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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

BFP After 2 Laps

I'm very excited to be sharing my story with all you ladies. I've know I had endometriosis for many years I was put on bcpl at the age of 15 because of my terrible periods. At the age of 27 I decided to get off bcp bc I wanted to take a break I was not ready to conceive I wasn't even married yet. My periods weren't as bad as they were when I was a teenager but I started to notice that month after month I was experiencing more and more pelvic pain when urinating. I also had very high frequency. After seeing a urologist and a gym for several months of testing, they concluded that I had a large mass of endo that had protruded from my uterus into my bladder wall. I proceeded with my first Lap. After surgery, gym had removed some endo from one of my tubes and ovaries and also a large chunk from my bladder. However my bladder would always be compromised because the endo was so severe here that they would have to break the bladder wall and remove part of the bladder to completely remove all the endo. The brightside was that my reproductive organ all in all looked ok. However, my gun said when it's time ttc we'd look at having another lap. I was put on bcp immediately to try and keep the endo at bay until then, bc I refused to do Lupron.
Fast-forward 6 years. I'm happily married and we were ready to conceive. I am 33 my DH is 31. We got off BCP in Feb. first cycle was abnormally long about 36 days, they started to taper down until they hit 28 day cycles but month 3. I felt like I was doing everything right, taking OPKs from 3rd month and timing intercourse correctly, however no BFP. Every month I would get the dreaded AF. My Obgyn said she would let me try for a few months on my own then we would proceed to another lap with dye this time. I was really hoping to avoid this... It was scheduled for July, so you can bet the month prior we threw out all the punches and bd every day during fertile time and twice sometimes! Starting to lose the romance unfortunately no dice. So to my disappointment we went ahead with the lap and dye, my silver lining was that many women conceived after getting a lap and dye. So we were praying fervently that we would fall in this category. After Lap, Obgyn said bladder was only organ compromised by the endo, she un- fused the bladder and uterus and returned everything to its anatomical place. She also did the dye flush and my tubes were clear, hurray! So, in her opinion we were good to go! However the surgery was much harder to recover from this 2nd time. I had a catheter left in for a week post op bc of all the manipulation that has done to my bladder they didn't want it to distend. That was the worst part, bc it's very uncomfortable. I was O two weeks post op so we went ahead and hit it hard even though I was so uncomfortable bc I had a UTI from catheter and was on my second round of antibiotics, needless to say I felt like crud. Wondering why everything was so hard and complicated for us.
However, we tried to stay positive and pray, pray, pray. And this month our 6th cycle trying we got our BFP!!!
Here are a couple of things we did different this month
- I drank grapefruit juice cd 1- cd14
- I took evening primrose oil pills for cd1-14 (this was hard bc it gave me some serious stomach cramps and loose stools) so I lowered the reg dosage. My CM was on the lighter side so I was trying to really get it up.
- We used Pre-Seed every time during fertile days were in the past it was more sporadic use.
- I made sure to have an orgasm after my DH, heard this helps...
- drank green tea every morning
- drank pineapple juice from cd15- to BFP

Besides that all was the same.

2 years TTC with Endo

I knew I had endo, even though I had never been diagnosed. My mom had it and didn't know when she conceived with me, but took 6 years to get me a little sister because of it! My periods had been getting worse over the first year of my marriage, I was taking a sick day a month with what I called "the groans". Nothing but writhing on the bed groaning would do much for me, even my prescribed naproxen!
So I cheated a little and told my doctor that we had been ttc for a full year (it had been 8 months), because in order to get a referral to an OB/GYN it had to be a year of unsuccessful trying. After a few MORE months they did a lap. with dye injection and confirmed the endo (stage 1, so I thought I was in the clear!), and she sent me home with a story of another girl she did at the same time as me who got pregnant the next month! This did the opposite of give me hope - just one more person that could get pregnant meant that I was more and more likely the one in ten with infertility.
My husband (who does EVERYTHING better than most) had extremely off the charts numbers for count and a great morphology percentage (even though the sample was late and we didn't follow the instructions and wait 2 days), so luckily we weren't dealing with that too! If any could do it, dh swimmers could!
After a few more months went to OB again and was told nothing more could to done, would have to go to a fertility doctor. I finally lost it. I had been expecting problems because of my mom's history, and I was certain I had endo, but I mean it was ONLY stage ONE right?!?!?!
Wrong. Yes it was stage one. After I saw the fertility doc, he informed me that stage one and two sometimes present further obstacles because its rarely a physical blockage (especially after the dye injection), and more often a way too complicated immune response to ovulation that they don't understand (and therefore can't help).
Waited 3 more months to figure out if we should try IUI (doc's suggestion), or go straight for invitro.
Went back to doc to say we were ready to start with IUI but saw a different doctor instead. He told us basically with our history not to bother with IUI, that it would be a waste of money and to go straight to invitro. We left the office and I bawled uncontrollably at Starbucks, and we decided to go back to the first doctor, who was, after all, an endo specialist and ask him to give it to us straight. He told us to start with IUI the following month.
Somehow in all this I had lost track of my cycle, and found that I was on CD35 (nothing to give a red flag, at this point it was fairly common for me), the day before dh was supposed to go in again for another test to get ready for the next cycle to start IUI.
DH came home and I begged a nap, and I thought I might as well POAS the next morning so long as I wasn't bleeding (what was one more in the hundreds I had taken?) before he got up at 5am to get tested before going to work. BFP the next morning, shocked! It was an internet cheapie so no instructions (you'd think I would know by now, but I had never seen one with TWO lines before!), so we had to run to the store and wait for it to open at 6am to get a $10 test to validate the result!
So all told, it took us 2 years, thank God no fertility tx, but blessed to have followed the pg through the first trimester with regular ultrasounds with my fertility doc. We have a 22 month old beautiful most amazing girl, and I feel truly truly blessed.
The month we conceived and I was bawling at a coffee shop (already pg, just didn't know it, no wonder I was so emotional!), I begged God not to make me go through this another month, and that all I wanted was ONE. That even my Mom couldn't understand because she had me before she had problems ttc. We had a miscarriage last year (had a bad feeling whole first trimester, miscarried at 12 weeks exactly), but I think it was God's way of telling us not to worry this time, that it COULD happen again. Heartbroken as I was, it was hopeful that we got pregnant after only 6 months of trying the second time! I think I needed this because I never knew that I would mistrust my body to this extent, to not be able to do what seemingly ALL other women on earth could do - get pregnant.
I never imagined that I would walk into a waiting room at a fertility clinic with a 10 month old and know EXACTLY what those people are feeling, and that bringing my baby was rubbing not salt but arsenic into their open wounds, and are moved to tears with sympathy for what they are going through. Who knew I would feel guilty once we finally succeeded?
I can honestly say though, that as much as we want a big family (thinking 5 before all this started!), I am truly happy with our family of 3, and even though I still live the reality of the TWW, its nothing compared with what I went through trying the first time.

BFP with PCOS and Endometriosis

Hello everyone, let me tell you my story, I still can’t believe I’m typing a ttc success story, I’ll start from the beginning, my husband and I began trying shortly after our wedding, after a year of bfn's, I decided to go to the doctors and express my concerns, thankfully he referred me to a fertility specialist.

After a blood test and an internal vaginal scan I was diagnosed with PCOS (of which I have had no systems for), it was also suspected that I had possible damage to my fallopian tubes. I was then referred for a laparoscopy and ovarian drilling (the drilling of tiny holes to the ovaries which destroys excess testosterone tissue and kick starts ovulation). 3 months after my operation I went to see the fertility specialist for a final time, just to discuss the outcome and findings from the lap & dye. To my surprise she told me I also have endometriosis, something I also have had no systems for. She told me she had removed a cyst, some endo and drilled the holes in my ovaries, my fallopian tubes were clear and unblocked but were lazy and were unlikely to process a fertilized egg which meant if I did get pregnant I would be high risk for an ectopic. We discussed IVF which we were planning to go for once we'd reached the 3yr mark so we could qualify for a go on the NHS.

However, 6 months after my laparoscopy I amazingly got a BFP, I was 15 DPO and in total shock. At 7 weeks, I had a scan and could see our miracle baby with a nice strong heartbeat pounding away :-). I am happy to report I am now almost 19 weeks and so excited to soon be finding out what we’re having, but boy or girl we don’t care as long as all is well because this truly is a miracle pregnancy - thanks to the wonders of the medical world and what they can do to help women with fertility issues. We are so grateful to be pregnant; baby is due 29th December 2012 :-). If your reading this and are having trouble conceiving, don’t give up, I truly hope this gives people some hope as reading others story's gave me the hope and strength to believe it would happen for us, because it has.... were pregnant!!!!!!! :-)


First off I have endometriosis, 1 month after my laparoscopy I conceived my now 7 yr old daughter. We had been ttc for 6 months, I was beginning to think maybe my endo was the cause so I went to see a gynocologist to get checked out. I started charting and using opk strips from ebay and trying to time BDing with my O days, the thing I noticed was that my body would gear up to O then fail for whatever reason and I would then ovulate 7-10 days after a positive test. This was frustrating, it felt like my body was against me! Then after ttc for 8 months my dr finally diagnosed me with PCOS, I was devastated. With endo and PCOS I thought I had no chance! My dr had me put on metformin but low and behold 5 days later after taking the medication I found out I was pregnant!! 1 week after finding out I had PCOS! Now that’s a record in my book! No 1 was more shocked than me, it was the 1st cycle I had given up thinking it was possible. I had been taking a herbal tablet called vitex to regulate my cycle and to help with ttc but I’m uncertain if this helped as my cycle didn’t change at all. It’s still worth a mention though! Oh and this cycle was the only cycle that I didn’t have imaginary pregnancy symptoms, other than sore bbs which I always get, it was my only symptom!

BFP with Endometriosis/Varicocele and 4th Clomid IUI

After years of trying to conceive I can't believe I am finally posting my BFP. It is so surreal that I am almost nervous about being excited. After being diagnosed with endometriosis and TTC for 6 years we were growing frustrated. Finally last summer my husband agreed to have a semen analysis, and he had a low sperm count with poor morphology. He had an ultrasound of his testicles which revealed a varicocele and he had surgery in Sept. We hoped that this would correct the problem however months go by and still no pregnancy. In Feb we started Clomid IUI and month after month no pregnancy. Since my insurance does not cover invitro, my RE went ahead with our 4th Clomid IUI. Other alternative treatments were acupuncture, hubby started to take FertilAid and his counts and motility and volume significantly increased. What I did different with this IUI was that I had the IUI on the same day of my surge where the other three were the day after. I felt like I had nothing to lose at this point.

I have had no symptoms, the only indicator for me was an implantation dip 7 dpo, and my temps have remained elevated and I am 4 days late. I tested 12dpo with the most faint line and today at 13 dpo with a different brand there is a positive. My beta had been scheduled after IUI for 6/25. I can't wait and was to eager and excited to wait to post.

Don't lose hope and faith, I was starting to become so discouraged and full of despair. I will happen if you try, hope, and pray hard enough.

Baby dust to all!!!!!!

BFP After 6 Months with Endometriosis and Possible Blocked Tube

Hi ladies,

I am still in shock and I really can't believe that I'm pregnant! I am 35, my husband is 32 and we've officially been trying since January 2012. We've been married since September 2011 and I went off the pill in November 2011 after being on it continuously for 2.5 years. Several years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was recently told that I might have a hydrosalpinx (a blocked tube) on my left side. So I was anticipating a very long wait to get pregnant. In fact I was convinced that it wouldn't happen this month at all which is why I scheduled a follow up with my gynecologist so that I could finally schedule key hole surgery to remove any endometriosis and to confirm the blocked tube. Ironically when my husband and I went in for the appointment, I was already pregnant (but I didn't know it!)

Conception happened while we were away on holiday for a friends wedding. It was at a time when I was convinced it wasn't going to happen and when I was very drunk! Go figure!

Here is how my two week wait went:

CD 10: watery CM - I got very irritated when we were getting ready for our friends wedding and subsequently broke into tears many times during the day/evening; DH joked that I was pregnant; we both drank heavily at the reception
CD11: watery CM - we made love very early that morning (around 3am) after returning from the wedding - it was a quickie and we were still tipsy :)
CD 12/OD: creamy CM - nothing out of the ordinary
1 DPO - nothing out of the ordinary
2 DPO - nothing out of the ordinary
3 DPO - mild cramps
4 DPO - tender breasts and dizziness
5 DPO - mild cramps and tender breasts
6 DPO - mild cramps and tender breasts
7 DPO - mild cramps and headache
8 DPO - strong cramps and headache
9 DPO - strong cramps, dizziness and headache; took hpt and it was negative (convinced AF is coming)
10 DPO - strong cramps, tender breasts and dizziness
11 DPO - strong cramps, dizziness, gassy, skin breakout and vivid nightmares
12 DPO - mild cramps, tender breasts, backache, dizziness, extremely emotional and vivid nightmares; took hpt and it was negative (now definitely sure it hasn't happened this month)
13 DPO - mild cramps, tender breasts, backache, bloated, and hot flashes
14 DPO - strong cramps, tender breasts, backache, dizziness, gassy and nausea
15 DPO - BFP in the morning before work!!!

I am so happy and I still can't believe it! It may sound silly but I think it's true what they say: it happens when you least expect it!

In past cycles, we used Pre~Seed and I would often hold my legs up over my head to make sure it happened. This time around I was relaxed and right after we made love, I fell asleep. I didn't get up at any point so this could be another reason why it happened. I do think tracking my temps on helped a lot because after going off the pill, my period was so sporadic, it really helped to know when I was ovulating.

I hope it's a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! And I wish you all the
very best of luck on your TTC journey too!

Endo, TTC 15 months

I had a robust pregnancy which resulted in my healthy 3yo son when I was 25. At 27, I got pains and found out I had cysts blocking both tubes. I decided on lap surgery, which found stage 4 endo. They cleared my tubes and told me to try again right away. After 15 months and having my first ever consultation with a FS, I was told to have a hycosy done for diagnostic purposes but it can clear mild blockages and can increase my chances of conceiving. So literally days later, we tried, and got our BFP!! I'm 5 weeks along, only early days. But my next step would have been IVF, as I didn't want to muck around for too long and be too old with endo as well. Even with signs of sore breasts and nausea I had so many negatives that I psyched myself into thinking I was just "late" and not to be too hopeful. It can happen. At the most unlikely of times.

Finally!! Best to Stop Trying....Who Knew?

After a year and half of unsuccessful not-preventing-so-let's-see-what- happens, we decided to seek professional help. I was 37 at the time (now almost 39) and my husband 43 (we found each other a little late in life). Neither of us have children and I never tried to get pregnant before so didn't realize how difficult it really is!! I do have endometriosis so figured I may have some issues so when we found our RE we thought that it would be pretty simple with a little help. 5 rounds of Clomid and 3 rounds of IUI and nothing. I did have a chemical pregnancy on our 2nd IUI but nothing at our 3rd. At that point my RE recommended other options but since I was not considered a good candidate for IVF (low reserve) we thought about egg donors but it was just too much!

Our last IUI was in March 2012 and we decided to not try anymore. The whole thing became just too disappointing and stressful. So, we figured, we love our life and each other and we could devote our time to other family members and activities and maybe spend our lives doing things our friends with kids can't. :-) It actually sounded pretty good to us so we booked a cruise and planned a great trip to Europe in 2013.

I got a BFP on 5/22/2012 and the best part is we only did the deed once after my LMP on 4/20/2012. Yeah, once. We were in the midst of planning our wedding (married 5/11/2012) and had A LOT going on.

At 4:15am on 5/22 I decided that being 4 days late warranted a call to the doc b/c I have NEVER been late but maybe I should rule out pregnancy. I didn't know the lines showed up that fast. I barely put the test down and it was all aglow with PREGNANT!!!!

As for symptoms = sore BBs; occasionally a wave of nausea comes over me and I'm pretty dang tired. But it's not even every day. Just when I think, oh no, I feel nothing, what's wrong? The next day I spend 3 hours nauseous.

My HCG levels have been rising nicely and my first U/S is in 2 days and I can hardly contain myself. I am trying to be positive but the lack of symptoms freaks me out so I remain cautious but extremely hopeful!

It can happen and I just think you have to be willing to accept either outcome. Be willing and happy to have children or willing and happy to move on without children. Your life will be fantastic either way. I know, regardless of the outcome of this pregnancy, I will be so grateful for my life and my husband and that I found the love of my life at 37. I'll be holding out hope that the next love of my life will arrive in about 7.5 months :-)

Here's to all those women trying and my hopes and prayers to us all for success!

TTC For 10+ Years

I just want to tell everyone, that after about 14 years of TTC with no luck, I finally got my BFP on 5-20-12! I have endometriosis and my husband has a low sperm count and we went to fertility Dr's who advised us it would be best to do IVF after 2 failed IUI's (well not really failed but they wouldn't do it b/c DH sperm count was so low) that was in Nov. 11 and I just couldn't go through that with the holiday coming up. We decided to put off for a lil while and to my surprise I am glad I did. It is still very early but I am 6 weeks preg. and Dr's say everything looks great. so I just wanted to share my story and symptoms b/c I used to visit this site almost every month checking symptoms of a/f.

I had period like cramps the week before I would normally get my period. I also had hot flashes at night I would wake up with my neck soaked with sweat. (and I am never hot)

***baby dust to all*** I was never one of them people who believed it when people would say they just stopped trying and it happen, but that is exactly what happen to me!! 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Having been told that my chances of conceiving were reduced due to endometriosis, my partner and I decided to try for a baby (5 years earlier than we thought we would need to!! We're both 24) after a few months of tracking ovulation and trying to conceive it finally happened! We didn't think we had done it on this particular month (March) because I had a water infection whilst ovulating but luckily I must of ovulated later due to a stressful house move! Here are my initial/early symptoms: -First thing I noticed was neon wee! -Was going to bed slightly earlier (9 instead of 10- put it down to moving house) -I had diarrhea every morning for 2 weeks ( endo flaring up??) -About 4 days before I got my BFP I was violently sick for 24 hours which I knew wasn't a bug r something I had eaten, I think it was the hormones! -From then on the nausea and exhaustion fog hit! I also experienced abdominal cramping for the first 2 weeks (felt as though af was coming) Now 11 weeks and had our scan :-)