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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP after Tubal Ligation Reversal

Hi! I just got my BFP two days ago and wanted to submit my story. Lord KNOWS this site helped me through MANY a TWW! I'm 31 and we have been TTC for 16 months after a tubal ligation reversal in March of '06. Here's what happened during my BFP cycle...

CD 1-5 100 mg of clomid
CD 8 HSG and my FIRST EVER EWCM!!!! We're SOO excited!
CD 10 Ultrasound monitoring because of clomid. 3, possibly 4 mature follies. HCG trigger shot. Ovulation should occur in 36-48 hours. EWCM! RE warned we are EXTREMELY high risk of multiples.
CD 11 Ovulation day!!!!!! More EWCM!
1 DPO Watery CM. Nothing special.
2-3 DPO Dry CM. Nada.
4 DPO More EWCM. I've never had EWCM so this is something totally new for me. Wonder why it came AFTER O?
5-9 DPO VERY irritable. Snapped on DH almost everyday. I can't seem to help it, can't seem to keep my emotions in check! Slight nausea in the evenings and nipples feel like they are trying to pop off my chest!
10 DPO Took a IC, BFN of course.
11 DPO Temp spike made me wonder if this could be my month! IC test in the AM was neg., BFP on Fact Plus in the afternoon! Went today to get a beta and it was 17.5!!!!!
12 DPO Had to go get another beta that my RE ordered and it was 29!! Less than 24 hours after the first!
13 DPO Still Pregnant! Wonder how many I'll have......

BFP on 1st Round Clomid after "Unexplained Infertility"

After 1.5 years of reading this site, I finally get to post! Sorry this is long, but I know how we all like to obsess!

After many Dr's visits and tests (blood tests, HSG, SA, etc.) the Dr's said there was no medical reason DH and I couldn't conceive, but month after month af came. I ovulated on my own each month ( got positive OPKS on day 13 like clockwork and o pains on day 14) and had clear tubes, etc, DH's count was great, but motility slightly low. Nothing major. We are both in our early 30s. Finally, my dr. said we could try the lowest dose of clomid for a few months b/c for reasons unknown it seems to help people with unexplained infertility.

So, I took it this month after much thought and discussion with DH. I must admit I was scared of the side effects, multiple births, ovary problems, etc. Well, I took 50 mgs days 5-9 per my Drs instruction and had no symptoms except a mild headache the first day. I got a positive opk on day 14. Felt o pains on day 15. We BD days 11-15, but couldn't BD on day 16, 17, 18 b/c of DHs work and visiting family. DH was convinced this wasn't our month.

After the o pains on day 15, I was emotional on days 19-20, very angry and impatient. Not like myself at all. Thought it was the clomid? I didn't feel much until day 23. Please understand that other cycles, I had every pregnancy symptom in the book! Not this cycle. Some pains near ovaries similar to ovulation pain on day 23, but I'd had that other months.

The only odd things were being very emotional and very THIRSTY. I was so thirsty, but then I'd drink and feel uncomfortably full almost immediately. Cycle Days 24 & 25 I felt uncomfortably full all day, bloated, etc. Thought af was on her way. Some intense cramps that day too, different than af, more like gas pains but deep. Day 26 after BD I had some mucus with blood in it, thought for sure af was here.

Then day 27 (approx.13dpo)-today- af was due, but no af. When I woke up the first thing I noticed was sore, heavy bbs. Out of the blue! After lunch I was soooo hungry for cake, I just HAD to have some and went to the grocery store to get some! Then I ate it and was so sleepy I just had to nap. When I woke up, out of curiosity, I tested and the line came up right away on FRER. This was mid-afternoon, not FMU! Not real dark, but there. Then I took a CBE digital and "Pregnant" came up. Wow!

DH is away on business, so he doesn't know yet. Can't wait to surprise him when he gets home!

There is hope ladies! I used to have sore bbs after o, but haven't for months. When they showed up suddenly on day 27, that was my hmmm moment. Honestly, though, I was prepared for af. I hope this baby sticks! I'm so excited. Scheduling a dr. appt tomorrow. Sticky baby dust to all of you brave TWWaiters!

BFP with Clomid (50mg, cd5-9) 38yrs old

Hi All!

I just wanted to share my story because this site has really helped me. To know that there are other women who go through the waiting, the TTC and the obsessive POS checking made me feel like I wasn't going crazy. Okay, here goes...

I'm 38 years old and have been TTC with my husband for almost a year. My initial tests came back optimistic (no tubal blocking, I ovulate regularly, etc..) but of course my age gave me some concern. My husband's SA came back with mixed results. At first he was diagnosed with a 3% morphology. A second test with a Urologist came back with at 36% morphology. Confusing. Because of my age, my OB-GYN gave me 50mg of Clomid during my 5-9 days and told me to make an appt with a fertility expert for the next month.

The clomid really seemed to have helped us because I have very strong PG signs and although I won't have my blood PG test until another week, 3 over-the-counter tests came back positive!!! I actually keep looking at those sticks in awe because we've been trying for a while.

1-4 DPO: No symptoms at all
5 DPO: VERY strong sensation in my ovaries. I know this sounds silly, but it was as if I could feel the egg traveling through my FT. That lasted only for a 1/2 hour. The rest of the day, nothing
6 DPO: I'm usually pretty hyper during the day, but I was dragging the entire afternoon. Since it was Sunday, I layed down for a quick nap and ended up sleeping for 3 hours. That's very unusual for me as I'm not a nap person at all.
7-8 DPO: No symptoms really. I had my usual "I'm getting my period" feeling and was pretty bummed
9 DPO: My breasts were slightly tender, so I got antsy and did a PPT. Negative. Feeling more bummed
10 DPO: Because my breasts were still sore (something I never get with my period), I tested again. I saw the faintest line ever. I was like it was there and wasn't. I chalked it up as a negative because I thought maybe I was "trying" to see a line that wasn't there.
11 DPO: Today is the day I felt different. I had fluttering in my stomach, was very bloated, and again —the sore breasts. Tested again (yes, I'm obsessive) and the line was definitely there and although it didn't match the darkness of the test line, it was pretty strong, not like the day before.
12 DPO: Bloating, super-hungry, but my energy level has been quite high (actually after the initial tiredness on the 6 DPO, I've been more energetic than usual). Third and last PT. The line was there! Strong! Yea!

I will let you know how my blood test goes next week. There are VERY early days, so I'm keeping things very quiet and am just taking one day at a time. I pray that I will have a normal, healthy pregnancy.

I hope my story helps other women on this site who are feeling like PG will never happen to them. They should keep trying, keep asking their Dr's questions about their options and most importantly keep a positive attitude! Best of luck ladies!

BFP with 150mg Clomid - at 11dpo

Hi here is my info:
First off I cannot believe I am actually getting to finally post on here!!! I had been TTC for 13 months, and did 3 cycles of clomid when I got my BFP. I did not ovulate on 50mg, or 100mg, so I was finally increased to 150mg this month and got my BFP!!

CD 15- vaginal "pressure", mild cramps on left lower side
CD 16- + CBE digital OPK! TONS of cramps on my lower left side
CD 17- Ovulation day- Mild cramps on left lower side only in AM, nipples tender
1DPO-nipples still tender
2DPO-nipples still tender, creamy CM, temp check @ 98.01
3DPO-nipples still tender, creamy CM, tiredness, gums bled with brushing @ night
4DPO-nipples still tender, creamy CM, tiredness, gumes bled with brushing @ night, lower abdominal twinges, 21 day progesterone level checked result: 20.08
5DPO-nipples tender, creamy CM, tiredness
6DPO-nipples tender, creamy CM, EXTREMLY tired
7DPO-starting to pee alot, nipples really tender, creamy CM, tiredness continues
8DPO-still peeing alot, nipples tender, bumps on nipples bigger, creamy CM, tired
9DPO-peeing alot, nipples tender, sides of boobs now hurt, creamy CM, tired and slight nausea
10DPO-metal tast in mouth, all other symptoms still present
11DPO-BFP with FMU on FRER!!! :)

BFP with 50mg Clomid and PCOS

Here is my story with Clomid.

I'm 31 and have PCOS was trying to conceive for 9 months and started Clomid on 50mg days 5-9, first month my progesterone levels were still very low, so it was increased to 100mg for my second cycle, when I got the results of my progesterone levels again they were extremely high so I decided to do a test this was about 1 day before I was due my AF. I got a positive but it was quite faint, went away on holidays that week and did another test away, negative so I didnt know what was going on, I had terrible cramps in my tummy and felt quite faint at times. When I got home I went to my GP with my husband and got a positive result.

Its only 3 weeks so we are very anxious to get through the first three months. CD19 Ovulation day after getting positive on OPK on CD 18. CD 29 Got blood tests results very high progesterone. CD30 Did my first test and got a faint positive From 31 - 6, Cramping and feeling very tired and dizzy. Very sore boobs. Got positive from doctor and still feel great.

Thanks and best of luck

Late BFP with 50mg Clomid, cd 5-9

I can't even believe I am writing this! After 10 months and 7 cycles we finally got our BFP yesterday afternoon!!!! FF says I was 16 DPO, but I believe I was actually 14 or 15. I had gotten a BFN 3 days before.

After having crazy long cycles, this was my 1st cycle on 50 mg Clomid, days 5 - 9.

I just called my drs office and I'm going over at lunch for a quantitative HCG and progesterone level. DH keeps reminding me to be "cautiously optimistic" until we get the bloodwork, but I can't help it! I am just so excited!

As far as symptoms, the only things I feel yet are some cramping that started a few days ago - especially at night in bed. My BBs feel fuller and are slightly tender, but not super sore. And I've had this crazy itching, mostly on my BBs, stomach and back. I just read in one of my PG books that generalized itchiness can be a sign of PG! Who knew??? I'm also having some very mild nausea on and off.

BFP with Endo/Clomid cd 2-7, HCG Trigger

About three years ago I was having problems about every 6 months with severe pain in my side. The first time was in the summer and I tried to go running but couldn't b/c my side hurt then it hurt worse and worse. So my OB said it must have been a ruptured cyst.
Then the night of my college graduation part I had sharp pains and went up to the bathroom and just got really hot then cold and just kinda fell to the floor. I was taken to the ER only to find that I had a ruptured cyst... so they said...So days later i was still very ill couldn't eat or they thought I was having an appendicitis (SP) the Surgeon who did my surgury found the appendix was fine that I just had some blood from yup a ruptured cyst. Cleaned me up and off I went... Then again 6 months later it happened again. I was very ill for about three weeks and my OB had scheduled a lap to explore for that dreaded word ENDO!

So I never made it to lap date I went to the ER where my OB was about two weeks early I couldn't take it anymore. They found my bowel had formed lesions to my ovaries. I had endo on my left ovary in many spots and then only one spot on the right.

So since we weren't married yet we were getting married in Oct and this was Aug. We decided to go with Lupron Depot and what a mistake that was, the horrible side effects!!!

So we started ttc in February 05. But as soon as the lupron wore off I had major pain all over again. So I went to an RE b/c my OB wasn't really answering any of my questions. He just told me to take pain killers.

So the first RE I went to didn't really love and I felt like they just had everyone on a schedule so we did two medicated clomid cycles with IUI with them and then I found my new RE whom i love.

He explained that I had a LPD from my charts of irratic temps it was obvious. And that we could get preggers on our own but it would be faster if medicated and try IUIs.

So his orders clomid from CD2-7, HCG Trigger, HCG boosters on 3dpo and 6dpo and progestrone suppositories 2dpo on....

so after a total of 6 medicated cycles and 4 iuis here we are preggers.

we got preggers on our own no IUI we decided to try since the IUI would be on a Monday morning traffic is horrible to get to downtown Baltimore from PA...and what do you know we are preggers...

My advice be aggressive!!! Time is your fertility with Endo!!! If you think your OB is not as knowledgable as you might want go to an RE they do this as their living and know what they are doing!!!

BFP with Clomid/IUI, after Miscarriage

After conceiving easily this past summer, but then sadly miscarrying at 10 weeks in October, my husband and I struggled to get pregnant a second time. After a few months of trying I went an RE who put me on Clomid. It worked the first time!

I was on my frist round of Clomid (100 mg day 3 & 4 and 50 Mg days 5- 7) and had an IUI on 15 DPO (because my cm was too thick), the day I Ovulated.

I am delighted to finally be able to share my symptoms with you after spending many months reading everybody else's!

4 DPO/DPIUI - sharp, stabbing pain in left side, sizeable amount of CM
5 DPO/IUI - sharp stabbing pains in left and right side, sizeable amount of CM
6 DPO/IUI - stabbing pains continued alternately on both sides, they were like sharp cramps, still a lot of CM
7 DPO/IUI - temp shot from about 97.8 - 98.6, still sharp pains, especially when I moved a lot for example: bending over to put my shoes on, still more CM than usual, temp staying around 98.6
8 DPO/IUI - still had the pains, but now they were dull and crampy and not as often, still a decent amount of CM, it was kind of thick and chunky with a yellowish tint, temp still lingering around 98.6
9 DPO/IUI - still had the pains, but fewer of them, still had decent amount of CM, temp still around 98.6
10 DPO/IUI Lingering pains, fewer and farther between, temp still at 98.6, less CM, but still obviously there... broke down and took a test - BFN, could not have been more negative
11 DPO/IUI Woke up with terrible headache behind my right eye. It lasted all day, I never get headaches, so I thought maybe perhaps this is a sign, still had the cramps but now they were dull, temp still at 98.6
12 DPO/IUI tested again, again BFN, temp still right around 98.6, not as much cm, felt like I was getting my period, crampy and crying all day
13 DPO/IUI Woke up and temped 98.6... BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't super dark but it was a shade darker than faint. It was definitely there, not as much cm today, very tired, not very crampy, so happy that no matter how much pain I had I wouldn't have been able to feel it
14 DPO/IUI Super bright BFP this morning, temp still at 98.6, went to dr who confirmed it - HCG 160, Progesterone: 26. The nurse said those numbers are wonderful!!!

I say a prayer everynight that this pregnancy ends on a happier note than the last and I spread baby dust and best wishes to you all!

BFP with Clomid/IUI - 38 yrs old

I have been TTC for 2 1/2 yrs. Started Clomid and IUI in 2004

I had IUI 03-08-2006.

The 2WW was so long for me. I felt though that things were going to be good this time around. Other than the fact that I prayed all the time, I knew that God was in it and this was my 3rd IUI. I just felt ready and positive. I had sore bb's from 10dpiui and it just got worse.
11dpiu - I felt like I was counting every minute.Had slight cramps and bb's still hurting
12dpiui - I told myself I had to relax and wait it out.Of course, I did not. Got BFN
13dpiui - I finally could not wait anymore and decided to test. Got a very faint line and I said nothing to my husband as I wanted to be sure.
14dpiui - I finally decided to test again and immediately called my doctor. First thing I told him was that my boobs are major sore and I feel this is it.
I am now 17dpiui and yes it's still hurting but I am too excited to let sore bb's get me down.
I have an ultrasound scheduled for April 5.
Thank you for the positive info and I want to wish everybody well and hope that they all stay positive and pray and ask God for that little miracle to happen.
Blesings and baby dust to all.
From a very excited 38yr old!

BFP with Clomid, cd 3-7

Hello, here were my symptoms and my story....
2nd Cycle of Clomid

Cycle Day 3-7 took clomid, and got minimum cramps, but had headaches (much better than first cycle)
Cycle Day 14, I detected my surge
Cycle Day 15, surge was still there, but fading
Cycle Day 16, surge was gone
Cycle Day 19-21 I felt alot of cramps (Ovulating)
Cycle Day 22, I went to the doctors office and had my progesterone checked (It was 27) The prior month is was only 17. My Doctor advised me I may be pregnant, and If I wasn't I should definetely get pregnant next month.
Cycle Day 23-28, I had mad food craves for popeyes chicken and temperature stayed high.

Cycle Day 15-16 I Ovulated for sure! (my temp was elevated to 98.2-98.8)

7 DPO: was when I had my progesterone levels tested and they were high (27) This would have been after implantation.

8-10 DPO I had mad food craves for popeyes chicken and my temperature stayed high. My normal temperature is 97.7 (my temp was elevated to 98.2-98.8) and still has not went down.

10-12 DPO: Tested, but got BFN.... I was so disappointed...My breast are really sore and I have blue, greenish veins going across my breast and chest.

13-14 DPO: Tested, still got BFN..... My period was due of day 14, but nothing....Having slight headaches and breast still really sore. Been having hot flashes and nausea also.

15 DPO: Tested with first response, got faint BFP.....I just knew it would be negative, so I took it and walked out of the bathroom to finish getting dressed. I came back in moments later and saw a faint line (BFP)....I screamed and woke my husband up....He said "what's wrong?" I said I'm pregnant....He wanted to see, but you could barely see it...

So I went out to Wal-greens and bought a clearblue easy digital, walgreens digital, and answer HPT....I came home and took all of them along with a dollar tree test, and they all said pregnant...(Dollar Tree test was really,really faint).

I went to the Primary Dr's office later that afternoon to confirm...My Urine came back BFN....I was like, oh my GOD what is going on....My Dr. said not to panic and sent me to a Baptist lab to have my Blood drawn (Quant...Serum) Got BFN..... I was so stressed and depressed for the rest of the day....I could not work at all... It did not make any sense....

I called my OBGYN, and he said he didn't know what to tell me, the blood test is more accurate. I said, but I took, 7 different HPT....He said the blood test should be correct and go with that result.

He called me back a few hours later and said, he thought about it; and that the levels of the lab who took the blood tests could have been off and set to high...I asked him about the Dr's office urine results, he said, it could be the same case...He wanted me to come in that day to be tested with urine by him and he would also send me to their lab to draw his own blood work...

I went to see him at 8:30am the next morning, the urine came back BFP....He said great!, lets check your blood, to make sure there's nothing in your urine giving you false positives....I took the Quant. Blood Test and got BFP, again........Yeah!!!!

So we are pregnant, and hoping for a GIRL! Due June 27, 2007....

Ladies if a Dr. tells you you're not pregnant, and you feel like you are, get a 2nd opinion....Some Dr's and Labs can be wrong...Even the blood test!

Good Luck, and Baby Dust to you ALL!!