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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

I Knew It! I Knew It!

I wasn't ovulating on my own. Started first round of Clomid ever- 100mg.

O day - Extremely painful. 25mm follicle on u/s finally burst and BOY did I feel it.
1 DPO - Pain lingering from O. Crampy.
2 DPO- Pain still lingering from O. Feels like AF cramps. Extremely bloated. I looked 4 months pregnant.
3 DPO - Still bloated. Wondering if this is ever going to go away. Doc says it could take a week. Noticing I am getting tender breasts.. but who doesn't? I mean, these are fertility meds!! C'mon!!!!
4 - 8 DPO - Bloated and back starting to ache a bit. Feeling crampy but it seems like AF cramps. Dull pain in uterus. Figuring this is still all from what I call now "My Super O".
9 DPO - Crying at everything! Husband makes the mistake of telling me a story about a baby bird having to be put down by the humane society because of a damage wing and I lost it as if a person had died! MY NIPPLES HURT! I had to tell the husband - NO TOUCHY! Noticing my back is starting to ache. Still cramping. I cramped through my whole TWW.
10 DPO - Same as 9 DPO but starting to notice I am constipated. Why can't I POOP!??!
11 DPO - Same as 10 DPO, but now the AF cramps are coming... and I am spotting brown every time I wipe.
12 DPO - Had neg HPT on 10 DPO... I am thinking Clomid is just messing with me. Thinking this is a terrible sick joke and that AF is right at my front door. Still spotting very lightly when I wipe. On and off. CRAMPPPPPPY! I call in my second round of Clomid and cried all day. I am too crampy... AF has to be coming.
13 DPO - Why is my temp still up? Back ache, boobs hurt, moderate cramping, spotting, emotional, MY GUMS ARE BLEEDING?!?! What the?!? My gums NEVER bleed. More cramping. I decide to test. Internet cheapie.. faint postive.. Called in the big boys with the First Response Early Response and BAM - BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!
14 DPO - Crampy... Spotting still but First Response Early Response is even darker and I get blood test confirming!

I am now on Progesterone as my levels were a bit low, but all is well and all looks normal!!!

I ...still... can't.. believe I am posting this... I WAS JUST READING THESE!!! xoxoxox

Good luck ladies!

Finally BFP 9DPO with Clomid After 10 Long Months TTC #2!!

Hello ladies! Finally after months of lurking around on this site I get to post my BFP story. I could not be more shocked and excited and oh so happy all in one!! And let me just say every single story on here has given me hope that IT WILL HAPPEN!
Background~ I have had PCOS since I was 18 I am now 28. DH is 29. Got pregnant no problem and had a healthy baby boy in 2008. Sept. 2011 we started TTC#2 as our son was about to be 3. Got off the BC (nuvaring) in Aug. And I swear that is another reason that my cycles got messed up. After 5 months doing everything right, (or so I thought) I saw a RE. We figured out I was not OV'ing on my own. First 2 cycles of Clomid and HCG shot did not take but I OV'd on both. I took a rest in May. DH had SA done and all was more than perfect. At that point I was done. I felt lost and everybody else around me seemed to be getting pregnant so easy. So after I put my big girl undies on and went back to the RE in June I was not playing anymore!! lol What I think made a huge difference this cycle is that I did not have a period 1st. My RE said that there is a new study that says women with PCOS sometimes do better without the shedding of the lining. He is the Doc so I went with it. Started Clomid 06/6/12 100mg for 5 days. On 06/18/12 sono with RE showed 1 21mm follie on the left and 1 23 follie on the right. Lining was at a 12. RE said that was perfect and that I could trigger that night and BD the next 3 days.
So here are the goods~
*We used Pre-Seed every time we BD'd and layed in bed at least 30mins to an hour after and I also took Mucinex pills twice a day.
*trigger 6/18
BD~ 6/16, 6/18, 6/19, 6/20, 6/21
OV Day~ 6/19 crampy
1dpo to 5dpo - light cramps off and on, gassy, drank some wine and just tried to relax at our lake house, bad constipation and very moody/emotional, nipples VERY sore. Thinking this was not our month.
6dpo to 8dpo - still off and on cramping, now boobs are sore along with nipples, creamy/wet CM, bloated, moody, was testing out the HCG and 8dpt dark positive hpt test, 9dpt a very lighter hpt then 10dpt went back up to a dark positive hpt
(side note* the last 2 times that I've triggered the HCG gone within 11dpt, as in a neg. test)
9dpo - back pain, crampy, gassy, bloated, sore bbs and nipps got blood test back and I indeed OV'd and HCG said 7?? HMMMM. Did another blood and progest. was 22 and HCG went up to 13!!!!!
10dpo - BFP. Called RE and he confirmed that I am pregnant!!! Early but pregnant!! I was shocked, excited and I still don't believe it!
Hoping and praying it sticks and I hope all you fabulous ladies get your BFP ASAP!!!!
Baby Dust to all!!!!!!!!!

TTC Success Male Factor, IUI CLomid

I used this site every day for almost two years. It took my husband and I almost two years to conceive our first child. When we started I was 27, husband was 29. After many tests (all "normal" for me, low motility for hubby (think from 0 to 5 on a movement scale sperm was rated a 1), 6 rounds of Clomid, and three IUIs we finally have our baby on the way! I am now 19 weeks pregnant. I did not have any symptoms during the two-week wait. On the day my period was scheduled to arrive, I actually felt like I was going to get my period – same cramps and bloated feeling. I experienced all the same signs and signals leading up to aunt flow- and believe me I was looking for signs. I also charted for a year and a half and this chart was no different than my normal charts. No triphastic graph or anything. I got to know my body pretty well over the two years of trying. There were no signs. We were shocked and thrilled when we took the pregnancy test and it finally said positive. I told myself I need to post that, to give hope to all you ladies out there like me that do not have any signs during the two week wait. Don't count yourself out! :)

Also, for those who do chart… do yourself a favor and stop taking your temperature the second you get your positive on that stick!! My temps went up and down for a few weeks… with no rhyme or reason. All the information did was stress me out about impending miscarriage with every low dip. I stopped taking my temperature on the advice of another charting friend. :)

***I also want to mention that I prayed every day that God would give us a child. Two of my favorite prayers: Prayer to Saint Anne and Prayer to Saint Gerard. God blessed us with this pregnancy and I continue to pray for our baby's health every day. My husband and I are so grateful for this blessing. He is listening to all of us. ****

This Time Felt Different

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 1.5 years, after I had been on the pill for about 12 years. I'm 35 and he's 37. Everything checked out fine at the doctor--my tubes/ovulation and his sperm count, but the doc put me on Clomid (serophene) from day 2 to 6 of my cycle the last 4 months, but said we'd have to 'escalate,' since it wasn't working. I never recorded my symptoms or checked daily basal body temp each month, I knew it would just make me insane...
I have pretty regular 25/26 day cycles and ovulate around day 11-12. My doc recommended sex every other day to build sperm count on the off days, but this time we did it every day from day 9 through 13.
Here are my symptoms-- I really did feel like I could tell a difference this month compared to the last 18 months:
Was constipated 1-2 days after ovulation (I never get constipated).
I had really bad heartburn (first time ever!) about 1 week after ovulation.
I've been plowing through rennies all week my indigestion/acid reflux was so bad.
I felt carsick on the bus to work about 4 mornings in a row, starting 1 week after ovulation.
I wasted 2 pregnancy tests testing too early, 3 days and 2 days before the period was due. Both were negative but maybe a faint positive the second time.
The day my period was due, nothing-- normal discharge, sore boobs but not as sore/swollen as they sometimes get, pretty bad lower back pain but no actual cramps. The day after my period was due I had light brownish/pinkish fluid with a thin/creamy consistency (if that makes sense...) all day long (but only when I wiped) and it never changed consistency or color, unlike when I am getting my period. It was also a bit lighter than the pre-period brown blood. When I saw it in the morning though I started crying, this is usually a sure sign my period's coming. This morning (2 days after it's due) the discharge is still there but getting fainter.
I wanted to wait another day before testing (I hate wasting all that plastic, packaging etc) but got a test after work, and it turned into a plus sign right away as I was counting to 120. Once you see a positive test you won't keep examining all the tests in different light to try and see a line like I had been doing-- it will be apparent right away.
This site gave me a lot of comfort and guidance during the monthly 2 weeks of torture over the last year. Good luck to everyone!!

BFP After 2 Years!

Started TTC 2 years ago. Since January I have been taking Duphaston to lengthen the luteal phase and for the last 4 months taking 100mg Clomid.

Last month we tried IUI for the first time, but were not successful. This month I took Clomid and was all set for another IUI, but I used OPK at the wrong time of day (too early), missed the surge which came a few days earlier than expected and therefore did not go in for IUI. Thought that I had missed my chance this month and was very disappointed and therefore did not take Duphaston to lengthen the luteal phase either. I kept waiting for AF to arrive, but apart from a bit of spotting when I thought AF was due, nothing. DH and I BD two days before when I think I must have ovulated - this is the only occasion it could have happened on as we were abstaining for a few days before the IUI.

I had one pregnancy test left from last month and I decided to try it this morning as I thought it was odd that AF hadn't come. I figured my hormones were probably all over the shop because of all the drugs and I had started to do a new diet and that maybe this was delaying AF. I didn't really expect anything to be positive - in fact I have an appointment with the fertility doctor this afternoon so that I can get medication for the next cycle! A faint line appeared fairly quickly and eventually darkened. Over the moon! Shed a few tears as it is so unexpected and longed for, particularly as it happened without IUI and without Duphaston. DH won't believe it!

Symptoms: I actually felt as though I had less symptoms this month than I had in all the months trying before! I was so convinced I was out for this month that I didn't keep a close track, but a few things I noticed:
About 6 or 7 days after I must have ovulated I had one sudden sharp pain in the uterus area, took my breath away, but bearable.
About 10 dpo - small amount of brown cm - thought this was AF, as she usually arrives 10dpo.
11/12 dpo - some more light spotting, again, thought start of AF.
13/ 14 dpo - no more spotting - this is when I started to think it was odd. Other things I have noticed - slightly more sensitive breasts on the side on a couple of occasions.

I will hopefully get this confirmed at the hospital this afternoon before I tell DH. So happy but still a bit scared, as it seems too good to be true!

Wishing you all luck. Don't give up - I had almost lost hope of ever seeing two lines on a pregnancy test.


BFP on First Try w/ Clomid 11dpo!!!!

So.... we have been TTC for 9 months. Last month, the DR put me on Clomid 50mg. I didn't experience many symptoms on Clomid but it did make me an emotional basket case. Those symptoms kicked in around day 9 of my cycle which was day 5 on Clomid and lasted for about a week. I was crying every time I turned around and I AM NOT a crier. Granted, what I was crying over was justified; it just wasn't typical behavior for me. At the same time, I was in a very boisterous mood. So, MAJOR mood swings, there.


Ovulation occurred around June 8. We weren't trying too-too hard, I was just getting the hang of Clomid and charting and all that and I wasn't getting my hopes up that we'd get it right on our first try. We BD'd on June 7, and then not again until June 11. So, I'm going to assume that 6/7 & 6/8 were the lucky days.

1-5 DPO - Didn't really have any symptoms
6 DPO - Having a pinching pain in lower left abdomen, feels like o-pains
7 DPO - Pain moved from left to right side, otherwise not much else going on
8-10 DPO - Skin breakout, cramps, tender breasts, bloating (suspecting AF is coming). Came home from workshop and decided I'd take a HPT just for giggles. BFN. Threw it in the trash.
11 DPO - Came home from workshop. Felt fine all day. Good mood. Boobs still tender, light cramping, getting irritated with the breakout and wishing period would start soon because I'm going to NYC next week. Decided to take another HPT for no apparent reason. As I was waiting for the test to be finished, I pulled the one from yesterday out. Whoa! There's a line. I'm wondering if I just didn't look at it long enough or carefully enough the day before... or if that is just an evap line. As many HPT's as I've taken in the last 9 months... I've never EVER had an evap line even after several hours. So, I look more carefully at the test I just took. I walked away and returned about five minutes later.... 2 minutes later than the test suggested. There was definitely something there. BFP? Really? I waited about an hour or so and squeezed out a little more juice (TMI, sorry). It was light and I figured I'd just be wasting a test, but did it anyway... this time with a different brand. BFP right away!!!!! The line was still pretty light, but it was unmistakable and no way it could be an evap line.

I'm in shock. I can't believe it finally happened. Calling the doc tomorrow to get a blood test. Will have to wait until after NYC for a visit. DH was adorable. "Is it supposed to be that light?" "Take another one." I'd already taken 3. I told him I couldn't take another one yet. "Why?" "What if it just means you're getting your period?" It doesn't work like that, sweetie. LOL!

Pregnant After 27 Months of TTC and 2nd Round of Clomid and IUI

Hi Ladies,

I used this site to get through what seemed like a very long 2 1/2 years of trying to conceive. I wanted to share my story to encourage those in similar situations to take a deep breath and keep on trying!! Never give up hope.

We were on our second round of Clomid and IUI and were told by the doctors I likely had/have endometriosis and that if our third round of Clomid and IUI were unsuccessful, I would under the laser laparoscopy procedure to see what was going on down there.

I was 5 days before my expected and very regular 27 day cycle period, and like most of you out there was pretty much addicted to peeing on a stick every month.... (I wonder how much $$ I spent over the last 2 1/2 years...LOL). I use the Clear Blue Digital Tests so there is no mistaking and no "is there a line, is there not a line" debates within my brain. Just as I had suspected, NOT PREGNANT showed up pretty much right away, so the test goes into the trash and I accept the fact that another round of Clomid and IUI are around the corner.

At this point, I felt EXACTLY like I was getting my period. I mean, there was not one single thing that would have led me to believe otherwise. But never the less.... just in case.... the next morning, 4 days before my expected period, I took another digital test. Left it on the counter, had my coffee, let the dogs out, ate breakfast. When I came back in to take a shower, I grabbed the test, threw it into the trash and saw PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. I swear I stared at it in silence for about 3 minutes before asking my dogs if they saw what I saw.... LOL! I took 7 more digital tests that day and all were PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. My compulsive testing continued until those tests read PREGNANT 3+ WEEKS.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant, my husband and I heard the heart beat of our little one just the other day. We pray every night and thank the man upstairs for blessing us with such a wonderful gift, and we pray this baby will be healthy and happy!

:) BFP on 3rd Clomid+IUI Cycle YAY

Dear ladies,

It's been a pleasure reading all your success stories over the past year, and I am very excited to be able to post my experience with the 2ww. Shortly, my DH and I (both 35 yo) have been trying TTC on our own for 2 years, and then went to an RE for help. Since we were dx u n e x p l a i n e d the doctor suggested 3 months of 100mg of Clomid + IUI. After the three months we would meet again and discus other options.
The first two months nothing happened even though I developed several mature follicles, and my DH's samples were perfect. At the beginning on the third assisted cycle we decided it would be our last. I also had to go out of country for 10 days, and was not even monitored, but the day after I got back I had my last IUI (two days after a positive OPK). 14dpiui I did an HCG blood test and a day later (yesterday) I got a call from the clinic. :) The test was positive (HCG=40) and I had to listen to the voice mail several times before I started believing it was true! And then I cried.... :)

1-6dpiui nothing, but I noticed normal cm (Clomid usually makes it disappear), vivid dreams
7dpiui some cramping in the uterine area, vivid dreams
8-12dpiui fatigue; I even had to take a nap to get rested, vivid dreams
13-14dpiui bloated, fatigue, cramping, vivid dreams
14dpiui BFP :)
15dpiui bloated, fatigue, cramping, vivid dreams
16dpiui Woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep :) Temp still up (36.9C); Feeling good.

Was this any different from my other 2ww's?
A few things a little different I noticed were:
- more vivid dreams than ever
- fatigue
- no spotting 13-15dpiui (I usually spot before AF)

Thank you for reading my story. I hope yours is a happy one too! :)
Good luck and have a wonderful life!!!

BFP after 11 Months! First Round of Clomid

DH and I have been trying to conceive for about a year - 8 months in I changed doctors. After blood work I found out I ovulate but it was weak :( First round of Clomid and I got my BFP this morning! This site has been very helpful to me so I wanted to share.

cd 5-9 Clomid (FYI - Clomid made me very weepy and sad this is not my personality at all - felt like I was in a fog - horrible feeling).
BD - cd 5,6,7, 12, 14, 15
OV - cd 16 1-4 DPO - nothing
5 DPO (went for CD 21 blood work) - levels are great! Really weird pains in legs all night - didn't sleep well.
6 DPO - extremely fatigue felt horrible slept a lot
7 DPO - more fatigue
8 DPO - tons of cramps during the day - feels like period, cramps gone by night
9 DPO - stabbing feeling in right side throughout the night. Temp was higher today than any other day (98.21)
10 DPO - crying a lot, weepy and sad, blurred vision, bm, light poking right side at night HPT - negative
11 DPO - crying a lot, weepy and sad, a little cramps and nausea
12 DPO - temp dropped to 97.52 - my lp is usually right around 10 days. I thought I was out and AF was on her way but I didn't have any cramps etc. I remembered reading some people have a dip around this time and it goes right back up so I didn't give up all hope. HPT negative
13 DPO - temp went back up to 98.09 took at regular HPT very very faint +, ran to the store and bought FRER and the BFP showed up! We've been at it non-stop for almost a year. We were getting discouraged but kept praying and kept at it. Now we are praying that it sticks! Calling my doctor on Monday for a blood test.

Over the last 11 months I thought I was pregnant at least 6 times. I had all sorts of "symptoms" that I now believe were connected to my low progesterone. My symptoms were much less this month. The stabbing in my right side and the crying and being sad gave me hope this month. I am not an "overly emotional person" but this month I was getting on my own nerves with all the crying and sadness.

Finally!! Best to Stop Trying....Who Knew?

After a year and half of unsuccessful not-preventing-so-let's-see-what- happens, we decided to seek professional help. I was 37 at the time (now almost 39) and my husband 43 (we found each other a little late in life). Neither of us have children and I never tried to get pregnant before so didn't realize how difficult it really is!! I do have endometriosis so figured I may have some issues so when we found our RE we thought that it would be pretty simple with a little help. 5 rounds of Clomid and 3 rounds of IUI and nothing. I did have a chemical pregnancy on our 2nd IUI but nothing at our 3rd. At that point my RE recommended other options but since I was not considered a good candidate for IVF (low reserve) we thought about egg donors but it was just too much!

Our last IUI was in March 2012 and we decided to not try anymore. The whole thing became just too disappointing and stressful. So, we figured, we love our life and each other and we could devote our time to other family members and activities and maybe spend our lives doing things our friends with kids can't. :-) It actually sounded pretty good to us so we booked a cruise and planned a great trip to Europe in 2013.

I got a BFP on 5/22/2012 and the best part is we only did the deed once after my LMP on 4/20/2012. Yeah, once. We were in the midst of planning our wedding (married 5/11/2012) and had A LOT going on.

At 4:15am on 5/22 I decided that being 4 days late warranted a call to the doc b/c I have NEVER been late but maybe I should rule out pregnancy. I didn't know the lines showed up that fast. I barely put the test down and it was all aglow with PREGNANT!!!!

As for symptoms = sore BBs; occasionally a wave of nausea comes over me and I'm pretty dang tired. But it's not even every day. Just when I think, oh no, I feel nothing, what's wrong? The next day I spend 3 hours nauseous.

My HCG levels have been rising nicely and my first U/S is in 2 days and I can hardly contain myself. I am trying to be positive but the lack of symptoms freaks me out so I remain cautious but extremely hopeful!

It can happen and I just think you have to be willing to accept either outcome. Be willing and happy to have children or willing and happy to move on without children. Your life will be fantastic either way. I know, regardless of the outcome of this pregnancy, I will be so grateful for my life and my husband and that I found the love of my life at 37. I'll be holding out hope that the next love of my life will arrive in about 7.5 months :-)

Here's to all those women trying and my hopes and prayers to us all for success!