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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Multiples

BFP with multiples?! Augh! Exciting and frightening all at once! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

Two week wait - so hard!

Hi Just want to write this as voyering these boards helped me SO MUCH during my two week wait. All of us are so brave. having to undergo IVF is the hardest thing for a woman to go through, it goes against everything us women were made for. I struggled so much during the 2WW that I felt really negative at the end of it. I just wanted to tell you all a few symptoms that I read into and shouldnt have. 1st week: sore boobs and going to the toilet loads 2nd week: squeezing my boobs every day for hope of some tenderness - none. Period pains almost every day I was pretty sure it hadnt worked. I get different period pains like dragging but some sharp pains ad weirdly a pain in my tummy button which always means a period. had all these. I even said to my husband sadly "whats the point in doing a test," but something came over me I thought "Ive been through all this I have to know" so i did the test on the 2nd wee of the day (i was so desperate for the loo when I first got up I forgot?!) and it was a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!! We just saw the heart beat 2 days ago and now feeling nice and nauseas. Please ladies dont read into any of the signs as one forum said "the cruel thing is early pregnancy symptoms reflect period symptoms." I love the person who wrote " have FAITH have FAITH have FAITH...." when she was writing about her positve result after all the cramps and no symtoms/symptoms there one day gone the next.If this baby is a girl her middle name will be Faith. FYI I have had these cramps pretty much the whole time. Lots of us IVF pople also have scaring and dont forget the effects of stimulating your ovaries to the point of no return and then stopping the hormones. We've been through so much, let's give ourselves a break. I believe in positivity and do loads of hypno. BELIEVE you will have a baby, even go out and buy it something to confirm your belief it will happen. the sub concious mind knows so much more than you think. what's the worst that could happen? you were too positive? I don't think so, it would always be worse to think I wasn't positive enough. All the best to you brave lot.


Cycles range from 26-28 days average lutel is 12 days. My chart was triphasic this month! I had hardly any symptoms this month. The first thing that tipped me off was that I usually cramp from O to AF and I had no cramping what so ever. DH was telling me I was pregnant since we BD'd. Not sure how he knew. This is baby #2 for me, I have an 11 yr old boy. 1st baby for my DH. Only BD'd one day this month! So below is how this month went. Oh I'm 33 DH 36 Temps- Coverline is usually 97.9 O'd on 1/5 97.9 - Positive OPK BD- Clearblue easy had a Smiley face! 1/6- 1DPO 98.1 1/7- 2 DPO 98.5 1/8- 3 DPO 98.3 1/9- 4 DPO 98.4 1/10- 5 DPO 98.3 1/11- 6 DPO 98.3 1/12-7 DPO 97.8- implantation dip? 1/13- 8 DPO 98.0 1/14- 9 DPO 98.1 1/15- 10 DPO 98.2- nauseated in the morning and evening. ACNE!!!! Emotional about acne. Cried at an episode of 2 and a half men. 1/16- 11 DPO 98.6 loving my temp this morning!!! 1/17- 12 dpo 98.4 Took a test (FRER) in the middle of the night and went back to bed. Woke up at 8 and I have a faint line!!!!! 1/18- 13 dpo 98.6 darker bfp with fmu (FRER)! I think I'm pregnant! 1/19- 14 dpo- I didn't test or take temp this day. Called and made my ob appointment 2/12/15!!! Itchy all over. 1/20-15 dpo- took my last FRER with fmu and it is bright pink! My FF app told me that I could stop tracking my fertility now lol So far nausea on and off, boobs aren't sore. My stomach is really upset tmi alert- pooping like crazy. I have been a little emotional here and there. As long as I don't get hungry I am ok. I have turned into a morning person but by 3 I am done. UPDATE I had absolutely no vomitting until i hit 5 weeks. Then it was full force. Super tired now and constipated. NO fun. 6 weeks and 1 day- had some spotting, freaked out went to the ER. Come to find out everything is fine. 2 heartbeats 2 babies!! Twins due 10/1/2015 NO fertility drugs! Twins do not run in either family. I asked for one and God gave me 2! Feeling beyond Blessed

positive at 7dpo?

This is my 1st time posting to a forum, I'm not very good with the lingo, sorry in advance I took a random pregnancy test today and it was positive, so I took another one positive again. I was shocked as we weren't really trying , we were planning to though. I have been charting for the hell of it . so I went back to my chart and its saying I ovulated on the 3rd so that would make me 7dpo the only time I had Did the deed was the 1st. Is this right? Could I have already been pregnant from the month before or something?

Dark bfp 9 dpo!! Ttc 2 years!

So quick background 2+yrs ttc w 2mc, 1cp, pcos and irregular cycles. So On to the symptoms: 1-3 dpo, nothing really 4-5 dpo, bloody nose, feels like cold/sore throat, achy low and boobs a lil tender 6-7dpo, really bloated, more bloody noses, cold feeling, achy low and tender boobs. Tons of cm!! 8dpo, same as before but no more bloody noses. Still full/low pressure in abdomen and really bloated, pants don't fit as well! Dizziness, hungry more (like inhaled my whAtaburger!) 9dpo, Fmu REALLY dark bfp!!! Never had one this early or this dark!! more cm, still super bloated and achy low, b's somewhat tender, random nip pain, hungrier,smelling everything Now on 12dpo w really strong bfps still!! Not sure what to think since they are so dark so early. Maybe twins!? Someone said quads after seeing my pic lol. Ps used vitex the last 2 months and PRAyed for my lil blessings! Praise God for his miracles and the perfect health of this child (or children?) :) This photo shows 9dpo-11dpo progression

Twins with IUI/Gonal F

My babies are 5 months but I knew how much I relied on this site during my tww's so needed to come on now and post. Short synopsis - hubby had low motility. Got preggo on 1st try with iui no meds but miscarried at 8 weeks. Then tried iui for 3 times with clomid and nothing. 4th iui was done using injections (gonal f) and got pregnant with twins. Day 1-3 nausea all day but been sick. Gassy all days long Day of IUI - Cramps so bad all day. Could barely move/walk. Day 2 - slight cramps, huge glob of thick white cm when check during shower. Day 3 - another huge glob of thick white cm when wiped, full boobs, bloated. Bloody nose when blowing. Day 4 not as nauseous in morn. Boobs so sore and nipples hurt so bad started crinone in am. Gassy. More nausea at nt 2 hour nap and fell asleep b4 10! Up at 4am to pee (prob just crinone). Day 5. Woke up w sore throat but went away. Peeing lots. Bloated. Gassy. Bloody nose. Boobs so sore. Sharp rt side cramp. Crampy all day. Feels pressure like. Can't suck in stomach at all. Nausea at nt. Cramps. Tired. Day 6. Woke up w sore throat but went away. Pressure. Crampy. bloated. Lips more chapped than usual. bad lower rt cramp - got worse throughout day, felt like cyst burst. Peeing a lot. Acid reflux repeating on me in mid of night. Bloody nose. Day 7. Woke up fine. Still sore boobs but ok. Slight bloat and pressure. Can't suck in stomach. Hungry! Not rly crampy. Around 4pm pain started in low rt side and kinda shot down leg/inner thigh. Day 8. Feel best I've felt. Tired napped for 2 hrs. Was out shopping and got so lightheaded and felt like jelly. Ran to get food. Peeing a lot. Still sore boobs and nips still bloated - can't suck in stomach Day 9 - rt side cramp and pinching. Boobs are so swollen and hurty. Stuffy nose. Had 1st preggo dream last nt that we were planning my shower. Day 10 woke up w bad pressure in rt side. So Bloated. Hard stomach. Just feel full and pressure. As day goes on so much pressure and full feeling. Can't suck in. Bloated beyond belief! Day 11 no cramps but such a full feeling. Very tired. Boobs so swollen. Horrendous lower back pain. Had a strange feeling to take a pregnancy test so at 7pm took a first response test that I had lying around and BOOM! BFP!!! Ran to CVS for Clearblue Digital and within seconds BFP!! Day 12 Bad rt side cramps. Boobs r prob the worst they've been! SO hurty! Bad diarhea at night. Hungry on and off. Cramps on and off. Low left side cramp like one had on rt side few days ago. Day 13 darker bfp w fmu :) lower back rly hurting. Tired. Starting to gag and be nauseaus when brushing teeth Day 14 brown/red blood in morn :( still positive pregnancy tests. Boobs sore. Not as hard stomach. Period like cramps Day 15 Darkest line yet. Cramps on/off Had sono at 6 weeks preggo to confirm but was only 1 baby. Went back at 8 weeks and there were 2. Very lucky and blessed to have 2 of the most gorgeous babies ever :) Good luck to all reading this!!!

BFp!!!! (With hypothyroid)

I can't believe I can finally post here. After our fourth round ttc I got my bfp :) I'll give you my details and then if you'd like, you can read my story :) If you've been waiting a long time to get pregnant I'd encourage you to stick it out through the long post because I think it might help you :) So here it is, and heads up, it's pregnancy symptoms so I'm not going to apologize or say TMI. You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to know :) PS I started on .5g of Synthroid on day 2 of this cycle. These are my notes: 1dpo: nothing really, just some leftover ovulatory cramps 2dpo: cramps, little bit of nausea-maybe from being hungry, still some twinges in ovaries, weird itchy twinge a few times on right lower abdomen, emotional in afternoon, found out a friend of mine is already pregnant again 3dpo: feel wet down there but nothing really in my underwear, just some creamy cm when I wipe, still cramping a bit, don't really feel pregnant, sad because my temp went down again 4dpo: constipation (I don't usually have this issue but it happened the first time we ttc so I didn't read too much into it), cramping in abdomen, some lower back pain, and pain in hips like when AF is here 5dpo: increased sex drive, cramping low down in middle of pelvis, AF-like cramps after 5pm, back, hips, and legs hurt 6dpo: nothing much, constipation, lots of creamy cm 7dpo: constipation, a few cramps today, still not sure if constipation or my uterus/ovaries 8dpo: gassy, constipation, slightly tender breasts (on inner part near the nipple) 9dpo: gassy, constipation, tender breasts, really beginning to think what I thought was cramps has been constipation cramps the whole time :( wondering if it's the synthroid causing constipation 10dpo: increased appetite, increased sex drive, gassy, bloated, constipated, breasts still tender starting to be tender on outer sides and around nipple, felt really wet down there today, sad cause when I feel increased sex drive that usually means my periods coming :( 11dpo: increased appetite, gassy, constipated (what is wrong with me??), fatigue (really tired, keep having to take naps in the afternoon lately), breasts still tender, itchy nipples, low sex drive...unusual, smelling EVERYTHING 12dpo: increased appetite, gassy, bloated, constipated (still??), fatigue, breasts tender, cramps-prob AF about to come :( 13dpo: increased appetite, gassy, constipated (seriously?), drank lemon juice and water on an empty stomach and went to the bathroom this morning, by lunch felt constipated again :( after my husband and I went on a date we were going to watch a movie and I got all ridiculous about not feeling pretty or wearing the right outfit for our date, was sure I must be about to start my period with the moodiness, have achy teeth, breasts very sore, fatigue, didn't feel like having sex...unusual this close to AF possibly coming, which I was sure she was :( 14dpo: woke up at 5:45am like usual to take my temp, had told myself I would only do a test if my temp was still up (I am not a POAS addict, I hate seeing the negative line and would rather just know by my temp going down and AF showing up), my temp was 98.34(!), I talked myself out of getting up for about 20 min, then took a test. BFP!!!!!!!! Holy moly me oh my, I'm pregnant!!!!! Definite line!!! Test line darker than control line!!! Teeth ache, very hungry!! Couldn't sleep anymore after I told my husband (he was excited for being in a groggy sleepy state :)) so I got up. A lot of watery/creamy cm in underwear and down there. Can't believe I'm pregnant!! Cramps and twinges every now and then. Okay so here's my story:

BFP first IVF

DH and I had been trying to conceive for 3+ years. I have endo, slight pcos, and a blocked tube. We tried three rounds of clomid, didn't work. I've had two lapraoscopies, and did 6 months of lupron depot shot. Hated the shot but it worked wonders on pain from endo. Anyways, fertility doc desided to go straight to IVF since I've never been pg or known if I was pg. DH is completely normal, even above average. So we did ivf at fertility doctor suggestion. We did a 5 day transfer. I had absolutely no symptoms! !!! Just tired, but i think that was more from healing from 30 egg retrival. 1-3dp5dt - nothing just tired. Tested 3dpt BFN 4dp5dt - starting to get super exhausted going to bed at 9pm. Waking up at 730. 5dp5dt - I got a strong BFP!!! Just tired exhausted. Kept testing because I love seeing my BFP Found out 28dpt that I'm pg with twins! Super excited! !!

FET success after failed fresh IVF

Hello fellow ttcers, I want to share my story to give hope to any of you undergoing treatment now. Me and DH:36 Started ttc 4 yrs ago. Problems: male factor (low morphology) and uterine polyps removed twice. First IVF 1 year ago: 18 eggs retrieved, 16 mature and icsi-ed, 11 fertilized, 6 5-day blasts. Transferred 1 blast but bfn:( Waited for 7 months before FET, as I needed time to recover from the craziness of infertility treatments. November 2013 started estrogen and then progesterone, and we transferred two blasts on the 6th of December. The only unique symptom I had for 3 days a week after the transfer was bitter taste in my mouth, all day long, and after eating! Then on 9dp5dt I had severe cramping and exactly like af was coming. Went to the bathroom to find pads etc, and poased without even thinking it. The strongest positive came up. Beta on 12dp5dt was 1806. Needless to say I am now 18 wks pregnant with twins:) I hope my story helps someone make it through a tough time:) Babydust to all of you!

After over 6 years of ttc!

My husband and I were high school sweethearts and knew from day 1 we wanted a family together. After over 6 years of ttc, 5 miscarriages, numerous doctors appointments and testing, different medications, and surgery, Im 19 weeks 4 days pregnant with 3 girls. The pregnancy started out as quadruplets but we lost 1 around 9 weeks. Thankfully our 3 girls are growing right on track and we couldnt be happier! Never give up on your dreams =)

Faith The Size of a Mustard Seed!

Hello, I just found this site while searching the web. My endo was the cause of me having both tubes blocked with hydrosalpinx. I had been advised to have both tubes removed, but something in me felt like because I had no children, I would feel even more empty inside. My RE told my husband and I the only way we would conceive is with IVF. In August, 2013 we began the process at a high rate of speed. I'm 36 and my husband is 43, so we were both in a hurry to get going, especially not knowing how long it would take to get a BFP. I have a co-worker who has never had a BFP and she's now on her ninth cycle, so that worried me a lot, although I know everyone is different. Started meds in September, 2013 and on October 22, 2013 we went in for the egg retrieval. They did IVF w/ ICSI as my husband's count wasn't all that great. On October 25, 2013 we went in for the 3 day transfer. They retrieved 10 eggs, which I thought was not enough, after hearing people get numbers in the 20's. They took five and all five fertilized. They took the two most likely to implant for transfer. On October 31st, I couldn't help myself and took a HPT, it was negative. The next morning I took another one at 5am and got an immediate BFP. The next two days, I took them and continued getting BFP. On November 6th I was scheduled to go in for my blood pregnancy test. I got a call that afternoon that we were indeed pregnant and my HCG level was 373 12dpo, they wanted me back in every other day for the next week, as my numbers were doubling at an insane rate. An ultrasound confirmed it was twins. We are currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins. I am still in shock that it happened for us on our first attempt. I thank God every day and I pray for every couple going through this, that they are successful. Keep the faith and always pray to your Higher Power! Baby dust to you all!
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