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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After a year of Tring and First Round of Clomid

I have been tring for a year off and on with no luck. I decided to step it up with Clomid. I don't have any real fertility problems except I tend to get cyst bigger than average that sometimes delays ovulation or cause other issues. The main thing I did was track everything: BBT, feelings, moods, energy, mucus, and twitches.

For my normal cycle I'd get a burst of energy about a week before ovulation. My sense of smell would also imporve. After ovulation I wasn't my social self like before ovulation. I would get cramps a few days before and the day of. Then my boobs would be sore for a couple of days. I would be tired until AF came. A week before AF I'd get some cramps for a couple days than a two or three day break. I'd cramp some more two to three days before my period. I am always moody a week before AF so I'd have to put myself on emotional check to prevent from looking like a ragging queen. LOL!

This Cycle was different:
DPO 1-5 - same as before
DPO 6 Boobs started to hurt, mostly my nipples and the sides of my boobs
DPO 7-12 Cramps off and on. Simular to AF but not even close as bad.
DPO 10-12 Tired and extermely moody. I even had to pull over in rush hour traffic and cried because I wanted to go home and no one was moving fast enough.
DPO 13 Tired, boobs just a little sore, emotional, but not too bad
BFP's on 11,12,13
Still in shock.

Best recommendation is to know your body: recognize the difference in different cramps, emotions, energy levels, and track your BBT to verify Ov. Also find that point that can be used to help relax and unstress yourself.

BFP after two years.

My husband and I have been TTC for about two years now. Last month I finally decided to go to my GYN and ask for help. I was put on a round of progesterone therapy to force me to have a period, since I hadn't had a normal one in about a year. After that I was put on a round of Clomid. After Two years of the up's and downs of TTC we finally got a BFP, and these were my symptoms.

2DPO- very tender breasts, and I mean VERY tender.
3DPO- I came down with a terrible bladder infection, that has been bionic and has taken antibiotics to get rid of. I have never had one I wasn't able to get rid of myself.
5DPO- I notice that when eating some of my favorite foods, they upset my stomach, which is unusual.
6DPO- I am exhausted but find myself unable to sleep, which is odd for me, I'm an awesome sleeper. I am not falling asleep before 3:30 a.m. and am unable to sleep past 6:30 a.m. This has been the case since, no change yet.
9DPO- I start "feeling pregnant" with twinges in my womb and a sort of full feeling. I also notice my skin is breaking out badly.
10DPO- I can't wait anymore and do a POAS. It was a heartbreaking BFN. I'm certain if I ever have to see another BFN I'm going to go crazy, so I resolve to wait until at least 16 DPO to take another to ensure that it will show up if I am pregnant.
11PDO- I had a hard time sleeping again, and am up by 6 a.m. and decided just for the heck of it to try another POAS. It's FINALLY a BFP! It's very faint, but it's a sight that I have never seen, and was starting to feel like I never would!

After two years, our dream is finally coming true!

TTC #1 {15 months, HSG + First Month Clomid after miscarriage}

We give God all the glory for the miracle of life and are so thankful for the little blessing growing inside me! These boards kept me occupied and hopeful for the past 8 months since I found and I just wanted to add to the encouragement here.

I am 26 and DH is 29. We began TTC #1 in May 2010 and hoped it would happen quickly for us. I have always wanted to be a mom, and was anxious to get this show on the road! Month after month went by and we were not pregnant. I was ovulating regularly (charting using the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which I highly recommend!) but late: CD 20-26 with nearly 40 day cycles. I visited my OBGYN after 7 months TTC and she sort of blew me off with the statistic that "9 out of 10 couples get pregnant in a year" and told me to come back if a year had passed. Well, almost a year had passed and I decided it was time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist and scheduled it for the end of March. DH and I woke up in the morning for our appointment and I realized it was the day of my missed period...took a test...and BFP!! We couldn't believe it....we were beside ourselves with JOY :) However, only 4 days later, I miscarried (my HSG dropped from 45 to 13 in two days - a chemical pregnancy) and we were devastated. God remained faithful, even though we began to doubt His love for us...wondering why he wouldn't answer our prayer. We healed from the pain of losing our first baby by pressing into the Lord and reading His reminded us of the promises He has for all who trust him...a plan for a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11) In particular, Psalm 66 came to mean so much to us...if you get a chance to read it, please do! In any case, we ended up feeling a peace about visiting the specialist we had originally made an  appointment with and met with him in June. In July, I had an HSG (not as bad as everyone said...don't worry!) and then began  50 mg clomid CD 4-8 this month (August 2011). We BD'd every other day + ovulation day ...and then the ever-anticipated 2WW began... {if you have actually read to here, I applaud you! ;-) }

Here are my symptoms (I didn't temp every day, FYI):

{CD 16} 97.45, +opk, BD

{CD 18} 97.45, Ovulated, BD

{1DPO} 97.86

{2DPO} Uneventful

{3DPO} Pulling and Cramping near uterus

{4DPO} Minor cramping, yellow/goopy cm first wipe in AM

{5DPO} Diarrhea and sour stomach off and on; this was my "hmmm" moment because I had diarrhea with my first pregnancy, although it only happened the day BEFORE my missed period, at 13dpo. (hopefully that means my HCG levels are higher this time!)

{6DPO} Sour stomach, smelly/strong urine, soft stool, fatigue: spend 7 hours on the couch watching randomness...SO unlike me!! I was thinking I either was pregnant...or had mono! Had to pee a lot....but almost felt too tired to get off the couch to go! pathetic. Minor pains near uterus and bbs began to get tender.

{7DPO} 97.8, Progesterone blood test comes back at 24.3...great news! Sour stomach again (pre-diarrhea feeling, sorry tmi), bbs ache, very tired and went to by by 10pm. Pulling/aching/cramping in uterus...more localized than menstrual cramps, notice cm is non-existent...weird for me, it's usually  creamy/lotiony by now...

{8DPO} 97.8, strong smelling pee again, crampy/heaviness on and off, nipples are sore, bbs heavy and sore to touch all over...not just by armpits like usual PMS stuff, lower back ache, irritable and impatient, achey hips and pelvis.

{9DPO} 98.2!! That's high for me...last time it was this high...I was pregnant. Woke up with sour/gassy stomach, achey bbs and sore nips, diarrhea, still dry cm but FEEL wet...bizarre. One wipe of yellow tinted cm in afternoon, craving salty and carbs, crampy in pm, hubby thinks I sound stuffy on the phone.

{10dpo} 98.34!! woot!! Cramping and tightening of uterus, very mild nausea in pm, feel great and SUPER HAPPY today. Lower back pressure and achiness, hot flashes and warm face. Smelly urine at 11 pm. Found out my best friend is pregnant! (due within 4 days of each other...too good to be true!)

{11 DPO} 98.17, Sore bbs and nips (ouch!), When I get hungry...I get nauseous and cranky, So tired during breakfast with family I could hardly converse...came home and was all I could do to get in bed; slept for hour and a half!! (I am NOT a napper.) Strong cramps in afternoon, more diarrhea around 5pm. Scant yellow cm again, feel bloated and when I bend over while sitting, it feels uncomfortable.

pregnant after 2 years with endo

 I promised when I got pregnant I would return the favor to all those who gave me hope that posted on here.  I had a hunch I was pregnant thanks to all the tww symptoms.  I hope I can offer hope to those with endometriosis.  I am stage I and was diagnosed with endo over 10 years ago.  We started trying 2 years ago, I am 34 now.  I got my positive pregnancy on our 4th IUI with clomid and HCG trigger.
My symptoms were as follows
DPO 1-6 nothing except feeling more tired while running
Day 7: had implantation dip clear as day on the temp chart.
Day 10:  Boobs began to hurt and stayed that way
Day 11: temp up again, cramping very obvious but much too soon for normal period cramps
Day 12: temp down, more cramping
Day 13: still some more cramping
Day 15: doctor called and confirmed positive blood test

What I did this cycle. Acupuncture, systemic enzymes, evening primrose, green tea, continued to run, a ton of supplements, no gluten, no alcohol, no caffeine except tea.

5 days late AF, on Clomid

BFP on my 2nd round of Clomid. First round I did everything by the book... this round I was traveling to Europe for 3 weeks during the first 15 days of my cycle. I read on some forum that taking Clomid from days 6 to 11 would delay my O day perhaps a little, therefore my O would come after I returned from my travels, and it worked!
So, days 6-10 of my cycle, 50mg of Clomid.
I did not track O, but I think it happened around 18.
2-5 days DPO, boobs hurt, really bad sleep.
6-9 days DPO, grupy, boobs not at sore, but nipples were sore. BFN on day 9 :(
7-12 days DPO, started as a really bad sore throat, developed into a really bad cold. REALLY sore throat, coughing stuff up, feeling very crummy. Again, I didn't chart my ovulation, but day 18 sounds about right, as I was very aroused for no particular reason.
On day 12 DPO, I was gearing up to take Prometrium because my period was 4-5 days late... took a test because the Doc said I should always do that before starting Prometrium... 3 BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First round of clomid

I went off BCP a year ago after being on it for 10 years. I didn't get a period so I went to dr and she gave me provera in October. I started period but was very irregular and did OTK and I never ovulated. Then period stopped and I started provera again. The dr flushed my tubes and did ultrasound but couldn't find a reason for no ovulation. She put me on clomid 50mg and did a test on cd24 which is actually late. Only had a 1 which was very bad. So I was very down and really upset at dr a week later. She gave me clomid 100mg. I started provera again and period never came. Was very confused. Always started last day of pill. A week later had spotting and major cramps. Thought it was period coming every day but wasn't. I posted on here what could be causing this and someone said to take a test and I didn't and it was a BFP. I was shocked considering I ovulated after day 24 which I guess is not normal. I go to dr in a week but boobs are very sore and hoping everything goes well!

Month 4 Clomid

We had been trying for over a year and on month 4 of Clomid, and I had all but completely given up. Register, I discounted any symptoms I had (had them all before and gotten AF). Then, I decided to test before I had a weekend of drinks and BFP!! I'm still shocked, even on meds it was the last thing I expected.

1-8 dpo: felt nauseous, emotional (thought it was in my head)
9 dpo: bumped head (didn't hurt) and cried without knowing why
10 dpo: tested to see if I could drink and BFP. Shaking, can't believe it!
11 dpo: hungry! And tired...a little worried because few other symptoms
12 dpo: the sore BBs have arrived, hungry, tired, weird tummy growls, take another test because still in shock, definite BFP!

I have a doc appt 14 dpo, wish me luck!

BFP with first Clomid/IUI cycle

This month was our first IUI/Clomid cycle for male factor (6-7% morphology). We have been ttc our first baby for 12 months. I am 30, dh is 31.

My Clomid experience was very unusual as I felt terrific while taking it on cd 5-9 but horrible for a few days afterwards. I lost several clumps of hair and had very depressing thoughts. I had cramps, especially from my left ovary, from the first day I started Clomid, through the IUI, finally stopping on 4 dpiui.

This cycle was clearly different, as I hardly had any symptoms compared to what I normally get...

cd 5-O = cramps started
cd 13-13 = detect LH surge through OPK
cd 15 = IUI
1-4 dpiui = cramping, esp from the left ovary
5-7 dpiui = very odd and real dreams, very fatigued, somewhat irritable, lots of CM, constipated, dizzy when I turn my head quickly
8dpiui = tons of energy, happy, CM continues
9dpiui = very faint BFP on Equate brand HPT (only reason I tested this early was because I was getting on a plane and needed to know if I could take motion sickness meds)
no energy, irritable, pulling cramps, one very strong vaginal cramp that went down leg, bb's starting to ache - not as much as a usual cycle, dizzy at times
10dpiui = another faint BFP on Equate, went to buy Clearblue Easy brand and still a BFP, lots of CM
11dpiui = darker BFP on Clearblue

We have been using preseed, dh sat on cold packs and took multivitamin, bd every two days throughout cycle

What we did differently this cycle: went completely vegan (found out animal products contain so many hormones that it is bad for us and baby, we have just decided to raise the baby vegan), added IUI and Clomid.

BFP with 4th cycle of Clomid

BFP with 4th cycle of Clomid, Very few Symptoms

This was my fourth cycle of Clomid and I had given up this month. I had gone to an RE who was going to start me on Femara as soon as af showed. Also, I've been having short luteal phases (7-9 days) and I didn't O this month until cd18 (af was due on cd25) so I figured conceiving was impossible.

cd13 & 15: BD (This was it... I was working long hours and was just going to wait out this cycle so I could start on the new medicine)

cd18: O day
cd25 (7dpo): af is due, tons of cramps but no af
8dpo: Cramping, sometimes "stabbing" pains, other times dull and achy
9dpo: POAS, BFN of course. I'm mad at the clomid because I figure it thinned my uterine lining out so much that I can't even get a period now.
10dpo: Same cramps, lots of creamy cm. POAS in the am (but after working 3rd shift), BFN. Later, I wake up around noon and POAS-- Very Faint Line!!!!! Later that night, I pee on a digital and it reads "Pregnant"!!!!
11-15dpo: Bloated! I'm already unbottoning my pants (I have been blessed with a TINY waist, but it's so swollen I can barely button my pants!). Still cramping off and on, TONS of cm. That's it. My bb's don't hurt and I'm not the least bit nauseous.

My 13dpo Hcg test came back at 297!!!! We have always used Preseed and Prayer!

BFP 5th cycle of Clomid/IUI

5th cycle of Clomid/IUI

No symptoms until 11 DPO

o 9DPO tested super early and got a very very very faint line, could hardly see it, my DH couldn’t see it. So I just figured it was a evaporated line or the HCG trigger (Ovidril) trigger shot that was still in my system.
o 11DPO another very faint line, could hardly see it
o 12 DPO another very faint line – sensitive nipples
o 13 DPO went to lunch with my boss, he had a glass of cognac across the table and I could smell it so strong like it was under my nose, I think that is when I really believed I was pregnant. So that was a good enough reason to go to the store after lunch and buy another HPT, it was a faint very visible line (PRAISE THE LORD) so I called my doctor and they sent me to get a blood test, results came back positive HCG level at 31! Could not believe it was in a major shock!
o 14DPO went in for another blood test to make sure HCG is going up, it came back at 45, which was good, but the nurse wanted me to go get another one at 17DPO.
o Still no major symptoms
o 17DPO Blood test came back at 112, kinda worried because it doubled at 72 hours which is on the minimum end.
o 18DPO very sore breasts and nipples can’t stand my bra on. Feeling some type of pressure in my stomach, similar to being bloated.

Baby dust to everyone out there that is TTC, my prayers go out to you. Keep a positive attitude and believe!