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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Metformin and Clomid, plus Ovidrel Trigger Shot and IUI

My Husband and I have been trying for two years. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and he was told his Motility/Morphology weren't great. We did acupuncture together for four months, and took MOUNTAINS of vitamins and herbs. I've been on Metformin for PCOS for the entire two years, but we still hadn't had any success. When we were finally ready to take the next step, we did three cycles of Metformin plus Clomid and timed Intercourse. Still no luck. We finally moved onto IUI. The first cycle, I had every pregnancy symptom in the book, but did not end up being pregnant. The second cycle, I had almost no symptoms whatsoever, but my day 11 Blood Test level was 46! I went back on day 13 for another, and the Beta level was 118! I'm Pregnant! This morning, I finally got a BFP on a digital test, so I'm starting to believe it. : )

Timed Intercourse and Ovidrel Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 14
IUI on Cycle Day 16
4DPO - Odd, period like cramps, with slightly different feel today
5DPO - More cramps, gas
9DPO - Mild nausea from about 4:00pm until bedtime. Noticed I had been out of breath after climbing the stairs today and maybe three days prior. Not normal.
11DPO - Very odd, but I noticed that my nether region had been "beating" for days. This happens to me once in awhile, but never multiple times a day. It feels like I can feel a heartbeat in my vaginal area. Has anyone else experienced this?? Doctor called with a Positive Blood Test Result! Beta Level 46!
12 DPO - Minor stomach upset
13 DPO - Another Positive Blood Test! Beta Level 118! Medium stomach upset, and it gurgled all day. Some odd cramping too.
14 DPO - Positive Digital Test! Woot! (A girl waits her whole life for one of those!) ; )

No sore breasts, very little nausea, no exhaustion. I was sure I wasn't pregnant before my first Blood Test, and I am! : D 4 weeks, 1 day today.

My Best Friend knows, because she knew most details of our IUI process. We're going to see my Mom and Stepdad this weekend, and may tell ONLY them. Otherwise, we'll try to keep our mouths shut until Week 12!

I have my first Ultrasound on March 2nd, at Six Weeks, and should be due around October 24th! : ) Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!

BFP After 6 Months of TTC & 3 Rounds of Clomid

We were TTC #2 for the last 6 months. I knew something was wrong after not getting any positive OPK's in our first three months. Went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with skinny PCOS. Put me on Metformin 1000mg and Clomid. First two rounds of Clomid were unsuccessful. Final round I was up to 150 mg. I drastically changed my diet. I did a 4 day juice cleanse and used evening primrose oil CD 1 - 14. I also started acupuncture. We had been using Preseed for a couple of months now. Here are my symptoms.

LMP was January 15, BD CD 11 - 18, every day.
1DPO-3DPO: nothing unusual
4DPO: had a sharp pain in uterus, stopped me in my tracks
5 - 10 DPO: extreme hunger and thirsty all the time
11 DPO: Tested - BFN. Was experiencing a lot of creamy CM
12 - 13 DPO: Very faint BFP on FRER, husband went out to buy a digital took it in the afternoon said not pregnant
14DPO: very ache small cramps, had CM with brown spotting when I wiped, put a tampon in and thought here we go again..... but when I pulled it out later nothing was on it.
15DPO: woke up and took a digital test, PREGNANT!! Yeah!! Still slight cramping no more brown spotting.

It has been a journey for us and I am thrilled, went to the doctor today for a blood test, waiting for the results than I will go again in a couple of days to make sure my hormones are rising sufficiently. I can't be more thrilled, I am praying for a very healthy and happy 9 months!

Good luck to everyone. Don't lose hope - keep trying!

BFP @ 7dpo w/ Clomid

Hello :) I have been using this site for support since June 2011. I really appreciate everyone's help while TTC. I know it is very early but I had to share the news. Last night; I tested on 7dpo and got a super faint line on FRER. I took another 4 hours later, still faint but darker than before. I am very excited! This was our 1st month taking Clomid 100 mg. We prayed and elevated the hips every time we BD. Hubby had SA, everything good except poor morphology.

CD 5-9 Clomid
CD 13/14 and 16 Positive OPK CBdigital is the way to go!
CD 13/14/15 BD
CD17 temps dove really low
CD 22 Tested Progesterone (25.17)
CD 23 Took FRER, come back BPF!!!! :) Hubby wants to see it get darker. Cramping on and off, gassy, slight nausea in AM.

Praying for a Healthy Bean!! Thanks again.

My advice is to get a digital OPK, I think out of all the many things I have tried in the past 12 cycles, the OPK was what helped the most this cycle. And I also tried to visualize the sperm meeting the that somewhere. It worked!!

25 Months TTC, 1 Angel, 6 Months of Clomid, PCOS--BFP!

Miscarried Dec 09, actively TTC after that, dx'ed PCOS Feb 2011, Clomid started Aug 2011, BFP 9DPO Feb 2, 2012

1-3 DPO: nothing odd
4DPO: started getting itchy
5DPO: itchy
6DPO: gassy
7DPO: Temp dropped- implantation I assume.
       woke up at 1am SICK ( I'm sure it wasn't related to anything though)
       dull sharp abdominal px
       sore gums
       sore bbs
8DPO: took OPK bc I wanted to POAS- was rather dark. prompted me to use HPT (at night)-BFN.
       stuffy nose
       sore bbs
       sore gums/ bleeding
9DPO: BFP using Wondfo HPT strip
       stuffy nose
       sore bbs
       heart palpitations
       sore gums/ bleeding
       sore gums/ bleeding
11DPO:BFP- used WalMart First Signal $.88 brand
       slight nausea
       sore gums/ bleeding

BFP After 16 Months of TTC!

After 16 months, several trips to our reproductive specialist, and my second round of Clomid, we finally got our BFP. We were beginning to resign to the fact that maybe a baby just wasn't in the cards for us and lo and behold... Sometimes patience is the hardest thing... All in all, this two week wait I had less "symptoms" than any other month!

1dpo - shooting pains in vagina, almost felt like my cervix was itchy
2dpo - low back aches while sleeping, no food appeals, sore/itchy nipples (but this also happened last month with round 1 of Clomid)
3dpo - low back aches while sleeping, dizzy spell early in the afternoon
4dpo - nothing out of the normal except for an afternoon headache
5dpo - had to sit out a few poses during yoga, more acne than usual
6dpo - intense shooting pains in my vagina in the AM, very vivid baby dreams (although I get these a lot)
7dpo - slight cramps but nothing crazy
8dpo - had to take a nap in the afternoon (I never nap)
9dpo - woke up really thirsty and with ZERO appetite for anything all day, had a slight headache
10dpo - VERY faint BFP at 7am, didn't want to obsess so I figured I'd let it go and take another one in 2 days, left eye started twitching, still no food appeals to me even though I'm pretty hungry
11dpo - more left eye twitching and light cramps
12dpo - I woke up really early bc I was dreaming about positive pregnancy tests (crazy), faint BFP (but the line was slightly darker than 2 days ago), gave in and showed my husband, we agreed not to get our hopes up even though all signs point to yes
13dpo - no doubt about this BFP, wound up taking 4 different brands of tests and all came back positive

My doc had me come in that next day for blood work which confirmed it! I'm now almost 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to everyone!

2 Months of IUI and Chlomid...FINALLY BFP!!

My DH and I have been trying for over a year and went through our second round with IUI this month, I went to take a blood/pregnancy test yesterday and the doc called back around 1:30pm, I just let it go to voicemail, and somehow managed to get through the day so DH and I could listen to it when I got home. All I remember is her saying CONGRATULATIONS. I am over the moon excited, and it still doesn't feel real. It was such a long road, but worth every tear along the way!!

I really didn't have any symptoms besides cramping/pressure which made me think I was going to get my period any day. I did have a little more CM than usual for the past 2 weeks, and I was extremely thirsty.

This year has been the most emotional for me, and never did I think that I would actually get pregnant. Hearing everyone around me getting pregnant was hard to swallow, but don't give up and have faith, it will happen!! Baby dust to everyone!!

BFP After Trigger & Clomid

I never thought I would be able to post on here. But after 8.5months of the emotional rollercoaster of TTC I finally got my BFP on 11DPO.

This month we used Clomid 100mg (2d round) days 2-6, the Pregnyl trigger and progesterone cream. I also took extra B6 in the 2ww as I have a short LP and I used Conceive Plus.

CD13 - BD
CD14 - BD - Conceive plus used
CD 15 - I ovulated - No BD
CD 16 - BD
1-3 DPO - No symptoms
4 DPO - I vomited, which I never do.
5-9 DPO - Random shooting booby pain, increased creamy CM.
10 DPO - AF normally here, but no spotting. Cramps.
11 DPO - Temp shot up, took a test - faint BFP, but worried it was trigger.
12 DPO - Worried all day I am not pregnant and the trigger is playing tricks.
13 DPO - Darker BFP... and super temp spike to 37.08C...I am over the moon happy!

I didn't really have any symptoms, still not sore boobs. The only thing I really have is random sharp shooting uterine cramps. I am praying the baby sticks and I have a healthy and happy 9 months, with a beautiful baby at the end of it.

BFP, After 10 Years of Trying!!!!!!

This was my first round back on Clomid. Changed from days 5-9 to 3-7. Ovulated on day 10, which shocked me. This was the first month I swore I WAS NOT pregnant. First month in my life ever. I even refused a pregnancy test at docs because they were all negative at home. I went by ovulation for testing, not the day I started my period, so I was testing way too early and getting negatives, which depressed me.

My main symptom was a rash on my stomach, which I actually read in someone's post on here was a sign. It came on right after ovulation and was kind of pimply and non itchy. Other then that it just felt like my period was coming and coming and nothing boobs a little larger, cramping etc. But for me nothing felt more severe or different. If anything it felt like my symptoms were less then normal period coming.

Finally broke down again 4 days after period was due and OMG POSITIVE!!! I showed DH and he just said it says two lines. I took the idiot proof digital and voila - pregnant. Went to doc right away and they confirmed with urine and blood. Pregnant!!!!!

Day after confirmed my boobs hurt a little more and I was really dizzy. I have started urinating more frequently, spent a week in the bathroom from vomiting, but now I am about 6 weeks and my symptoms are off and on. One day I feel great, one day I cant stay awake and feel sick.

It is not what I expected at all. I thought everything would be so obvious and it was not. Like I said this was the first month in all my life I did not think I was.

Very excited, but nervous. I want this little one to stick so bad, I have even promised Disneyland already lol. I was so close to giving up. It has been a long, hard ten years, but now it is so worth it!!!! Keep the faith. It can happen, even if it does not seem like it ever will.

BFP & 1st Round of Clomid!!!

Hi Ladies!

I am currently 9wks 4days pregnant with my first baby!!! Had my first ultrasound scan today and all good thank God. We started trying in May 2011 straight after we got married. I have pcos so my periods were always quiet irregular - had been on the pill for over 10 years and my cycles went from 50 days to 60 days, 42 days, 41 days after coming off the pill. I wanted to check if I was ovulating so got progesterone tested through blood tests - one cycle it was 3.7 day 21 and another time 1.6 - was disheartened to hear this so doctor suggested clomid, which thankfully did the trick first time around!!

My symptoms during the two week wait were as follows:
- Boobs feeling fuller on some days but not sore
-Strong sense of smell from a couple of things - at Christmas party could really smell the coffee and cheese board ordered by one of the girls! Also my parents had a Christmas wreath on the table & I could really smell it!
-A few headaches (I had no implantation bleeding and no implantation dip).
- 14 DPO - BFP 1-2 wks with Clearblue digital!!! Couldn't believe it! Really didn't think I was pregnant - thought the fuller boobs might have been something to do with the Clomid (wasn't sure as it was only my first round of Clomid 50mg). I did the pregnancy test as I had my friend's wedding the next day (I was one of the bridesmaids) and just wanted to check on the off chance that I might be pregnant and shouldn't drink. Had a few drinks the next day to avoid questions but most of the time drank 7up (like sprite) & pretended I had vodka in it! I'm sure a few of my friends suspected but they said nothing!!

So thrilled to be this far along & feeling great! My current symptoms are that my boobs are sore and feel heavier - especially in bed if I wear no bra so tending to wear a sports bra to bed now to ease that! Also the smell of certain foods put me off especially garlic bread which I used to love! I'm also very gassy and a bit more tired than usual on certain days. No morning sickness (yet) thank god so all in all I don't feel pregnant most of the time!

I want to wish you all the best of luck - hope you get your BFPs very soon. Babydust to all xxx

BPF After 14 Months, Lap & Clomid

Hi all, got my first ever BFP after 14 months of trying. Diagnosed as unexplained, lap in Oct and gave Clomid a go (although already ovulating fine) this month as last step before IUI.

It could have been anything that got us over the line this month but above all I think the single most significant change was I have been strictly gluten free for five weeks and feeling (and looking) better than ever.

Not many symptoms
DPO 0-10 ++CM super thick and white (TMI)
DPO9-12 Sharp pains in my hips??
DPO13 brown creamy blood when wipe
DPO13-14 Very sore boobs but that is normal for me before AF

Tested and just super faint BPFs from DPO 12, super clear and fast ones today DPO15. All fingers and toes crossed for a healthy pregnancy and baby!! I cant believe how every month would get me down and feel so silly compared to others how try much longer. To all trying it will happen!!!