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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.


This is my third (and last lol) baby. My husband and I weren't even trying this time around. My first two (and only before this one) pregnancies have always needed a fertility medication. So this was the BIGGEST and best shock ever! i received BFN all the way up until CD 50...i got a faint faint bfp. One where you had to question if it was there or am i seeing things?! The next day on cd 51, i got a very obvious bfp. i called the doctor and they sent me for blood work. My labs were HCG - 14 Progesterone - 12.1 I have another blood work appointment today to see if they numbers are trending the way they need to be. However i just want to say this cycle i had literally no symptoms. I missed my period (usually 30 day cycle) at Cd 37 i started to take hpt and they all came back negative. I stopped testing after a week, i figured i was out and af would be showing up soon. Then around cd 46 i started to test again, all negative....until cd 51. So its totally possible to test negative for so long and then get your late bfp!! Praying for a very sticky bean!! sending baby dust to you all!
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It Finally Happened!

Been ttc for about a year now. Every negative Pregnancy was heartbreaking so this cycle I decided to not symptom spot or drive myself crazy. And I got my BFP early am at 11DPO. Here is what I do remember - 1-7dpo - Nothing, in fact it was so symptom free that I wondered if I had even ovulated. 7dpo - Heartburn at night before bed. 8dpo - Some slight cramping but nothing too painful. Twinges and aches throughout the lower abdomen. 9 dpo - The heartburn is back and I cannot keep anything down. 10 dpo - Nothing, all symptoms disappeared and as always I thought "Oh well on to the next cycle!" 11 dpo - Woke up feeling those cramps and a tonnne of white lotiony cm in my panties. Took a test and a line came up right away on FRER. Took a minute to come up on the .88 cents walmart cheapie. 12 dpo - Still positive and getting darker. Fingers crossed!!!

BFP at 11dpo - few real symptoms - TTC month 2

This is going to be a bit long so grab a drink or a snack :) I know pretty much everyone starts off like this... but I can’t believe I’m writing my BFP story on here! I would read the BFP stories on here every single day, some dating back to 2011 (!) and just dream of the day I saw those two beautiful pink lines.. and now I have! I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant, EDD 12th December 2019. This was the second month TTC for baby #1 for my husband and I, and I can’t believe it happened so quick for us. I hate saying this because it’s so cliché... but I truly do feel blessed. I want to post my story to help out other TTCers in their tww because I had little symptoms that were not AF symptoms and truly thought AF was on the way. Honestly, I’ve had more “pregnancy” symptoms during months when I wasn’t pregnant. Okay, so now onto the good stuff. I used a mix of OPKs (Clearblue digital ovulation tests) and period tracking apps (Flo and Ovia). Usually the apps are pretty accurate but this cycle I ovulated late, got a flashy smiley (‘high’ fertility) on CD16,17 and peak solid smiley on CD 18 (ewcm) and ovulation cramps on CD 19. We BD’d CD 11, 14, 16, 18, 19. Now on to symptoms by DPO... 1dpo - gassy, small ewcm but mostly watery cm, cp medium and soft. 2dpo - slight constipation, creamy/lotion cm, gassy. 3dpo - same 4dpo - constipation, gassy, lots of creamy/lotion cm. 5dpo - stuffy nose like hay fever, constipation, gassy, headache and in the afternoon I had cramps that felt like period cramps. 6dpo - gassy, sticky cm, terrible gas, irritable and super low and hard cervix. 7dpo - vivid dreams (not unusual for this time in my cycle), felt a weird bubble/butterfly feeling in my stomach when I woke up but figured it was just gas, very bloated, big bowel movement and no cm when wiping. During the day I was eating potato chips on the couch (feeling sorry for myself because I felt ‘out’) and a huge glob of saliva just fell out of my mouth. At 7.30pm I felt this weird wave of warmth on the right side of my stomach/uterus area, I can’t explain it other than just this wave of warmth that lasted a minute. Looking back this might have been implantation? 8dpo - vivid dream of taking a FRER and a digital and one said Error and one said Yes. The usual dragging/uncomfortable feeling like AF is on her way. Skin felt warm and I also had a slight thrush-like feeling downstairs (itchy and uncomfortable). Caved and took a FRER at 5pm BFN. Increased smell (could smell my husband’s lingering body odour on the couch after he came home from football training). Sensitive teeth and emotional (teary when watching a reality Paramedic show on TV). 9dpo - full feeling, extremely gassy, loose BM, thrush-like feeling still there, blue veins noticeable on chest however I am quite fair skinned so they are often noticeable (plus last month I was convinced that my large blue veins on my chest and through my nipples meant I was pregnant... and I wasn’t, I’m just pale!). Heaviness in utuerus like AF coming. Burped on and off which is very unusual for me, I’m not a burper. 10dpo - slight nausea at times throughout the day. CP low and hard, cm sticky. Uncomfortable period feeling, tummy pains. Increased appetite and moody. Also, this was really weird and TMI so apologies - at 10.30am I was out shopping in a homewares store and suddenly I had this huge cramp in my tummy like I was about to have diarrhea. I had to race home (luckily I was only a 5-10min drive away) and had diarrhea. 11dpo (day my period was due however I ovulated two days later than previous cycles so who knows) - I woke up at 2am needing to pee, went back to sleep after and had vivid dreams. When I woke up I had cramps and was gassy, weird gas bubbles like popping in my belly. At 8am I got up to have a shower, I was convinced AF was coming but thought I’d take a FRER anyway just to see... and when I got out of the shower and glanced at the test as I walked past I did one of those cartoon double-takes - there was a clear pink second line! I was in total shock. Took a clearblue digital with conception indicator with the same sample and it said Pregnant 1-2weeks!

37, first natural pregnancy, 25 days cycle

Hey everybody and first of all, good luck to each and every girl with this exciting journey! I want to share my experience, because the other stories were very helpful for me. Background: I am 37, my partner is 36 and we tried for about 7-8 months until I got my BFP. I have rather shorter periods, of about 25 days, pretty regular ones (25 and 26 days mostly, sometimes 24 or 27 and rarely 28 days). As many of you, I read and read everything. I tried for a few days to take my BBT, but it was horror because I saw no rise after ovulation and then I thought I`m not ovulating at all. Before ovulation, sometimes I had what is called "fertile mucus", but mostly watery and not so much EWCM. In some months, I had very very little EWCM, I remember that even in ,my BFP month the mucus was not so fertile, or this is what I was thinking. I made some ultrasounds, and the doctor found dominant ovules at CD 7 or CD 8. I used ovulation tests, sometimes the second line was lighter that the test line, even 12 hours after ovulation. Of course I went crazy with all this, not knowing if I ovulate, if OV isn`t too early and the ovule is not perfect, why don`t I have fertile mucus, why my BBT isn`t rising even 3 DPO and so on. HANG IN THERE! We bought a fertility lubricant: Baby Start, I think it is made in UK, and from CD 1 till ovulation I took Evening Primrose oil capsules, for fertile mucus. From my experience and my BFP I think usually I ovulated on CD 13, due to my short cycles (on CD 12 I had the strongest second line on ovulation test). Sometimes, in non BFP months, I had fertile mucus on CD 16, CD 17 and that made me think I cannot pinpoint my OV date, but I was wrong. I really think my OV date was on CD 13 most of the times. As symptoms, almost NONE. I think on CD 16-CD 22 or sometimes in that period I had more white CM (but I also had sometimes white CM even in non BFP months) and also a so-called stomach ache but very mild (upper stomach). I got my BFP on CD 24 and I was and still am extatic. I am now 14 weeks!!! Good luck again to you all! If you have any question, please let me know, I am happy if my story helps someone.

4 years

I started following the different post on here about 4 years ago. We have been trying for that long!! I’ve had two very early miscarriages in the first 2 years we were trying. I’m 31 and my husband is 44 so we figure it just want meant for us to have another. We still continued to try but not really. We weren’t charting or anything and we’ve just stayed off of BC since we weren’t getting pregnant anyways. About 7 months ago we made a few major changes in life. I started working and DH quit his full time, constant over time, stressful and crazy job. We’ve been so much happier and less stress!! My cycles are very regular with a 25-26 day cycle. I can usually tell you 2-3 days before I start. This month was different. Because I don’t chart o didn’t keep up with much Dec 31st was first day of LMP it was a normal cycle. Didn’t notice anything to be abnormal. Around cd 14-16 we had really really awesome BD!! Like I remember saying if we do this would be when lol Cd 26 day AF is to arrive I got sulfur burps. This is not abnormal for me but I kept them for three days instead of the normal 24 hours. Cd 27 woke up with horrible diarrhea for about 3 hours and still had sulfur burps. Couldn’t go to work and felt completely drained. Slept all day!! Was nauseous on and off Cd28 still had slight upset stomach and not as many burps. Still nauseous and so tired. Cd 29 naustead all day. Went to work and decided if I didn’t start there then I was testing when I got home. 2 test later and we are positive strong!! I go tomorrow to dr to be sure. Fxs this peanut stays!! It’s been so long that it doesn’t feel real. Stick with it ladies. When it’s your time you’ll be ready!!

Pregnant at 45 with no fertility help, will be 46

I have been a loonnnngtime lurker on this forum, and since I just got my BFF, I thought I should repay the favor by sharing my story also! I’ll be 46 before my due date, so I was not at all optimistic about my chances of getting pregnant this time. We’d only really been trying for a few months. We have 4 kids already, so we would not have gone for fertility help if we didn’t conceive. I know I personally have liked reading of the happy stories from women around my age. Hopefully this will also end up to be a happy story, though I am realistic that miscarriage is very common at my age. I can only try to think positively and enjoy every day of the pregnancy. I really can hardly believe it’s real! We are definitely holding off on telling any family, including our other kids, until after the first trimester. I did have one miscarriage in the past, between two of my other pregnancies. Please send prayers and positive thoughts for me that that doesn’t happen this time! Our youngest is in elementary school, and we had told the kids before now that I am too old to be hoping for any more babies, whenever the idea of wanting a little baby brother or sister came up. I really hope we’ll be able to give them some amazing happy news around March. My cycles have been 26-28 days long, and always with a little light spotting 1-2 days before my period starts. When I didn’t have even a trace of spotting, and it was 28 days after my last cycle started, I wondered if something could be happening! Then that same day, I got up from a nap and had a huge overwhelming rush of nausea and almost dizziness/ lightheadedness. It took a few minutes for this to pass and it was a very extreme miserable feeling. I took that as a definite sign! Since that day, I also now have constantly sore swollen bbs. No more nausea for now. I did have a little heartburn around CD 26 or 27, which I never really get, but at the time, I didn’t feel it could really mean anything. I did take a home pregnancy test to confirm, but I pretty much knew what it would be. It was a very solid “+” sign immediately. Sorry if this post is a little long! I always like to read plenty of detail in other people’s stories though. Hope this post might be helpful to someone out there. You are the only people I’m telling for now! Hope to hear back from some of you! I intend to keep you updated!

BFP 8dpo!

I’m so excited to finally get to post my BFP story. I’ve watched this site for a while and I love reading everyone’s stories. First let me say that this was our second cycle trying to conceive and here is a list of things I did differently. 1.Took prenatal vitamins! 2.Used Ovulation test. 3.Less caffeine 4. Tried not to stress! 5.Legs up after sex. I personally think the ovulation test and prenatals are what helped us this cycle. I believe I had a chemical last month I had a vvfl and slowly but surely it got lighter and then AF came. So I’m very excited about this! Now to the good part my list of symptoms! CD 17: positive opk! Did the baby dance! CD 18: peak opk! (Crampy, threw up, feeling weak) CD19: O day! Did the baby dance (feeling better, slight cramps could be from gas) CD20:1dpo ( creamy lotion cm, tired (could be unrelated) felt a few “pinches” CD21: 2dpo (Feeling normal) lots of cm CD22:3dpo (Feeling normal) left ovary pain. CD23:4dpo (feeling normal) CD24:5dpo(feeling normal) CD25:6dpo(feeling normal, gassy, went to bed early) CD26:7dpo(feeling normal, slept so much today) CD27:8dpo( Feeling normal, slight cramping in back, BFP?!, lots of CM) CD28 ( Feeling normal, more pinching and pulling in my lower abdomen, took another test definitely a BFP!!! I don’t have any “real” symptoms yet. I didn’t get symptoms with my son until I was over 6 weeks so I’m not worried. My line is way darker than last month with my chemical. I will continue to test to watch my line progression. Praying for a sticky bean! My AF is due in 5 days praying she never comes! Good luck ladies! Baby dust to everyone.
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Natural BFP at 42

I have been pregnant 5 times now in my 40s. 2 were chemical pregnancies, 1 was a miscarriage, 1 was a live (although preemie) birth (my TTC story is in the post with the title "Natural BFP After Vasectomy Reversal, Over 40, Low Progesterone, Short Luteal Phase"), and I am now 16 weeks pregnant again. I will be 43 1/2 when I deliver. I just wanted to provide encouragement that it is possible to get pregnant in your 40s. We were not trying/not preventing this time. My baby was 6 1/2 months old when I conceived again. Also, since some might find this reassuring, all genetic testing has come back fine on this pregnancy and multiple ultrasounds so far have shown that baby is healthy. As for symptoms, I generally know soon after conception that I'm pregnant due to a strong gag reflex, but otherwise I didn't really have any other symptoms. The whole pregnancy so far has basically been symptom-free. Don't give up hope. God can do anything.

Baby number 2

It's taken 6 months of trying this time but finally I get to post again. I feel so blessed. CD 1: Period. Light. CD 2: Period. Medium. CD 3: Period. Heavy. CD 17: EWCM started in the afternoon. CP high medium openness. Unable to DTD. Negative opk in the afternoon. Pulsing pain on in my back left side. CD 18: EWCM. CP high open. DTD 12:30am. Negative opk. Pillow under hips for 30min. CD 19: EWCM. CP high open. Unable to DTD. Positive opk in the evening. CD 20: EWCM. DTD 7:00pm. DPO 1: ewcm dried up. Creamy cm. CP closed. DPO 2: cramping. Mix of watery and white cm. CP high closed. DPO 3: same ^ DPO 4: Creamy cm DPO 5: Creamy cm. CP position low hard closed. Dizzy. Nausea. DPO 6: Dreamt about implantation (strange). DPO 7: cramping. Sore breasts DPO 8: same^. CP low creamy cm. DPO 9: Creamy cm, sore breasts under nipples mostly. DPO 10: POAS FMU with FRER POSITIVE!!! Super excited. Baby dust to everyone!

BFP 11 mo PP & BF - caught the first Egg!!

I didn't think it could happen but it did. We have a baby girl days from her 1st b'day and I took a test wondering Because I still haven't started my cycle after 2 most weaning. Sure enough it's positive!!! We haven't been on bc because we knew once I finished Breastfeeding we wanted to try right away. EBF Baby girl self weaned all but 2 very small comfort night feedings almost 2 months ago and I never had a period start back. But late August into September I started having symptoms of a period and now we know it was pregnancy symptoms. I haven't had a cycle for almost 2 years and here I am starting this new journey first baby #5!!! So exciting and literally I'm in shock!! My husband just knew it would happen this way but I never expected it!! If anyone is wondering if you can get preggers before your cycle returns... YES it can happen, I'm pregnant while BF and never starting your cycle again! Wow!!