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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

Surprise BFP After 10 Months!

We have been TTC for 10 months. I haven't really been able to get into using the OPKs. I was working 7a-7p three days a week. This month I got a new job so I had a two week hiatus between jobs. Bought new uniforms, size Xsmall, interviewed for graduate school. Figured after 10 months we probably had a problem. I am an RN so this month I started Evening Primrose oil and green tea. My breasts really hurt about 7 days past when I was due to ovulate. They kept hurting, and I had a dentist appointment in two days so I decided to quick take a test, fully expecting a BFN. I was shocked to see two lines!!!! Took a shower and took 5 more tests. All BFP--clear blue digital said PREGNANT! I wrapped the CBD up and put it in a gift bag with a Pregnancy for Dads for Dummies book. My husband opened it, held up the test, and wondered what it was. I turned it for him to see pregnant and he turned white, and then was so happy! We have prayed and wondered and worried. Took another test in the am to make sure I wasn't dreaming--BFP again!! After NEVER seeing two lines! God is great! And I believe that stressful work really does make TTC harder.


I'm 38 and this is my second pregnancy; I have a 12 year old. We actually started trying in February. I've not been on birth control for years. In February I thought I was having every symptom in the book from fluttering to constipation but then was face with the reality of a BFN.  This month I believed I was pregnant because things seemed incredibly quiet. We are lucky if we have sex twice in a week but around ovulation we had sex every other day, including the day of ovulation. I had very little of the typical CM I get every month. I did have mild cramping 9 & 10 DPO (implantation). Breasts started getting sore 10DPO but that is nothing new and happens before every period for me. Had a crazy vivid dream 10 DPO night in which I was pregnant and referred to baby as a boy. 10 & 11 DPO my lower back felt rather twingy. Tossed and turned in my sleep.

Read that 80% of pregnant women get some kind of BFP when tested 12DPO. I only had one test left (EPT) so I held out until the morning of 12DPO and there it was our BFP! My husband could hardly believe it happened so quickly. 

Today is 13DPO and I've had cramping all day off and on. Still sore breasts. Slight nausea in AM and indigestion after eating (that started 11DPO). 

We are so excited to have a little baby!! 

Good luck to all of you!

BFP On First Month TTC - And Getting Married In May!

Oh joy - BFP on day 9DPO. Then another on day 10DPO - which is today. I am 3W and 3 days!!! EDD on 12/8/12 - so I will just give my fiancé/husband to be a baby for Christmas!!! Here is how we did it!

Oh - I am 38 and fiancé is 33 - we conceived on his birthday! This was pretty much our first month trying :)

I had my IUD taken out in December - couldn't try that month bc I was traveling the week we should have tried. Didn't really try Jan and Feb bc I wanted to get super healthy and cleanse, detox, quit drinking, etc.

3/3/12 - Period
Did the Baby Dance on 3/8, 3/11, 3/13, 3/15, 3/17 and 3/21
Ovulated on 3/16.
2 DPO - slight nausea for about 15 mins - came and left quickly.
4 - 7DPO - cramping, "pinching" on lower left side - I just knew this was implantation. I have never felt ANYTHING like that - not painful - but pinching and very noticeable. I really knew then.
6 - 8 DPO - VIVID dreams - some really crazy stuff here! In one of the dreams - his mom came running up behind us at the grocery store and was screaming "DONT FORGET the baby stuff!" and stole our cart. Actually - that could totally happen LOL.
7 - 8 DPO - BFN on internet cheapie test.
7 DPO - Shooting, stabbing pain in right breast. I mean, it felt like a dragon breathed fire and poison and shot it in my breast. It was no joke. I was in a cooking class and had a sip of wine and BAM. I really knew that night - sealed the deal.
9 DPO - BFN on internet cheapie - I was convinces and went got Answer Test (highest % of early results at 69% 4 days before your period.) Came home and at 1pm got a BFP - faint but very much there! Then another test gave me another BFP!
10 DPO (today!) - another BFP - slightly darker than yesterday.
I have had some lower and upper back pain - but not terrible, some neck pain - not great but not too bad, lots of pinching and cramping on my left side. I did not have any implantation bleeding (yet!). Our Dr. appt is 4/27! The day after I do my wedding dress fitting :) Hope it fits!

On our first try! We are beyond :) And the DAY of our wedding, 5.26. 12 - I will be 12 weeks so we are going to tell friends and family at the reception!

OMG Still Cannot Believe It!

I just got my BFP on our first month....

Just wanted to tell everyone this site helped me know what to expect with my symptoms... To be honest the biggest triggers for me were going off my food for a week after O. I really felt the implantation day... I was shopping and had to go home the pain was that bad, like bad af pains... Then after not being hungry for a week I started eating everything... I craved, and I mean craved protein... And the other biggest sign was the vivid and I mean very extremely vivid dreams... Other then that no sickness, no sore bbs, no spotting or excess cm. I'm extremely happy and hope it's a sticky bean... Baby dust to you all... I can't believe I'm going to be a mummy for the first time... :) xox


Hi everyone, I'm so thankful to be posting here as I stalked this site for a while comparing my symptoms to all the other BFP!!! and I owe this much to you guys cause this is what help me get through my process but I also told myself if it didn't work this month I was done and what do you know at 9 days past I decided to poas just for fun and OMG... before the three minutes was up I had two lines. But a little bit about my background I'm a healthy 32 year old and really fertile at least I thought I really think I wanted this way tooooo bad because I've been trying for seven long months at least it feels that way, anywho in December I thought is was my month only for me to be stressed out cause I was delivered some bad news and I got stranded in New Mexico during their blizzard trying to make it to Michigan before Christmas and that's where it all went bad my ovulation got delayed but I thought I was pregnant I had ever symptom in the world from griggling in the stomach to sore underarm pits and aunt flow disappeared for 52 long days and I went through so many pregnancy test like (30) thinking I was a late processor but I think this is where I started to loose my mind so I closed down my computer and tried to relax and do other things my time and what do you know aunt flow came full force and I don't even get heavy flows but this one I was clotting like I was miscarrying but I didn't care I was just happy to see the witch. So the day my period started I started temping to see when I ovulate didn't think anything else could go wrong sure enough I ovulated early in saying that I had to fly to a different state so I thought I was going to miss my chance but since I didn't here's my symptoms

CD-09 Went out of town for spring break. (prenatal)
CD-10 Nothing. (prenatal)
CD-11 BD twice. (prenatal)
CD-12 O (prenatal)
CD-13=1DPO BD after dtd had some bright red bleeding only when I wiped. (prenatal)
CD-14=2DPO Twice today I had a big glob of snot looking mucus come out of me while using the bathroom.
CD-15=3DPO The tip of my right nipple is a little itchy barely noticeable but usual for me. (prenatal)
CD-16 and 17=4 and 5 DPO Nothing. (prenatal)
CD-18=6DPO BD (prenatal)
CD-19=7DPO The tip of my right nipple is a little itchy again. (prenatal)
CD-20=8DPO nothing (prenatal)
CD-21=9DPO I poas and got a B(faint)P but it was one where you didn't need to hold it up to the light it was noticeable very noticeable. (prenatal)
CD-22=10DPO I poas and again BFP!!! very darker today (prenatal)

However, I know my lovely soon to be mommies get tired of hearing stop stressing and let it take it's course but it's the truth I was a victim for 7 months and I just put bd because that's the term but when that door shut we made love and enjoyed every moment. The only thing I did differently this time was prayed, prayed and prayed and put it in gods hands but on the first BD when my hubby went to sleep I did throw my legs up for about 30 minutes it might even been a hour but that was it. Baby Dust to all!!!! and hope and pray that everyone trying get their sticky bean soon I'm so thankful...

BFP Au Naturale After 3 Months

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share my story. I am 12 weeks pregnant and I feel like I need to give my 2 cents. I have been reading lots of BFP stories while I was TTC and I can't believe I am finally writing this :)

Me (32) and DH (39) decided to start trying on October 2011 for our first. We were just using condoms before that, because I hate the pill. So on January 2012 we got lucky!

Important to know: I've been charting my menstrual cycles and taking my temperature even before starting TTC. I charted for a few months and it really helps. Thank God I have a regular cycle, every 28 days. I highly recommend the book: "Taking Charge of your Fertility." It helped me a lot, opened my eyes and contains lots of information every woman should know.

Well, before my lucky month this is what I did:
- Tried to eat healthier, organic when possible, org. eggs, org. milk, fruits and veggies. I don't like junk food, so that's a plus. I don't drink soda either.
- I did try MACA powder with smoothies. Oh! and tried to give him MACA as well, every once in a while, because he doesn't like the taste. I remember I also gave him Brazilian Nuts, which are good for fertility. I had them too.
- I took Royal Jelly pills just for a month before conceiving, when I conceived I stopped taking them, just in case.
- Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea, but of course I stopped drinking it once I found out I was pregnant. You shouldn't drink herbal teas while pregnant. - I was also taking Prenatals.
- Basically just making sure I was eating healthy, for healthy eggs :) Also, the organic full fat dairy yogurt was nice and I think it helped.
- Go easy on the gym, do not push yourself to the limit, just try doing some yoga and pilates or maybe dance lessons. You need to have at least 18% of fat if you want to conceive. So you have to choose between a six pack and a baby. LOL. Also, being overweight isn't ideal either. There has to be a balance.
- I wasn't really 100% relaxed, because I was focused on conceiving and doing lots of research online and reading my fertility books. So "try to relax and it will happen" is not true.
- I had sex just 2 days in a row during my fertile phase, those days I had lots of EWCM.

As far as symptoms:

1DPO: nothing
2DPO and 3DPO: twinges left side
4DPO: twinges right side, sneezing, boobs tender to touch, stuffy nose.
5DPO- 8DPO: boobs tender to touch
9DPO: weird pain just in the nipples (never felt that before) it comes and goes
10DPO-11DPO: very hungry
12DPO: BFP with FRER !!! Couldn't believe my eyes. (two very strong lines!)

This is our first baby, so we are very excited! :)

Good luck and God Bless.

BFP After One Month Of "Not Preventing"!!!

This site helped me so much while my symptoms were driving me nuts and I had some strange symptoms I couldn't find on here so I thought I would share.

1 dpo- cold sore
2-7dpo stuffy/runny nose, mild af like cramps, absolutely horrible moodiness. Nothing my husband did or said was right and I would jump down his throat. This is when I really started to feel I could be pregnant. Every site says it's impossible to feel symptoms before implantation but I KNOW the way I was feeling wasn't normal.
8-11dpo mild af like cramping and pinching in the morning and night. Stuffy nose continued but my mood was back to normal. BB's started to get sore which isn't out of the ordinary for pms.
12dpo armpits were tender and sore when I put on deodorant. BB's are sorer then usual. Cramps were getting more painful and I almost took Tylenol but toughed it out.
13 dpo armpits aren't as sore but now my back muscles ached as if I did an intense workout and I read that this is from ligaments stretching and muscles shifting. BB's still sore.
14dpo Sore muscles are getting better, severe cramps and stretching feeling in the evening, and BB's are so sore I have to wear a sports bra to bed.
15 dpo Period is due and hasn't arrived. BB's are very sore, armpits are better and no more sore back muscles. Bad cramps in the morning with a pinching on my left ovary. Came home from work and got a BFP!

I can't believe it. I suffered through male infertility in my last marriage and know the heartache of a bfn month after month. Having experienced that I would have never imagined that on my husband and I first month of not preventing we would get our BFP. Good luck to everyone and I hope this helped!

BFP #1, First Month TTC!

Got my first ever BFP this morning! After TTC for one month. Feel soooo lucky it happened so quickly. Though it's early days yet. But that said, we did have to wait four months before we could try as I had to have a uterine polyp removed and then to wait a cycle after that before trying. I am 32, DB is 35. We're both pretty active and healthy (most of the time).

What did we do? Since my ovulation date seems to fluctuate from around Day 17 to Day 20, I used OPKs to make sure we had plenty of BDing at the right time. Also BBT charted. Have been doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs for general fertility for about six weeks. Was determined not to do a preg test until period was actually late to try and curb the obsessing a bit!!!

Symptoms... even though I know now I had some.... at the time I tried not to read anything into them. Because they were so subtle and I figured I was probably over-analyzing.

Nothing til about DPO 7. And then I started feeling cramps, not quite like AF. More like pulling sensation both in the uterus areas and at both sides at times. These twingey type cramps kept going for a good few days on and off. Not painful... just different...

DPO 8 - skin broke out. Yuck.

DPO 9 and onwards - sore BBs. But that usually happens before AF so thought nothing of it really. Kept looking at my nips to see if they changed colour... nothing!!! No new veins... just slightly sore around the sides.

DPO 10 and 11 - Cramps which felt just like AF was coming. I usually get it on DPO 12. So I told DB that we were out for the month... that I knew my period was coming. And to hand me the hot water bottle.

DPO 12 - so convinced I was going to get AF today that I put box of tampons in my handbag before headed for work. Every time I went to the toilet was surprised it wasn't there. Though noticed that my temp had not dropped that morning like it usually would... so by end of the day I was starting to get hopeful. Though still felt crampy.

DFO 13 - cramps weren't so bad... no longer had that feeling that AF was about to come. But my heart was in my mouth every time I went to the bathroom. Temp still high. Promised myself if temp was still high the next morning I would take a test. Went out with some friends for dinner to distract myself.

DPO 14 - BFP!! Loud and clear with two different brands. OH MY GOD!!!

I do realize how lucky I am that this happened first time and I only had to experience one 'two week wait'.. Certainly not taking this for granted and hoping that it sticks around. Good luck to everyone out there!


I am 29 years old and have PCOS. My husband and I have been TTC for 15 months now. In April 2011 we began fertility treatments for my PCOS. I was already taking the maximum dose of metformin even though I am normal weight (135 5'6). We tried 3 rounds of clomid (50, 100, 150mg) and each round was unsuccessful at even inducing ovulation. We then sought treatment at a fertility clinic. Our first round of injectibles, I was over stimulated and the cycle was cancelled :( This was by far (although one of many) the most disappointing thing that had happened in our TTC journey. Then for our next round of injectibles it was found after a post coital test that I had no live sperm present. We had an IUI with this round of injectibles right before Christmas. I got a BFP on New Year's eve, which turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. We decided to take a break from TTC because we were being relocated for my husband's job and we had so many other things to worry about. I had decided that we would not return to a fertility clinic until April 2012 after we attended my brother in law's destination wedding. However, something funny happened, in February, I got a period on my own. I hadn't had a period that wasn't induced by prometrium since we had started TTC, so I thought I may have ovulated. We moved right after this and everything was wild and crazy, but exciting. The first weekend in our new house, I felt a little pain in my left side. I took an OPK and it was very positive. I have had plenty of positive OPK's in the past though without ovulating so I tried not to get too excited. Sure enough, 2 weeks later, I got a BFP Au Naturale!!! We are cautiously optimistic about this one, but maybe it really is true - once you stop trying, it happens!

BFP all natural after miscarriage!

I have been ttc for over a year now and have read and read all the symptoms and stories posted on here. Finally I have my own.

Last year I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks I was devastated, after a month we decided to try again and didn't succeed until this November! I am not on clomid, no preseed. Not that I have anything against it I just wanted it to happen naturally.

November 16 2011- LMP
December 3- ovulation(guessed by looks of cm and pain in ovary)
December 10- 8 dpo had one drink and felt sick to my stomach.
December 12- 10 dpi light brown cm found in underwear only happened once when I went to the washroom.
December 14- 12 dpo boobs hurt bad! Nipples are very tender am also soo thirsty. also light cramps.
December 15- 13 dpo light cramps, feeling
Nauseous and grouchy decide to go get a test. First response - two very visible lines. Decide to go get a Clearblue digital- "PREGNANT"

I got bloodwork today and will get the final confirmation on Monday :)