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Soy iso?

My DH and I have been trying to conceive off and on for about 5 years! We have seen doctors, we have tried “not trying”, I have taken clomid, do not want to do ivf (it’s just not for us). I usually have 25 day cycles an I bought some soy iso since I read amazing things about it and have been looking into making an appointment for acupuncture. So, waiting on my period to get here so we can officially start trying again (have never used any form of protection so we have never “not” been trying). Come cycle day 29 I broke down and took a pregnancy test since I was 4 days late, took one again on CD 30, finally today AF showed up. Was doing research on best days to take Soy when I found an article that was saying to use b12 to lengthen a cycle and I have recently (in past few weeks) started getting weekly b12 injections at the recommendation of my regular doctor (unrelated to fertility). Anyone have experience with Soy ISO while taking b12 or should I hold off for a little bit and see if my longer cycles help me get preggers without it?

Hello bottle of wine....

It's been a few months since I have been on here but I had to come just to express my current feelings to people who would get it. My SIL has a 1 year old daughter that she pawns off whenever possible. Her current boyfriend has 3 kids in foster care. They currently have no jobs, and are staying with my MIL in her 1 bedroom apartment in like the worst part of town. ... yay. They are pregnant. I've been trying now going on 4 years and she is all excited and wants everyone to share in her excitment. Seriously?! WTF? No, I cannot be excited for her. Since stabbing her in the eye with a spoon doesn't seem like an appropriate option... I might as well just enjoy some wine. What the hell, I started my period yesterday anyway.

no o this month?

looks like no ovulation this month! That sucks. No ewcm or anything. :( my chart looks more like a heart rate monitor this month than temps.

weird temps

my previous 3 months temping, my pre ovulation temps were very steady and never went over 97.8 and this month they are all over the place. It's like they never went back down after last month (except for a 2 day dip)... Any thoughts? I feel like I'm never going to get a cover line or see ovulation with a chart like this!!

CD 7

it is only CD 7, but today my temp FINALLY dropped back below cover line from last month! Since I have only temped for 3 months... Is this odd? My prior 2 months I knew it was time for AF as soon as I woke up because my temp had taken a nose dive. Is it normal for it to stay high?  

CD 1

here I go again. :( think I'm going to try progesterone cream this cycle because I know mine is kinda low anyway. Any suggestions?


while I'm not SUPER surprised to see a BFN (since I really think I didn't bd enough around my fertile window), I do have a pretty solid triphasic (sp?) chart and had light spotting DPO 10&11 (and it's only DPO 12)... I was still hoping it might be BFP. It wont let me post my chart for whatever reason or I would double check it with you wonderful ladies. But obvious dip and then elevated temps, so I'm not going to count myself out yet.


  Its only 9DPO and I am spotting like bright pink. It's more than just spotting but not actual flow. My temp is still elevated though so I kinda wonder if it could be implantation bleeding but this is the third day my temp had been high and I feel like if I were going to spot, it would have happened by now so I wonder if this is really just an early period? It's CD 22 and my periods are always 25 - 28 days. In my app, I looked back over the past year and it's never been this early...


so, I missed my fertile window (so I thought). Now, I'm really wondering. My temp for the 2 days following ovulation were 98.46 and 98.51 (and it was down in the low 50's at night. Absolutely freezing) I didn't temp for a couple days, figured I didn't need to bother. It killed me so I temped yesterday and today. Yesterday (hot at night) I temped in the morning and it was 98.32, I thought that was odd, so odd that I temped last night and it was even lower. 98.19. Weird. This morning it was 98.33. So, I just temped again 99.83. Last month when I temped it stayed within like .10 degrees. Today is 7dpo so I'm kinda wondering if I'm starting to run a fever or this might be implantation. I feel crazy for even considering it but am excited to temp in AM to see if I still have a temperature. Probably a fluke, but I'm hoping anyway!

why do i do this to myself

so, even though timing was terrible this month and Im 95 percent positive that I missed my fertile window... I went several days with out temping (because why bother? I'm out anyway!) ... I couldn't stand it. I have temped the past 2 days in hopes I might get like an implantation dip or something. Maybe my temps will change and start rising...    maybe just maybe I could still be in this month... I DID bd the day before O even though I peed afterwards... So, maybe?! Even though those odds are way to low to even consider, I'm still allowing myself to be slightly hopeful and i know  I'm crazy. :(