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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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3 years ttc, low amh, high fsh, male factor

After two years of trying naturally and countless investigations, I was told my FSH levels were too high (17.5) & my AMH too low (2.1). ICIS might not work and my eggs might not be viable. I also spotted before my period which I was convinced was a problem, despite doctors saying it wasn't. My accupunturist seemed to think it was which didn't help. We also had a male factor, 11% progressive motility. For four months I took coq10, dhea along with countless other supplements. I also had been having weekly Accupunture for a year which I am still having now. . Our first cycle didn't result in conception, but I did respond to a very high dose of drugs & managed to produce 6 eggs. 4 of which fertilised and 2 of which were good enough to freeze. Six months later (the soonest I could face) we put one back in (the second didn't defrost well) which resulted in a BFP!!! (Three years after we began trying) Things that I think helped: - poi shots instead of pessaries. Painful but worth it. - a month before the cycle, I had a "current life regression" hypnotherapy to help me address all of the heaviness and pain of infertility. - a week before the cycle, I went on a yoga retreat and having the space to address all of my fears and just to accept them. - during the cycle I listened to Molly Nichols a fertility coach,and she really really helped. She helped me to realise how isolated and alone I was feeling, how painful and how I had been conditioned to expect more disappointment. How I couldn't believe that this would ever happen for me. And mainly how I utterly distrusted my body, blamed it, judged it, second guessed it's every action (I'm sure I shouldn't spot before my period etc). I'm slowly facing these issues and shining the light of day on them, I was able to turn around how I was feeling with Mollys help. This resulted in having the calmest two week wait ( well calm is probably a bit too far but I wasn't full of fear) and feeling in the best place I had ever felt about my fertility. I started to paint a new picture, an idea that I could have a baby and what my life would look like. How I could trust my body. How fertilise I was. - I ate pineapple everyday - I only had lukewarm showers, no baths - I didn't move around much for the first 48hrs after transfer. -I did have a huge argument with my husband. I felt so convinced that it had runined everything until I spoke to my dad who told me "if having an argument effected conception, there wouldn't be many people around". Symptoms; - felt a flutter a few hours after transfer - felt the same flutter a few days later - had this knowing, indescribable feeling that it had worked, this didn't happen until about 3 days before I was due to take the test. - I had no spotting but I did have some at 9 weeks pregnant. My husband was already consoling me as he was convinced it hadn't worked and when the test went positive he still was doubtful! He hadn't listened to Molly! Today I'm six months pregnant and I'm feeling so unbelievably blessed. "Take a leap of faith" was my favourite phrase when I was feeling low.

Third BFP with Preseed

We were so excited to get a BFP today at 10 dpo! Before I list symptoms, this will be our third child conceived ion a very similar pattern- with all three we have tried for one month without PreSeed, then used PreSeed the second month. With all three, we have gotten pregnant right away with PreSeed. I also used CBFM for the first two and CB Advanced OPKs for this one. On to the symptoms because this website has gotten me through the two week wait each time I've been TTC. 1 dpo- spotting (assume from ovulation) 2 dpo- began getting cold symptoms 3-4 dpo- cold symptoms persisted but never got bad, just a nagging stuffy nose and cough 5 dpo- cold continued, sharp cramps in the morning, EWCM tinged with stringy red blood late morning 6 dpo- felt good, few symptoms if any, some pulling cramps at night before bed 7 dpo- mild cramping on and off, brown cm on underwear midday, super bloated 8 dpo- BFN with FMU, boobs began being sore to touch late morning and continued through the day, brown stringy cm in the afternoon, super bloated still, freezing at night before bed 9 dpo- boobs sore to touch off and on all day- I swear this would happen for an hour or two then they'd feel fine for a while then it would come back. Talk about second guessing! Occasional cramping off and on, small amount of the same stringy brown discharge as day before in the evening, very cold again at night- slept in a sweatshirt which I never do 10 dpo- BFP with FMU!

BFP second pregnancy!

Hello everyone! I feel so blessed to be able to share my BFP story with you. This is our second month TTC. We already have a wonderful 18 month old boy and can't wait to expand the family! Hoping that the new year brings baby dust and healthy pregnancies to all of you out there! Since we were only half-trying, I didn't keep a record of symptoms like I did for my first pregnancy. With NYE and a bad flu virus hitting the whole family for the first 10 days of 2017, we kind of tried when we could, maybe three times in total this cycle, and I had no idea when I was ovulating since I was still trying to understand my cycle after stopping the pill. What's really funny is that the dates of my LMP are exactly the same for both pregnancies! So we BD'd on CD 13, 18 and sometime later, I felt ovulation twinges around CD 16 but cannot say for sure since I wasn't taking my temperature. I thought we were out since we weren't trying regularly... Then: CD 19-26 (3-10 DPO): bad flu, sick and tired, couldn't really think of anything else besides getting home from work in one piece and wondering if DS was old enough to tuck me into bed. CD 28-29 (12-13 DPO): feeling really tired around 4pm. You know how the tiredness feels different during pregnancy? I recognized the same feeling and was also tired around 4pm during my first pregnancy. My nipples also started tingling here and there but I didn't notice any color or size changes. During my first pregnancy, my nipples got super dark and large by 10DPO, hubby's eyes were falling out of his head LOL. CD 30 (14 DPO): ouch, sharp pinching on my pubic bone! I was like, wait a sec.. I had twinges like these throughout my first pregnancy. These were really distinct from the general aches and twinges around ovulation and leading up to AF so I started wondering..... Af was supposed to arrive on CD31 based on my previous cycle. I was getting typical menstrual-type aches around my lower back and hips so I was pretty sure we were out this month. Last month I tested furiously after my nipples grew twice their size (seriously) - huge hit to the morale, in the end BFN and period came about 2 days late, nipples went back to their regular size a few days after. I really didn't want to endure the same disappointment again so kind of put the idea out of my head and didn't test or symptom spot. CD 31 (15 DPO): No AF. Hmm, maybe it's late. Maybe I didn't ovulate. Who knows? Anyway, had a 18 month old to chase after so one quickly forgets what day of the week it is... CD 32 (16 DPO): Light brown smear when wiping early morning. I thought, ok, I'm out, better put a tampon when I take my son for his baby swim class. Before going to the pool, the spotting was gone. Hmm, decided to risk it, went to the pool without a tampon. By the end of the day, nothing. OH. I started googling like mad. "Light brown spotting instead of period" and the sort. I read that while implantation takes place 6 - 12 days after ovulation, spotting might happen later, sometimes around the time of the expected period. I also had slight nausea in the mornings for the past few days but since I had zero nausea during my first pregnancy, I brushed it off. BUT NOW, I was starting to get interested..... So I got a HPT.. CD 33 (17 DPO): Still no spotting, so I tested first thing in the morning while hubby was changing DS. I hate the feeling of watching the dye spread over the test and the test line comes up while you squint your eyes out trying to see if a second line starts appearing. This time, the test line showed up and almost immediately a second line started appearing. I got so flustered, set the test down for 30 sec, looked at it again, super dark line! Broke the news to hubby who was in the middle of wrestling a butt-naked toddler trying to breakdance on the changing table. Needless to say, we were ecstatic! I'm now at CD 35 and just visited my OBGYN. Getting my blood work done tomorrow! I also wanted to say to all those TTC a second pregnancy that the symptoms can be really really different! So far, it has been the case for me. Waves of nausea while I had zero the first time. Not too tired this time but exhausted the first. No breasts changes besides tenderness this time; first time they changed right away. Not sure what to expect this time round, just crossing my fingers that I'm able to get enough rest and our little bean arrives healthy to meet his big brother! GL and baby dust to all of you TTC and thanks for reading!

OMG I literally can't believe it!!! Shaking and can't concentrate!

Did a first response today just because I couldn't wait a couple more days for my period. Within a few seconds the second line showed up! (11dpo) Albeit faint - but certainly not a squinter! Pinching myself. Gave Hubby an early Christmas present all wrapped up with the test inside and a baby grow saying ' I love my Daddy- he's funny!' (I'd bought it a few months ago waiting to be able to give it to him). Wrote a tag inside saying 'Mummy is looking after me for a while and keeping me safe on her tummy but I can't wait to meet you!' To be honest it really just felt like my period was coming. It still does! 1-6 dpo - 1dpo a little spotting- probably from ovulation. Then nothing- but bbt temps went down after the ovulation spike. Right up til 6dpo. 6-7 dpo- spike again - to over 36.9. 7-10 dpo- spotting- I'm a regular spotter and this month has been particularly crazy with the spotting!! All over the shop. When I say spotting I do mean brown CM. other months it progressed to dark blood and then red then period. Not this time. Also other months only started spotting from 10dpo. Not 7dpo. Also ever so slight soreness in breasts- but honestly- the same as every other month- so just thought it was my period. Only other symptom that was worth noting was a ridiculously slight ache in my actual belly button a couple of times. Saw others had said similar too on here, which is really odd. But I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't have been sitting down quietly at work. 11dpo- less spotting. Slight brown when wiped once. Took first response for the hell of it as I'm impatient and within 10 seconds the second line came up!! And here we are. Still don't quite believe it. hubby wants precisely 5 more tests before he's fully convinced ha ha. FYI- hope for all those regular spotters- this cycle I had the most spotting I've ever had!! It was crazy throughout! But I do mean spotting- as in brown. I think my body was clearing itself out. Anyway- don't let anyone tell you it will make it harder to conceive. This is only cycle 4 since coming off the pill. And I've been on it for years!!!! And I'm 29. So don't be disheartened if you body likes to spot. Also- be confident that you know your own body. I never listened to this 'first morning wee' for opk's nonsense. It's technically supposed to be the highest concentration. But afternoon urine was always better for me! Always. My body was changing quickly too during ovulation from high fertility to peak- a morning test would be flashing smiley and by the afternoon it was static (clear blue highest levels of LH). Test more if you have the money but equallydon't drive yourself crazy if it stressses you. I just personally found I felt way more in control and it made me more confident in knowing my body. This was also the very first month using preseed. That stuff is a bloody miracle worker! Now I know it probably wasn't all down to this but I'm damn sure it helped as I have quite sparse CM. put it this way- it can't hurt!!! Please feel welcome to ask questions. I stalked this board for months and felt it only right to add to it. I've posted my bbt chart here. Am stopping taking temps from now on as I don't want to freak myself if they fluctuate. Baby dust to all!!!!! Xxxx

BFP at 12 dpo!

Tww story Disclaimer: I did not confirm ovulation with tempting but rather good knowledge of my body. Noticed a big glob of ewcm on CD 11 and 2 days later had ovulation spotting & acne, so I'm counting CD13 as my ovulation date. 2dpo- continued having ewcm type CM but a lot thinner than fertile CM. Started getting tender breasts. Rare for me because they tend to be sore right before O and right before AF. 3dpo- continued ewcm & breasts sore. Also spotted a little after intercourse, which lasted just for that night. 4-9dpo- continued slippery cm/ewcm, sore breast, and new symptom: dull persistent headache! Should note that at 9dpo, I had a very dull cramp like feeling almost literally inside the vagina- I think this might have been implantation. 10dpo- all of the above plus new symptom: lower back aches and runny nose. When I blew my nose earlier in the day I had also noticed a tinge of blood in it. 11dpo- all of the above with some extra fatigue. I definitely felt like I wasn't getting my period at this point because it wasn't feeling normal and I had NO ACNE at all, which is rare for me. I religiously get a few spots before AF. I tested in the am with IC & BFN. Decided to test again late afternoon w 6 hour hold (I know, wtf) with another IC & flat frrr... I swore I saw something very very faint but DH couldn't confirm for me lol. Looking back: VVF BFP 12dpo- Next morning ran out of bed to POAS and used IC & frrr.. BFP!!! Today: 13dpo- line is getting darker! Most symptoms persist. Ultimately the biggest signs were constant sore breasts from the moment O ended, headaches, & no acne.. if anything is different for you, then it's prob worth considering. Hope this helps some of you ladies :) Picture shows vvvf bfp at 11 dpo and then bottom at 12 dpo.
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Defeating all the odds with my BFP

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my story with you all as BFP stories always helped me keep hope and I never thought my story would lead to a beautiful BFP... here goes... So, firstly, I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months at this point, I have 32 day cycles and I have a BMI of 41 so I didn't expect it to happen. I have a huge heap of ebay pregnancy tests in my cupboard which come out far too early in each of my cycles whilst I struggle with the impatience of the TWW. This time I was much better and starting testing at 10DPO. BFN. No symtoms, no nothing. 11DPO. BFN. Still nothing. Counted myself out at this point. 13 DPO. BFN. Boring. 14 DPO, period day, BFN. Period feels like its well on the way with the usual crampy feeling. The only thing I noticed was different was that my boobs DIDNT hurt when they normally do a week prior to my periods. 15 - 18 DPO. BFN. Seriously. This is annoying now. I know I'm not pregnant so just hurry up already period. 19 DPO. BF...P? No? I don't know. My ebay cheapy was showing possibly the faintest second line in the world. This was the most frustrating feeling. I showed various close friends and relatives and they couldn't see anything. I was fuming! What does this mean? I obsessed all day over it and eventually went and bougbt a clear blue early detection test.. And there it was. A BFP! A REALLY BFP!!! It was so clear!! I'll never use those cheap teasing ebay tests again! My BFP day was Haloween 2016. My husband came home that evening and I revealed our amazing news. Everyone close to us was overjoyed and It really didn't feel real. And then... That evening... I bled. It was like the start of a period. Bright red blood on the tissue. I put on a sanitary towel but it never touched it, the blood was just there on wiping. I was so upset, my BFP came and felt lost in one day. I called the early pregancy unit the next day and explained, she of course said I'm very early and what Id need to do is take another test in 2 weeks time and if its positive everything is okay and if negative then unfortunately I har misscarried. Now, I know how much we all hate the TWW but this was complete torture for 2 weeks. There was no more bleeding and I was so confused. After a horrifically long 2 weeks I took another test. Digital this time. Within seconds the screen told me I was 2-3 weeks pregnant! Amazing! I was overjoyed once again. Two days later... I bled again. More this time. Bright red blood. Again, it didnt touch a sanitary towel but it took a few days to completely dissappear. I couldnt believe this kept happening. The early pregnancy unit booked me in for an early scan which revealed a sac and a yolk. A very early pregnancy. From this they couldnt tell me anything, they said we need to see how this progresses, come back in two weeks.... Oh the hurt I went through again.. An incredibly long 2 weeks later... Second scan day. My baby had grown :) they confirmed a healthy 7 week pregnancy and I saw the beautifully flickering heartbeat. I couldnt believe it. I am now 10 weeks pregnant, I have had no more bleeds and I am suffering with terrible morning sickness and I couldn't care less! Bring on the sickness! As long as little bean is healthy :) Love, a very happy mummy to be xxx


Hi Ladies I wanted to upload my story because these BFP stories are the only ones that kept me going in my 2WW So i came off the pill in April after being on it for 12 years! Only really TTC in July and August then for money reasons we stopped. Picked it back up this month and here i am!!! So my cycle varied from 25-29 days so averaging 27days We dtd it CD7, 10,12,14 and 16 CD- 12 ovulation twinges,pulls in right side After dpo- beware TMI to follow- 1-5dpo no cm and no symptoms 6po- woke up with a sharp pain in only the right boob near the armpit- convinced i pulled a muscle 7dpo- sudden wet cm at work thought the witch had come early but only a slight pinkish colour to the cm. implantation i assume?! 8dpo- increased cm, lower bache and hungryy 9dpo- in a very very bad mood, was convinced my period was coming. Lots of wetness down below. Exhausted- in bed by 9 and cried with anger- still not sure why i was angry. No more boob pain but lots of heartburn Did a test BFN 10dpo- had a longgg day at work, legs and lower back ached. Again in a bad bad mood. DH even assumed i was gettn my Period- bless him he had a rough few days with me!! Very wet cm. heartburn again- had to google the pain as i was not sure what it was. Got home at 6pm and was starving! Oh and one big spot that just wont go away!!! 11dpo- bad mood again! Very wet down there, bad bad lower back pain. Was out with the girls so needed to check my drinking situation so got superdrug early tests as they are so sensitive- had the faintest line come up- was shocked! Sat on the floor holding the stick for 20mins! Went out and came home 6hours later and retest- bfp again! Still didnt want to believe it as AF is due in 3days! 12Dpo - today- woke up and did a first response test as still cautious of superdrugs tests due to reviews- and there is was BFP! Still a faint line but DH was like that defiantly a line!!! Got a headache today- veryyy hungry again. Sent hubby out to get a CBD just to check for the 4th time tomorow morning before calling docs on Monday! Just soo shocked need to keep seeing my BFP!! One thing i will say ladies- and i no its soooo easy for me to say is- not everyone gets every symptom so just take that into account when sympton watching! My biggest clues were the implantation CM, bad lower back, excessive hunger and my bad bad mood- lets hope it doesnt last 9months!! No sickness, no bigger boobs, no veins on my boobs and no funny smells or tastes! Wish you all so so much luck- and a massive thanks to everyone who posts on this site- it really does help the tww Miracle xmas baby xxx
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BFP with menstrual cramps

Good morning everyone! Me and my fiancee were not trying but not preventing pregnancy the last few months. I had been trying different birth controls since we met but recently stopped because they caused me to bleed severely to the point that I'd rather take my chances with pregnancy. Well we had one pregnancy scare a month or two ago... If you can call it a scare. So fast forward to this cycle. I had been having no symptoms and felt pretty normal except a few days before my period was due I noticed some cm but not a lot. So I read on HERE that it's supposed to dry up or get sticky when af is coming so I figured it was probably just drying up late. Maybe since I don't pay attention to it I was just not knowing a norm for myself. Well the other day my daughter came up to me and randomly put her hand on my belly. I was in shock and knew this was a sign. But the day before my af and day of af was due I had terrible cramps. Actually they were the worst I've ever had on my period in my life but no where near labor pains lol. But I knew my period was coming. Then at 1 am on the day I was due (I was at work I work 3rd) I noticed spotting so I popped a tampon in but when u got home from work it was almost empty so I knew! Then the next day when my fiancee was here I took a test and was just in shock so I bought a clear blue and it immediately said pregnant. I'm still in shock so I been walking around with it in my purse to remind myself that I am.
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A Story of Hope

Like many of you, I had read this blog with the hope of having symptoms that would correspond to a positive pregnancy test. For each cycle, every month, I would be checking my symptoms with the blog posts. Over the years, this site had provided me much encouragement when I needed it the most. I vowed to post my story once I was successful in becoming a momma. In sharing my journey, may you find a story of hope that resonates within you during your personal journey! My husband and I were married for four years before we started infertility treatment in 2011.  Our case could be classified as unspecified infertility; although, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  We underwent a fresh IVF cycle in 2011, which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy outcome right before Christmas.  I think that first cycle was the hardest one because of all of the medications used for egg retrieval and then transfer.  We were devastated from it and took some time before going back for two frozen transfers in the summer and fall of 2012.  Unfortunately neither of those embryos implanted, but those cycles were less taxing on my body than the original fresh one.  Unsure of why the FET cycles were unsuccessful, my husband and I took a break as to better evaluate our situation.  We even considered surrogacy; however, the investment needed was a little overwhelming financially and emotionally.  By spring of 2013, we were absolutely shocked to learn that we were pregnant naturally.  We were not trying to get pregnant, but it happened and we were thrilled.  We had heard the heartbeat and started to make plans for a baby due in 2014.  At our 12 week appointment, a heartbeat could not be found during ultrasound and the baby measured 9 weeks.  After genetic testing, we learned our baby had Turner's syndrome from paternal chromosome.  This loss was equally as devastating as our first embryo transfer.  It was definitely a low point for us; however, we found that even in the deepest pit, our faith and love grew stronger.  We put our trust in God's plan for us. With hope that a frozen transfer might work after this miscarriage, we transferred two embryos in December 2013.  Again, we were met with the disappointment that neither embryo implanted.  It was shortly after this time that we decided to take another break to try a more integrative and holistic approach to pregnancy.  We started with diet and supplements through a naturopathic practitioner.  Eliminating dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods was a start to becoming more healthy.  I lost about 15 pounds through diet and exercise (going from a size 10 to a 6).  Then we started acupuncture and herbs in May 2015 with sessions once a week.  I was temping and tracking my cycle, yet our attempts to get pregnant naturally were not successful.  The acupuncturist was extremely helpful in diagnosing that my uterus needed improvement and my husband had to lower his body heat.  By November 2015, the acupuncturist advised that my uterus was in the best condition possible to try another transfer.  At that same time, I started taking Metformin 500mg once a day, along with Aspirin 81mg daily.  In December 2015, we transferred one embryo and our pregnancy test was scheduled for New Year's Eve.  To be honest, I was nervous about the timing of it all.  Of course, I was hoping that we would be celebrating the best New Year's Eve ever; however, I was also realistic of our history.  It was with great joy that we received a positive phone call on New Year's Eve!  And in August 2016, our daughter was born!  We rejoice in the miracle of her life each and every day.  For anyone who has gone through infertility, miscarriages, and high risk pregnancies, you understand the sweet sorrow that accompanies it.  My husband and I are humbled by friends, family, and strangers that have prayed for us during this journey.  As we get ready to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three, I want to share our story of hope so that you find encouragement and always believe! Parents Age: Dad 36, Mom 35 (Embryo age of Dad 30, Mom 31) FET (Singleton, Day 6 Blast) Medications: Endometrin, Estrace, Metformin, Aspirin Notes leading up to transfer date: Baby danced four and six days prior to transfer of embryo, Massage two days prior to transfer, Cold sore developed one day prior to transfer and Valtrex was taken (first cold sore ever). Transfer Day: Cramping two hours after transfer 1dpt: No symptoms 2dpt: Brown spotting when wiping 3dpt: No symptoms 4dpt: No symptoms 5dpt: No symptoms 6dpt: Moderate to heavy cramping for about eight hours, Red bleeding/spotting (Thinking that this cycle was another failed one, I cried all evening after Christmas Eve church service. Apparently, this bleeding was implantation bleeding. I had not experienced it when I had gotten pregnant naturally, so I didn't know what to expect. It felt like I was getting my period. It was not subtle in the least.) 7dpt: No symptoms 8dpt: No symptoms

First post on a forum - hope it helps somone

I promised myself I wouldn't become one of those who obsessed about ttc. It didn't work. Turns out I'm a bit of a control freak and, somehow, reading these boards made me feel more in control over something which we seemingly have no control over. It's still early days so I'm trying not to get too excited but yesterday I got a bfp the second month of trying. I realise how lucky this is and only put a dpo story here because I hope it will help someone else. Here goes: I have had roughly a 31 day cycle +/- 3 days or so since coming off the pill in February. I decided not to temp (although was planning to next month if didn't get a bfp this month) but instead used a period tracker, which I've been using since I came off the pill and monitored CP and CM. Last month we timed DTD around O but only every other day or so and I'm pretty sure I O'd when my DH was away with work so bfn. This month DTD cd 9, 12, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26. It was exhausting, I'm not going to lie!! -2 dpo lots of clear, watery cm, high and open CP DTD -1 dpo lots of clear, watery cm, high and open CP DTD o - clear, watery cm, a little ewcm. DTD Pain in lower abdomen that evening, like a really heavy pressure (presume O) 1dpo - clear, watery cm, a little ewcm. Pain continued until lunch time. After that things pretty much calmed down. Less cm that afternoon but DTD that evening just in case. 2dpo - slightly sore boobs. DTD just in case but cm turning sticker, CP lower. 3dpo - slightly sore boobs (presumed this was related to ovulation) 4dpo - slightly sore boobs, slight cramps. CM has completely dried up. I mean bone dry. CP high. 5dpo- slightly sore boobs, slight cramps. No CM at all. CP VERY high 6dpo - slightly sore boobs, extreme pain in pubic bone that evening. This is really hard to describe but the left-left hand side of my pubic bone (groin) ached and was actually tender to the touch. Sometimes the pain moved underneath it. Sometimes it felt like it was coming from the inside and sometimes from the outside but it felt like I had been kicked. The area around what I presume is my left ovary was also very sore. No CM. CP VERY high. 7dpo - Pain in pubic bone and cramps until lunchtime. tmi but on checking CP I noticed brown cm. Stuck some tp up there for a better inspection and there was more but really very dry cm. That evening I had sharp, stabbing pains in boobs. 8dpo - bfn. boobs definitely hurting more. CP VERYhigh. No CM. 9dpo - boobs very painful. Feels like someone is squeezing them really hard from the inside mainly on sides and on tops. This pain was completely different to the slight pain felt around ovulation. That afternoon checked CP and saw brown again. Stuck tp up - tiny pink blood and some brown cm 10 dpo - same breast pain. That evening bfn. Cramps, mainly on left side but sometime on the right, like the edge of groin. 11 dpo - same breast pain. Decided not to test as was running out of tests. Same cramps. 12 dpo - Same cramps. Sore breasts still. I should say that these cramps feel less like af is coming and more like O pain. Caved that evening BFP on FRER. Very tired but worke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. 13 dpo - Woke up and wanted to check it wasn't a dream/false positive so used a supermarket brand blue dye test. BFP. Starting to feel quite light-headed today. I have low blood pressure to begin with so will have to see how that goes. The tell-tale thing was the sore boobs really. The IB also worked timing-wise but I'd read loads about getting creamy CM and a high CP and I was bone dry. Only now on cd30 am I starting to get some CM again. I hope it's helped someone. Thanks to everyone who posted their stories. Good luck to everyone.