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What do you think to this??

My cycles are for 28 days and AF lasts for 3-5 days  My last AF was on the 20-23rd of December 2017. ovulation happened between the 2nd or 3rd January , on which me and my OH had unprotected sex.  On the 9-10th I had what I think was implantation bleeding , it looked like the spotting that happens before a period, it was very light, and I didn’t even notice it happening until I saw a small amount on my pants. my af was due on the 17th, however it did not show up. now I’m on the 43 day. I’ve had 2 really faint positive clearblues, 2 negative FRERs , and a negative from answer. Its so frustrating because me and my partner just want to know so we can start preparing ourselves. We have already been to my planned parenthood , but weirdly they said they only provide pregnancy tests to those who are considering abortion which we definitely aren’t. My next period is due on the 14th, and since I ovulated on the 30th last month , I have not noticed the usual cm that I’ve always had. My breasts are almost blue with veins , they are also much much bigger than they were ( partners comment not mine) been very sleepy, also craving bacon a hell of a lot. Been moody with my partner , and I’ve had some pulling and tingling sensations in my uterus. over the past day my nipples have got so much more sensitive to touch. I just wondered if anyone else had been in this situation, and what the outcome was ? Thank you