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Same Sex Couple- At Home Insemination

Hello! So my wife and I have been married for 2 years now and we have TTC for 3 cycles before with 1 chemical pregnancy being the outcome! Went to a fertility clinic shortly after where they told me I had low progesterone levels and prescribed me progesterone which I was to take vaginally. After that failed attempt and lots of money, we decided to take a break. However, a good friend of ours is willing to help us.. he has 4 kids of his own so I know everything is good on his end. This cycle was our first time trying again after about 9 months. We did at home insemination the day before and 1 dpo. We used preseed and softcups this time rather than syringe. (TMI) I Oed the second time! Twice in one day actually! & Slept with the softcup in on both days! I am also using my progesterone this cycle as well. Currently 2 dpo! Wish me luck!!