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15 DPO help

Hello ladies I have a few questions for you all... My husband and I just started trying for our third baby and I am currently 15 DPO having very strange symptoms but I received a negative test Friday. 

About 7/8 DPO I started having light cramps, feeling strange, dizzy spells, and strange food aversions. According to my routine cycle of every 28/29 days I expected to start my period Feb. 3rd but had red (what I thought was to be normal in color) light bleeding start in the morning of the 2nd, then nothing else the rest of the day but a little brown/rusty colored spotting twice more the 3rd. Throughout the day on the 3rd I had the worst headache and was nauseous with aches in my back, food aversions, and strange stomach cramps. This morning, the 4th, I woke up feeling fine, light headache, no blood, and have had this weird tingly sensation in my nipples. 

With all that said I’m trying not to get my hopes up and be realistic about this but I can’t help but think the test was a false negativ. Have any of you had this before? 

Thanks for the help ladies!