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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

After 1.5 years!!!

Hi everyone! I am very grateful to all women posting their stories during my struggles ttc. Every month was such a disappointment. So here’s my story and hopefully it will be of some help! Some background: I’m 29 and husband is 32. I had long cycles and after a year of ttc without success, went to the gynecologist and got clomid (sometimes I would ovulate and sometimes I wouldn’t. No PCOS). 50mg round 4 of Clomid finally got me the bfp!! Ovulated CD 14 (measured with temps, ovulation tests didn’t work for me). BD with the sperm meets egg plan (every other day around ovulation time). The symptoms: 1-7 nothing 7-14 more frequent urination (at night). Husband joked that maybe I’m pregnant (as we’d been ttc for almost 1.5 years I didn’t believe him). Gassy. Boobs are sore but they were sore before due to ovulation/clomid. Difference is that before, my boobs stopped hurting one or two days before my period started. This time the sore (actually, just sensitive) boobs stayed. CD 32: Missed period!! Start feeling excited but scared to test. CD 34: BFP!!! Things done differently: the last two months, besides prenatal vitamins and clomid, I used preseed, drank pomegranate juice almost every day and ate pineapple core once on CD 17 (after ovulation to help implantation). Also, a MAJOR one: I started eating LESS SUGAR. I believe this helped a lot. Good luck to all of you. Ttc can be such a struggle. Stay strong and positive and it WILL happen to you!!!


So, my DH had a vasectomy with his previous wife after they had two kids once they divorced he got it reversed. That was almost 3 years ago. So, for the last 6 cycles we have been TTC with no luck. This cycle we decided to use preseed i believe this made all the difference. I also upped my water intake and started prenatal's. Here were my symptoms!! Good Luck Ladies! Blessings to you all!!! 1DPO-post ovulation cramps 2DPO-post ovulation cramps 3DPO- creamy cm 4DPO- Huge amount of creamy cm in undies (ewwwww) 5-6DPO Nothing 7DPO- Painful cramping, ligament pain and slight nausea 8DPO- Painful cramping, cm turned to ewcm and nausea starting to pick up 9DPO- Super painful cramping, cm back to milky, Severe nausea, vivid dreams, no sex drive at all because vagina is too sensitive 10DPO- Sick all day unable to get out of bed, Faint BFP (not convinced) 11DPO- slight nausea, dry cm, cramps on and off, hungry, food aversions, craving diet sodas all of a sudden. Dark BFP on FR!!!! Ekkkk!!! 12 DPO- gassy, slight nausea, cm milky now, still no real appetite, another dark BFP on FR!!! Hope this helps!!!!

Bfp story by home insemination 35 years old

I have stalked and read all the lovely BFP stories for I dont know how long. Today I recieved my First ever BFP and wanted to share it all with you and maybe help anyone who is trying by home insemination. The only thing I done differently this time was to wait 38 hours after positive opk to inseminate. Dpo 1-10 no symtoms what so ever 11dpo was shopping and went all light headed 12dpo no symtoms other then normal af symtoms of sore boobs only when pressed. 13dpo had a weird pressure feeling in bed in my lover stomach. But was due af today so didnt think anything of it. 14dpo today. Just felt exhausted had tests so decided to test. Never felt so happy in all my life. I honestly believe that pre seed really helped.

BFP after DTD 2+ Days before Ovulation

What I did this month: • DTD CD12, CD14, & CD15, Ovulating on CD17. This month I had hardly any Ovulation pains as per previous months which was odd. But finally started getting them on CD15. Usually get Ovulation pains DAYS beforehand and used Preseed with each “session” • Cut back on caffeine to 1 Cup a day • Journal more often- to keep a clear head especially those TTC thoughts & obsessing over every little thing • Pray daily & nightly to keep my relationship with God strong in the midst of all of this • Daily devotionals- again to keep my relationship with God strong • Avoid Stress • Staying hydrated • Rest as often as possible • Visualization of the sperm meeting egg from 1DPO to about 7DPO Keeping Uterus Warm to aid in Implantation • Slept with socks on every single night • Ginger baths once a week until Ovulation during my set “Spa Days at home” Warm, quick showers after Ovulation even during Spa Day to keep uterus warm and inviting • Avoid ice in drinks and cold foods (ice cream, raw veggies, etc.) • Keep hair dry after shower (I chose to straighten my hair as to keep water off of it for 2-3 weeks to follow) Fertility & TWW • • • • • • Weds. CD16: High Fertility 5AM & Peak 10AM, Dry CM (possibly from DTD more often), Ovary pains, light AF Cramps, Sore BBs, Clear face-not typical for me 4/18 Thurs CD17 Ovulation Day: EWCM, O Pains on Left & Right sides, AF Cramps, Sensitive BBs, AF type lower back pain, no energy 4/19 Fri. CD18 1DPO: -OPK, Creamy CM turned EWCM, Throbbing in Uterus and Ovary area for just a moment, clear face, light lower back pain, No usual ovary pain I get each cycle for a couple days post O, Very Light AF Cramps, pinching in Cervix, ice cream craving 4/20 Sat. CD19 2DPO: Schoolglue CM, very light cramps, left pelvic pain, vaginal itchiness (no odor or discolored discharge), fatigue, light contraction feeling, ice cream craving 4/21 Sun. CD20 3DPO: Schoolglue CM, on and off AF cramps, left pelvic pain, lower backache that gets worse throughout the day, vivid nightmare among waking, woke up with strong urge to pee, pinching in uterus, light contraction feeling a few times, light pinching in left ovary which could be nothing, ice cream craving 4/22 Mon. CD21 4DPO: Creamy white CM, light pinching in right ovary, fatigue, on and off AF Cramps, light tingly feeling in uterus, nauseous after smelling fish (gagging),slightly sore BBs, tingly nipples and bbs off and on, slight headache in afternoon (possibly from cold), slight lower backache, Med Soft CP in PM, heightened sense of smell, saw a rainbow this morning reminding me of God’s Promise “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 4/23 Tues. CD22 5DPO: Schoolglue CM, Pinches in Ovaries, pangs in right hip and lower back in the same spot, off and on light AF cramps, nauseous with strong smelling perfume & cologne, Tingly Nipples, Sore Lower Back, Knee & leg pain, light headache, heightened sense of smell 4/24 Weds. CD23 6DPO: Schoolglue CM but dried up at the end of the day, On and Off AF Cramps, tingling BBs, EXTREME bloating, Restless legs, cramps on the lower left side of my back, groin pain 4/25 Thurs. CD24 7DPO: BFN, Light Schoolglue CM, Stronger AF Cramps in tummy & back  trying not to lose hope and remember God’s Promise maybe He knew that I would be tested into losing faith in my ability to conceive and that’s why He showed me that rainbow, sad, Extremely Constipated, cramps on the lower left side of my back, cramps disappeared in afternoon, groin pain, pounding heart (palpitations), sharp pain in both ovaries at the same time 4/26 Fri. CD25 8DPO: BFN, No CM, Off and On Crampy, VERY bloated, Off and On Sore lower back (still more towards Left Side) kind of burning sensation, HORRIBLE Constipation ‘“So more cramping and less bloating is more likely to be PMS while milder cramping with more bloating is likely to be early pregnancy related.’ Abdur-Rahman 4/27 Sat. CD26 9DPO: **gush of CM at 1AM making me think I started AFbut it was just CM*** BFN, Schoolglue CM, groin pain, on and off pre-AF cramps, lower left sided back pain along with lower left sided pelvic pain (ovary area), Headaches, Stuffy nose, tired, diarrhea, Soft closed and high CP 4/28 Sun CD27 10DPO: BFP on Clearblue Digital at 5AM & 9AM.

It Finally Happened!

Been ttc for about a year now. Every negative Pregnancy was heartbreaking so this cycle I decided to not symptom spot or drive myself crazy. And I got my BFP early am at 11DPO. Here is what I do remember - 1-7dpo - Nothing, in fact it was so symptom free that I wondered if I had even ovulated. 7dpo - Heartburn at night before bed. 8dpo - Some slight cramping but nothing too painful. Twinges and aches throughout the lower abdomen. 9 dpo - The heartburn is back and I cannot keep anything down. 10 dpo - Nothing, all symptoms disappeared and as always I thought "Oh well on to the next cycle!" 11 dpo - Woke up feeling those cramps and a tonnne of white lotiony cm in my panties. Took a test and a line came up right away on FRER. Took a minute to come up on the .88 cents walmart cheapie. 12 dpo - Still positive and getting darker. Fingers crossed!!!

BFP on New Years Eve 11 dpo MF

The name lastleaf comes from watching bugslife (disney) with my adopted daughter a hundred moons ago. Deciding winter is coming (cut off age to have baby) and the last leaf of fall was about to fall...Against motility issues that went from a super low percentage to 0 percent motile. Turning 45 with that issue looming in the background, 17 year relationship ending and was ready to defer my baby dreams when a friend asked to surrogate for me. I decided WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE? I started reading EVERYTHING on treating low motility. The count was 57million morphology was terrible too! I began a STRICT vitamin program this past summer. I've read so many threads and posts to give me insight and to keep me going when I felt like calling it quits. I decided if we got a BFP I would share our story in Hope's of passing on hope. 2000mg Vitamin C 100mg Zinc 200 mcg Selenium 1000mg L-Carnitine 1000mg L-Arginine 10mg Lycopine 100mg CoQ10 1000 mcg B12 800mg Ashwandga root 450mg Vitamin E 450mg Saw Palmetto 1000 iui D3......EVERY DAY (split up 1/2 twice a day) I used mostly Walmart spring alley or walgreens finest nutrition. And 2 rounds of antibiotics in 6 weeks time for good measure. I immediately notice a consistency change in semen. I didn't get a follow up analysis because of the BFP literally just happened! Cycle One : We used clearblue digital OPK, and some cheapies OPK,and preseed. We ICI on cycle day 12 13 14 15. With ovulation on cycle day 14. It ended in a BFN. I went back to reading and discovered ladies were praising softcups! I learned sperm needed a 10 hr head start for capacitation to be able to fertilize. We immediately decided to incorporate softcups into our program. This is what made it happen for us.... Because of my surrogates remarkably consistent cycle timing (which hinders most) timing wasnt an issue for us. We always started testing for O day 10 at 10 am with clearblue and at 6 PM with cheapy. After smiley we used cheapy until line faded (because clearblue is expensive) incase something did change . Surrogate inseminated between 9am to 10 am. She coated with preseed first and then inseminated sample on cervix and immediately put in softcup. CD 12 ICI CD 13 ICI (SOLID SMILEY 2PM) CD 14 ICI 8 DPO ONLY SYMPTOM WAS FATIGUE BFN 9 DP0 CLEAR THIN MUCUS (MORE THAN NORMAL)BFN 10 DPO CRAMPY STILL MUCUSY BFN 11DPO RIGHT BEFORE MID NIGHT THAILAND TIME (IM ON HOLIDAY FOR 2 MONTHS) BFP! HAPPY 2019 TO ME! 2ND CYCLE I BELIEVE IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY THE SOFTCUPS, VITAMINS, AND PRESEED THAT BROUGHT HOME THE BACON! PS. We started mucinex to help with CM 7 days before predicted O day.... GOODLUCK TO ALL. OH yeah, wondfo is the test we got our BFP on. Save you some MONEY and get them on ebay. You get 50 O test and 50 preg. test it helps with POAS ADDICTION.

BFP- Unexpected symptoms list- Must read!! 2018

Hey Ladies, This is my first time posting here, I want to share my experience with you, hopefully it could help another sister somewhere :) My cycles are from 24 days to 27 days. I usually ovulate around day 12, I had sex once on day 11 and day 15. I didn't track my ovulation. I used lubricant (we were rushing to get busy, no time for full on fore play lol) I was not trying for a baby, I wasn't preventing one either, although I did use preseed, I have always used this because it is generally better for our insides! They should market this for TTC as well as trying to stay healthy. I got a positive pregnancy test on the day before my expected period 12DPO, boxing day. It was very faint. I will list my symptoms and comment on the stereotypical symptoms that are generally looked for. Implantation bleed: I didn't have this at all. I had a lower back ache, on the right hand side for about 3 days from 8DPO.I believe this may have been my implantation. During this painful time -_- I had a tiny spot of pink cm, so tiny I could've missed it. I always look at a tissue after wiping (bad habit). I have recently started getting lower back aches as a period sign, so I just ignored it. --Increased CM: I didn't have this either. The day of my exp period, I did have ewcm which was very unusual for me. It wasn't a lot either. --Sore chest: This I did have from about 9DPO. It wasn't extreme pain, I've had worse with a normal period. My bbs have increased a bit in size too. Again, I believed it could be my period. --Increased appetite: I haven't eaten properly in three days!! No appetite. --Frequent urination: My bladder was pretty normal lol! --Mood swings: I wasn't as emotional as I am before a period. But from the day of my exp period, I felt different. Basically, the only major symptom that made me think I may be pregnant was: CONTRACTIONS after intercourse 13DPO. They lasted for like 5-10 minutes and my lower abdomen was cramping like crazy. It had never happened before. I had more symptoms with my period than I do pregnancy. I was planning to start trying for a baby in 2019. I wasn't over the moon when I found out, but I am warming to the idea of becoming a mum. I'm in my late twenties, but I don't think I have lived enough yet. There's no perfect time, i'm going to go for it and stay positive. God bless and good luck ladies!!!!DISCLAIMER: I hate the term 'baby dust' but how about my honest advice, do not stress, do not bother with all these crazy trackers and checking CM. Do not balance on your head after intercourse lol, I did NONE of that. My attitude was that God will bless me, I shouldn't have to work so hard for something so natural. I prayed to God for a baby and successful pregnancy earlier this year. I just wasn't trying for it now or expecting it so soon, I was forward thinking. It may not work for everyone, but keep the right attitude and avoid looking for stereotypical symptoms, you may be different, like me! Lovely A xoxox

BFP #2 at 39

We’ve been not preventing for about 8 months and actively trying for 5 for baby #2, I’m 39 and hubby is 33. I just got a BFP this morning! Symptoms were not obvious at all but what’s weird this month is I couldn’t recover from a cold that started before ovulation, I thought we were out this month due to my cold and were only able to BD once around ovulation, but I guess weeks of stuffy nose had a reason! I also had a headache last night and was emotional. What a nice Christmas surprise for us! I hope the same for all of you trying! Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.

My Rainbow Baby♥️

Okay so a little background info is that I got pregnant accidentally in March of this year and miscarried in May, fast forward to September and we decide to start trying and only used opks that month, it ended in af showing up and so this month we tried; preseed, geritol, temping, opks, and I took a biotin pill everyday Cd 14- I got my positive opk Cd15- temp dip (ovulation) along with some very mild cramping 1dpo- runny nose, specific cramping in my right ovary that lasted hours, and my boobs were sore and that NEVER happens this early, more like 6-7 dpo until I start 2dpo- still stuffy, sore boobs, and still right ovary pain 3dpo- tired, sore boobs, temp rise (confirming ovulation), still stuffy nose 4dpo- exact same as 3dpo 5dpo- super gassy, sore boobs, lotiony cm (and usually it’s pretty dry right about now), SICK! Eyes watering all day, nose like a waterfall, sneezing uncontrollably, and pretty tired 6dpo- it was like yesterday didn’t happen, just a bit of sniffles but that was it!, sore boobs, backache at night, and a temp dip 7dpo- heavy creamy cm, very slight nausea at night, cramping uterus, sore boobs 8dpo- BFN!!! and at this point I’d been having super vivid dreams each night but brushed it off, cramping, sore boobs 9dpo- BFN!!! Ccm, sore boobs, vivid dream, bloated 10dpo- BFN!!! Sore boobs and not much else 11dpo-BFN!!! So I thought I was out and went ahead and had a few drinks this night, extremely hungry, should have known something was up when the alcohol tasted weird, sore boobs 12dpo- SUPER SUPER faint on a test, like literally it was invisible, took 5 and they all looked the same, sore boobs, super calm (and usually now is when I would be a cranky b**ch) still super hungry, cramping 13dpo- darker but still faint BFP!!!- happier than normal, no breakouts, sore boobs, thirsty, and hungry 14dpo- BFP!!!! I can definitely feel myself sleepier than normal, hungry all the time, and more thirsty for no reason (well I guess I do know!!!) I totally thought I was out when I didn’t get a positive until 12 dpo and really questioned if I was pregnant or it was a chemical. But I trust my body to do what’s right and I’m just super excited Rainbow baby due JULY 10TH, 2019!!!!!

BFP at 9 DPO, very few symptoms. BD 2x

My cycles are 33-35 days. We have been trying 3 months total. 2 months ago I had a chemical pregnancy, lines never darkened and eventually faded and my period was 2 days late. This cycle: we used clearblue advanced digital OPK, we used Preseed for the first time. We do some supplements, I take Maca, inositol, and some vitamins. My husband takes vitamins, Maca, tribulus and D-aspartic acid (low sex drive stuff). I also have been doing progesterone cream starting 3-5 dpo last cycle and this cycle. This month my clearblue advanced digital that normally has given 2-3 days of High before peak only gave me 1 day of Peak. Last BD was CD 6. CD 17 = High, BD with preseed at night, rested on my back 30 mins and slept on my right side because that was the side i thought i was O'ing from.. That evening my cheap OPK was SOO virtually positive but the digital still just shCDowed high CD 18= Peak at 5am, nothing else CD 19= O day, BD with preseed at night, same stuff as the the last session 1 DPO= Right pelvic pain 3 DPO= cramps, all day, pressure-y, quite constant, def in my reproductive region and not gas 7 DPO= noticed a little blood when brushing my teeth, just a smidge. negative internet cheapies (turns out my batch absolutely sucked) 9 DPO= AM took internet cheapy, saw a hint of a shadow when light shined behind it.. took Walmart cheapy and FRER, def positive 12 DPO= stuffy nose, light cramping. Dark FRER. Positive digital They have progressed and are looking good! I had more symptoms last month when i didn't conceive!