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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

Got your BFP with late ovulation? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP with O' day 127!!!!!!!

This is nothing short of GOD!!! I've been analyzing my symptoms (and lack thereof) since July 2011 and started to lose hope. I've only had 3 cycles!!!! Yes, very loooong irregular ones. Here's what I did different this cycle:

*prayed A LOT with DH, BELIEVED God is faithful and will manifest His will in our lives for a child. I asked him to forgive me of my sins and reveal any hindrances in my life so that I could repent and be delivered from any bondages keeping me from healing.
*We didn't speak ANY negativity (concerning AF) - Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.
Instead we talked as if I was already preggo, and I was!!!!!
*relaxed and removed ALL stress related plans and things for the TWW
*Ate pineapple from O-10DPO

Here were my irregular symptoms:
O=CD127!!! BD the day of and the day before, propped my butt up for 10+ min after
0-5dpo cramping
6-8dpo urgent watery diarrhea one day and then constipated the next
9dpo tired and napped in the afternoon (unlike me) *BFN
10dpo energy! Just an overall sense of well-being & super happy *didn't test
11dpo BFP!!!!!!! with FMU on FRER. I'm still in shock!!!!!! :D

Also, my temps were higher this LP than any previous ones. Over 99! I had creamy CM throughout LP when I usually dry up. My nipples were sore as usual, but this time it faded by 10dpo. BBs seem heavier overall, but not tender.

Girls, believe in your hearts that God has control. He WILL give you the desires of your hearts if you delight in Him. (Psalm 37:4) He is faithful to His Word. I would not be writing this today had it not been for His amazing love and grace. Thank you Lord for this blessing!!!

BFP With Short Luteal Phase

I promised myself I would post on as soon as I would get my BFP. this site was a real support in my 2ww. I would have never know that smelly urine could be a sign.

I am 29 years old and DH is 32 we have been TTC since November. I started charting in November, December and have found out that my luteal phase is around 10, 11 days so I had progesterone prescribe in December and started a new cycle on 7th of January. also its is the first month using OPK's.

CD14 TO CD 21 : BD
cd18: + OPK BD
cd19: + OPK BD
1 DPO to 5 DPO nothing
6 DPO : I had a yellowish discharge in the morning and sore nipples throughout the day on/off
7 DPO : had this acne break out on my face and shoulder, I've never had a zit, not even when I was a teen. smelly urine
8 DPO : still smelly urine, bbs starts being sore, sore nips. constipated
9 DPO: I could still smell my urine, constipated, wave of nausea at night, cm is creamy. I was so thirsty I woke up with my lips dry and I sweat so much during the night I had to change my t-shirt.
10 DPO : lots of CM, backache, few more cramps AF type. I was still sweating like crazy. increase nausea.
11 DPO: BFP with Clearblue digital ( 1-2 week) and first response. all day I felt light headed, more nausea more cramps, bbs sore. more yellowish CM.
still having hot flashes

I still cant believe it. I still have to continue with the progesterone (duphaston) that will prevent mc. I hope it is a sticky bean. now I have to tell DH.

What was odd for me was the cm discharges I constantly felt wet and the fact that I could smell my urine.

Luke 11:9-10
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.

Baby dust to all. God bless u

BFP 12DPO With LONG Cycles + OPK

I went off BCP in July 2011 after 13 years. I'm 31, DH 38. My first period after getting off BCP came after 50 days, then had a 38 day cycle, then another 50 cycle. So I wasn't sure if I was irregular because my body was trying to regulate itself after BCP or if there was something else going on.

Started using Clear Blue Digital OPK after 4 months TTC to see when or if was ovulating at all since my cycles were so long.

Positive OPK on 4th cycle day 26 & 27. So I knew I wouldn't have a regular cycle this time either since I didn't get + OPK until CD26. Didn't really have any symptoms whatsoever except had to get up in middle of night most nights to pee. Unusual for me to not sleep through the night and didn't drink a lot of liquids before bed for this reason- cause I want to sleep through night and not get up to pee. But I had to pee every 3 hours some nights. Weird. Also on DPO11 and DPO12, I got a stretching feeling in my stomach, like I had done several crunches the day before and my abs were sore. But I had not done any abs workouts.

That's what felt so weird and I couldn't wait any longer and had to POAS.

Got dark BFP w/o FMU (tested at 7:00pm) on 12DPO! It still doesn't seem real! Tested again on 13 DPO w/o FMU again just to see, and BFP again! God is great!

1 Samuel 1:27 For this child I have prayed and He has granted me my request

BFP on CD 75!!

Hey guys, like most of you I frequented this site almost everyday while TTC and wanted to share my story with you all. There is hope for ridiculously long, irregular cycles! I'm 24 got off BCP in late August. We were doing the whole "not trying not preventing" thing but I was tracking so I tried to steer our BD'ing toward when I thought i was most fertile ;). Well my cycles being so crazy and unpredictable it was all pretty much a best guess thing. My first period after coming off BCP was 42 days the next was 54. I did not temp or use OPK's, all I did was pay attention to CM and track my CD on a calendar. I thought that I was ovulating at around CD 40, so we BD'd, but when I tested I got a BFN. Well then about 2 weeks after that around New Years' I had a lot of clearish watery CM (not even EWCM like I have had, just super water and a lot of it) and I also was feeling a little more horny then usual (tmi). DH and I BD'd that day (1/1) and 1/3. Took a test 1/14--BFN. I figured that if I had ovulated when I suspected I should be getting my period no later than 1/5, so I took another test 1/17 and got a BFP!! I couldn't believe it so I took another and same thing!! Went to the doc, their test came back negative so I got my blood drawn and just got the call this morning that my HCG level is 54! I go back on Fri to make sure the levels are rising.

Sorry this was kind of long, but I really wanted to share my story. As far as symptoms, really if I wasn't hunting for them I would not have noticed anything. Had a few cramps leading up to BFP, and still have some esp. in the evenings. They are much more mild than AF and feel more "sharp" than achy. My CM is a small amt of yellowish, thin. Oh and the other different thing was I noticed waking up feeling warm...I wasn't drenched in sweat, but I felt a little on my back in the mornings.

Anyway good luck to each of you, don't lose hope...even you ladies with nutty cycles can get a BFP!

Short Luteal Phase But Got BFP

Hello everyone, I scanned this site always looking for extra hints. I had a luteal phase of about 6-8 days, I had one or two cycles where it made it to 10. I knew I needed Clomid and was impatiently waiting for my fertility appointment following all the tests..very frustrating.

If like me you have a short luteal phase do not take Evening Primrose as it delays ovulation. This cycle I decided to take two tablets of Tesco complex b supplement a day, this is supposed to help progesterone levels. I know it says one a day but after reading it couldn't harm me I took two a day from ovulation.

My cycle went on unusually long up to 30 days and I thought the complex b had began to work in lengthening my cycle (usually about 27days). I had some light spotting and was expecting my period the day later which is usual for me, but when I got to day 32 and no period arrived we did a test and I was BFP!!!!!! no doubt. I have had blood tests and been to BEP clinic (because of the spotting) and there is really a baby growing in there.

Hope this helps someone on here. Also the doctor can prescribe Clomid which my first doc said she couldn't, but I later found out they if you have short luteal phase get your bloods done and ask for Clomid while you wait for fertility appointment and take complex b twice the rec dose.

BFP after late ovulation and Tubal Reversal

I can't believe it!  I got a "PREGNANT" on my Clear Blue!  This is my 3rd month TTC after Tubal Reversal and I have been on this site a lot!  I really love reading everyones posts! I tried the OPKs with two lines for my first 2 months TTC.  Never got a positive. EVER! Started to worry.  Was peeing on sticks all the time! lol  Got excited on Oct 24 when I started very slight spotting, 5 days before AF was due.  Oct 25 started full flow.  Made my cycle only 24 days when I am very near 28 days every month.  So started to pee on sticks that had "O" or "smile face" on Nov. CD 8.  Kept going and going and felt "ovulation pain" at 9pm on CD 17.  On a whim, I OPK tested and it was a Smiley!   Tested again the next morning, and it was negative, so I would of missed it if not for the ovulation pain! Was confused on when to test for pregnancy, as I had the short cycle in Oct. and I ovulated on CD 19 according to Fertility Friend (First month BBTcharting as well)  So I tested on CD 27 but it was negative, also only 9 DPO.  Tested today ( Nov 23) with same dollar store test and saw very faint second line.  Did another and was the same!  Bought Clear Blue Digital after work and got a PREGNANT!!!  I am so happy!  I wish the same for everyone else TTC!

Finally Pregnant After Mirena Removal (2 Years Ago!)

2 years ago my husband and I made the decision to try for #2, so I had my Mirena IUD removed.  The statistics for Mirena boasted the ability for couples to conceive within a year, so during our first year I stalked this sight month after month to see if it had happened!

After about 9 months of no luck, I purchased an ovulation monitor because I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.  It was eye-opening and disheartening to discover that I ovulated VERY late in my cycle (~CD18) with a 28 day cycle.  I found that my short luteal phase was the culprit, and so about a year ago I decided that I would just embrace the gift of one child and stop obsessing.

Life is ironic like that, isn't it?  My husband and I were on a trip to Chicago a few weeks ago, and I noticed that my bbs were sore a day or so early.  This would have been CD21 or DPO3.  This normally happens 7 days before my period begins.  By CD 31 the soreness was gone, and my period was late.  I tested yesterday and got a confirmed positive.  This was confirmed at my doctor's office today.

I had no other clear symptoms, except for perhaps a runny nose.  This could just be a coincidence.  I also started feeling some pulling below my belly button from cd31-cd34.  The sore bbs that suddenly vanished was the biggest sign for me.

I'm still very shocked and hope it sticks.  It just goes to show you that miracles can happen and that sometimes if we just let go and relax things can work out.

BFP with lower back aches

Here is what I experienced with this BFP.

1 dpo - mild cramping
3 dpo - started daily progesterone to treat a short luteal phase,
4-9 dpo - no symptoms
10 dpo - mild cramping and had a bubbly, fluttery feeling in lower abdomen, almost like when baby #1 started moving around week 16
11 dpo - lower back ache and diarrhea, thought it was from something I ate; BFN 13 dpo -
12 dpo - lower back ache and diarrhea, started to think food poisoning was not the cause; took a test and saw a FAINT line
13 dpo - another faint line with FMU, a negative with digital test #1 (ept); positive digital in afternoon (Walgreens); spotting in am with pink streaks that turned to brown in the afternoon.
14 dpo - slightly gassy

This BFP is different than #1. The first time around, I had sore boobs and a lot more cramping an no spotting. Just goes to show that each pregnancy can be very different.

DH and I only bd'd every other day around ovulation but not on O day because I was out of town. Also, my O was way late, by a week, which made me think that this cycle was going to end wacky. I was surprised to see the positive tests and am still a little in disbelief.

Baby dust and sticky beans to all!!!

BFP with Late O

I've always had long, irregular cycles. I started charting and found that I was ovulating, but it was really random as to when it would happen. My cycles were anywhere from 35 to 90 days, usually around 40-50 days.

We missed ovulation on my first couple of cycles (one cycle was 60 days and one was 42 days) and then I started using OPKs. I went through a ton - I used about 25 sticks. Around CD 30 they started getting darker and darker, and I O'd on CD 35. We were able to time it perfectly in the week leading up to O. Nine days after ovulation, I couldn't wait any longer and I POAS. The line was so faint I wasn't sure if I was imagining it or not. I wasn't - that nearly invisible line on a stick is now an 8-month-old baby girl. :)

BFP after Neg HPTs

I started reading the website after noticing small spotting (brownish) during my first cycle off BCP (was on it for 10 years). I was sure this was implantation bleeding, but AF arrived very late on day 42! (April 1st). So after that here comes another 45 days and no AF. 2x HPT (different brands) = BFN.
I started worrying that DH and I were going to have problems TTC with these crazy long cycles! Well, today (day 56, no AF) I went to my doctor and he gave me the news = BFP!!!!! Apparently I am 8 weeks - so it just goes to show you that HPT's can be wrong! What I did? Just tried to relax, lots of fun LO and healthy eating!