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Sore nipples 2 dpo. Is this too soon

I had a MC last Sept. and have had many chemical pregnancies since. Each month my bbs would inflate to the size of balloons and i could barely lie on them.

We have been working with an amazing doctor who realized there are a few factors keeping us from our BFP. Now that we have resolved them, we have just strated to try again.

This month, I stimmed with Follistim for 5 days and triggered early as I had 3 mature follicles (CD 3-7).

IUI twice. On CD 9 and 10.

I am taking prednisone since I am borderline NK cells. Just started progesterone suppositories last night (CD 15)

Since 2 dpo I have had sore nipples. I NEVER get sore nipples....only bbs and they are not sore at all right now.

My doctor says that sore nipples are one of the biggest signs of early pregnancy.

Any of my fellow ladies willing to shed some insight? BFP stories?