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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

BFP After 1st IVF/ICSI Fresh Transfer!

Hello ladies! I discovered this forum only in my two week wait (this past one). I was so grateful to find this support network that I promised myself I would share when it would one day be my turn! So, a bit of back story: Me and DH are 33. I had an ovarian cyst removed a few years ago and stage 2 endometriosis. My RE this past month told me that it often returns and could be hindering our chances considerably. Also, the surgery affected my AMH which showed I had 14 follicles. My husband has a morphology of 2% and his motility is 75%, BUT they're SLOW. So we discovered this after 10 months of trying. I got us in for tests early basically because of my history and wanted as much knowledge as possible. We tried a total of 11 months including 2 months of Letrozole and then went right into IVF. Didn't bother with IUI because according to my RE, it would only increase our chances from 4% to 8% because of our factors. SO. Retrieval we got 7 eggs, 5 mature and all 5 fertilized. On transfer day (day 5) they informed us we had one good embryo to transfer and the others didn't look so hot. They were going to give them until day 6. On day 6, one embryo fought through and they froze it! So here are my symptoms: Transfer day: cramping and tired, but figured it was from the procedure and all the drugs since I did retrieval just 5 days previously. Migraine in the evening. 2 dpt: nauseous and sore boobs, but figured it was still from drugs. 3 dpt: one, strong pinch. Face starting to get oily. Sore boobs, but must be the drugs. 4 dpt: a constant poking feeling ALL day on my left side. Didn't hurt, just annoying. Oh, and I started to get acne like mad! 5 dpt: acne is in full force. I'm a born again teenager. Bbs hurt. Felt pretty good overall. 6 dpt: same as above and hurts my boobs to hug people. Felt pretty good overall. 7 dpt: same as above and chilly/tired. Just felt off. 8 dpt: boobs not as sore, so of course, begin googling "disappearing symptoms before BFP" and had cramps in lower abdomen and back for a couple of hours. Thought it may not have worked. 9 dpt: boobs a bit sorer, no cramps. Acne is raging. 10 dpt: boobs the same as is my teenage face. BETA test day! 11 dpt: boob pain decreased considerably. Have STRONG cramps that feel just like AF for 2 hours and then begin spotting. I sob hysterically over the toilet and think all these signs point to negative. I was waiting to read the results because DH was away, but I called him and told him what just happened. He said, "okay, why don't you just read the email over the phone and we can get it over with". I hadn't even considered it because I thought I was 100% getting my period. I opened the email and it was like a scene from a movie "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" through hysteric tears. It's positive!!!!!!!! He then Facetimed with me on the bathroom floor in a crumpled mess. We're both crying. Feeling confused and overwhelmed after that unnecessary rollercoaster. Beta HCG was 40. 12 dpt: boobs sore again, acne still here (thanks hormones, but now it makes sense!), little indigestion. Second Beta HCG is 83!! Doubled! This day was the first time I did a FRER. I didn't want to POAS before beta. 2 very clear lines :D What I didn't do: Royal Jelly. Took one bite of pineapple core and was like "nope!". It's so tough to eat, don't know how you guys do it lol. What I did: Acupuncture once a week the month before. Acupuncture right before and right after the transfer. Day of the transfer we walked to lunch and then I came home and napped. Went to a play that evening. Stayed warm and kept my feet warm. We went away the day after transfer (anniversary!) and spent the weekend in the woods, in peace. Went for walks and enjoyed one another. Back to work after a few days. Celebrate the little wins. I did today and I'm hoping for you. I'm with you. I see you. xoxo

BFP after 7 years; early symptoms

Yep, you read it right. I was waiting looong. I almost was starting to be ok with the thought that it will never happen. What was different: I changed my doctor and for a year we were working on me. 1. I’ve had a cervical ectropion.(a small wound/irritation on my cervix) which was never a big deal for my infertility doctor. This one introduced me to new treatment. My abrasion was treated with small amounts of acid. Till it went away completely. 2. I was taking visanette (medicine for endometriosis) for 5 months. 3. I was very very busy. No symptom spotting, just trying to survive :) I spotted eggwhite CM on 10th day of my cycle. Way too soon for me. But it was second cycle after going off of visanette. We BD once that month. Only on CD 10. And I felt ovulation pain after BD on my left ovary. So i turned on my left side and let the gravity do its work. 1-7 DPO sensitivity to smell. I don’t know how is it possible but even before implantation i was sooo not happy with people who wear parfume. 8 DPO severe migraine. Medicine didn’t help, was feeling awful. Had to go to sleep at 8.00 PM 9-11 DPO almost nothing, slight nausea after eating 12-13DPO nausea after every meal. Really tired, but was working 18h a day. So i guess normal. 14 DPO TMI but i sneezed and peed :)) for the first time in my life. A LOT! 15 DPO nothing 16 DPO was feeling meh. Then nausea after eating again. Bought pregnancy test. Did it at midday and there was a faint line! Went to clinic and did a blood test BFP! 16 DPO - 39.84 HCG 18 DPO - 94.17 HCG 21 DPO - 385.1 HCG Never expected to be the one who has so many symptoms. I have dizzy spells, frequent urination, headaches, nausea after eating and can smell everything. I pray for it to be sticky bean. But it’s a miracle for me to even get pregnant. Good luck to everyone!
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BFN 11dpo BFP 17dpo

Hi everyone, This is pregnancy #2, DD will be 5 and hubby and I been trying for 4 cycles now. I haven’t tracked much at all this cycle, but I will say that I didn’t have any pms symptoms at all no sore boobs, cramping cravings etc. The only thing I notice is that I was peeing a lot, I mean a whole lot from 11dpo until now. I was also extremely gassy. I tested with a clear blue digital and BFN. AF didn’t show up yesterday, and I decided to check my cervix, it was very high, wet and simi soft. I tested today with a dollar store test and received a BFP. Today my boobs are sore, mild cramps, achy feeling around right ovary, bloating and mild nausea.
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When Hope Was Lost: Endometriosis

For the past 2 years, I would stalk these posts, hoping and praying that I may just receive my BFP! As the months passed, which later turned into years, I started to accept the fact that I simply may never be a Mother. After my first year of TTC, I went to my OBGYN, and he scheduled me for Laparascopy surgery. At the time, I was 31 years old, my periods would come every 30 days like clockwork, and we could not figure out why I was not able to conceive. During the surgery, he found several issues with endometriosis. My doctor removed polyps, as well as adhesions, and told me my fallopian tubes were clear! I figured "this is it!", that I could finally conceive! 1 month later turned into 6 months later and STILL nothing! I finally decided to quit. Quit tracking ovulation, quit temping, quit testing. It was too difficult of a disappointment to continue with. I should also mention that I have a severely tilted Uterus as well, making it a but more difficult to conceive. There was a time when I was even 5 days late, which was not typical, however, AF still showed. So let's fast forward to today! I received my BFP on 20 dpo, however, 20 dpo was also the first test I had taken, so I very well could have known prior to that, had I have tested. I did not have much in terms of symptoms, however, I believe I was also in denial, because i simply believed it could not happen and was sick of my body playing jokes on me! How cruel is it that PMS and pregnancy symptoms are nearly one in that same?! So here are the following "symptoms", really, lack thereof, that I experienced before my bfp: Generally, my boobs become sore after ovulation. At the very least, they will hurt atleast 5 days before AF. This time, I had NO sore boobs! Nothing, until 17 dpo, when my nipples were sensitive and sore. I just figured AF was arriving late. My biggest indicator ended up being MOODINESS! I am generally a happy/optimistic person, even during AF. Only a handful of my periods have I been somewhat bitchy and only for a day or two. Let me tell you what...I was a straight BIIATTCCHHH!! For over a week! Just snapping off at the dumbest things, telling everyone about was pretty bad. After a week and half straight of wearing a panty liner, and no show of AF...I finally started thinking, hmm, maybe I should take a test. I was in so much denial. I never wanted to get my hopes up, and even when I was taking the test, I walked away telling myself it was going to be a BFN, and asked myself why I even bothered. I walked back into my bathroom maybe 2 minutes later to a fairly dark PLUS sign!!!!! I was in SHOCK. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach and I'm not sure I have ever been more surprised from something in my entire life! Therefore, my only symptoms were NOT having sore boobs, and moodiness. Now, at 24 dpo, I find myself burping a lot, sleeping a lot, and feeling twinges/pulling sensations. My boobs are fuller and heavy and it is still only my nipples that are sore. I just want to encourage those who have lost hope that anything is possible. I never believed I would be pregnant and now I am praying for a healthy, sticky baby! When I quit temping and quit putting strain on DH and just relaxed, is when it happened. I had a general idea of O from all the tracking I had done months/years prior and knew what ovulation symptoms to look out for. Other than that, just go with the flow. Symptom spotting never got me anywhere and I find it ironic that I fell pregnant with nearly no symptoms at all prior to testing. Good luck to all you ladies TTC, I know it is a difficult journey, but you will get there!

IUI #2 at age 36 and endo

I have mild endometriosis diagnosed only recently during the 6 month fertility workup. I had surgery to take out one fallopian tube which was blocked. Surgery was actually a breeze. I wish I hadn't waited 3 months to do it because I listened to others telling me to "let nature do its job". Turns out, docs know what they're doing. We tried for another 5 months before going to IUI. Nothing on the first try. Second IUI I had two mature eggs and my husband provided a really generous number. TWW symptoms were pretty mild and likely started about DPO11 - tingly nipples, "dense" feeling breasts but not exactly sore, I was out of breath walking home from the bus stop or doing yoga, a small wave of nausea in the morning and hip soreness. Not to get disappointed by an earlier negative, I tested on DPO13- BFP (I don't know about the "F", it was more of a faint line still)! I'm a cynical old owl so I didn't get excited yet because I know the trigger shot can last in your body until day 14 resulting in a false positive. Next morning, the line was darker and blood test confirmed positive! DPO14- nauseous all day- not sure if it's from the anticipation for the phone call from the fertility clinic or just the oldest symptom in the book. Here's to all of you super patient TTC'ers. It was a journey of 1.5 years for me and we just had an IVF consultation last week since we were losing hope and everyone around me was getting pregnant. I guess there's a time for everything. What I did differently: lots of things so it's hard to pinpoint what worked- switched to decaf, drank one single beer all month and not even a sip of alcohol otherwise, ate lots of sardines and avocados, acupuncture twice and relaaaaxing - not overbooking, visualizing and generally just not stressing (not easy to do but saying no to invites helps), also stopped working out, not that I did a lot of that before.
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Hi Ladies. I used to stalk this site way back in the day, before I got married and had my DS. I could have sworn that I had posted it, but maybe the website was updated and it got lost in the transition. I feel like to help the ladies out... here is what I went through... and yes I still remember this from 10 years ago. Starting on 6/13/2008: CD 42 - 43) cycles were really long and abnormal – I found out my right ovary was behind my uterus which caused some pain aka endo – just a few days prior. No EWCM or any noticeable CM two days before O’day. We did BD just about every day though. CD 44 O’day) We didn’t BD we were actually on a plane on our way home to move our stuff to where my ex was stationed. 1-4DPO) Mostly visited family, BD maybe twice. No symptoms 5-7DPO) Started the long drive back home with our stuff in-tow. On the road. No BD. No symptoms. 8-9DPO) Got home, unloaded moving truck, no symtoms. 10DPO) BD. Notice nips are lighter in color with a darker hued ring on the edge and slight redness on the actual nips itself. Shrugged it off as too much rough play. AF like cramps. Freaking out with how many black-widows have taken home on our porch. 11-12DPO) Nips still same in color and AF cramps get stronger. Tell ex that AF is coming. 13DPO) Nips still the same, not sore. Still believing that AF is coming but now confused why cramps have stopped. Ex says I'm pregnant. Not sure so I buy a FRER decided to take it the next day. 14DPO) Took FRER in the afternoon when we were doing laundry. POAS, set it on the counter and completely forgot about it. Went out to check on clothes and came back to find a noticeable second pink line - BFP!! I was in disbelief and cried out "BABE!!" My husband immediately came to my side thinking that I needed to be saved from a black widow or something. I showed the stick to him and he hugged me and started to cry a little. I was still silent and in shock. REMAINDER OF PREGNANCY) No symptoms. I craved toasted subway sandwiches and milk which I would down about 3-4 gallons a week... no queasiness... no sore boobs (although the my nip color went back to normal after 5-6 weeks). I went on to give birth to a handsome and sweet boy a little early but he's healthy and fills my heart with joy. Things I did: NO STRESS or Obsession during the TWW. My first cycle using Liquid VITEX - hits the body faster than pills but is a pain to find now a days. Anything is possible ladies. Baby Dust!

First BFP after 3 years

Hello all, I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to write my own story, after three years lurking and reading your emotional stories. I must say, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for sites like this one, thanks to all of you and your successes I tried once again. We started TTC by the beginning of 2016, and we were very excited. I thought it would take 2-3 months maximum, as my doctor never said I had problems whatsoever. I grew impatient after 6 months, I started to wonder if something was wrong after a year of trying. I went to my doctor and he deferred me to a fertility specialist who ran some tests. Everything was apparently fine, and she recommended us to keep trying. However (and this was KEY), I felt something was not right with me and two years after we started this adventure, I decided to switch specialists. I found an amazing doctor who ran some more tests, and my gut was right: something was not right. Two days after changing doctors I found out that I needed two remove a couple of uterine cysts, that I had endometriosis (grade IV, so severe, and with a low AMH) and I needed a laparoscopy ASAP; and that it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally. I was desolated, but I proceed with all their recommendations. My laparoscopy was a success (one tube was removed, too), and as I was healing quickly, my doctor recommended to start IVF. The first round was on July 2018, not a great one as I overreacted to the meds and only got two viable 3-day embryo. That cycle (FET because I was risking OHSS) was negative, but we were right to continue. We started our second cycle on September, and it was even worse than the first one: just one day 3 embryo survived. We decided to go ahead with the transfer, knowing it was our last chance (it was draining us economically, too), it was also a FET (again, risk of OHSS), but for some reason, this one decided to stick with us. I'll never forget my face when I saw that second line for the first time. I was pregnant, at last. This little one's decided to tell us that 2019 is gonna be magical. We couldn't be happier, three years later, here we are. With this, I just want to tell all of you that I've been there, with the tears and the "why is it not me". But here I am, and it's a miracle. I always write everything down, so here I go with my "symptons", which I didn't really have :D but I know how important they are when someone is as anxious as us. FET day - 3 dpFET: Nothing special, bloated because of the meds and very light cramps here and there. Normal. 8 dpo (4 dpFET): cramps and a runny nose in the morning, nothing special as my DH was down with the flu (seriously, he was sick on Christmas Day!) 9dpo (5 dpFET): cramps, sore breasts (but def because of the meds) 10 dpo (6 dpFET): sore breasts, very dry throat when I wake up 11 dpo (7 dpFET): sore breasts 12 dpo (8 dpFET): sore breasts 13 dpo (9 dpFET): VERY hungry, light cramps at night 14 dpo (10 dpFET): cramps in the morning, hungry, frequent urination, dry throat (there I thought I was starting with the flu) 15 dpo (11 dpFET): NOTHING, but I decide to test late afternoon with diluted urine (OPK, as I didn't have any FRER) and it's positive. I start wondering something's up. 16 dpo (12 dpFET): Beta day, but can't wait and do a One Step with very diluted urine by lunch time just to confirm I was out. It comes positive within seconds, even with that kind of urine. My beta is also positive. Thinking back, I did some different things this cycle that I think helped: * Cut caffeine (apart from green tea) * Drink herbal infusions with ginger on it. * I threw away all my supplements, vitamins etc (apart from the ones prescribed by my doctor: Folic Acid, Iodine and B12) and tried to follow an anti-inflammatory diet as much as I could, as I thought it would keep the endo in check. It's worked. No salt, sugar or dairy products (almond milk on ocassion); and emphasizing on fruits, vegetables, lean protein (mainly white-meat poultry, beans and eggs), nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. * Drink water and sports drinks such as Powerade Zero (I did my own mix at home) * Have lots of work (I seriously didn't have time to Google anything, which is always a plus!) And that's basically it. It's a dream come true, just in time for the New Year. It seemed impossible, but here we are, knowing that WE CAN. Lots of baby dust to all of you, and good luck! xx
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BFP 36 One Ovary Clomid 2nd Cycle

God is so great! I had a larascopic oophorectomy in December and had left ovary and fallopian tube removed due to previous ruptured cyst year prior as well as severe adhesion's from endometriosis. My cycles were shorter but it appeared my right ovary was ovulating. I tried for 6 months and it was causing strife between my husband and I due to stress. We took a break focused on clean eating and went to couples therapy. I started clomid 50 mg 5-9 and took at night. Month one was emotional and I thought I was pregnant but never got a positive test. The next month I prayed everyday. I asked God to show me his will if this was not my plan. I also focused on joy for other women conceiving and prayed for other women struggling. Focusing on how I could help others made me less stressed during cycle two. I committed to no crazy early testing (like testing before implantation is even possible) I BD every other day and three days in a row after CB digital positive ovulation.(Eight days after last pill) I drank Pink Stork Fertility tea till ovulation, took Evening Primrose oil and snacked on Organic Brazil nuts, I also took plant based COQ10 and Pink Store Prenatal. I never thought I would have my BFP this month. Side note I had strongest ovulation as I really felt and my progesterone levels are excellent. I have six week ultrasound next Monday and am nervous and ecstatic. I pray for all the brave women who stuggle and continue to try. Bless you and Baby Dust! Below are some of the things I noted during tww. 1 -3 dpo Nothing 4 dpo Strong pelvic pains started to worry had cyst. exhausted, starving, craving bad foods, lotiony cm, kind of horny, gas 5 dpo Pelvic pain went away, in good mood, Still tired, bm multiple times hard and not soft like normal, lots of creams cm when checking, water discharge early am and lots of gas 6 dpo not much gas..loads of gas 7 dpo not much gas..loads of gas..argument with DH. Angry when normally more weepy before AF 8 dpo Gas :(, at store shopping ran to bathroom and barely made it due to huge soft bm, sorry tmi (usually go to bathroom a lot right before af) 9dp-10dpo Convinced AF is coming light cramps no pregnant feeling, but I had odd tickling under belly button. I had a glass of wine and noticed heart rate is elevated. Now that I look back resting heart rate went up and stayed up after pregnancy. 11dpo (two days before af) take test convinced negative want to get out of the way line on FRER under two minutes 12dpo BFP on CB Digital and Confirmed Beta 17 HCG 14 dpo Beta 157 18 dpo Beta 1,758

BFP! 4 months after miscarriage

hi everyone It's been a horrible year for me. I managed to get pregnant after 11 cycles, but lost it at around 5 weeks, I had to have an operations as they thought it's ectopic. Anyway 4 months forward I gave up of trying so I told my husband that one child is more than enough and thats it, I am fed up. The next day, I felt very strange , my period cramps turned into more like pulling/pinching, and guess what I got my faint BFP , that makes me 11dpo. I never suspected it as I did a digital before and it was negative. I am soooo scared to have another miscarriage again though so I am already panicking over small things like, uterus pain, loss of symptoms, all of it. I don't think I full let myself get happy till 12 week scan. It feels unreal. Also we are 40 years old with a 5 year old, so I thought I never get pregnant again, but lets see if it continues... even though in the end I thought I am not pregnant, in the beginning I was convinced I was, even entered it into my notes. Here it goes , bear in mind I usually have lots of symptoms every month, but maybe some of these below were little different, I will try to add more notes :) 1dpo:water retention, dry mouth, felt a little nauseous in the evening, left boob ache, and feels like I have a yeast infection, used some external canesten 2dpo: yeast infection disappeared (this is odd, as usually I suffer badly for days), AF pains, argument with DH, I want him to cut down on his drinking as we will never conceive like this, insomnia 3dpo: Bloated otherwise very quiet in my body, I feel rage , want to tell everyone to go away, AF pains and craving sweets 4dpo: some low down pains, maybe some cm, little nauseous, constipated, again argument with DH 5dpo: feel sick again, AF pains, cried in the gym for not getting pregnant, fed up, ok so this is when it starts, I feel car sick, some weird taste in my mouth. my boobs usually zap around this time, but this month its more like a deep muscle ache 6dpo:Bloated, constipated, some boob ache but only near armpit, car sick again!!! (I never get it) 7dpo: OMG, soooo horny! my coffee tasted weird, boobs ache deep outside only, lots of AF cramps, sooo hungry, no cm, tried, hungry 8dpo: woke up with boob ache, called in sick as felt soooo tired but all of a sudden I want to clean and clean, lots of energy this is when I thought something is up- BFN with FRER, insomnia 9dpo: some breast pain, AF pain, BFN again arghhhh, I left work early asI feel depressed, cried on the way back, bad mood, feel sick in the evening 10dpo: temp drop so I thought AF is coming, very vert vert bad af pains!!! , BFN with digi, and feel sick again, insomnia 11dpo: temp up, OMG I can see a line!!!! lots and lots of pulling and streching pain I am 14dpo now and my line is little bit more darker so I am worried about another MC, overall my symptoms were different more insomnia, and boob pain was deep, and car sick with strange taste. I hope this one stick x

BFP at 7DPO!

Hey everyone! Like anyone reading this I've been religiously reading through these posts trying desperately to see if my symptoms matched anyone else's symptoms, because let's be honest, waiting two weeks and not knowing if you're just symptom spotting and crazy and praying for that beautiful BFP is THE WORST. A little background. This will be my second child. My DD I had when I was 22 years old and it was a surprise. I ended up going through pregnancy alone and raising on my own until I met my husband three years after! So this was technically my "first" time actually TTC with someone. My favorite board to read from my the Symptoms by DPO, because we all love a good DPO story to hold us strong while waiting. It was so helpful to me that I wanted to do one for anyone who is struggling through the two week wait. I do have endometriosis. I've had two surgeries to remove what could be removed. It was suppose to get better after I had my DD, my doctor's words, but it came back stronger than before. I was assuming this would be hard to TTC as I've read a lot of articles of woman like me with endometriosis who could not conceive. I got off my birth control about four months ago (the pill) and I was on Nexplanon for two years and got off of that like a year ago. I was charting with the pregmate ovulation kit from We DTD two days before I assumed I would O (normal 28 day cycle) then I got a super dark line almost darker than the control line and we DTD that day. 1 DPO - nothing. 2 DPO - Creamy CM which is abnormal. 3 DPO - a little bit of abnormal exhaustion. Bloated. Light cramps on and off. Creamy CM. 4 DPO - 100% bloating. A bit more exhausted than normal. Headache. Light cramps on and off. Creamy CM. 5 DPO - Extreme exhaustion, to the point where I had to nap. So bloated. Light cramping. Creamy CM. 6 DPO - SO EXHAUSTED. Still bloated. Cramping. When I went to the bathroom I saw I had a few light pink and light brown spotting on my underwear. Like three little spots. This is when I assume I implanted. Creamy CM. 7 DPO - Very faint BFP with FMU. Faint but totally there and appeared before the three minute mark with FRER. WOO! Exhausted. Bloating seems to not be as extreme. Slight wave of nausea. Light cramping on and off. Creamy CM. 8 DPO - Total BFP! I know the line is going to get darker as the days go on which makes me super excited. I hope you all get your BFP's too! Baby dust to you all.