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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP au Naturale

What is "BFP au Naturale" you ask? It's the Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result you get without taking prescription drugs or going down the IVF route. Here's where you'll find the success stories of women who've tried to conceive naturally, and succeeded. Of course, pregnancies achieved using natural fertility supplements, like FertilAid or FertileCM, are eligible for inclusion in BFP au Naturale. To send us your symptoms for inclusion here, just fill out this contact form.

BFP after a lot of Worry

I just want to give you ladies a little hope with my story. I am 24 years and I was told that I would probably never be able to have children. I suffered from Anorexia from the age of 13 to 18 and I went for years without a period. I contracted an STD from the first guy I ever let myself love, he was a cheating looser. The STD caused sever inflammation and made me very sick. When I finally recovered from my eating disorder, my periods returned but with a vengeance, and doctors suspected that I had endometriosis.  Anyways, two years ago I met the love of my life. I prayed every night before falling asleep that some day I would be able to give him a baby. Well guess what?! on our second month of not trying but not preventing, I am pregnant. I feel so blessed.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant with very few symptoms. Firstly, i'v never had ewcm and I have not noticed any increase in cm yet. I was extremely constipated and gassy after ovulation (which isn't unusual for me). I didn't have my usual sore breasts the week after O, which was a big sign. The day my period was due I had terrible cramping in my back, I always get this the of and the day before my period. I was so sure AF was on her way. The following two days I had a dull ache in my back. I kept checking my CV but it changed position about 3 times a day so that was a useless activity! It was only yesterday that I started to get very nauseous and my breasts are very sore now also. So sometimes no symptoms is the biggest sign of all.

Four months ago I started taking Angus Cactus, Maca, Evening Primrose, Cod liver oil, ground Flaxseed, and honey. Alot I know! But I was obsessed with fixing my fertility problems and it worked. My periods were regular, every 29 days, for the first time in my life and my lutheal phase was 15 days, way longer then before.

Please keep faith ladies, it will happen. If it happened for me it can happen for anyone :) Keep positive, try not to stress, and believe your time will come. x

Baby dust to all

BFP at 10 DPO

Hi! My husband and I decided that instead of TTC, we would just not prevent it. Well, it turns out that it was a great method of being semi-stress free about baby-planning and IT WORKED! =) I was to get my AF today 10/24 & she will not be existing for the next 36 weeks as I am officially 4 weeks pregnant! (very surreal to say!!)

This site was very helpful to me when I was experiencing symptoms, so I thought I would share mine as well.

10/8/11 CD 13: BD at pm <3
CD 14: nothing
CD 15: normally have OV pain & EWCM, but I didn't have it this cycle, so I thought my OV was late or skipped this month. We will say this is OV day anyway.
3-5 DPO: creamy CM, yellow tint in CM, vivid dreams, bright yellow urine in am, thirsty!! nauseated (normal around OV)
6 DPO: bright yellow urine in am, slept till 11 am (I am always tired but never sleep in this late!), vivid dreams, creamy white CM, very tired (more than usual), irritable, nauseated
7 DPO: clumps of CM, very tired, bright yellow urine in am, thirsty, nauseated
8 DPO: sore bbs (not unusual before AF), tired, heartburn (strange!), headache, bright yellow urine in am (again), thirsty, nauseated
9 DPO: tender swollen bbs (not unusual), swollen areola/nipples (hmm?), great mood (unusual before AF, I am normally extremely cranky & emotional when I PMS), sore throat, dreamed I was pregnant!!, bright yellow urine in am again, thirsty! not even 8 glasses of water can quench my thirst, nauseated
10 DPO: tender, swollen bbs (not unusual), bright yellow urine in am, thirsty, irritable, tried to wait by POAS at 8 pm & got a faint POSITIVE with an ept ahhh!!! =) legs & low back are so crampy, feel like growing pains in legs when I lay down or sit, nauseated
11 DPO: POAS in am using a $ General Baby brand & got a faint, but darker POSITIVE! holy cow! I am pregnant!!
12-14 DPO: just feel nauseated & thirsty. sore bbs & crampy legs. very tired. no AF today on day 14!! I am so thrilled. It's such a surreal feeling =) I am still nauseated & smells are really bothering me. Still feel sooo thirsty, but I am so excited! God has blessed us sooner than we expected but we are thrilled! I am due July 3, 2012 <3 This goes to show you that things happen when you least expect it. Baby dust to all!! =)

BFP after three months!

We have been trying for about three months, and I was so used to seeing the ONE dark pink BFN line on the HCG strip! I had a busy day at work yesterday (on the day AF was due) and only took a test to see if I could have a beer. There was the faintest second pink line! I asked DH if he saw it, and he wasn't convinced. So, I took another and it also had a faint second line! DH ran out to the store to get a +/- test and that was the faintest of positives, too! I decided to not get too excited until I could test this morning...which meant a night of restless sleep! I woke up, took a test, and the second line was darker! I can't believe it. This is the only month I haven't really done anything special. I didn't track my cycle for the first time in several.months, didn't alter my lifestyle in the slightest, and had virtually no symptoms except a deep soreness in my boobs (which I figured was mostly due to all the intemse exercise I've been doing!). Best wishes to all! I devastating the BFN tests are.

BFP at 11DPO!

My husband and I have been TTC our 1st and finally got our BFP on our 3rd time at 11DPO! I have no known fertility issues and have a very regular cycle. This is such a neat website and since I stalked it for about 90 days straight, I thought I should send my symptoms in as well! So here are all the juicy details:

1DPO - Stuffy nose, sneezing, watery allergy eyes, and a small backache. Temps at 97.29F

2DPO - Stuffy nose, coughing, sore throat, pain in armpit and yet another backache. Temps at 97.48F.

3DPO - Woke up with a headache, sore throat, cough, some uterine area cramps, dizziness, backache, yellowish CM, sharp but mild stabbing pain on left side of right breast, toothache. Temps at 98.16F

4DPO - Poking in right side of uterus area. sore throat, stuffy nose, tired, headache. Temps at 98.21F (still climbing? WTH?)

5DPO - Cold symptoms like crazy, Fertility Friend moved my crosshairs to CD16 for ovulation and we had stopped BD by then - crap. I'm out. :( Still wondering about the high temps though and not convinced the website is correct. Digging pain in uterus, heartburn, nausea, tired, toothache (like wisdom teeth are coming in), possible low-grade fever (?). Temps at 98.62 (HIGHEST EVER!)

6DPO - Have a cold, feverish but no fever, temp spike (Implantation, Triphasic, Fever? WHO KNOWS!), shooting breast pain, AF-like cramps early then gone, extremely tired (because I'm sick?), nausea, headache, some EWCM, insomnia (2am and 5am - UGH). Temps at 98.58F

7DPO - FF keeps moving my crosshairs - SO confused, decided to stick with my gut (and hope) that O Day was CD14 and not CD15-16 like FF says, temps down slightly today, still have a cold, Ab muscles feel like Ive done 1000 situps but I think they are sore from coughing, sticky/creamy CM, SO EXHAUSTED, AF-like cramps off and on, sore gums, heartburn, weird electrical sensations down "there", insomnia (AGAIN) at 2am and 5am. Temps at 98.32.

8DPO - toothache, tired, no CM then slightly creamy in afternoon, congested, coughing, temp up slightly, nervous tummy in morning, dream of BFP!!!!, irritable, full feeling fast then nausea, NASTY taste in mouth that will NOT go away no matter what I do (metallic?). Temps at 98.43.

9DPO - possible implantation dip on FF chart this morning, toothache, breasts SORE when touched, crampy, loose stools, BAD taste in mouth again, sour stomach, slight nausea, dizzy, "wet" feeling down "there", congestion, coughing, dried blood in nose (maybe?). Temps at 97.99.

10DPO - Crap. I definitely don't FEEL preggers anymore... Oh well, just waiting for AF and another month of trying. FF must have been right on as usual with my O Day. Some AF cramps, temps up but only a little, dried blood in nose, toothache, breast tender when touched, backache, hips sore, gassy. Temps at 98.10.

11DPO (THE BFP DAY!) - Temps back up (yay) - usually they have started going down for AF now!, creamy CM, "feel" preggers again, sensitive gums, strong urge to pee early in morning but not much comes out when I go, then I have to go bad again 30 mins later, bbs sore, full and sharp pains through them, HUNGRY (OMG hungry as HECK as soon as I wake up, and I'm not a breakfast person!), loose stools, AF Cramps. Temps at 98.43. Decide to test late in the evening after returning from an overnight trip and sure enough a BFaintP!!!! Dollar Store brand ... not convinced, but hopeful. Will try again in the morning

12DPO - crampy, gassy, loose stools, toothache, congestion, tummy bubbles, backache. Temps at 98.15. Tested twice and a darker BFP on Dollar Store test in the morning and a clear and bright BFP on an Equate test that afternoon! I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!! :) Praying for a sticky bean!

I guess after all that has happened in the past 2 weeks, my biggest signs were the breast tenderness (which I never get), the creamy CM (I'm usually completely dry after Oday), and the odd twinges/cramps that were slightly different than AF. Honestly, thought I was out and had more symptoms during the 2 months I wasn't pregnant. All the glory to GOD!!!

BFP when i least expected it!

I have spent the last few months glued to this website, i think my productivity at work is about 5% lately, lol. Quick summary- boyfriend and i have been together almost 6 years, lived together for 4, we are both 27, and have discussed marriage a lot lately. he has been trying to save for a ring, but we both have really been wanting to start a family within the past year. we started "not trying but not preventing" about 4 months ago, even though we arent married yet and we know our family might be a little peeved if we do things "backwards." well they are gonna have to get over because we just got our BFP!! = ) Here are my symptoms, i didnt analyze every last cramp and pain
this month like i have the last few months, i tried to have the mentality "whatever happens, happens."

2 days before O- BD, layed on back for about 10 minutes
1 day before O- stretchy CM
O day (i think)- big glob of ewcm
1 DPO- nothing
2 DPO- at little nausea at night but we took a trip to colorado and it might be the altitude
3 DPO- again, nausea but might be altitude
4 DPO- CP low and hard, creamy CM
5 DPO- right nipple itchy, bugbite? who knows!
6 DPO- right nipple itchy
7 DPO- Dark clump of creamy brownish blood, cp low and hard
8 DPO- Red tinge to cm, cp low and hard, tired took nap
9 DPO- cp mid-height and mid-hardness, closed, wet and creamy cm with slight brown tinge, quick sharp cramp near r ovary, tired, boobs hurt underneath when pressed
10 DPO- cp higher and softer, closed, tiny bit stretchy cm with pinkish brown tinge.
11 DPO- BFP on FRER in the morning! POAS right before i jumped in the shower and checked it when i jumped out. it wasnt too light either, very clear to see. took it into bedroom and woke up boyfriend by shoving it in his face. he was happy, i was shaking! After work we went to pharmacy and got a CBE digital, BFP! still hasnt sunk in

I didnt chart anything or do BBT, i have a pretty good idea of when i ovulate by monitoring CM (CD 12 or 13), so i knew that we BD a couple days prior to ovulation. honestly didnt think this was the month, was way more confident during other months. hope i have a healthy 9 months = )

Succesful, natural BFP at 40 = )

Two week wait:
I admit, I was a lurker, reading the postings on this for a little while.  I got my BFP and promised myself that when I did get it, I would share all that I did to encourage all you lovely ladies, as the ladies here have encouraged me...  Here goes...:
I TTC for one month without charting and after AF showed, realized I did not have the time (am 40) or patience to go through this blindly, so I immediately bought a ClearBlueEasy Fertility monitor.  It detected ovulation from the first month & combined with my CM, I could pinpoint my O to the hour!!!
I used the CBFM for 5 months before getting my BFP.  Coupled with that, I purchased and used Pre-Seed for the last two months (not the full dose as I seemed to have adequate CM, but about a third to a half of a tube).
I drank – from AF to O – the following, alternating days: Red clover infusion one day (about two cups a day) and Raspberry Leaf tea the other day (one or two cups a day).  An infusion is not a regular cup of tea.  You must purchase a big, 1-liter Mason jar, fill it with boiling water & let the
clovers infuse in it for 4 hours.  Drain, then drink).
At O, I ate fresh pineapple every day, until AF (it is said to aid with implementation)
I used a pre-natal vitamin, B6 in the morning & B12 morning and night (as prescribed by my OBGYN during my pre-conception visit), as well as Vitamin C.
I TTC for 6 months total and was referred to an RE, due to my “advanced maternal age”.  I had a first visit with the RE, my DH has a SA performed (results beautiful) and I was to begin with bloodwork and tests on CD 3 and 5, etc. – call them on CD 1, they said.  Imagine my utter surprise and delight – AF never came & I had a + BFP!
My temps and (few) symptoms:
CD12 O day—Ovulation
1dpo:  98.43 nothing
2dpo:  97.84 nothing
3dpo:  97.89 nothing
4dpo:  (forgot to temp) nothing
5dpo:  97.77 nothing
6dpo:  97.89 nothing
7 dpo:  98.00 nothing
8 dpo:  98.09 nothing
9 dpo:  nothing 97.77 (dip which I only too notice of around 14 dpo, when wondering “Could it be?!”) Headache all day (I *never* have headaches)
10 dpo:  98.07 swipe of blood on toilet paper. I am crushed.  Tell DH and Mom I am out this month.  I tend to spot about two days before AF, so I’m sure AF is coming.
11 dpo:  98.18 nothing (no additional blood), a bit gassy
12 dpo:  98.42 gassy
13 dpo:  98.36 gassy (do not tell DH that my period *might* not really be here – why bring him on this crazy roller-coaster ride with me!)
14 dpo:  98.36 gassy (buy a pregnancy test and will test in the morning)
15 dpo:  wake up at 5:00 a.m. after a BFP dream – get up, test & I swear, the stick revealed a + sign as I was peeing on it!!!  Wake up DH and proceed to explain about implantation bleeding (how can I just blurt out “I’m pregnant!” to the poor guy who still thinks I have my period!  After which I tell him *I* seem to have experienced implantation bleeding (he opens one eye) and that... I’m pregnant!  He bolted out of bed!
Good luck to all you lovely ladies...  Please keep up hope and don’t stress.  Although I wanted to *kill* my Mom for telling me that all the time, I really made a concerted effort to stay relaxed and calm & happy & I did lots of visualizations (healthy, impeccable reproductive system; sperm-meets-egg; implantation (I visualized my uterus as a lined in thick red blankets that lovingly received the new blastocyst & cradled it and swaddled, nice & snug).
Baby dust to you all!
--Nadine...  @= )

BFP at first attempt!

I got married to my DH in June 2011 and although we both knew we always wanted a baby, we thought it would maybe happen a couple of years in the future.  As a bit of background, I am 31 and DH is 36.  Two of my friends have taken 5 years and 6 years to conceive, respectively, and I thought we should "stop preventing" rather than actively trying to conceive after we got married, as I thought it would take us a couple of years.

I am a complete novice to TTC, and hadn't been charting my ovulation dates so these dates are based on the assumption that I ovulated on 25th July.  My last period was on 11th July and I typically have a 28-30 day cycle.

-3DPO - DH and I BD.
-2DPO - 1DPO - no symptons
2DPO - started to feel crampy at work and definitely not like my normal self.  The day dragged by.
3DPO-9DPO - cramps continue as if AF is on her way, lower back pain, burping a lot (and never do normally), very bloated, phases of nausea, can't face the thought of cereal in the morning.
9DPO - had a meeting with a colleague in the morning and thought I might pass out!  Very strong feelings of nausea and light headedness.  Bought a handful of pregnancy tests on way home.  BFN!
10DPO - felt very disheartened by the BFN the previous night.  However, noticed a tiny brown spot of blood in underwear at around lunchtime, which gave me hope that this may be implantation blood.  POAS again and another
11DPO - convinced that I was definitely not pregnant and all the symptoms must have been psychosomatic.  Undeterred, I bought another 3 pregnancy tests on the way home from work - something told me the earlier tests must be wrong!  POAS again, and again another BFN!  Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!
12DPO - went to see an elderly relative and felt very uncomfortable all day with lower back pain and cramping.  The back pain seemed to get worse as the day went on.  Went home and POAS.  Very, very faint BFP!!!  It was so faint that I could only see it in certain lights. DH wasn't convinced! Could hardly sleep all night as I just wanted to do another test.
13DPO - somehow managed to wait to POAS until 8am this morning, despite waking throughout the night wanting to do it!  Again, the line is very very faint.  Decided to use a Clear Blue Digital in the evening and got a definite
BFP!!!  Absolutely thrilled!

I still can't believe that we got pregnant so quickly!  I have been looking at lots of posts over the TWW and it's heartbreaking the number of people who have had to wait a long time to conceive.  I hope you don't think I have been insensitive, we just honestly can't believe that we got pregnant the first time we didn't use contraception.  The best of luck to all of you looking for a BFP!  Baby dust to you all xxxx


Hi everyone! This website helped me through the TWW a number of times and now its my turn to post my early symptoms! First of all my husband just returned from Iraq and I got my BFP the first month he was home :)
My cycle is about 30-33 days. I use a period tracker app on my phone that I strongly suggest!

1DPO-cramps BD
2DPO-4DPO- nothing
5DPO- Wateryiesh CM, Nausea, bloated, Breast pain started ( super common for me sometimes I get it from O-AF some times only right before AF ) but this time it felt different, it was more around the sides of my boobs.
6DPO- breast pain, THIRSTY!!!
7DPO-THIRSTY, Lotiony CM, breast pain
8DPO- Headache (NOT normal for me) Nausea, bloated, THIRSTY
9DPO-breast pain
10DPO-extreme breast pain, nausea, small break out on forehead
11DPO-breast pain lessened but still there
12DPO- I had pretty bad anxiety this day + I was irritable and Nausea, cramps, and breast pain. I figured AF was on her way
13DPO-I wore a pad to bed because I had my usual AF feeling cramps
14DPO- didnt start AF but still had the same cramps so I figure it would for sure come by tonight. wore a pad to sleep again
15DPO- still no show for the AF, bought a Clear Blue digital test. after a few seconds: PREGNANT! :)
I was shocked because I didnt have too crazy of symptoms except for the nausea, no unusual CM, nipples didnt change and I got cramps right around when AF was going to start. but here I am PREGNANT! its still hitting me. Dont loose faith ladies, when its your time it will happen! lots of baby dust!

My BFP story

Thought I would share my BFP story with everyone.

I'm a little shocked to be honest. We planned to start trying in August but one night we just decided to throw out the condoms.

We'll I'm living proof that you can get pregnant from just one night!

Here are my symptoms:

1-2 DPO- Tingly- Making every sensation into a possible sign. " did i just feel a tingle in my toes? I MUST be pregant!!"

3- 5 DPO- Very mild nausea and very mild cramping.

5 DPO- Noticed milky white dicharge

6 DPO - Woke up exhausted, slept for an hour after breakfast. Crabby- Twinges on left and right sides which I tell myself is just gas.  On a 3 hour car ride I nearly pee my pants I have to go so bad and barely make it to a rest stop.

7 DPO-  White dicharge again. Mild cramping continues- Feels like my period is on its way.

8 DPO- Did some BD with husband and afterards had a gush of blood and thick CM.  I'm convinced I must be starting my period. My gums are swollen and sore. My nipples now hurt and I have little bumps around them. Stuffy nose today too.

9 DPO- No more signs of blood. Mild cramping continues. Heache and sore nipples.

10 DPO- Friends wrangles me into take a pregnancy test- I tell her she is crazy- it's way too early but she reminds me it't her birthday and it's all she wants. On my lunch break at work I go to CVS and grab a FRED 6 day and head to the bathroom.  There is the faintest of faint lines. OMG.

My friends says- by a digital test for tomorrow so you know for sure. Of course I can't wait for tomorrow so I get one and take it that night. "PREGNANT"

11 DPO- I work up this morning to some red blood. I am worried but I take another FRED and this time the line is much brighter. The bleeding stops (its not alot) and turns brown.

I'm hoping this is a sticky one- headed for blood test next week! :-D

BFP after 3 months

Well, I have to say...I really didn't think this was going to be our month. It was the first month I decided not to temp, not to check the cervix, nothing.  We just BD'd when we felt like it and we just kept it fun and stress free :)  My husband is 29 and I'm 26, this will be our first.  We've been married for 8 months now and this was our 3rd try.   Here it is:

1-5 dpo  nothing.  Not even sure when I ovulated as I wasn't keeping track of any of it this month.  This is an estimation.
6 dpo:  very very slight boob tenderness on sides when poked
7 dpo:  same as 6 dpo
8 dpo:  same
9 dpo:  same
10 dpo:  some slight cramps...wasn't even sure if they originated from the uterus.  Could have been gas, still sore boobs on sides but getting increasingly sore.
11 dpo:  sharp AF like cramps, thought I would start my period but nothing. Still sore boobs, very large might I add.
12 dpo:  more sharp cramps in the am, but no period.  Boobs the same.  I keep wondering maybe they look a little veiny??  Oh, I'm sure it's all in my head.  Took a bath, went to the store.  Was going to wait till friday to test but I bought a couple EPT digital tests and went home and peed on one.  Just a formality, as I was sure it would say "not pregnant."  But nope!  At 4:45 pm on tuesday, I got my very first ever in my life BFP!!  I couldn't believe it.  I was in shock and shaking when my husband came home from work.  All I could say was, "babycakes, there's something in the oven...."  lol!  He was so happy!  We are so happy!!  Yay!  Good luck everyone!  Let's hope he/she is extra sticky :))