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I can't comment on your latest post as apparently I am a robot. I just NEEDED to reach out and congratulate you. I was on here for a few years struggling to conceive and reading your posts always helped me on my worst days. I had my daughter feb 8 2018 and I've come on here about once a month to stalk you. I'm sooooooo sooooo over the moon for you! I have kept you in my prayers and I just knew this day would come for you. Enjoy every single second of it!!! I wish you, your husband and baby all the Love, happiness and health in the world. Congrats again, MOMMY!!!!!! How do I find your book???

Never thought I'd be back here...

5 1/2 years many loses. Fallopian tube removed, other fallopian tube 10% damaged, Dr. Said no chance naturally, wait for a year on ivf waiting list get the call that it's our turn in 2 weeks...BAM pregnant NATURALLY!!! I'm officially 17 weeks tomorrow. So excited but constantly worried!!!

Just wanted to check in and see how all my old ttc friends are.  Haven't been on here in two years


aaand... Im back

hello everyone. i havent been on in a while and i see that the past few months have brought a lot of new ladies onto this site.

so just a quick update, i did 4 rounds of comid and sadly had a bfn at the end of each month. Im dissapointed to say the least but im not giving up yet!!! Im taking a break for the summer to get the crap out of my system (clomid was rough on me) and i would also like to lose some weight.gained 5 pounds per month on clomid =20 pounds ...ugh ....clomid, why did i do this to myself???

for those who dont know my history;

2002 son

2006 miscarriage

2008 daughter

2010 son -died 3 days after birth (full term)

2012 miscarriage

2013 ectopic loss of left tube

My doctor wants to check hubbys swimmers and then possibly other meds. im wondering if maybe i should just skip ahead to ivf?!

im 31 I know Im not old but because of my history im concerned that if we dont do something drastic we may be waiting a looooong time. what are your thoughts ladies??? i hope you are all well and congrats to everyone who got their bfp!!




why did I do this????

so... my ovulation tests came with a preg test. Tonight I figured wth I might as well take it since I hate clear blue and want hubby to buy me a better brand when its time to test. so I pee on it, walk away, come back maybe 5 mins later to toss it and I see a faint plus sign???!!?!

so theres two problems with this

#1 This brand is a big fat liar

#2 Im pretty sure Im only 6dpo.

I dont temp but I do use opks. I forgot to use my opk on the 16th and then my opk looked positive on jan 17 and I ran out of them so stopped using them after that. I figured I ovulated on the 19th? so that would put me at 6 or 7 dpo? unless I ovulated earlier?? Omg why am I getting so carried away?? theres no way its real... right?

I tried to upload a pic but the file is too large and when it was resized the line I had to play with the contrast. Its an obvious faint blue line irl.



clomid side effects 6 dpo??

ok, I believe I am 6 dpo today.

while taking clomid I had ZERO side effects besides a headache that lasted for a few days. I was positive it didnt work for me. So possitive that I was going to ask my doctor for 100mgs next cycle (Im on 50) But.......

4 dpo my ovaries feel like they're burning. It only lasts a few hours but I start to wonder if this is my first side effect : ) Im so excited, does this mean clomid is working for me??                                                 5dpo I have sharp stabbing.pains in my!! this lasts and is super uncomfortable. by 6 pm my ovaries are very sore and going from sitting to standing and vice versa is painful. feels like my ovaries are bruised. I experience my first hot flash in the middle of the night, it actually feels like im on fire and happens two more time during the night.while trying to get back to sleep I remind myself that I WANTED side effects.  : /                       6dpo this morning I wake up and realize the lightning bolt stabbing pain is now in my vagina and butt. now Im worried and its kinda painful. 

Has anyone experienced this or know what it is?I dont want to turn to doctor google on this one because I know its gonna be rectal cancer and herpes lol



so this was my first month taking clomid 50mg cd 4-8. I just got a positive opk yesterday but Im worried already. I've had ZERO side effects besides an annoying headache for 5 days. last night and today I've been having ovulation pains but that happens to me even without the clomid. so here are my concerns #1. does the lack of side effects mean its not working??#2. I only have my right fallopian tube and my O pain is ALWAYS on my left (thats where I feel it this time as well).does that mean Im only ovulating on my left every month?? or is it possible to ovulate on one side and feel it on the other?

My doctor is not monitoring me so I have no way of seeing if Im ovulating or on what side. I ws kind of hoping to feel O pain on both sides now that Im on clomid : /




red raspberry leaf tea

so this is my first cycle of clomid. I took my first pill last night and so far no side effects (fx)  :)

I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea for a few months and this morning while brewing some I had this odd feeling that I should google red raspberry tea and clomid. I was surprised to find that this is a big no,no as the tea boosts estrogen and clomids job is to block it, so the two should not be taken together. I read a few stories of women drinking it while taking clomid and the cycles they didnt drink it they ended up pregnant. I wanted to drink it to help my lining, so im glad i googled it first. I also read an article about how you should not take ANY herbal supplements while on clomid also no asprin.

Just thought I would share that info with you ladies.I had no idea  : /

Im hoping I didnt screw myself by drinking it yesterday!


Great start to my new year :)

so after all the stress and nerves for the past 24h Im happy to report that I got clomid today :)

my doctor was super AMAZING as usual (seriously I LOVE this man!!!) we chatted for a bit and he agreed that it seems as though Im not ovulating 1 out of every 3 months so with that and only one fallopian tube he gave me 4 months of 50mgclomid  for cd 5-9. I then spent the afternoon searching for clomid at every pharmacy we drove by. turns out there is a shortage here and no one is expecting any more until APRIL!! I finally found a pharmacy that had 10 tablets left and i bought them all mwahahaha

so af is due in 2- 3 days (if i ovulated this month) and I can start taking them. The thing I find a little weird is whenever I read stories about other women on clomid they talk about monitored cycles. My dr didnt mention anything about that Im just supposed to call asap if Im pregnant or having bad side effects. How do I know if im ovulating on the right side???

Im so happy to be starting my new year with such great news! I hope 2015 brings us all a lot of happiness. 

I will be thinking of all you ladies tonight ( while babysitting my 5 week old niece) and counting downthe seconds until 2015 :)


positive vibes fading : /

So tomorrow is my long awaited doctor appointment. I have been looking forward to this for so long. my appointment has been changed 6 x this month but I have been assured that it wont be changed again. I adore my doctor. He delivered my little boy 4 years ago and revived him (born blue) sadly my little guy only lived for 3 days but I am so thankful my doctor gave me those beautiful days with my son. My doctor also sat with me in the recovery room after my ectopic 2 years ago as I explained to him while bawling my eyes out that the doctor who did the surgery told me he removed my tube and my other one looked like it was no good. My doctor said "Were gonna look ourselves and figure it all out" ( the other doctor was pushing ivf) my doctor sent me for the dye test and my remaining tube is in excellent condition. so now after trying on our own for 2 years and me realizing im not ovulating every month  I have an appointment to discuss my options (Im thinking maybe clomid??) So why after such a long wait, and me being so excited am i feeling down about this? I suddenly am a nervous wreck and Im really scared. Maybe Im scared of more bad news? maybe he will send me home and say "just keep trying"???   

Also I tested today at 10 dpo and it was bfn.Not that Im shocked but I guess I was holding onto the hope that maybe I could do it without help.

Trying so hard to not lose my positive attitude. please send me some positive vibes ladies : )



thats just my overall feeling... just blah.Not hungry not sick, just blah!

Im 8 dpo today and for the past 3 days ive been feeling... well gross i guess is the only way to explain it. I remember feeling like this with my other pregnancies but not until a week or two after my bfp. so who knows?! Iwas so looking forward to stuffing my face over the holidays but I barely ate anything. Im exhausted! Im not getting my hopes up for a bfp (who am i kidding, My hopes are up every cycle) Maybe its just christmas stress but wouldnt it be hilarious if I got my bfp after 2 years ttc and my doctor appointment to be prescribed clomid or other treatment in only 2 more days....... actually, it wouldnt be hillarious, thats usually how things happen for me lol

af is due on jan 2 so I guess I will just have to wait and see. And hey, if Im not preg Im still excited to see my doctor on monday and hopefully move on to my next step in this crazy ttc journey.

I hope everyone had an excellent christmas and congrats to those who got their christmas bfps!