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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!


hello everyone. i got off b/c last month and my period was due july 30 but i had it the 25th. i believe i ov early too, around the 3rd. since the 3 rd i have beenfeeling sick to my stomach on and off, i was constipated for over a week, really tired, mad a few days for no reaaon, having a hard time sleeping, one crazy preg dream, heartburn, and the most noticable left ovary cramping and lower pressure mainly when i lay down. can u relate? i dont even know when the soonest i can test is because i started ov a week early. 

OPK's are my nemesis...

This is my 3rd month using OPK's. The first two months, I used the cheap strips and didn't get a strong, clear positive until CD20 both times. This month I decided to try the more expensive CB digital ones, and I just got my peak reading today on CD15. 

I'm trying to figure out which tests I should believe. I did start taking B6 and Vitex this month, but I didn't expect such a sudden change. Obviously I'm hoping the CB result is accurate and that I am ovulating earlier, but I'm just not sure. Anyone else experience a discrepancy between the two types of tests?

Also since the peak result was totally unexpected this early, I drove an hour to "meet" DH during his weekend with the guys so we wouldn't miss o day. Yes, I am insane. 

Strange CM, Bad Nausea and Temping Issues

There were 3 reasons we started this blog.

1. It's cathartic and helps to keep us sane.

2. If the worst happens and AF shows up, we have a record of everything that happened this cycle to look back on.

3. Come what may this cycle, it will hopefully help other people going through the TWW to read about our experience.

This morning we felt really deflated and had all but convinced ourselves we were out.  It sounds crazy now that we've stopped, breathed, researched and learned, but for a while there we were really upset.  So what was it that sent us tail spinning into doom and gloom for our previously optimistic (albeit frustrated) state of mind?

Two minor changes that could mean absolutely nothing either way! 

The first thing that happened was a temp drop.  Now, first of all, as long as the temp doesn't drop below the cover line, it doesn't serve as much of an indication of anything but suddenly in our heads it became a "bad sign".  The second thing was a reappearance of the red/brown streaked CM that I had back on DPO 7 or 8. It looks exactly the same and on that day we chalked it up to a positive sign, possibly implantation related. Today, because were approaching the time that AF is due (tomorrow or Monday) it immediately became a bad sign, it was the start of AF coming??  

The thing that we have learned is that any sign or symptom could be good or bad and depending on your mood, the time in your cycle or just the timing of it can make you feel very positive or very negative.  I think the key for next cycle if we do not get a BFP this month is to just accept that nothing means much of anything and we need to just get on with things until we see AF or BFP.  

So, with my rational head screwed back on...

Yesterday, I noticed that my BB pain is either a little better or I'm just getting used to it.  My temp remained high and the nausea got worse.  There was another BFN using FR HPT but again, it was probably only 11 DPO, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Late last night I had a severe bout of nausea.  Until now, it has been more of a nauseated reflux feeling that is relieved by my (excessive) burping.  Last night, I had to make the dash to the bathroom because I thought I was actually going to be sick.  I wasn't but I really thought I would be.

I was really tired and we went to bed, but despite falling asleep quickly, my sleep was really disturbed all night.  Needless to say, I woke up at 5am and did my temp (usually done at 8am) which is probably why my temp is off this morning.  Again...earlier I saw it as a really bad sign, with calm rational thought and research, it is probably that my sleep pattern was messed up and I shouldn't really pay any mind to it!

FMU I used an Internet cheapo test, I don't want to keep using the higher priced tests at this point.  I'll save those for after AF should arrive if I'm late.  BFN!  Obviously, in my head that compounded my "bad sign" temp and now I'm feeling deflated.  10am, CM check... it's gone from milky/lotion-like to a clear, sticky consistency that has streaks of red/brown in it.  Naturally this turned into another "bad sign" at that moment, but it was the same as the stuff from the other day. The only difference is I am now close to the time AF should be showing up. Immediately I start searching for information and found very conflicting information, but one thing turned us both around.

Someone had posted about the same thing and was asking what it meant. Attached to it was a GRAPHIC picture of what she was seeing.  Not exactly pleasant viewing, but it looked exactly the same as the CM I am getting.  Reading on through the thread... she got a BFP a few days later (back to positive thoughts) so again, all the information I found about how it was the start of AF suddenly didn't seem so "correct".

I guess the key to this post is that you really just don't know and as annoying, frustrating and worrying as the TWW is... nothing really matters until AF sings or the two lines show up!

Montgomery tubercles

Does anyone have any idea about Montgomery tubercles? I always have them and sometimes they have a dot of white discharge. I only recently found out why they are there and that they shouldn't be squeezed. So my question is if after a shower you look at the areola and there's small clusters of pin prick white head looking things is that a maybe an early pregnancy sign? And the ones in the middle of the nipple themselves bigger? I'm about 11dpo at the latest. Also if you feel like you are constantly peeing (ie sit on loo for a minute after going normally and push, a little more trickle comes out). My nipples are still super 'don't touch me sensitive' as are breasts, I was worried this afternoon that the pain was decreasing but a short feel was all that was needed to put that to rest. My cm in vagina is dry but if near the cervix it's more sticky feeling. I have had light (for me) cramps the last 24 hours so I'm hoping that's a positive sign. So do these extra tubercles happen as part of pms or only pregnancy? And if it is a sign is it then expected I might have enough bhcg to turn a test positive? I did an opk friday (yesterday) and it was nearly as dark as control line....I don't want to test to early.....I have been a bit more tired, funny tummy issues but not overly emotional (yesterday was the worst). Cervix was low and hard this morning and is high and a lot softer....

Crash course in OPK's please

Okay i've decided to do my best in getting hold of OPK's. Im on CD10 now. Can those that are/have used OPK's please give me a crash course in how these things work etc.? How many do i need, when to take them, how to read them etc. I'd realy appreciate it. I have roughly a 30 day cycle.


So I went off the BCP Aug 2012, after being on it for 8 yrs. When I 1st went off of the BCP I had 2 cycles onebin Sept and Oct.  Then I didnt have another cycle on my own until July 2013. So excited! I went to ky OB GYN earlier this year and he suggested that I go on clomid and metformin. Well I tested for ovulation this month but I never got 2 lines the same ordarker. If I dont get a cycle in August should I go to the dr to get on clomid? Anybody with clomid success stories?  Thanks.

Hurry up and wait

I promised myself to not get to excited but as it draws closer to 28 days it gets hard...because I have passed the 14 days past where I thought I had ovulated with a neg test and no af I had a look back over all my notes and read a bit more. It might be that I had a long fertile time or a failed ovulation attempt. In any case a test in a few days time will be conclusive. Maybe having so much fertile cm for about a week in total will be a blessing and those times we bd, will have a good enough environment to stay alive long enough to meet my egg. It's been confusing in that my cm changes during the day like this morning everything was milky and wet and now it's dry again. I'm trying to ignore the signs and symptoms incase it's all just pms or my imagination. 

Just starting to TTC after Mirena and already hopeful. Hard time waiting.


I've just started TTC. I had the Mirena IUD for six years, one year more than suggested. I had it removed on August 6th. My first visit to the gyno for this was on August 1st, but since the doctor couldn't even see the string, he gave me an appointment at the hospital the next week where there is better equipment. Turns out the IUD was impacted in the lining of my uterus and upside down. The IUD was removed through hysteroscopy (they called this a surgery, though I went to work the very same evening). I bleeded for about half a day after the removal, but felt fine afterwards.

I know it's probably too early to be pregnant yet. I'm guessing there was a scar left in my uterus that had to heal, hormones from Mirena still flowing in my body. But since my last period started July 23, I was mid-cycle at removal. I also believe I ovulated right after having it removed. The Mirena had killed my sex drive for years and I felt incredibly sexy right after it was removed. I BDed with my spouse two days after removal and quite a few times in the days following (though nurses at the hospital suggested waiting at least a week to prevent infection... since I felt totally fine and knew I was mid-cycle, I decided to try anyway) and I'm just hoping that maybe, maybe... I'll beat all the odds and be pregnant right away.

Right now, I'm probably 9 or 10 DPO. I'm having symptoms that could be PMS, or could be signs of something else!! Water retention in my legs for the last two days, I have painful upper-back muscle cramps (had trouble getting up this morning because of them) and begged my spouse for a massage (he's lazy when it comes to massages!). My breasts are also very sore, which I know is good sign. Never had this on Mirena (except maybe the water retention), but could be that my body is just getting reajusted and since I've been on Mirena for so long, I have no clue what are regular PMS symptoms. I also have very light brown spotting, but so light it doesn't show on my panties or when wiping, just when checking cervix directly with finger.

I'm sharing my story. My rational side is saying I'm probably not pregnant, just PMS, but there's this little hope that maybe, just maybe I'll be super lucky and get what I want right away... the days waiting for period to start (or not!!) are pretty difficult, as this seems to be all I can think about!!

I'm 31 and trying for my first. My spouse is 38 and we've been together 10 years. We each went to grad school and the conditions were never "right" before now. Now that they are, I want it to happen right away!!!

Just sharing.

Ever just have a "feeling"?

I am getting confused and a little depressed. I posted yesterday, and I am pretty much using this site as an outlet because I don't have many female friends, and even fewer who are TTC and understand what we are all going through.

So, I am 11-12 DPO, depending on which day I actually ovulated. My temps have been consistently high with a slight trend upward to the right on my chart. AF is due in 2 days so I am waiting for either a continued upward trend or a drop in the next 2 days. Today I felt "diferent" and I swear my mouth has tasted "funny" all day. Also, my cramps are more "stabby" and my boobs hurt, but that may be from poking and pressing on them all day to see if they hurt. As I was driving home form work today I just got a strong sense that I am pregnant so I bought an Answer test. Of course, it was negative. Now I'm about 99.999999999999999999999999999999% sure this month is a bust. Fortunately, my Dad is coming to visit tomorrow so I will have a distraction from myself this weekend.

Oh, and I have decided that next time someone tells me to relax, I am just going to tell them to stop breathing... because that's how much I feel that I need this.

Questions about Stopping BCP--Please Help!!

Hi ladies! DH and I are TTC our first (I'm 27, he's 30), so of course I have a million questions and am freaking out about anything and everything, lol. I was hoping to get some feedback about your experiences regarding stopping hormonal birth control. I stopped taking the pill at the end of March to hopefully start TTC in June or July. Since coming off the pill (after taking it for 10 years straight), I have gotten a period every month (29-32 day cycles), but it hasn't been what I would consider "normal." At first, it was only maybe 2-3 days of light bleeding with no PMS symptoms whatsoever (which is really odd for me. I used to have 6 days of bleeding with a lot of PMS symptoms). Each month, the flow has gotten slightly heavier and the PMS symptoms have gradually returned. I was happy about this, thinking things were becoming normal again. July was our first offical month TTC (although we had been without birth control since March, we just weren't actively trying), and I was very depressed to get a BFN. I was using opk's and got a + on CD20--which is another major worry for me. Since my cycles are around 31 days, I'm worried that ovulation around day 21 is too late. Anyways, AF reared her ugly head, but I was glad that it seemed to be a heavier, more normal flow. However, the bleeding completely stopped after 2 days, making it the shortest AF I've ever had. Just in case, did a few more hpt's--all BFN's :(

Now I'm panicking that there is something wrong. Does just 2 days of bleeding (with heavy PMS symptoms) still count as a period? Could the opk's be wrong and maybe I'm not ovulating? I've been off the pill for almost 6 months, so I would think my cycles should be normal by now.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? How long did it take your body to adjust after the pill? And comments or advice are much appreciated! Thanks! :)