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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Multiples

BFP with multiples?! Augh! Exciting and frightening all at once! Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

There is No Set Formula ... Just be Patient!

I tested positive 2 days ago after a day 3 ET. The whole IVF process (my first one) has been a difficult one. First they found a fibroid for which I had a surgery done. By the time I reached my final scan which was 6 months later, my follicles had reduced from 10 to almost 2 - not sure stress drugs or just age (I'm 37). The drs managed to abstract two eggs and they both fertilized to healthy embryos to our relief. We decided to go for both to increase our chances in case this was my last chance. I had my transfer done under sedation as I am really stressed when having a smear done. I felt my body is more likely accept the embryo if I am relaxed. The sedation also meant I was rested before I went home. After reading several forums that too much bed rest is not good, I did general housework but stayed indoors. I did yoga breathing and refrained from showers for 5 days. I felt a small sacrifice was worth it. Just what made me feel comfortable. I felt no symptoms apart from heavy green discharge a few days later which must have been from the cable they inserted. And just a few days before my test my one boob started feeling sore and had sharp pains in my right pelvic. I did feel bloated with the drugs and tired towards the end. I decided to wait for the 2 weeks as false result can be very heart breaking. I am now patiently (!) waiting for my first scan to find out the clear results and will then tell family the news. It is very nail biting and I did not sleep the night before my test. Yes it will happen if its meant to BUT you must do the basics like drinking enough fluid, having enough fresh air, eating and sleeping enough and not over thinking about whats going to happen.

BFP With Endo After IVF #1

I was thinking about this community this morning even though I haven't met any of you. I remember obsessing over every symptom, tracking everything, reading these posts to get some hope. I wanted to share my happy story with you! When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with endometriosis via exploratory lap and still I was shoved off by my PCP because "I'm sooooo young, I have plenty of time". Ladies, ignore this. This is a generalization and really may not apply to you at all. I went to a different doctor...found out I wasn't even ovulating let alone the problems I had with endometriosis. With fertility, TIME is everything, so don't just sit back and wait if you aren't ovulating, have a blocked tube, a male factor, ect. Be proactive. Tried Clomid & injections for a month or two each and then decided to do IVF- worked the first time. Physically I did not find it hard on my body at all. Emotionally and financially it's insanity but its more than worth that BFP...... 0-6 DPO- nothing 7-8 DPO- DIZZINESS! This was my very first symptom. Light BFP, definitely not evap- got darker everyday afterwards. 9-15 DPO- dizziness continues. No nausea, no breast changes. Another + was NO signs of period coming (used to think cramps were implantation when it was just my period). 16DPO- Beta in the 300's! 18DPO- Beta in the 1000's! 7 weeks found two heartbeats. I'm now 6 months pregnant with twin girls, no complications. I wouldn't look into your pregnancy symptoms so much at such an early stage-- just take those tests and be familiar with what a evap vs real + looks like so it doesn't break your heart. Never thought it would be me some days, but I loved and trusted God to be with DH & I through it and he gave us TWO! :) Good luck to you girls. I know how hard it is on the heart & know I wrote this total random post in hopes that it would help least one, today.

TTC For a Whole Year, No Known Fertility Issues, Clomid (First Try) BAM! BFP! 

The DH and I having been trying for a year with a 6 year old, and 3 year old boys. We we're pushing for that 3 year difference between our babes, and were getting desperate after it didn't come as easily with our first two. We decided to try Clomid, and took it on CD 3-7. A lot of my symptoms we're definitely from the Clomid, but i'll list everything I noticed! Good luck, sticky beans, and baby dust!  CD3-7 (Clomid cycle) - Hot flashes, Dizziness, Bloating. CD8 - Neg.OPK (Of course, just checking!) Dry CM (Heard that happens on Clomid). Had a bad bad cold, which I figured would help moisten things up!  CD9 - A huge sense of calmness? Nausea, nipples were sore feeling, dizziness, cold/fluish junk, tired. CD10 - Nothing other then my calm feeling, and my cold. CD11 - Strange fluttering cramps on left side, cold/flu stuffiness. CD12 - Bad bloating, like I'm 4 months preggo. Tired, and a HUGE appetite. Hubbs and I BDD. CD13 - Terrible cramps! All over! Had to sit down, because it radiated down my legs. Pretty sure I ovulated today! Still a huge sense of calmness. DPO1 - CD14 - Little nausea, calm feeling. Hubbs and I BDD. DPO2 - CD15 - Calm, left sided stabbing cramps, nausea, bloating still, and a huge sex drive, haha.. BDD of course. :) DPO3 - CD16 - Calm, nausea, nip soreness, dizziness, fatigue, and a huge sex drive still! BDD again. DPO4 - CD17 - CM creamy and wet all of a sudden? Calm, nausea, tender BB's very swollen in fact! DH is happy happy, lol. Can't find anything to eat that sounds good, very unsatisfied. And pretty gassy..   DPO5 - CD18 - Still calm, very gassy, no appetite, bad bloating, backaches, and fatigue. DPO6 - CD19 - Lots of eggwhite CM, pretty unusual. BB are still swollen, insomnia, nausea. DPO7 - CD20 - More gas, constipation, backaches, I'm tired but I can't sleep? Still calm though! Took a HPT, BFN. Too early, I know!!  DPO8 - CD21 - Gas, gas, gas. BB's are hugemongeous. Bloated, and tired.  DPO9 - CD22 - Gas, BB's swollen/hurt. Nausea, but super hungry. Crampy. Hubbs and I BDD. DPO10 - CD23 - Still have creamy eggwhite CM. Gas, BB's hurt, nips are sore, more bloat, and insomnia. BFN. DPO11 - CD24 - Creamy CM, fatigue, gas, BB's still hurt, nausea, my neck and back were killing me! Tossing and turning all night. BFN. DPO12 - CD25 - Headache, BB's sore, gas, slept almost the entire day, small period like cramps. BDD again. Pee'd on a store bought cheapie, and it had the faintest positive! Even DH saw it, but we didn't get our hopes up. DPO13 - CD26 - AF is due! Nauseous bad! Lots of cramping. Very tired even though I slept all day yesterday. I work in a lab at a health clinic, so I called my doc and had her put the urine work in. All came back BFP!! I have a follow up appointment tomorrow at 9am!  *Update! Had my appointment this morning and was told i'm 3 weeks, 4 days. Which the doc says is odd that I get a BFP so early, but that I'm also having morning sickness already... Twins?!! We'll see in a month! I've literally trolled this site for an entire year, hoped and prayed every month that I would be writing all this out. And to be completely honest, I balled my eyes out in the break room when my coworker confirmed my positive result! I didn't believe it! It's been a long year, with a lot of BFN's. Thank you to all the ladies that helped me through it! Sticky beans and baby dust for everyone! 

BFP!!! 1st Round IVF with ICSI

I promised like many others I would post my BFP when and if it happened as this site gave me so much hope during my 2ww. Me (30) PCOS, some tubal blockage DH (36) Great swimmers :)))) Hubby and I had tried actively for over year before turning for help. We had 3 rounds failed clomid and HCG shot and two failed IUIs. Come to find out my OBGYN didn't offer me HSG test and if she had we wouldn't have gone thru so much before choosing ivf. My fertility doctor also said I didn't need to be on clomid either as I was fortunately ovulating on my own already. I simply had blockage. Frustrating, but at least we had answers. I can't say enough amazing things about our clinic and doctors for IVF though. Positivity every step of the way. That means so much when you go thru such an emotional time. We did Follistim and Menopur and responded well. We had 17 retrieved, 14 fertilized with ICSI(my clinic prefers this route with most patients, as it has higher outcomes for them), and 8 beautiful 5 day embryos! :))) We transferred two rock stars and froze 6 more. I didn't have many symptoms at first, but probably 4 to 5 days after I had a lot of twinges and they were very low and sharp. Some were painful and stopped me in my tracks. I called some vagina lightening bolts haha. Never experienced them before. My boobs also looked veinier than before, but that could have been progesterone supplements or estrogen so I didn't think much about it. I also remember having more discharge, but that could be supplements too. Those twinges though I knew were different as I had been on estrogen and progesterone with IUIs and never felt them. I ate pineapple core for first 4 days after transfer. Not sure of it helped but worth a shot. :) I also rested a lot! I only did bed rest first day, but I still remained lazy for next few days. I held off on POAS because I had been heartbroken by too many of those things and waited for blood test. We got a call it was negative and we were devasted, BUT for some reason(I believe God) I felt like peeing on a stick. I found one old one in cabinet and it immediately popped up two bright lines. I called clinic and they rushed me back in. They found out right after I gave second blood sample the lab had imputed someone else's number in mine. I was so happy I didn't even care about the mix up. So my piece of advice is if you get a no always double check, especially if you feel different. It was an overwhelming feeling I should just pee on it and this was after I had been told blood sample was a no. I hated those sticks so I know God was protecting my babies. I now want to frame that stick! Haha We just had our first US and found out we are having twins! It's still early but I have so much faith in God and these babies. I am not trying to push my beliefs on anyone but God is such comfort during times likes these. My faith and love for him, even in the darkest times has grown leaps and bounds. Even when I thought it was negative I praised him for the 6 frozen we had. Believe in Gods plan, trust in him, and when your miracle happens you will understand his timing and never ever take that miracle for granted. Praying for all you reading this board that are still waiting. "God gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm" :) Baby dust to all!

Finally a BFP After Almost 4 Years TTC #2... Alhamdolillah

Icsi no 3... Retrieval: Thursday June 13, 2013 Retrieved 37 eggs... Mild ohss June 14: 2 liters of ringolact iv fluids June 15: 1 liter of ringolact iv fluid June 14, 15, 16, 17 ... Extremely bloated, sore bbs, strong cramps, nausea, tightness in abdomen, pressure felt when going to the loo... Loose motions.... Drinking water is an effort but I felt that I am not peeing as much as I am drinking... Moody and emotional... Crying at everything on tv... Embryo transfers Day 3, June 16, 2013 2 morulas and a 10-celled embryo Cramps, bloating and nausea June 17: Sore bbs, cramps and tightness in the abdomen but better than before. Mild Nausea too.. June 18: Sore bbs, waves of nausea, bloating, gasses and pretty strong cramps June 19: Day 6 transfer of blastocyst... Cramps, nausea and bloating gone as if by magic... Slightly hungrier... Craving of pickly, spicy things... Ate tikka with lots of spicy chutney and onions... Sore bbs June 20: Sore bbs still there, morning is perfect, no nausea or cramps... Come P.m ... Appetite increase, cramps in the lower abdomen, slightly on the left side... Pressure felt when going for bowel movement... Pee seems a bit hotter... Mild headache... Looks like the beginning of a migraine... Feel like having a spicy tomato chutney... Slightly hungrier... Said no to ice cream O.o... Drinking water and expelling it out... June 21: Sore bbs, mild cramps in lower abdomen, pulling/ tugging sensation around navel and cramping in the groin area... One big cramp in the morning June 22: Sore bbs, mild cramping... General feeling of heaviness in my lower abdomen... Vivid dream in the afternoon... Cried while watching diff'rent strokes Jun 23: BBs not so sore, some twinges here and there, general feeling of fullness in bladder even when it's empty, very weepy, sneezed and soiled myself twice, hint of nausea, am aware of the left size of my lower abdomen, belching like a man, motions but not very loose. Few cramps in the lower abdomen. Stale taste in mouth despite chewing on strong peppermint gum. Jun 24: BBs not too sore, mild twinges/ cramps towards the left side of my lower abdomen, mild nausea in the a.m. Very slight pain in my lower back... Didn't wake up at the alarm for two nights in a row. Smells disturb, threw up once in the pm. Jun 25: Mildly sore bbs, mild cramps in the a.m., I think I am sleeping a bit much and too soundly, didn't wake up on my alarm for the third night in a row... Hint of nausea, feeling of suffocation.. Although I haven't thrown up but I can feel the taste of food in my throat, like it rises and then goes back in... 3 spots on my face and a dry patch above my lip... Vomited just a little bit, taste in my throat is bitter but just slightly... Very sleepy Jun 26: Very mild cramps in the lower abdomen, bbs not to sore, weepy mood, almost threw up, nausea in the am, am aware of a spot or maybe a ball in my lower abdomen on the left side... God help me... Stale taste in my mouth like I haven't brushed... But I have... Going to poop for around 3-4 times for two days now, whereas only once is normal for me... Am I slightly hungrier? Mild back ache when I am sitting without support for namaz Jun 27: Hint of nausea, wanted to throw up but cudn't, gassy, generally ok... Threw up a bit of bitter liquid, heartburn which is just not normal for me!! Bbs mildly sore... Montgomery bumps showing... I think I see veins on my chest? Heartburn and nausea, poop breaks often Jun 28: Nausea, poop, belching, general feeling of uneasiness, gag reflex strong, cramps in my groin area... Praying and keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow's beta. Mild cramps and nausea in the evening, went to throw up but couldn't. Smell sensitivity increased and heartburn... Feeling slightly bloated June 29: BETA DAY!!!! slept soundly although I lose sleep when I am stressed. Stress also causes frequent trips to the loo. I had mild cramping on the left side of my lower abdomen, mildly nauseous and mildly sore bbs... Shaky legs... All due to stress I guess... Threw up thrice approximately whilst waiting for the results.... Finally, when I feel almost faint with tension, my doctor, who is also my sister in law drops in with a big cake, a bigger smile and the greatest bear hug she could manage!!! BFP with a beta value of 1486!!!!!!! Probably twins or maybe even triplets!!! Allah Almighty is great... After all the period of trying, we finally are blessed!!!

BFP on Cycle 16!

I finally got my bfp back in March, I am almost 15 weeks :) This was our 16th cycle trying. We had all the testing done and nothing was wrong so my doctor put me on clomid 50mg days 3-7. I was originally pregnant with twins but we had a disappearing twin around 6 weeks, other baby is doing great though :) Here are my symptoms: -nothing, really absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. I was absolutely convinced that this was not my month, I even cried to my hubby about how it was never going to happen just a few days before my bfp -I did have increased cm the entire month, not just in my tww but I'm pretty sure it was the clomid. In my tww it was this weird stretchy, creamy stuff I've never really had before and I do still get it but I distinctly remember my cm drying up around 9 dpo. -my boobs were very sore from around 8 or 9 dpo which is also completely normal -very tired and hungry during entire tww, again completely normal -I had a very small amount of spotting for a few hours on the day af was due, I was sure she was here but it stopped completely so I tested the next morning at 15 dpo and got a very dark bfp! So the moral of the story? You can be pregnant with no unusual symptoms :)

BFP at Only 2 Days Late!!!

Hi everyone, just got a BFP on pregnancy test but I was only 2 days late. I'm already having symptoms, I'm extremely tired all the time and I'm always hungry. I know it's too early to tell but could there be two buns in the oven? What do you think?

BFP With PCOS and Hypothyroidism

Our History: me: 24-PCOS, Hypothyroidism DH: 26-a little low count (but not much) Ok so here's how this cycle went, we went in to our fertility specialist and he put me on letrozole (2.5mcg-10 pills over the course of 4 days) I'm also on Meformin (PCOS) and levothyroxine (thyroid), fish oil, folic acid, and prenatals. We went in to see how my follicles were growing so we would know when to schedule our IUI. Well he gave me an HCG shot to take home and give to myself. While at our appointment the Dr. told us he would be out of town that week but would still like us to give timed intercourse a try (needless to say I was MAD). We gave it a shot anyway and IT WORKED!! Things I did different this time: I ate a ton of pineapple-I heard it's supposed to help with the lining of your uterus- and we used Pre-Seed:) CD5-Light cramps CD6-Light cramps-semen analysis 19 million little guys! CD7-10-Nothing CD11-Pinching in ovary area CD12-Nothing CD 13- Pinching in ovary areas CD14-Nothing CD15-Pinching in ovaries U/S 15mm follicle and one smaller (I don't know the size) BD CD 16 bd CD 17 Nothing CD 18-HCG trigger shot at 5:30pm- pain in ovary areas, gassy, tired, sore BB's I could have O'd one of the next two days but I think it was CD 20 CD 19-Ovulation? BDx2 dry nipples (weird), 6pmish slight twinge followed by af type cramps O day- BD, sharp pains in both ovaries, minor achy cramps, tired, backache, VERY gassy 1DPObd-Cramps, pinching pains in ovaries, VERY gassy 2DPO-Mild AF cramps, sharp twinges on right and left ovaries, sharp stabbing pains on sides of BB's, scant, dry, tacky CM, VERY gassy, heartburn (could have been what I ate though!) mild nausea when hungry 3DPO-BD AF cramps,BB's sore 4DPO-Heavy AF cramps, bright red and brown streaks in CM (implantation??:)), sore weird activity in BB's, burning sensation in uterus 5DPO and on-Light AF cramps, very sensitive nips, random pains in BB's, nausea, tired. Well I was testing out the HCG shot and the line got light and then got darker so I knew I was PG at 9DPO:) still very skeptical at this point though! I went in for blood test 17DPO and my beta came back at 1525! Woo hoo! We are finally Pregnant! Went back for blood test and U/S at 21DPO beta was 7859! It is TWINS!!! We are so very excited and blessed beyond belief! I know many of you are still waiting on your BFP, it will happen! Trust in God! I prayed and prayed this cycle (and had my family and church praying too!) Please send stick vibes my way and Baby Dust to all TTC!!!

Early BFP, Big Symptoms

So, I would like to give my story. My husband and I were not actively trying to conceive but we're going to be by the end of the year and so like the crazy lady I am, I track my cycles. I use fertility friend, it's the easiest way to track my cycles with out me having to worry about dates getting deleted out of my phone and what not. I don't have to remember my LMP, I just look at the chart. So, that being said, I was not temping, just simply tracking period, forecasted ovulation and forecasted af. Well, this month, February (2013) was Valentine's day and we had just moved into a new house the week prior, so completely forgot about gifts and cards or making plans or anything. We took our son to pick something out and that was about it, my husband had to work swing that night. I figured, what's a better Valentine's day present to a man than my self with shaved legs! lol. I knew I was in my forecasted ovulation time so, I called him and told him to pick up a box of condoms on his way home. He did. So we bd'd and after it was said and done the condom was not where it was supposed to be. It had fallen off sometime before he finished! Bam! Hello two week wait! So beginning on February 15th... 2/14 BD Condom went missing! 2/15 1 DPO: Tons of pressure in my uterus. I just know I'm pregnant, I completely have that feeling. Had the same feeling with my son and my miscarried twins before my son. I just know. Dead tired!! Napped for hours 2/16 2 DPO: Less pressure but still there. bouts of nausea, the only thing I could eat in the morning was cheese wraps (the same thing I craved like crazy in my first pregnancy). Dead tired! 17th 3 DPO: Heartburn and indigestion are on fire my esophagus feels like it's going to melt! Same bouts of nausea especially in the car, tons of gas and bloating, decreased appetite, drinking a lot more! Everything smells like urine and the cat box about killed me with ammonia smell. Dead tired 18th 4 DPO: Symptoms are identical to 3dpo only the heartburn and indigestion are getting even worse! 19th 5 DPO: That's it I can't take it anymore, I have to make a midnight run to the store for zantac and mylanta. It burns way too bad. Crazy love for wild rice lemon chicken salad. Lunch every day this week. Frequent urination starting but could be from all the water I've been drinking, dry mouth and extreme thirst, still dead tired, some cramps in the pelvis. 20th 6 DPO: My memory is sooo bad! I forget everything, even in mid sentence! One tiny little spot of brown on the toilet paper when I wiped, about the size of a grain of short rice. Cramps are really starting and lower back pain. The other symptoms don't seem quite as bad today. 21st 7DPO: Symptoms are even lower except cramps and lower back pain are getting worse. and frequently urination. Took a walmart early response blue in the afternoon and it was BFN. 22nd 8 DPO: Looked at test again and the evap line was bright blue! That's not supposed to be. Evap lines are supposed to be gray. But whatever, I just wont read too much into it. Not much going on symptom wise just major UTI symptoms. Dead tired with insomnia, cramps, back pain, slightly tender boobs (hardly at all) full breast, heartburn is better but I've been taking one zantac a day, so that may be why. 23rd 9 DPO: Completely forgot. I have a lab on Urine analysis at school today! And I have to provide my own urine, this should be interesting! What would you know positive for UTI and slightly elevated Ketones. Go home look up why I would have elevated ketones and it says if you have both you are likely to be pregnant. My symptoms are so low now though, I don't know if I can be, Just the UTI and heartburn/indigestion remain. I was starting to think I'd just hyper ovulated and had high progesterone levels that caused all the early symptoms. I took another early response blue and the cheapy BFP but so faint that husband argued that it was an evap line. So he went and bought the two pack of First Response gold digital for me to take the next morning. 24th 10 DPO: Husband had left the tests in the car and he had his car at work! I saved my first morning urine but held my pee all day until he got off work at 2pm and so that urine was plenty concentrated enough and I didn't need to use the first morning urine I saved. I took the first response digital and got a BFP! It said, YES + in the box. Showed husband, laughed at him for not believing me. Told everyone I knew about it. Went to my brother's birthday party and my symptoms weren't bad at all. 26th 11 DPO took the second test in the am, BFP again. I called the doctor, she got me in same day to check for UTI and pregnancy. The pregnancy urine test she gave me came back negative!! I was freaking out so she took my blood and sent it off. Worried all night. boobs more tender now, cramps are horrendous and so is the back pain, I was thinking I was miscarrying already.

BFP With Twins After 2nd Cycle on Clomid!

I am so excited to share my BFP story! My DH and I had been TTC since November 2011. Since I had long and irregular cycles (anywhere from 26-52 days) I saw my doctor after 6 months of trying. She sent me for blood tests and an ultrasound to check for PCOS but all tests came back normal, so I was referred to my gynecologist. He advised that it didn’t sound like I was ovulating naturally and prescribed 50mg Clomid on CD 2-6 in September 2012. My DH’s sperm test came back normal on all measures. We were also advised that there was a higher chance of falling pregnant with twins on Clomid, and were unperturbed. The first cycle of Clomid didn’t work, with my gyno performing an ultrasound on day 13 and follow up blood test confirming that ovulation did not occur. My second cycle on Clomid was 100mg CD 2-6 and below are the TWW symptoms I experienced: - CD 10 - ultrasound found a 13mm follicle on one ovary (which Dr. said looked very promising) and 8mm follicle on the other (which Dr. said looked unlikely to release given the cycle day) - Blood test on CD 21 confirmed I had ovulated – woohoo! - CD 12 – Significant cramping all day on left side (usual for me) and continued to CD 14 - CD 14 – Negative opk in morning, but positive opk at night time - CD 15 – Positive opk in the morning, negative by night time - BD CD 10, 12, 14-16 - DPO 1-3 - Felt tight across the belly all day (unusual for me) - DPO 3 – Pulling feeling in my vagina (TMI sorry!) - No symptoms DPO 4-7 - DPO 8 – Sharp, sudden pain in left side then gone (too late for implantation?) - DPO 9 – Lower back pain last couple of days (unusual for me), nipples erect often (unusual for me), tight, full feeling in belly gone - DPO 10 – Took HPT on internet cheapie and swear I see a very, very faint line when held up against white wall – didn’t tell DH because I thought it was too early - DPO 11 – Cramping across belly returned today but this is not unusual for me during TWW, increased vaginal discharge (TMI sorry!) which is unusual at this time of month for me, sore lower back (unusual for me), trouble sleeping past 2 nights but could be from book I’m reading. Did not test today. - DPO 12 – Positive HPT at 5:30am, swear I see a faint line but still very faint on internet cheapie. Go to chemist this afternoon to get FRER to be sure. Still did not tell DH as it is early. - POSITIVE HPT on FRER at 9pm! Ran from bathroom to living room jumping up and down to show stick to DH. He’s very excited also. Rang my Mum and sister because I was so excited, even though it was early. - DPO 13 – Positive HPT on FRER fmu – so happy!! Couldn’t sleep last night as too excited. It’s amazing see those two lines for the first time. I took one each day just to keep seeing them come up :) - DPO 14 – aching feeling all over, like the flu but no other flu symptoms (unusual for me), fatigued all day, sore throat, sore bbs with darker veins, very thirsty all day (very unusual for me), frequent urination. Tight feeling in belly for past couple of days also. - DPO 19 – blood test confirmed pregnancy! So excited! 19th December 2012 – had a dating scan with gyno at 8 weeks, 4 days to check heart beat and Dr found TWINS!!! To say we are thrilled at hearing two strong healthy heart beats is an understatement! This is truly the best Christmas present we could’ve wished for. I’m currently 9 weeks 5 days, with morning sickness (vomiting in the mornings and nausea the rest of the day) but not even that can dampen my happiness. We are expecting our two bundles of joy on 27 July 2013 (or most likely earlier, being twins). It’s such a cliché but I just knew that this was the month. At first I wasn’t sure whether that feeling was because we got good news about ovulation that we hadn’t had before, but I felt physically different than I had every other month. I am hoping and praying that these babies stick to full term. Wishing luck for everyone trying – I truly hope those two lines come up for you all x