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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP after 7 years; early symptoms

Yep, you read it right. I was waiting looong. I almost was starting to be ok with the thought that it will never happen. What was different: I changed my doctor and for a year we were working on me. 1. I’ve had a cervical ectropion.(a small wound/irritation on my cervix) which was never a big deal for my infertility doctor. This one introduced me to new treatment. My abrasion was treated with small amounts of acid. Till it went away completely. 2. I was taking visanette (medicine for endometriosis) for 5 months. 3. I was very very busy. No symptom spotting, just trying to survive :) I spotted eggwhite CM on 10th day of my cycle. Way too soon for me. But it was second cycle after going off of visanette. We BD once that month. Only on CD 10. And I felt ovulation pain after BD on my left ovary. So i turned on my left side and let the gravity do its work. 1-7 DPO sensitivity to smell. I don’t know how is it possible but even before implantation i was sooo not happy with people who wear parfume. 8 DPO severe migraine. Medicine didn’t help, was feeling awful. Had to go to sleep at 8.00 PM 9-11 DPO almost nothing, slight nausea after eating 12-13DPO nausea after every meal. Really tired, but was working 18h a day. So i guess normal. 14 DPO TMI but i sneezed and peed :)) for the first time in my life. A LOT! 15 DPO nothing 16 DPO was feeling meh. Then nausea after eating again. Bought pregnancy test. Did it at midday and there was a faint line! Went to clinic and did a blood test BFP! 16 DPO - 39.84 HCG 18 DPO - 94.17 HCG 21 DPO - 385.1 HCG Never expected to be the one who has so many symptoms. I have dizzy spells, frequent urination, headaches, nausea after eating and can smell everything. I pray for it to be sticky bean. But it’s a miracle for me to even get pregnant. Good luck to everyone!
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After 1.5 years!!!

Hi everyone! I am very grateful to all women posting their stories during my struggles ttc. Every month was such a disappointment. So here’s my story and hopefully it will be of some help! Some background: I’m 29 and husband is 32. I had long cycles and after a year of ttc without success, went to the gynecologist and got clomid (sometimes I would ovulate and sometimes I wouldn’t. No PCOS). 50mg round 4 of Clomid finally got me the bfp!! Ovulated CD 14 (measured with temps, ovulation tests didn’t work for me). BD with the sperm meets egg plan (every other day around ovulation time). The symptoms: 1-7 nothing 7-14 more frequent urination (at night). Husband joked that maybe I’m pregnant (as we’d been ttc for almost 1.5 years I didn’t believe him). Gassy. Boobs are sore but they were sore before due to ovulation/clomid. Difference is that before, my boobs stopped hurting one or two days before my period started. This time the sore (actually, just sensitive) boobs stayed. CD 32: Missed period!! Start feeling excited but scared to test. CD 34: BFP!!! Things done differently: the last two months, besides prenatal vitamins and clomid, I used preseed, drank pomegranate juice almost every day and ate pineapple core once on CD 17 (after ovulation to help implantation). Also, a MAJOR one: I started eating LESS SUGAR. I believe this helped a lot. Good luck to all of you. Ttc can be such a struggle. Stay strong and positive and it WILL happen to you!!!

BFP after 5 months & eating brazil nuts!!!

This was our 5th mth ttc but 4th official cycle (I have long cycles ranging from 31-36 days). We already have a daughter born Jan 2017. We conceived her 1st cycle so we were hoping for another easy conception so was gutting when I was getting BFNS each cycle (though I know 5 months is not long at all in the grand scheme of things). I did start worrying that it was never going to happen as my cycles were a bit all over the place, I never got a ‘blazing’ positive OPK or EWCM (including this cycle) but here we are!! I used to spend ages daydreaming reading these BFP stories so feel it’s only right to share mine. So I always OV around CD19-20 so I had been doing 2-3 OPKs from CD17 but nothing! I got my darkest line (but still would say slightly fainter than the control line) on CD25! So I almost wondered if I had even OV’d this cycle, I decided to count CD25 as my OV date though but didn’t hold out much hope. We DTD CD13 / 18 / 21 / 23 / 25 / 26. I’d say from about 6dpo I had crazy swollen and sore boobs like they were bruised on the sides, this was very odd for me so I started to feel hopeful. I felt like my symptoms increased every day including weeing for England, being off my food, bouts of nausea, vivid dreams, bloating, hot sweats & lots of milky cm. Just to add I had NO symptoms when I got pregnant with DD but did have an implantation bleed which I haven’t this time so just goes to show every pregnancy is different. So on 11dpo having not been able to sleep much the night before due to anxiety about taking the test I got up at 5am and peed on a FRER, I stared at the line willing the 2nd line to appear and within 30 secs it was there . I suppose I wasn’t too shocked as I had been suspecting it but all I can say I felt was pure happiness and major relief that these symptoms weren’t in my head!! I did have a clearblue digital which read ‘not pregnant’ from the same urine but I wasn’t disheartened as I just knew it was too early and they are not as sensitive as FRERs. My husband was working away so I lay awake for 2 hours staring at the test till our normal morning video call where I got our daughter to tell him she was going to be a big sister, he cried with happiness. Just the best phone call ever. At 13dpo I got a stronger frer and 1-2 wks on a digital, 4 days later I got 2-3 wks and will do my last test this wkd which I hope will read 3+ wks. The things I did differently this month were I ate 5-6 Brazil nuts every day from suspected ov which supposedly helps implantation. We have also been taking his n hers pre conception pregnacare & used conceive plus for the last 2 months having given up on preseed. Bring on March 2020 and hoping everyone reading this with hope the same way I did gets there BFPs soon!!

BFP after lots of prayer!

Oh my, this board has been a life saver for me. Yes, complete stalker here as far as reading, analyzing, and hoping my symptoms would line up to everyone elses and that I would finally get my BFP. DH is 35, I am 34. We had 3 kids under 3 but for the past 2+ years I really wanted to add to our squad. 6 months after I had my 3rd child (3 years ago), I had a softball sized cystadenoma on my ovary, which led to emergency surgery and the loss of both my left ovary and tube. It was devastating to say the least, and I thought my chances of becoming pregnant again would be slim and on top of that, I also have excruciating pain daily due to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome- so my odds weren't looking great. I know I am very blessed to have my 3 beautiful children, and I am very sympathetic to anyone that is still trying and my heart goes out to all women TTC. With that said, we were trying for about 6+ months. I started losing hope because my first 3 were back to back so this was weird for us. I was seriously obsessing so much, taking 9237492347 pregnancy tests a month, stalking all these boards, and I finally realized I needed to turn to God, so I began giving up all control over to God and kept telling myself and my DH that God is the one who opens and closes the womb. Therefore, if God thinks I can handle another child (physically/emotionally lol) and if the baby would be ok and healthy, that then he will bless me with another child, if the odds were stacked against me, if my body and health couldn't withstand another pregnancy, if the baby wouldn't be healthy etc.. then he would not bless me with another one, and if that were going to be the case then I would find peace with that because there would be REASONS why he would close my womb. Ok, on to the good stuff..all my crazy signs and symptoms that may or may not be attributed to my BFP. My cycles are usually 28-34 days so it just totally depends. I believe I ovulated around CD 15/16 (I don't temp but based on when I would have gotten pregnant due to doing the BD on CD 15)..On CD 16 I woke up with a severe sore throat like omg never felt that pain before. CD 17 I was definitely coming down with a cold. The other creepy thing was when I went into my 3 year olds room in the morning to wake her up, the first thing she said to me was "mommy do you have a baby in your belly" I was literally baffled lol. I actually recorded her saying the same thing later in the afternoon- mind you this was 2 days after having sex and wayyy before a BFP. On CD 18 I had a "Its a BOY" dream which was odd, I don't usually have these typs of dreams unless I am pregnant. From CD 18-23 I was still pretty sick- cough/congestion. CD 23 I remember bending over at night to clean up and when I stood up straight I got light headed, to where I had to think if I had eaten recently- and I had- so that was strange for me. CD 24 Dizzy again when got up from my bed too quickly. I started to get pimples which is rare for me. My biggest symptom was crying at the women's world cup soccer game when Press scored!! WTF. haha! That is super weird for me to be emotional especially while watching a soccer game! CD 25 still emotional. CD 28 (July 6, I woke up to a dream of a blue stork- strange!) I still had not taken a pregnancy test. I was so scared and nervous. I did not want to be let down again and what would be the odds that I would get a BFP this month. Around 2pm this day too I remember sitting down (TMI) and all of a sudden a gush of something- thinking it was the wicked witch coming- but stook up and it was creamy yellowish CM- quite a bit. Finally, that same day (CD28)- I took a test at like midnight. I couldn't take it anymore and I could barely sleep. BOOM- BFP!! I was in absolute shock and tears streamed down my face as I was hiding in my bathroom trying not to wake DH!!! I seriously think I took 4 more tests to just make sure- and could not believe what I was seeing. Baby dust to all you women out there, and sometimes when you finally realize who is really in control is when it happens- give it up to God, I truly believe this was the difference this time. Don't forget, everything is in God's perfect timing <3
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Second baby bfp - 9 months trying!

So, after looking at every single one of these stories over the last few months -I’m not exaggerating - I literally just got my bfp tonight. Obviously it’s still very early days but I feel I owe it to all the other obsessive mothers to be to write how I felt the last few weeks. Firstly I just want to say I just got back from a 10 holiday with my husband and little girl who’s 2.5 years and it’s the first time I have felt relaxed in months. I am sure this had something to do with it. So book a holiday like tomorrow (a great excuse if ever I heard one). I wasn’t as symptom spotty this month (as we were holidaying) but I noticed a few obvious things over the last week in particular. [1-7 dpo] my boobs hurt, this is very unusual for me as they only usually get sore about 8-9dpo lasting until my period. But this was the only symptom I had during this time. [8-10dpo] I had bouts of intense painful cramps, like worse than any period cramps I have ever had. They kept me awake when they came at night but weren’t consistent all the time as period ones usually are. I also began to sleep really badly in general. I’d fall asleep quick and wake up for hours on end in the middle of the night. [11dpo] the cramps died down to my usual pre af type ones and became really bloated and a bit nauseous here and there. I also had lower back ache (I still have that now). [12dpo] I just felt out of sorts, I’m usually really up for going in cold sea/swimming pools slides etc but I wouldn’t go down and my partner asked what was up. I had no answer I just didn’t feel like myself. [13dpo] (today) I had nausea when I woke up and on the flight back home I had a pretty severe bout of dizziness as we took off. I’m also mega thirsty and definitely peeing a bit more (but that could be to pee on sticks). Tonight’s is the first test I have taken and it’s clear as day but I know a lot can happen. I’m just so grateful and so happy. I told my husband our lives are about to become a lot more stressful. Massive good luck to all of you still trying or in the hell of the tww. I’ve almost gone mad the past 9 months and I already have a gorgeous little girl so I know I’m super lucky already.

BFP 35years home insemination DPO

After reading everyone's stories I thought this may help anyone going down the home insemination route. It took 5 cycles in total until it worked. The only thing I done this time different was taking evening primrose oil from cycle day 1 until OV I used OPKs this cycle I only inseminated once 38 hours after my positive I seen to ovualte the second day after I get my positive. I used preseed and fresh sperm from a known person. I let the sperm settle for 15mins until it was liquid. I drew little bit pressed in the syringe then sperm then preseed. I had an O before I inseminated then again after and lay with hips elevated for 20mins. DPO 1-11 zero symtoms was sure it didnt work. 12dpo went light headed for all of a few seconds 13dpo when in bed felt a weird pressure feeling in my lower stomach that I hadn't felt ever before. A few cramps exact feeling I get when AF comes the next day 14dpo AF due decided to take a test after that weird feeling last night. BFP on internet cheapie and BFP on clear blue digital Happy scared all emotions. So lucky and fortunate and praying all goes well Hope this might help anyone and baby dust to everyone


So, my DH had a vasectomy with his previous wife after they had two kids once they divorced he got it reversed. That was almost 3 years ago. So, for the last 6 cycles we have been TTC with no luck. This cycle we decided to use preseed i believe this made all the difference. I also upped my water intake and started prenatal's. Here were my symptoms!! Good Luck Ladies! Blessings to you all!!! 1DPO-post ovulation cramps 2DPO-post ovulation cramps 3DPO- creamy cm 4DPO- Huge amount of creamy cm in undies (ewwwww) 5-6DPO Nothing 7DPO- Painful cramping, ligament pain and slight nausea 8DPO- Painful cramping, cm turned to ewcm and nausea starting to pick up 9DPO- Super painful cramping, cm back to milky, Severe nausea, vivid dreams, no sex drive at all because vagina is too sensitive 10DPO- Sick all day unable to get out of bed, Faint BFP (not convinced) 11DPO- slight nausea, dry cm, cramps on and off, hungry, food aversions, craving diet sodas all of a sudden. Dark BFP on FR!!!! Ekkkk!!! 12 DPO- gassy, slight nausea, cm milky now, still no real appetite, another dark BFP on FR!!! Hope this helps!!!!

Bfp story by home insemination 35 years old

I have stalked and read all the lovely BFP stories for I dont know how long. Today I recieved my First ever BFP and wanted to share it all with you and maybe help anyone who is trying by home insemination. The only thing I done differently this time was to wait 38 hours after positive opk to inseminate. Dpo 1-10 no symtoms what so ever 11dpo was shopping and went all light headed 12dpo no symtoms other then normal af symtoms of sore boobs only when pressed. 13dpo had a weird pressure feeling in bed in my lover stomach. But was due af today so didnt think anything of it. 14dpo today. Just felt exhausted had tests so decided to test. Never felt so happy in all my life. I honestly believe that pre seed really helped.

BFP on 11 DPO - Odd symptom: Nesting.

Been TTC for 2 years after having an “oops” pregnancy 5 years ago. Was dx with PCOS last September but mild. What we did differently: Him: Clean eating, Her: No antihistamines or decongestants, quit smoking, lost some weight, keto diet, decaf green tea, OPKs. BD on days 17, 18, 21 using tiny bit of preseed vaginally (otherwise it’s like slip-n-slide!) CD 21- O day – OPK+. CM is watery and egg white, dull pelvic and backache, gassy, headache. We BD with preseed. 1 DPO - CM EW but cloudy.... is that due to semen? Tingle/pricky/poke feeling outside of right BB at same time as Rt ovary twinges 730pm. By evening CM was a combo of stretchy clear with cloudy and small globs of sticky. 2 DPO – CM sticky, ovary/pelvic aches on Rt side, dull backache, constipation 3 DPO – CM sticky, increased CM, bloated, gassy, pelvic and backache, a minor pelvic pull when at the dinner table as I changed positions. 4 DPO – CM sticky, CP low w/ medium texture, increased CM, constipation, irritable, NESTING (odd sx for me) – I was cleaning for my DD’s bday and I ended up totally gutting and repurposing a closet and our office. I became very irritable when she wanted to help and I essentially yelled at her for no reason during my cleaning binge. I later apologized and she asked if we could be friends again :’( 5 DPO – CM sticky, CP med/med, bloated, constipation, light cramps, full breasts, tender breasts (a couple days late. I usually have sensitive BBS around 2-3 DPO), noticed a vein in my chest I’ve never seen before (on my areola). 6 DPO – CM creamy, CP low w/ med texture, bloated, gassy, ovary twinges, full and tender breasts, irritable, dreams. Felt like a normal PMS day. Nested again. Weird. Became obsessed with cleaning the dishwasher so it won’t leave soap scum on my dishes. Felt somewhat frantic and panicky. Husband made a joke/comment and I told him I was feeling a little edgy and I just wanted people to be nice to me? 8pm dull pelvic aching with some pressure/ballooning feeling. At 9pm some sharp ovary pains on right. 7 DPO – CM creamy, CP med/med, gassy, pelvic/ovary aches on Rt side, really tender BBs last night but not so bad today, feeling out but I know this pelvic ache isn’t in my head! 8 DPO – CM creamy, CP med/med, gassy, acne, tender and full BBs, runny nose this a.m., very little CM, BBs and nips are annoyed to be in my bra (that’s the best way to describe it). 9 DPO – Creamy CM, CP med and soft, Feeling normal. BBS hurt, a painful gas bubble thing at 430pm, acne. 10 DPO – CM creamy, Just BBS hurt on sides and under. Acne and I want to eat everything.... AF is definitely coming in the next 1-2 days. Cervix seems harder. Dry lips. 11 DPO – Period is due tomorrow. CP high and firm, bloated, dizzy, full and tender BBS so bad, giant BBs! Nipple sensitivity, light cramps, acne, lower backache, pelvic twinges, dry lips. Took a dollar store cheapy, dipped it for too long because I was distracted, literally said “oh shit” when I saw the BFP cross line. I thought for sure I was out?!? I didn’t believe it so I went to get a pink line test (apparently they are more accurate?) Got a FRER test…. Also BFP!! It’s my DD’s 5th bday! What a sweet day to find out  12 DPO – CP high and soft, same sxs as yesterday, some pelvic pulling, DH comments on how my BBS are spilling out of my sports bra – omg they hurt so bad! Took another FRER. BFP! Fast forward to 17 DPO (today) – I am peeing all the time, heightened smell, some food aversions to smell of cucumbers and the taste of donuts (like a weird chemically sweet), lower backache (using a heating pad). My BBS are less tender and I get some nausea if I am not eating frequently enough. I can’t believe how early some of these sxs are coming!! Given the tummy upset, I think I’ll be puking by next week (6 week preg) lol.

BFP on 11 DPO

Hello. I wanted to share my symptoms. From 1DPO to today. I have regular 28/29 day cycles. Usually ovulate around 14/15 and this month I only BD once on CD13 and ovulated on CD14 1 DPO - temp rise by .4 degrees. Nothing else. Cm turning creamy. 2 DPO - temp rise by another .4 degrees. Sore aeriola/nipples already. Peeing a lot. Mild cramps in lower pelvic area. Hopefully not the start of a bladder infection. White creamy cm. Lotion like. Headache in the evening. Super tired. 3 DPO - a lot of CM. Very tired even with a full night of rest. Slight headache. Felt light headed all of a sudden and needed to eat immediately. 4DPO - CM is still pretty creamy. A lot of snot when blowing nose in the morning. Gassy. Bbs not sore. Sore throat in the evening. But overall no real symptoms as I can attribute almost all of this to PMS symptoms. 5 DPO - woke up very gassy. Still have a scratchy sore throat. Bbs becoming more sore. Gassy all day. No other symptoms. Diarrhea. 6 DPO - bbs sore this morning. Woke up in a sweat from a very vivid dream. Sore throat in the evening. Bbs more Sore in the evening. No headache or cramping. 7 DPO - Temp dip by .4 degrees, could it be implantation? Sore throat/stuffy nose in the AM. Bbs sore. Period type feeling in uterus. Way too early for that. Sneezing. Vivid dream. some low back cramps. Cramps seems to feel more like pokes. Left boob more sore. Left side of it feels extremely painful. Like I have a giant bruise in the evening. 8 DPO - bbs very sore. Not really cramps but like a full feeling. CM had been watery last couple days but don’t want to put thet on FF as it changes my ov line from solid to spotted even tho temps and ppl confirmed it. Sore throat in the evening. 9 DPO - sore throat in the morning. Left breast is deff more sore than right. Nipple area is very sore. CM is kind of a milky white. Not thick. Thin milky white. Not really any cramping. Not sure if it’s nausea but a weird empty feeling. Mouth watering feeling. Headache in the afternoon. Very sleepy. Sneezing. 10 DPO - woke up with sore throat. Temp went up a bit. Bbs still sore and very firm. Side of bb sore. Vivid dream. Very bloated full feeling. Gassy. Af feeling cramps. Headache in the evening. Diarrhea. 11 DPO - feels like I have a yeast infection. Left breast still sore, mostly sore to touch. Sudden dizzy spell in the morning while sitting. Never had this before. Slight feeling of nausea after dizzy spell. Light headed. BFP 11 DPO. Not even FMU and internet cheapie. What I did different this month. Started using OPK’s and also started taking CoQ10. Differences I noticed. Dizziness and the reoccurring sore throat. Kept coming back and leaving. 1 breast had significantly more soreness than the other. The larger one. Sneezing. No real implantation symptoms except a temp dip on 8dpo.