Throughout the 18 cycles I took pregnacare and extra folic acid. Honestly the amount of pills I was on over the last two months made me cry at the sight of them. This month, we went out (and drank!), swam, walked and really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. I stopped worrying about stretching, exercising etc in the TWW, but was careful not to lift anything heavy. I read that if the eggs gonna stick, there's not a lot you can do to stop it from doing so, so I stopped being so paranoid about every little thing. I was still totally symptom watching and aware. Symptoms: 1-11 DPO - nothing out of the ordinary - lack of CM. 12 DPO - AF Cramps most of the day - was sure I was out and text my bestie to tell her I expect AF right on time (13/14dpo). Boobs did start to hurt, which is slightly unusual as usually they hurt from 8/9-11/12 DPO then stop a day or two before AF. 13/14 DPO - No cramps anymore, no CM (I always get pink tinged CM a day or two before AF) and my boobs still hurt. Also got heartburn. 15 DPO - OMG I'm a day late. I have heartburn sometimes and my boobs STILL hurt. I'm tired in the day but feel super happy. 16DPO - OMG I'm 2 days late!! With dread I tested. Convinced it was going to be a BFN. Within 2 minutes it was a clear BFP (on clear blue). Cried a lot (happy tears). Now praying this one sticks! There is nothing worse than seeing others get pregnant so quickly, when yours seems to be taking forever. It is NORMAL to take time to conceive and certainly doesn't mean anything is wrong with you! Those apps like Glow etc are just full of women who seem to get BFP's in a few cycles. People who have taken a long time certainly don't post even a quarter as much (until we get our BFP!!!). I hope my story touches at least one person who is in a bit of a dark place right now in their TTC journey. I'm not sending 'Baby Dust' as that is possibly the most infuriating saying out there. Instead I wish you all the luck in the world and hope to read your BFP stories soon too.

Natural BFP at 42

I have been pregnant 5 times now in my 40s. 2 were chemical pregnancies, 1 was a miscarriage, 1 was a live (although preemie) birth (my TTC story is in the post with the title "Natural BFP After Vasectomy Reversal, Over 40, Low Progesterone, Short Luteal Phase"), and I am now 16 weeks pregnant again. I will be 43 1/2 when I deliver. I just wanted to provide encouragement that it is possible to get pregnant in your 40s. We were not trying/not preventing this time. My baby was 6 1/2 months old when I conceived again. Also, since some might find this reassuring, all genetic testing has come back fine on this pregnancy and multiple ultrasounds so far have shown that baby is healthy. As for symptoms, I generally know soon after conception that I'm pregnant due to a strong gag reflex, but otherwise I didn't really have any other symptoms. The whole pregnancy so far has basically been symptom-free. Don't give up hope. God can do anything.

Hope for positives past 14dpo!!

Okay so I ovulated on the 19th of September and we just got a positive result for our rainbow baby! Yay! 1dpo - Nothing 2dpo - Increased cm 3dpo - Sore nippels for some reason 4dpo - Still sore nippels 5dpo - Sore nipples and incredably thirsty probably drank 2L of water 6dpo - Sore nipples, stuffy nose, nausea when eating chicken, just over all starting to feel pregnant 7dpo - BFN, still sore nipples 8dpo - sore nipples gone away, having cramps or pressure feelings in my uterus, hips are aching sore and so so hungry! 9dpo - BFN nothing to report 10dpo - Nause when eating chicken again, BFN 11dpo - didnt test, nothing to report 12dpo- Just feel pregnant, BFN maybe this isnt my month... Feeling discouraged 13dpo - Nausea, exhausted, face broke out in acne, bfn if not an evap 14dpo - Acne got worse, all over my jawline, nose and chin, thirst is back and drank so so much water, pulling pinching twinges in uterus 15dpo - BFN/evap on line test, BFP on digital! Waiting for blood results.