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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


The BFP by DPO is hands down my favorite kind of BFP story. It unfolds slowly, like a tulip in the spring - a new symptom appearing with each passing day… constipation on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. Ah, the poetry of it all!

We’d love for you to send – nay, we simply MUST HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh?) enough to record your symptoms on a daily basis.  

So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to hear from you! Send us your story, blow by blow, through this contact form.

BFP After 8 Months TTC

Finally got a bfp this am on a clearblue digital and an internet cheapie!
1-9 DPO = nothing
10 dpo = slight pink spotting, mild cramps
11 dpo = light brown spotting, ? very faint line on internet cheapie, nauseous in evening
12 dpo = light brown spotting - started and stopped all day, cramping, feeling sick as a dog from lunch on, boobs getting sore, think af is coming, bfn on internet cheapie
13 dpo = bfp on clearblue digital and internet cheapie with fmu

Fingers crossed a bit concerned re the spotting but it seems to have stopped, we used opk this month as usual but used Pre-Seed which seems to have done the trick! Baby dust to all

BFP After 1 yr Trying

I just want to start by saying thank you to all the ladies on the forums and also posting BFP's as they kept me going through so many TWW.......

Fiancé and I have been actively trying for a year now, charting temp and cm etc......... Fiancé works night shift every two weeks and seemed to coincide with ovulation so we never got to BD enough at the right time.....also I am quite thin and wasn’t eating properly at all as in not enough healthy food and not drinking enough water etc. Anyway, I started eating small frequent healthy meals, drinking water and taking conception vitamins, also fiancé’s night shift pattern changed to a 3 cycle shift so we managed to BD at ovulation :) Well whatever we did worked this time........Hoping so much the bean sticks with us :) Here's a breakdown of my symptoms :)

1-4 DPO - nothing really except very sore nipples day 4 and 5.... a few odd clumps of EWCM and tender lower back, slight headaches

5 dpo raspy throat, stuffed nose, tender lower back while cleaning house and creamy cm
6dpo vivid dream, woke up middle of night with very back cramps like af but more sever, had these cramps all day long and creamy cm
7dpo AF like cramps all day sharp twinges through pelvis, dry no cm at all
8dpo cramps still there but lower like af but not :-/ clothes actually feel strangely tight, dry no cm
9dpo very tired all day, dull headache that turned into sinus pain and piercing behind eyes, one sharp pain across abdomen that made me bend over and gasp, gassy, need to pee a lot, woke up from sleeping soaking with sweat, lotiony cm
10dpo peeing a lot today, odd twinge in belly, some hot flushes and went from fine one second to shaking and weak with hunger the next, weird!!!
11dpo shaky and weak with hunger all day, peeing a lot, very tired after a half day at work and started to dose on the couch, twinges in belly and hot flushes, restless sleep, sweaty and oily skin
12 dpo 29th August BFP with FMU first response, very faint line though, not convinced.........Clear blue digi test evening time.....PREGNANT 1-2 weeks :)

Fiancé and I are delighted and shocked after so many BFN's its strange to see a BFP :) booking a doc appt first thing in the morning :) So happy and grateful to whatever force helped this to happen!!! I really hope this baby sticks!!!

Spreading baby dust to everyone

Unexpected BFP!!!

I had my IUD removed in early May after 3 years of no periods. DH and I weren't 'ready' to have kids yet, but we wanted to give my body a chance to get my cycles going again before we started trying. We were going to use condoms until then. My cycles settled into a 29-31 day pattern over the next few months. We went on vacation 1 week after AF and forgot to bring the condoms. We counted up cycle days figured we were ok and didn't need to run out to the store. We BD'd on CD #10 without condoms. Then, to my surprise, I ovulated on CD #13 - EARLY!! That's when I started to freak-out.

DPO #1-4: I had a headache every day and felt really tired. I was hungry, but nothing sounded good to eat. I was also sick at the same time, so I blamed my symptoms on a cold. But I couldn't get the 'pregnancy' idea out of my head.

DPO #5-6: I started to get pelvic and lower back cramping, aches in my thighs, and had a dream about being pregnant. I had very brief episodes (a few seconds each) of dizziness and nausea. My appetite came back with a vengeance. My energy was back too. I finally felt 'normal' in terms of energy and appetite. I talked myself out of being pregnant and blamed everything on the cold.

DPO #7-9: The fatigue came back, but I was STARVING all day. I started noticing things like nausea, breast tenderness, peeing more, and heartburn. But I only noticed them when I was obsessing about pregnancy. I convinced myself it was all in my head. I was making myself feel sick just from worrying too much. I took a HPT to reassure myself - BFN.

DPO #10-11: I kept taking HPTs - all negative. Otherwise, I felt 100% back to normal. I was convinced that there was no pregnancy. I was just sick with a cold and stressed out. But both are over now so I can just sit and wait for AF.

DPO #12: I went out to do yard work and felt like I was going to vomit / pass out only 10 minutes into the work. I told myself it was the heat. I stayed out another 2-3 hours, and then took another HPT. I saw a VERY faint line. I showed it to my husband, who convinced me it was an evap line. We even took the thing apart and examined it under a magnifying glass. This was the first I told him about my obsessing. He laughed at me, then we went out to dinner at a wine bar to relax and get my mind off of things.

DPO 13 - Nothing. I felt totally fine except for some PMS cramping and BB pain. Then I ate some Mexican food for dinner and felt like I was going to vomit the rest of the night. I blamed the food.

DPO 14 - FMU - faint positive line, no confusing it with the test from DPO 12. I showed my husband again. He still wasn't convinced, but said that after our 'scare' on DPO 12, he realized he was a little disappointed and wanted to start trying next month

DPO 15 - No question. BFP. Darker than the day before. DH convinced too. BBs still feel like PMS. My appetite is normal, but nothing sounds good and I just pick at food all day. But no vomiting.

I am still in SHOCK and don't think I'll believe it for a while. We are thrilled with this unexpected surprise. BD 3 days before ovulation then didn't get the BFP until DPO 14-15. Ladies - don't give up!!

BFP with Spotting After 9 Months TTC First

This site and the many stories and experiences helped me to get through this period of TTC. It took nine months and I was about to give up when out of nowhere I was blessed with my first BFP yesterday. I cannot believe it. Here were my symptoms before and after the BFP. I'm only praying that this is a happy and healthy nine months from here on. All the best to all you mothers and mothers to be!

CD7 - BD

CD 9 - BD

CD 10 - Positive OPK but did not BD.

CD 11 - I felt ovulation pain and knew I was ovulating. BD.

1DPO - BD.

2 DPO - BD.

3 DPO - Sore breasts. But this was not out of the ordinary as I have sore breasts right after ovulation occurs.

4 - 11 DPO - Other than sore breasts, I did not feel any symptoms of either PMS or pregnancy. My breasts were very sore but not unusually sore.

12 DPO - spotting began with very very very slight AF cramps. I thought AF had arrived but noticed the cramping was next to nothing. My breasts were still sore, which I though was weird because the soreness usually eases shortly before my period arrives.

13 DPO - spotting stopped but I began to have more PMS like cramping- but a little less than what I usually feel at the beginning of my period. I thought AF would continue anytime.

14 DPO - Still no more spotting, no cum, and no period but I was still having very slight PMS cramping and sore breasts. I was sure my AF would arrive any minute. I told my sister about the weird spotting and she suggested I get a test. I bought an equate pregnancy test; and an almost immediate plus sign appeared! I couldn't believe it. I asked my husband if he was seeing what I was seeing. He couldn't believe his eyes either, he insisted I test again. I ran out of the house and got a clear blue digital test. The test showed "Pregnant." It is funny that the symptoms started to get more intense after I got the positive. My breasts became very sore, more than usual and I was having more intense cramping, but the cramping was not constant.

15 DPO - Intermittent cramps and unusually sore breasts. Still BFP!

All the best to all of you and be patient, relax, it will happen!

BFP at 13 DPO After Miscarriage in Feb This Year

Finally a BFP! Fell pregnant easily last November but sadly had missed miscarriage. Was told to wait a few months post op before trying again due to some minor complications. Started trying in April, and after 5 agonizing TWWs, I am finally posting here!

This was my first month using OPKs and charting BBT and I found it to be a very helpful process. I didn't have nearly as many symptoms as last time, but noticed a few:

1-6 DPO nothing much. Bit crampy. Is it me or are my boobs tender?
7-13 DPO definitely sore boobs. Touchy and emotional. Some twinges but nothing I hadn't had in previous months before.

Fingers crossed this one sticks! Thanks for all the messages and BFP stories, good luck to all xx

We Weren't Even Trying! Big Surprise!

I went off birth control in April because I was on it for 9 years and I was getting worried about being on it for so long. Whether those worries were valid is another discussion. My husband refused to get condoms so we were using the rhythm method.

I have a 29-30 day cycle and thought my fertile window was CD 14 to 19. That was wrong! Haha.

We BD on CD 12 and DH messed up the "rhythm if you know what I mean. As soon as that happened, I ran to the toilet to get it all out of me.

(CD13) DPO 0 EWCM, cramps I guess I ovulated this day? I don't really know
DPO 1-2 Cramps, headaches
DPO 3 Cramps, headaches, nausea. I was eating a bag of veggies and a green pepper slice made me ill, I never get sick like that
DPO 4-5, Lotion CM
DPO 6 Lotion CM, during BD, I cried after the Big O. WTF? That was my big clue right there.
DPO 7 A little EWCM, lower left cramps
DPO 8 Slight nausea
DPO 9 Globs of EWCM, am I ovulating again? crampy, acne, sore throat, thirsty
DPO 10 Gassy
DPO 11-15 I didn't notice anything. I thought that all of that stuff I previously had was all in my head.
DPO 16, Feels like AF is coming
DPO 17 AF is due, no sign
DPO 18 Still no AF
DPO 19 I buy a pregnancy test and I get a BFN, but it was in the afternoon after a lot of water
DPO 20 I take the other test, in the morning this time and BFP!

I've since confirmed it with several other HPT and they are all the same. I was on the site during the entire TWW and my heart goes out to all of the women who try and try with no success. We slipped up one time and BFP. We must be extremely fertile people.

Baby dust to all.

BFP After 3 Months of TTC

I followed this site for the last three months so I thought it was only fair to finally share my BFP experience as my DH and I were TTC our second child.

Things I did different this cycle - cut out ALL caffeine it was hard and had the worst headaches of my life, upped my B-Complex vitamin to 100mg - Ovulated this month on CD14 (when the other 2 months I was ovulating on CD18)
For the record every month that I got a BFN I had much more symptoms than when I got my BFP

Ovulation day - Sharp pain almost unbearable, BD, after BD got up to go watch a movie downstairs. Got a very light headed dizzy feeling, hard to explain NEVER had this feeling before
1-5 DPO - No symptoms at all.. only thing I did notice was I was extremely dry compared to all the others months I had abundance of creamy CM
6-7 DPO - Mild cramping (this was usual for me)
8-10 DPO - No symptoms at all ( thought I was getting a yeast infection but refused to use a treatment due to 'possibly' being pregnant' 10 DPO - dollar store test BFN
11 DPO - no symptoms, dollar store test BFN
12 DPO - thought I was out this month since my previous pregnancy with DD I got a BFP earlier. No symptoms, little bit of sore BBS but that was common before aunt flow (actually my BBS hurt more before aunt flow than now) Bought a digital first response for the heck of it since I was in the store. Went home and used it .. BFP!!!! I was SHOCKED.. I had no symptoms compared to other months.

I am 4 weeks and 4 days today and my symptoms are much more mild than with my DD. I have slightly sore BBS, bloated, thirsty and just slightly over sense of smell. Not looking forward to the morning sickness but welcoming it with open arms :)

Hope this helps a bit for everyone thinking they are out this month because of the lack of symptoms :)

Bfp by DPO

1dpo gassy
2dpo just had that feeling of content like I knew, uterus felt full, nipples were very sensitive hungry for sweets
3dpo nothing, dog was more needy, nipples sensitive, hungry for sweets
4dpo bb still sore, hungry for sweets
5-11dpo nothing feeling depressed, thought I was out, tested very very faint line but kept thinking just evap line didn't want to get happy for no reason, felt like salads
12 little tired
13dpo woke up early at 3 go to toilet got a sharp pain in vagina, lost appetite
14dpo nothing just woke up early
15dpo scared to test, but was at the point what the heck there's next month, and faint cross couldn’t believe it so I got digi test and BFP, was in shock, TTC first try very blessed.

BFP with Clomid and Male Factor

Me and my partner have 2 children already both were conceived easily, my son was a one hit wonder and my daughter was conceived on the 4th cycle TTC. We started TTC in September 2011 the same month I had a chemical pregnancy and miscarried a week later at around 20 dpo.
We visited a fertility doctor with our local trust and I was put on a diet and exercise plan and my partner underwent semen analysis' 4 times. Eventually my bmi became within range and his sperm quality and motility became increasingly better so we were given an increased dose of Clomid. on the 3rd round of 50mg we finally got our bfp, and the irony? We were sat in the drs office totally unaware I was already pregnant. We are thrilled to be expecting #3 in May 2013. It took us 1 year to get to this point and will be our 3rd and final child :)

so cd 15 + opk
cd 16 temp dived
cd 17 o day - no ovulation symptoms
1 dpo - nothing
3 dpo - nothing
4 dpo - nothing
5 dpo - temp dive starting to think I didn’t ovulate after all
6 dpo - temp rise and cramping
7 dpo - temp dive again and cramps
8 dpo - no pms?
9 dpo - something off feeling full and achy uterus BFP with FRER!
10 dpo - BFP with cb digital
11 dpo - temp went triphastic
13 dpo - bfp with cheapie brand!

Thanks for reading!

Finally a BFP

After trying for months I finally got my bfp today. I did A LOT of things differently this month: took a fertility aid supplement found on amazon, held hips up for 20- 30 minutes after BD, and gave up caffeine. Some things we always do: Pre-Seed and opks.
CD 1-3 nothing
CD 5-7 bugury cm (ewww)
CD 8 (today) positive FRER this afternoon (after a BFN this morning, what me? poasaholic?) the positive was light but nice and pink :) Really haven't felt much out of the ordinary except for some vivid dreams, but I think the stress of the TWW can bring crazy dreams on too so who knows. Happy to have such an early BFP! My BFP with my daughter was also early like this so yay!