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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.


I know there are so many of us out there that have been waiting for the time to be able to say those 
words- some are still trying and I know how it feels to be in that position too. We've been trying 
since Feb 2011, I was on the pill for 15 yrs which I think completely mucked up my hormones! It’s 
been a long road (not as long as some I know) but it’s been a horrible time of waiting, despair, 
heartache. I don’t think men always understand the emotions we go through each month of trying... 
it’s a roller coaster. But I'm so happy to say that I have finally got a positive result POAS. In fact I've 
done 6 POAS for the last 5 days!! I've booked into to see the doctor on Friday so fingers crossed all 
will be ok. I can honestly say I didn’t notice anything until two days before I was due on I had a 
brownish discharge for two days. My boobs are really sore now but all other symptoms were just 
like I get every other month when AF is due. Only things we didn’t differently this month was, we 
cut down the amount we were doing the deed to every other day and they on O day & day after, plus 
we changed positions to missionary and I kept legs up for much longer than usual.

Only thing is now I'm starting to panic on other things like, what if I have a chemical pregnancy or 
miscarriage. I know I shouldn’t think like that but I can’t help but been concerned with this little bean.

I wish you all loads of luck (as that really is all it is!)

7th Month of Completion

Good afternoon all - this site really kept me occupied during my SEVEN blocks of two week waits! :)

DH and I have been TTC for 7 months and on the 7th month we have a blessing!

I want to note that I didn't have any major symptoms other than my usual PMS symptoms which
include sore breast and fatigue. The one thing different I did this month was RELAX. I didn't stress
over symptoms because everyone is so very different. Relax...have fun...and it'll happen.

Got a BFP at 12DPO!

Thought for sure AF was on her way... and then Surprise! BFP!

My DH and I had been TTC for nine-ten months. We have one beautiful little boy, who has been
praying for a baby sister. In fact, he said all he wanted for Christmas was a baby sister. Well at the
last possible chance to have this wish come true, we got our BFP! Our due date is December 22,
which means baby will be just in time for Christmas! I think this is the most amazing
part. God always answers children’s prayers.

Funny thing is, I thought for sure I was out this cycle. I started getting cramps, including on inside
of legs, and that "wet" feeling down there like AF was coming. However, my temp was still high.
So 12-14 DPO I took a test and BFP! Very faint line, but there. Took another after work and another
faint BFP. But a line is a line right! So three hours later tried a digital…. “PREGNANT.” It’s official
and legit!

Not many symptoms different from regular AF symptoms. I did take a nap about every day. And my
temps were taking a somewhat different flow and then staying up when they should have started
going down. One day I had a sticky string of CM hanging down there. Besides that, nothing out of
the ordinary to note. I had sore bbs for two days and cramps after about 10 DPO on, but those
both are normal AF signs. Conclusion, if you feel out, don't doubt! My BFP took me by
complete surprise!

BFP - No Symptoms During TWW!

After becoming slightly obsessive with this site in previous months, I wanted to share my BFP story!
Can't actually believe I got two this morning after what feels like endless BFNs!

After being on BC for 11 years I came off last summer & have been "officially" TTC for 4 months
(me-27, DH-33) & in Jan started taking my temp & becoming a little too obsessed with trying...well
this month I decided to stop temping & just to relax & not over-think everything. We did use a
digital OPK this month but that was it. I totally thought there is no way we are going to conceive as
we only BD'd once (day before O) due to work & so I felt pretty relaxed the whole month - it really
made all the difference!

So here are the stats & my advice, although I know how hard this is, is to try & relax as it will

Cycle - 31-35 days
O - CD 19
BD - CD 18

The only symptoms I had this month were 14DPO onwards I've felt tired & nauseous & had some
cramping - basically I thought AF was on her way! Plucked up the courage to test 16DPO & two
BFPs on Clearblue digital with "2-3" weeks pregnant on the conception indicator. So excited but
also wary as know we have a long way to go...

Baby dust & sticky vibes to all x

After 1 Year of TTC, BFP This Morning!!!!!!!!

Recently, since it's been 1 year we've been TTC number 1, I was a really discouraged... (crying -
secretly- every time I heard one of my friend got pg)...

Here are my symptoms:

Oday: Strong pinching on left side (every time, I fell my O) for 5 hours, erotic dream (I have them
3 days prior to O and every night until O...every month:)
1-3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo: Gum pain and swelling (I did not want to associate it with pgcy...) oin one precise area of
my gums
5dpo: strange long dream... Really realistic...
6dpo: brown spotting after BM (I usually spot from day 6ish to AF, so I was sure AF was coming),
1 episode of dizziness
7dpo: brown spotting after BM, really bloated!
8dpo: brown spotting after BM, yellow CM, really bloated (a lot of gas...TMI I know)
9dpo:brown spotting after BM, yellow CM, one nausea episode, still really bloated, even in the
morning I was bloated, BFN (I know... too early)
10dpo: yellow CM, really bloated (telling my DH: I don't know what's going on, I'm having so
many gases!)
11dpo: My first BFP EVER!!!!! On early first response test. I couldn't believe it...I still can't..

What I did different this month was: cutting caffeine (only one scoop in the percolator, the rest
was 4 scoops of decaf), I had 2 glasses of wine during the wk end, twice (instead of none...maybe
I was more relax after O because of that), I took Aspirin starting at 3dpo, prenatal vitamins (not
only folic acid), and we did it: 3 days pre O, 2 days pre O and the day of O (and I was in Europe for
work 2 wks before that, so 3day pre O was your first time in 2 wks and we were sooo excited to see
each other: it was not about conceiving at all)

I hope the baby sticks....

Good luck girls!!! Even if you are a spotter (I always was sure something was wrong with me since I
spot so much before AF) and if it's been over 1 yr of TTC (for us: 13 months), IT’S POSSIBLE!!

Don't give up... :)


BFP 2 Months TTC

This was my husband and mine second month trying for baby #3. We didn't chart or use opk's. I was maybe thinking of charting next month if this month didn't happen.

My last period was march 3rd and I think I ovulated on cycle day 13. We bd on cycle days 11-14. I had ewcm on cycle day 12 and 13. Didn't have much of it. Last month I had way more and didn't get pregnant.

Day before ovulation- light brown spotting. Thought this was strange I never spot with ovulation.
Ovulation day- ewcm had very sharp twinges in right ovaries. I always feel ovulation
4dpo period like cramping all day.
5dpo some sharp back pains, dull cramping at night and a couple sharp twinges in bbs.
6dpo very emotional and some cramping.
7dpo bad headache and some minor cramping
8dpo sharp twinge on lower right side a little nauseous at night.
9dpo strong cramps on the right side
10dpo tearing feeling behind belly button feeling sick at night. Test and bfn
11dpo nothing and bfn
12dpo woke up feeling sick. Runny nose, head hurts, throat is killing me. Very emotional that night. Bfn
13dpo crazy emotional bfn again.
14-17dpo went on vacation and wore a pad everyday because I was tired and kept cramping. It felt exactly like period cramps. I thought for sure period was coming.
18 dpo took a dollar store test and saw a second line! It wasn't very strong so I didn't really believe it fully. Went to target and took a clear blue digital and it said pregnant! Today I am 4 weeks 3 days pregnant!

I usually get sore bbs and nauseous before my period so this month I didn't have sore bbs and I thought that was strange. My bbs still don't hurt at all. I have some minor cramping but I had cramping with my first two. Really the only symptoms I'm feeling now is extremely tired and minor cramping. My due date is December 8th!

Surprise BFP After 10 Months!

We have been TTC for 10 months. I haven't really been able to get into using the OPKs. I was working 7a-7p three days a week. This month I got a new job so I had a two week hiatus between jobs. Bought new uniforms, size Xsmall, interviewed for graduate school. Figured after 10 months we probably had a problem. I am an RN so this month I started Evening Primrose oil and green tea. My breasts really hurt about 7 days past when I was due to ovulate. They kept hurting, and I had a dentist appointment in two days so I decided to quick take a test, fully expecting a BFN. I was shocked to see two lines!!!! Took a shower and took 5 more tests. All BFP--clear blue digital said PREGNANT! I wrapped the CBD up and put it in a gift bag with a Pregnancy for Dads for Dummies book. My husband opened it, held up the test, and wondered what it was. I turned it for him to see pregnant and he turned white, and then was so happy! We have prayed and wondered and worried. Took another test in the am to make sure I wasn't dreaming--BFP again!! After NEVER seeing two lines! God is great! And I believe that stressful work really does make TTC harder.


I'm 38 and this is my second pregnancy; I have a 12 year old. We actually started trying in February. I've not been on birth control for years. In February I thought I was having every symptom in the book from fluttering to constipation but then was face with the reality of a BFN.  This month I believed I was pregnant because things seemed incredibly quiet. We are lucky if we have sex twice in a week but around ovulation we had sex every other day, including the day of ovulation. I had very little of the typical CM I get every month. I did have mild cramping 9 & 10 DPO (implantation). Breasts started getting sore 10DPO but that is nothing new and happens before every period for me. Had a crazy vivid dream 10 DPO night in which I was pregnant and referred to baby as a boy. 10 & 11 DPO my lower back felt rather twingy. Tossed and turned in my sleep.

Read that 80% of pregnant women get some kind of BFP when tested 12DPO. I only had one test left (EPT) so I held out until the morning of 12DPO and there it was our BFP! My husband could hardly believe it happened so quickly. 

Today is 13DPO and I've had cramping all day off and on. Still sore breasts. Slight nausea in AM and indigestion after eating (that started 11DPO). 

We are so excited to have a little baby!! 

Good luck to all of you!

BFP On First Month TTC - And Getting Married In May!

Oh joy - BFP on day 9DPO. Then another on day 10DPO - which is today. I am 3W and 3 days!!! EDD on 12/8/12 - so I will just give my fiancé/husband to be a baby for Christmas!!! Here is how we did it!

Oh - I am 38 and fiancé is 33 - we conceived on his birthday! This was pretty much our first month trying :)

I had my IUD taken out in December - couldn't try that month bc I was traveling the week we should have tried. Didn't really try Jan and Feb bc I wanted to get super healthy and cleanse, detox, quit drinking, etc.

3/3/12 - Period
Did the Baby Dance on 3/8, 3/11, 3/13, 3/15, 3/17 and 3/21
Ovulated on 3/16.
2 DPO - slight nausea for about 15 mins - came and left quickly.
4 - 7DPO - cramping, "pinching" on lower left side - I just knew this was implantation. I have never felt ANYTHING like that - not painful - but pinching and very noticeable. I really knew then.
6 - 8 DPO - VIVID dreams - some really crazy stuff here! In one of the dreams - his mom came running up behind us at the grocery store and was screaming "DONT FORGET the baby stuff!" and stole our cart. Actually - that could totally happen LOL.
7 - 8 DPO - BFN on internet cheapie test.
7 DPO - Shooting, stabbing pain in right breast. I mean, it felt like a dragon breathed fire and poison and shot it in my breast. It was no joke. I was in a cooking class and had a sip of wine and BAM. I really knew that night - sealed the deal.
9 DPO - BFN on internet cheapie - I was convinces and went got Answer Test (highest % of early results at 69% 4 days before your period.) Came home and at 1pm got a BFP - faint but very much there! Then another test gave me another BFP!
10 DPO (today!) - another BFP - slightly darker than yesterday.
I have had some lower and upper back pain - but not terrible, some neck pain - not great but not too bad, lots of pinching and cramping on my left side. I did not have any implantation bleeding (yet!). Our Dr. appt is 4/27! The day after I do my wedding dress fitting :) Hope it fits!

On our first try! We are beyond :) And the DAY of our wedding, 5.26. 12 - I will be 12 weeks so we are going to tell friends and family at the reception!

OMG Still Cannot Believe It!

I just got my BFP on our first month....

Just wanted to tell everyone this site helped me know what to expect with my symptoms... To be honest the biggest triggers for me were going off my food for a week after O. I really felt the implantation day... I was shopping and had to go home the pain was that bad, like bad af pains... Then after not being hungry for a week I started eating everything... I craved, and I mean craved protein... And the other biggest sign was the vivid and I mean very extremely vivid dreams... Other then that no sickness, no sore bbs, no spotting or excess cm. I'm extremely happy and hope it's a sticky bean... Baby dust to you all... I can't believe I'm going to be a mummy for the first time... :) xox