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Could I be pregnant? Or am I crazy?

Okay, so this is just my first month TTC. I’m 23 and pretty healthy other that a bad cigarette habit I am breaking.

I’ve been having “symptoms” but I haven’t been logging or tracking everything. Being 13DPO and still getting BFN is hard to know if I’m just WANTING these to be real symptoms, so in short summary this is what I’ve been experiencing in pretty close order of them occurring: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. 

- MAJOR toothache & tmj feeling. It was so painful I was in tears for 2 days thinking I had a rotten tooth, then just disappeared.
- swollen tonsils/ sore throat/ stuffy knows/ watery eyes. Mostly late at night and in the morning.
-exhaustion, which eventually faded. Some insomnia, which is pretty normal for me.
- VERY vivid dreams, sooo not normal for me.
- TMI mildly loose stool, nothing real solid for a couple weeks.
- AF like cramping at night a couple of days (no where near that time)
- very minor pinching feelings in low abdomen when sitting or walking up stairs.
- noticeably gassy a couple days... sorry. But actually had to find excuses to walk away from people cause it was pretty stinky.
- dull headaches off and on.
- maybe heightened sense of smell. The orange trees blossoming were very noticeable and I’ve never noticed in years prior but nothing else super noticeable.
- dull nipple pain and sometimes bottom sides of breasts if I squeeze or lay on them (boobies are small) feels like they are bruised off and on. I of course keep testing them.
- TMI but the other day I had a sudden gush of white lotiony CM. Nothing else super noticeable in that department. 

The past couple days all I’ve really had going on is
-sore nipples
- insomnia
- and very minimal cramping/ gassy after eating. 

I’m a Cancer, so I’m pretty sensitive anyway. Since I’m trying not to get my hopes up I pushed it aside, but I’ve cried at the Gilmore girls theme song ( I lost my mom a year ago), had very roller coaster feelings around my S.O., started a couple fights (he’s the most gentle person on the planet), abruptly started looking for a new job and rearranged my whole apartment. 

I’m either preggo or going through a quarter life crisis. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? WHAT DID YOU GO THROUGH? I know it’s just the first month but 13DPO and a bunch of BFN has really got me down. 

AF expected in the next 4-5 days.