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I have no clue what is going on. My temps never stay this high unless I’m pregnant. Usually by 12dpi the are in the 97.60 range. But all of my hpt’s have Been negative. What is the deal? 

TTC #3

its been a while since I’ve posted on this site. I do still come by every now and then to read BFP stories. This month we are TTC #3. I was put on femara 2.5mg on cycle days 5-9. It’s my first time ever using femara to conceive. im really hoping that we get it on the first try as it took a year for #1 and #2. Attached is my chart so far. I’m hoping to see my temps get a little higher and stay that way over the next few days. 

CD 11 positive OPK

Today is CD11 for me and I received a positive OPK. I have PCOS and Im aware that it could be false but since this is my first cycle off BC im pretty hopeful. I took a digital first that came back with a peak reading then took a cheapie and it was a strong positive. Hopefully we get it this month since its going to be anothef long road if we are not successful. Now just to wait and see if my BBT jumps up tomorrow or Saturday to confirm the positive tests. Kmfx


Hi ladies!

   My name is Kelly and Im 24. I was on this forum a few years ago when I had conceived my son. Well dh and I want to try for another baby but a few things have changed. I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after our son was born. I've been on the pill since I was diagnosed. I have no clue if I can ovulate or have anymore children. I am currently on CD9 and waiting for the big O. Im hoping that I can conceive naturally and that I won't need any drugs to help me out. 

Had to double check *bfp*

I had doubts about that cheap Walmart test so on my break I broke down and got a frer just to make sure it was true well it is! :) I need to stop poas bc it's going to keep saying the same thing. 

What do you think ladies?

So I broke down and with out DH knowing I took a hpt at 6 this evening. I thought I just had line eyes so I walked out I the bathroom to show DH and he sees it too. It's faint but we see a bfp on that test. What do you ladies think? 

Update still in this month

For those of you who asked me to keep you updated I'm letting you know what's going on. My nips have become extremly sore. Not my bb's just my nips. I am very constipated (tmi) but all of my usually pms stuff is no where to be seen. Which by now I should have started to get pms. The cramping from the other day has also stopped so I'm hoping that it was implantation?  My temp this morning has gone up by very little but hey it went up. Normally by now my temps should have started to fall due to the fact that af is due in 3 days. But so far so good. My temps and everything look great so hopefully they keep climbing tomorrow. I've attached my chart so those of you that wanted an update can see. Kmfx that this is our month! GL and baby dust I all of you wonderful ladies in your tww. 

Feeling bummed out this morning :(

So I'm 9 dpo today and my bbt dropped a little this morning. That made me a little sad because I was hoping to see it stay the same or go up some more today. The soreness in my nips has gone away as well. I started cramping this morning as well so I'm sure af will be on her way in 4 days. :( I'm really bummed out bc I thought we may have gotten it this time. None of my other usual af symptoms are here yet like sore bb's or the moodiness like they should be by now but I'm sure it'll all happen soon. I'm trying not to let DH see how upset I am today. I keep telling myself maybe its just an implantion dip today and maybe my temp will go back up tomorrow. But seeing it drop today has really made me kinda sad. We are seeing a fertility specialist next month. I was hoping that I was going to be able to cancel that appointment but from the looks of things we are still going. Maybe I'm just bummed out becuase the tww always makes me kinda emotional. I should be looking on the bright side that things could turn around and this could be our month but Im not getting my hopes up. Looks like it may be on the the next cycle for me. GL to all of you laides and lost of baby dust to you. 

Vivid dream and bbt still climbing!

I had a very vivid dream last night that I took an hpt and I got a bfp. I was so tempted to poas this morning but only being 8dpo I know it's way to early. I temped this moring my bbt was 98.04! It has never gotten that high before. I attached my chart so you ladies can see. It has never had this steady climb before either so I'm hoping these are all good signs. I really hope this is our month. I can't wait to see what my bbt is tomorrow. 

Kind of strange

So today I am 7dpo. I noticed that my right nip and only my right nip is extremely sore. I never get sore nips after O just tender breasts. I'm just kinda confused. Hoping it's a good thing since it is not normal for me. Has anyone else ever had one sore nip out of the blue before?