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I’m back!

Hey all! I need a place to write into the abyss about this because I’ve got a lot of feelings tonight. I got married in October of 2016, we started trying in December and it took us 6 months to conceive our beautiful baby boy. He was born January 24th, 2018. We just started trying again for baby 2, and I’m on my third cycle. Technically we haven’t ever been not trying, we’ve just never prevented. I’m still breastfeeding, but my son is sleeping through the night for the most part. I’m going to start temping again this cycle probably tomorrow. I just had to buy a new thermometer. I feel so blessed to have or son, but now that we’re trying for #2, I’m having a lot of feelings. The first cycle back I had a very light period, and only a 4 day LP, the second cycle was a more normal period for me, but still only a 7 day LP. I’m nervous that I won’t be able to get pregnant again until I wean fully, and I know he’s not ready for it, and neither am I. I started taking maca root this cycle in hopes that it will help my LP. I’ve been taking my prenatal, switched to sunflower lecithin from soy lecithin this cycle, and flaxseed oil. We also bought some Conceive plus lube to try to help out that baby making session. I should be ovulating in the next week or so. Cycles have been around 33 days, but ovulation on like... day 26. It’s frustrating. I just needed to put this into the universe. “And with a patient heart, I will wait.”

Okay, so blog post word vomit

Here's a little update/freak out for ya...


This is our 5th cycle tracking temperatures and 6th cycle overall... and I'm getting SO frustrated. I'm 10dpo today, with a general 11 day LP, but I had a 14 day LP last cycle, which was very odd, then I O'd on CD16 this cycle, which is equally out of character.


I'm just trying not to obsess over am I or aren't I... but it's so hard. I've had pretty regular cycles, I don't have anything preventing me from getting pregnant that I know of like PCOS or Endo, I'm sure DH is perfect... so why are we still struggling? They say 75% of couples where the female is 25 or under conceive within the first 6 months... soooo... hello! I mean, I'm gonna be 26 in July, but whatever. 


I've been journaling out my feelings, and I've adopted the quote "And with a patient heart, I will wait." But I'm not feeling so patient, and I'm feeling very anxious and scared to test tomorrow. What if there's something wrong with me? :( 


So, I'm 10DPO, and woke up this morning convinced I'd test and it'd be negative, so I went to the bathroom, kept some pee in a cup, then wiped... brown discharge. So I'm probably out this cycle. It sucks, but it is what it is.


DH said "well it'll happen, we just have to be patient." I don't want to be patient, I want to be pregnant! Ugh. Feeling annoyed today for sure. I always spot a bit before AF makes her appearance, generally the day or two before, so I knew this was a possibilty, but it's still disheartening. 


Hopefully you ladies had a great Valentine's Day and are kicking the TWW's butt! 



Cycle #3

Hey all! I've been more active on the forums than I have on the blog. So here's a quick update: 


I had a dentist appointment yestday and my hygenist asked if I was pregnant because I needed new xrays. I told her probably not, because I maaaay have tested Friday morning just to try out my newer testing strips. It was negative, but still. Obviously I told her I wasn't pregnant that I knew of, so we went ahead with the Xrays. She then told me that it took 3 months for her and her husband to conceive their daughter... so that's exciting. Haha. 


My temp finally rose this morning, so I'm thinking O was yesterday. Luckily DH and I BD'd a LOT, including last night. We have plans to tonight and tomorrow as well. I've been having some almost pulling feelings in my lower abdomen, and some quick sharp pains, which seems promising. I'm taking it as a good sign until proven otherwise! 


Stay tuned for other updates! :) 

BDing the night away

Hey ladies! 

Because we're only in the first two months of trying for baby, my cycles have been irregular. With BC they were 28 days on the dot, my last one was 36 days. Because of this, to cover all bases, DH and I have decided to BD every other day from last week starting on CD 10, all the way to CD 22 (and 23) which says it could be my ovulation day. I've been using Period Tracker Deluxe (which I had before we began trying and just realized they have a BBT and TTC option). I'm also using Fertility Friend, but don't know if I should continue to in as much as PT Deluxe has the same options and graphs... thoughts? 

Also, has anyone used Pure Romance's Just Like Me lubricant and been successful at conceiving? I was gifted a lot of lube at the bachelorette party that I'd like to use before purchasing pre-seed or another fertility friendly lubricant. 



My name is Maggie, and I want to be a momma. Not so hard to say, apparently super hard to actually put into action. My husband and I have only been trying for 2 months. We've been together 5 years in March, married for 3 months. We knew that we wanted a family, and basically were married before we were married. In fact, we bought a house over a year before we got married! Our own goal when we got married, besides loving each other for the rest of our lives, was to be able to start a family. Now that we're husband and wife, it's game on! 

Because I'm very type A, I like to research and overthink every single thing about something before I jump into it. That's the type of person I am, and my husband is basically the opposite. So imagine our surprise when I started researching babymaking and found out that it is SO much harder than it appears. Seriously, HOW are people able to accidentally get pregnant? Conditions have to be perfect! Like me trying to sleep! I need 34 different positions and at least 2 hours before I can nod off. (I may be exaggerating.) 

I'm currently dealing with a bit of jealousy as just about everyone it seems is getting pregnant all around us. My SIL, two of my coworkers, 3 friends from college, and a couple "surprise" babies... and babies are EVERYWHERE! Luckily two of my good friends from college are also trying to get pregnant, so we talk to each other and commiserate on the ins and outs of jealousy. 

I just started BBT tracking with Fertility Friend, and trying to notice CM more. I've been off BC for over 2 months now. My cycle is starting to regulate, which is frustrating to me because I used to be 28 days on the dot. I could almost tell you when AF would show up by the hour. My last cycle was 36 days, and I freaked out. I've been on BC for over 10 years! I don't remember what it was like before, so I don't know what to expect. I guess for now I'm just trying (and failing) to be patient. 


What are some of your tips for patience? This is going to be my outlet so I don't completely fry my husband every day.