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6th IUI attempt

So in Sept 2015 I had my miracle baby boy after 3 rounds of IUI. Since then I've tried an additional 3 more times, and no success. I have PCOS, endometriosis, bicorunate uterus, tilted cervix and ohormonal imbalances galore but I'm still very optimistic about this go fabulous doctor, new meds, and an IUI that seriously didn't hurt! Here's my story...

Day 3 found out I had a huge cyst that finally bled it's way out of my body. Got baseline bloodwork. Started letrozole, doubling doses, 1 pill, 2pills, 4pills, 8pills  for day 3-7. Then bloodwork, U/S, and 2 follicles measuring 12mm. Day 9 and 10 took menopur in the PM. Then back to ER for another look at the follicles. Only 1 survived menopur and  measured 16mm on day 14. On day On day 16th the HCG shot in the morning and we had instructions to do the baby dance and on day 17 (today) we had the IUI. Now the 2ww.... baby dust to you all! anyone on their 2ww? 

IUI on Day 23...

It's been a while since I've been on this site but I come again as I'm TTC baby #2. Baby #1 was an IUI baby and is a happy health 18th month old...but now that we're trying to add to the family, these past few months have been hell on my body. So this is my 3rd Monitored IUI. I typically have normal cycles 28-30 days, but for some reason this one is hella 35 days...Last menstrual 2/22/17. Had baseline scans on Day 3. took 7.5 mg Letrozole days 4-9. Also I'm on 1500mg of Metformin, prenatal vitamin and most recently Vitamin D. I have unspecified PCOS. Went in for Day 11 scan, follicles were all just about  11mm, so back in three days, had 5 follicles at 15mm, then back again 2 more days, 1 follicle at 17. Trigger at 930pm on 3/15. IUI today, 3/16 at 11am. I feel bloated and cramping...I didn't feel this way with my positive two years ago, so I'm wondering if this is normal? and can anyone related...I'm on cycle day 23 and had the IUI...Dr checked all my levels to see if I had ovulated, and nope, progesterone was low, my lining was I'm a bundle of confusion. Typically I pair Monitored IUI with OPK but this is the third consecutive month trying and I'm just tired, so I did away with it...Probably shouldn't have! Anyhow, I'm just rambling and trying to read success stories with an IUI so late in the dust to all of you! Fertility issues suck, but holding a baby is worth all the stress...hang in their y'all!


Oh God is soooo GOOD. I've been TTC for somewhere around 7 years. Taken many many POAS test and never got anything else except the single line, ugh! It's been about a year straight seeing Drs in both U.S. and in Mexico, regarding infertility (on my part). So this was my second cycle monitored IUI with femara CD 5-9, trigger (ovidrel) though I didn't need it because I ovulated on my own. My thinking is that my body needed help to get mature ovums because I have PCOS, low thyroid and insulin resistance. In case you're interested I take synthroid (brand name) 25mcg, metformin 1500 mg (Drs agree that's the only dosage that works for infertility and insulin resistance) and folic acid (the prenatal vitamins make me gag). Back to today...

My husband had been asking me if I "feel pregnant" and I would answer nope, not at all. Except for the ocassional feeling fatigue, diarrehea, peeing more than average and heartburn feeling I didn't feel anything. In fact, yesterday I told my hubby, I'm going to POAS tomorrow (today) morning so I can just confirm I'm not pregnant and I'll just go to the gym and run a long run and get back into heavy lifting. So I POAS this morning and for the first time ever I got two lines on a FRER. I am confident this isn't the medication in my system since femara last 9 days at most. And I didn't have to take the trigger shot this time.Lo' and behold, two lines! Took a double take at the stick, and I'd be lying to say that I haven't run back to the test four or five times since I took it to check if the lines are both there.  Today I'm 12dpo or maybe 13 dpo, nothing is ever certain, right!?

My hubby doesn't want me jumping for joy just yet as I have a official blood test this coming Saturday.

So I just want to let tww community that you can have a BFP without any symptoms, no sore boobs,  no weird smells, no weird dreams...just typical AF symptoms...wishing all of y'all sticky baby dust, lots of it!!!


HELP, OPK question!

Ok y'all I have a question


I paired this cycle IUI with a OPK and on the first day of my positive, detected LH surge, I called the RE and scheduled the IUI to be moved up. It's been three days, and I have POAS every day, different times during the day, and still have a darker line than the reference line, what the heck does that mean...that my LH is still high and I haven't really ovulated? Confused beyond belief! 


I had the IUI on Wednesday 2pm-ish. Isn't the POAS supposed to read undetected at some point...I just wanted to reassure myself that indeed I did ovulate, but with this darker line still I am confused...anyone ever experience something similar???

Textbook IUI

Hi y'all (I'm from Texas),


Update on my progress. Had a failed IUI turn ICI on the first attempt (last month). At the end of last month I went in to just have a cervical dialation, but instead RE was able to get to my uterus without any issue. So no cervical dialation needed, instead had baseline work done. Given same protocol as last IUI. Letrozole, 7.5mg on CD 5-9 (12/29/14-12/2/14) . U/S on day 12 (1/5/15). Had on 18mm follicle on left side, only 2- 10mm on right. RE plan was to trigger on 1/7/15, and have IUI on 1/9/15), but this cycle I decided this time I would pair this monitored IUI with OPK. I chose the First Response brand. On day 13, (1/6/15), decided that was the day to start checking LH surge. To my surprise, a very dark pink line compared to the reference line.

So at 5:45am, I emailed my original RE and told her about my OPK results, my concerns and frustrations. We both agreed, it was imparative that we move up the IUI. So today is CD14 and I had the IUI (without complications, and pain free :)), at 2:00. So now the 2WW ensues. 

Thankful that my doctor squeezed me into the schedule today and that DH took off the day to be with me. I was expecting the worse with the complicationg I had on last IUI turn ICI, but so grateful that I'm home without any pains.

Oh, and I didn't have to trigger since the OPK detected that I would be ovulating in 24-36 hours and that is the purpose of the trigger... I had EWCM all day yesterday, like lots of it, today, I still have some just not nearly as much...praying that all was timed perfectly.

This time around I'll just keep busy with teaching, exercising and yoga! Baby dust to y'all!!!

My Journey(warning: it's long)

My history: Normal cycles even though I have endometriosis, PCOS(unexplained), LEEP procedure in 2007, Cervical Laceration(complication from LEEP) and been TTC for two years. Recent diagnosis: insulin resistant. I'm 34, no kids, YET. 

His history: perfect swimmers and high quality and issues. He's 35, no kids YET.

My protocol: IUI w/ Letrozole (CD-5-9 at 7.5mg) and trigger with Ovidrel on CD 11. CD 11 I had 3 follies, two mature at 18mm, and one at 15mm. IUI was scheduled 12 hours later. 

All went well, up until IUI day...the RE couldn't penetrate my cervix. It was completely tight (thanks in part to the cervical laceration from the LEEP). Dr. tried many different tools, but eventually, the IUI turned into the and ICI (intraCERVICAL) insemination. What was supposed to just be an in-and-out, five minute procedure, turned into a hour of pain, serious cramping, twitching,crying and screaming. Eventually Dr got into my cervix but because I was in serious pain, couldn't go any further so the deposit was just into my cervix.

 Followed the protocol after the ICI and started progesterone 2x daily. The dreaded 2ww ensued. Blood test today, 12/22 and got a BFN. 

Now Dr wants to surgically dilate my cervix...I'm not so sure about that...any of y'all have any experience, or is my case completely unique??

I convinced my DH to do another IUI cycle (this was our first) when my next cycle. I'm thinking I'll do the Robitussin thing too. And I talked to another RE and she suggested I not do the surgical dilation just yet, but do an in office dilation...I like that idea much more, than just jumping the gun and going directly to surgery.

Baby dust to you all. I'm bummed, cried a bit but I'm better. In God's time...that's what my DH says...praying for y'all.