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Vitex, anyone taken or have information

Started Vitex yesterday after just finding out I had a CP. My periods aren’t that irregular 26-30 days, but I started spotting again after being on BC to regulate which helped for the longest time. Anyways... anything I need to know about Vitex? I’m not on any medication aside from multivitamin but do you have to stop taking it after ovulation? I only ask because I think there’s another all natural supplement maybe the raspberry leaf tea that could mess up implantation, thanks in advance!!!

18dpo BFP... bleeding OPK getting darker

Sooo confused! Got a really nice BFP 16DPO, had about 5-7 light ones before that but not squinters. Then that night (16DPO) started bleeding bright red and continued for 2 days and has really slowed down. It was never as heavy as AF. 17DPO very faint BFP hardly anything. Took a test at 2am today 18DPO very faint line better then 17DPO but... I had very diluted urine and already peed about 1-2 hours before. At 6am I took wondfo OPK that’s all I had after 4 hour hold and they are dark! I took 3, pretty sure equal to control line. Now I have to wait until after work just wanted thoughts or possible similar experiences from anyone, thank you!