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Any one had bfn on 14th dpo and ended up with bfp???

I am 36 with a regular cycle of 28-29. My DD is 12 years old, went to dr and kept me on clomid 50mg 2-6. This is a first round started 20th March. I ovulated on day 14/15 according to OPK. It was ++ day 13&14.

From 11 dpo i started a painfuly cramps like af is comming. I tested 11, 12&13 dpo both BFN. I have also creamy cm, very sore boobs and bad test in my mouth. 

Can clomid cause all this symptoms???

Is there any hope with this symptoms?

Has any one came across this symptoms at cd 28(14dpo),  and ended up with bfp?

Will appreciate all ur responses beautifull women.

Much love!