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beta results are in ...


so i went in on Tuesday, August 13th for my first beta test - 281!!

I went in this morning for my second beta test - 634!!!

I am beyond thrilled and excited! Hubby and I feel so blessed and really hoping the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly!

My nurse is supposed to contact me later today to schedule my ultrasound! I think that's when it will really hit me when I get to hear my babies heartbeat or heartbeats!

My hubby and I are convinced we are having twins! haha but we will be happy with one or two happy and healthy babies .. cant imagine there being three but if it is ok!

so so so happy!! :D :D

Until next time xoxo ....

i did it!!

soooo Sunday, 8dp5dt i POAS .....


sooo happy!! totally on cloud 9 right now - although i am being cautious with my emotions because i still have to go in for my beta tomorrow and hope it doubles by the second time i go - but still im super excited to see a BFP for once!!!

beta scheduled tomorrow morning - hoping for a great number :D :D

i tried posting a picture of it but it keeps saying denied -___-

but believe me its true! haha


half way there!!!!!

really hoping this second half of the 2ww goes by a lot faster!! although technically my wait is only 10 days past my transfer - which is why im saying im half way done!

today i have been feeling a lot more cramping throughout the entire day! hoping thats a good sign almost like AF cramps but thats not gonna happen ... right? right! also i've had some pretty vivid and weird dreams last night and tuesday night. I'm only saying this because some people have said that they get really vivid dreams when they are pregnant. Finally, i was UBBER emotional this morning as i was listening to the radio i felt like crying - to Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" really?!? lol

i really want to POAS but i know it is waaay to early and i deff don't want to get the feeling of a negative. I think the earliest ill test will be Monday morning a day before my beta ... im scared though !!!

ugh the pressure!

until next time.... to test or not to test :D ?!?



hello hello!

lots to catch up on! Since last post all my follies grew amazingly i had my ER on July 29th and they were able to retrieve 19! the following day I heard news about my fertilization report and out of the 19 retrieved 12 of them were mature and 10 of those fertilized via ICSI :D so we were super happy with the news. Especially since i was afraid i wasn't going to have enough mature eggs. We ended up doing a 5 day transfer on August 3rd, they transferred back 2 4AA embryos - the embryologist was very happ with our Embryos and kept saying how gorgeous they were so that was very reassuring!!

The transfer itself was pretty easy! didnt really hurt the most uncomfortable part is having your bladder full and then having the nurse put pressure on it for the ultrasound!! My RE said everything looked perfect my lining was great and the transfer itself couldn't have gone any better :D :D

so now im in my 2ww - the day of the transfer i felt a bit of cramping and then a bit more the day after. Monday and yesterday nothing really - i have been gassy and a bit constipated but i think thats from my progesterone suppositories. And just now, which is what prompted me to login i started to have some cramps. im really hoping and fx its implantation cramps :D but ill try and not get my hopes up!!

we'll see how my symptoms continue the rest of the week

until next time xoxo

grow follies grow!!


Since my last post i went to my RE's office for my first u/s and b/w while on my stim meds. They took my blood first to check my estradiol and then i went in for an ultrasound. the nurse said my lining looked good - i have 8 in my left ovary ranging in size smallest one is 6.64mm and my biggest one is 8.79 and in my right ovary i have 7 smalles one is 5.64mm and my biggest one is 9.22mm. That was my day 5 u/s

They scheduled me for another u/s b/w appointment tomorrow! Tomorrow will be my day 8 on stims so im excited to see how much they've grown since Saturday! I'm hoping they grow at the rate my RE expects them to! I also received the results for my estradiol and it was at 151. Im considering this a good thing since i read somewhere that it should be between 150-500 on day 8 of stims so we'll see how much it went up tomorrow. The Dr. also told me to stop taking Lupron so Saturday was my last dose of Lupron.

i just hope everything goes well tomorrow and continues to go as it has been.

as far as for how i've been feeling - ive been feeling a lil bloated and gassy, kind of how i feel when im going to get AF so its not too bad. I am not in any pain or feeling uncomfortable so im happy about that. I don't think ive been moodier or angry or extra emotional lately, which is a good thing the hubby and i have a safe word in case I get a lil out of hand haha and we haven't had to use it so i think that's a good sign!

In the boards I'm in for other July IVFers i've been seeing a lot of BFP which makes me soo happy and hopeful for my cycle. We've been so blessed to get this far and doing this procedure I just hope it keeps continuing this way - bc i know the hardest part is going to be after the ER and we have to wait and see if my follies fertilized!! I will be so anxious!

well thats all for now. best of luck to whoever is also going through IVF

* sticky vibes *

until next time ... xoxo


hello hello!!

so i had my first u/s and b/w appt on Monday, and everything looked good. Procedure was the usual showed up they took my blood then went in for an u/s the Nurse said that uterus looked good, and the follicles were the size they needed to be. lupron did what it was supposed to do! so happy me! i was then to wait until i heard through my portal about further instructions.

so my drs office will text me when i have a new message or new instructions on my portal so you know i was constantly checking my phone to see if i received anything!! finally after lunch i got the text and i immediately stopped what i was doing and logged into my portal. Instructions were that my DR gave me the okay to start my stim meds on Tuesday, 7/16, and to take my lupron in the morning instead of at night. so excited because this is just one more step down this what seems to be looooong process!

so i took my final 10 nightly units of Lupron on Monday and tuesday morning took my 5 morning units of Lupron. Yesterday was also my dads birthday so we asked that they come over to our place since this was going to be the first time doing the stim meds and i knew we were going to need to focus! so they did! so the hubby and i watched the online how to videos to make sure we did everthing right. we did the menopur first - thank goodness too! - turns out that one reaaaalllly hurt! i was not expecting it at all since my lupron shot was pretty easy. so from now on ill continue doing the menopur first since it makes the follistim seem like a piece of cake after  that! My thigh feels a little sore today which is the only side effect i can say is deff because of the stim meds.

i have my first u/s and b/w appt while on stims on Saturday. Excited to see what the progress is like since Monday's u/s. keeping my fingers crossed everything continues to go as planned :)

hoping tonight isnt too tough! but ill endure some pain for a short period of time in order to have our baby at the end of all of this!

Until next time xoxo ...


Wow! Just realized i haven't posted in a while!

After my nurse consult they gave us a timeline that made us very excited because we knew everything was going to start happening pretty fast for us! At first like mentioned i did start my BC on 6/19 and then i was supposed to start taking my Lupron on 7/5 but since the lab was going to be closed during the original week of my ER/ET the nurse called me and told me to actually start my Lupron on 7/3 - luckily i was coming home from vacation on that day and my meds arrived that day too! So i've been on Lupron since then 10 units a day every day at night. So far its been ok. I haven't noticed any major side effects as far as how my body is feeling and reacting to the medicine, i have noticed i've been a lot more emotional and my moods change very quickily.  I've noticed i've been pretty anti social - especially when it comes to being around the ppl that don't know what i am going through. But I deff don't mind being at home with my hubby and my doggy or around my close friends and family.

I have an appt on Monday 7/15 for u/s and b/w to see how the Lupron is working. The Nurse said if all goes well they will contact me that afternoon to tell me when to start my stims! Just another step closer to our happy ending :)

The hubby and I are so excited for this process we are just trying to keep positive thoughts and energy around us, the family and friends that know what we are going through are very excited for us to. I'm happy to have such amazing ppl and support around us and happy that they'll be keeping us in their prayers and hoping the end result is what we all hope for!

There has been a lot of twin talk - i think its only natural to think that since the IVF procedure does have a high success of multiples. At first it sounded a lil scary but after we think about it we wouldn't mind it all! Of course we'll be happy with one or two or how many we are blessed with as long as we all are healthy!

At work ... just needed to catch up! I'll be back after my next Drs appointment!

Until next time .... xoxo


Good afternoon!!

So after yesterdays post - a lot has changed!

Well I did in fact get the go to start my birth control yesterday! 

As mentioned before, I did have my HSG test scheduled for July 1st but my Drs. and staff were able to squeeze me in for an appt with the other Dr. next week !! yay! soo happy! First of all because I feel like it'll help me get through the process, i don't know if i could have gone one whole week without getting anything tested or done!

Also, my nurse consult appointment is scheuled for the 27th! Here is were i will learn about all the medications i will be taking, when i will start taking them and for how long! Exciting to finally have a timeline too and get an idea when ER and ET will be happening :D Who knew i'd be so excited to take meds, although ask me 2 days into the shots and im sure ill be excited to get it over with!

The hubby && i also booked our lil getaway before the madness begins! We'll be heading to Vegas with another couple! They are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary and invited us to go! So im excited to get some relaxation in before i get moody, sad and crampy all at the same time haha

Here's hoping our next vacation will be with a new little one <3

Until next time ... xox

And so it begins...

Good morning!! So today is officially CD2 which means I was sooo happy to see AF yesterday haha

I called my drs office and they were able to get me in today for my baseline appointment. It was pretty easy and painless...the painful part was waking up at 5:00 a.m. to make it to my appt on time at 7:40 a.m. unfortunately the closest office my Dr has is still about a 50 minute drive! All will be worth it! Anyways, I got my blood drawn and an u/s too! Was anyone else a lil weirded out at the fact of getting the u/s down while on your period ... i got over it eventually haha everything looks good! Ovaries look good, uterus and lining look good im feeling optimistic!

The nurse said someone was going to be contacting me today re: when to start my birth control. Someone has already called it in to my pharmacy so now i just have to wait for the go date!

Im very excited, actually hubby and i are both super excited! Feels like we are finally doing something to get the process going!

Next up .. HSG test - its scheduled for July 1st because my Dr. will be out of the office next week. Going to try and see if i can do it with a different Dr. only because my husband and i were wanting to get away the week of the 4th .. im assuming before the real process will be starting.


Until next time ... xox