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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP!! 8dp5dt

This is my second attempt to post my BFP, the first time I tried was on the day after I got my first very faint positive on 8dp5dt when I started spotting.. I didnt do it then because I got terrified that I was actually having a CP as I already had one about 18 months ago... so i decided to wait a bit longer before I shared the news. Background... Me (39 going on 40 next month) DH (41) I have a wonderful daughter (11yrs) from previous marriage, got pregnant by accident and thought it was extremely easy to get pregnant... life has a way of showing you the truth! After remarrying started ttc right away as I had just turned 36 and wanted to have my kids not that far apart... again life showing me the reality of how thing work!!! We tried for 1.5 years and nothing, OBY-GYN send us to fertility specialist... how dare he??? I'm so healthy and fertile!! punch in face number one, You have your uterus covered in polyps, cannot hold a pregnancy with uterus like that you need to get a hysteroscopy. :-S Afterwards doctor recommended at list to try IUI, but he recommends IVF because of my age... again I was in disbelief! I'm healthy, I exercise, eat properly, age with grandma!!@#$$@! so we tried non assisted IUI... BFN of course! I was an idiot and doing IVF made me feel sick and wasn't! so we only did the one IUI and since it didnt work I thought that's fine, because they couldn't find anything wrong with us, except the polyps and they removed them... Sure enough 2 months later I was late :-D I always have been a swiss clock when it comes to AF... so I tested the they after I missed my period and got a faint BFP!!! In your face fertility doctors!!! I'm pregnant as I knew I would be! made my appointment with my regular OBY-GYN for the following week... and just 5 days after my " good news" I started bleeding... of course panic and called the doctor to go in early... when I arrived the spotting was not as light as early in the morning and the nurse made sure she pointed that out, as if I couldn't see the freaking pee cup all tinted with blood and my heart falling into pieces....:-( The doctor said we dont even get a positive on the urine test are you sure you got a positive... i was really frustrated with that doctor's office because of their lack of empathy!!!! basically the next days was full blown period that lasted 7 days! so i'm pretty sure there was something in there that just didnt stick. I decided ( my DH had no choice) that we would continue trying naturally and if by 39 we didnt get pregnant, we would visit the fertility doctors again They received us with the same positive attitude as usual, now I said I want IVF right away! doctor was on board but warned me about the insurance, and not to get frustrated... of course that didnt happened I got frustrated when my insurance had a maximum life expense and requires that you do at least 3 IUIs before you move to IVF, now 2 years after the first time I saw them my AMH was lower than expected for my age... so basically chances getting smaller and silly insurance have the same requirements regardless of your values. the only good nes is that they counted the IUI we had 2 years ago as the first one. Ready for IUI #2, pop me with drugs and get me ready to be pregnant!!! :) oops we can't, you now have cysts in your ovaries, that are producing hormones, and we cannot give more because we risk making them bigger... you need to be on bcp :-( :-( 2 cycles came and go until finally those things started to go away. Now ready and on Clomid, only one follicle with the right measurments... good sperm count... now 2ww... my boobs were so sore that anything touch them and I felt like they were going to break... hopes getting high I'm having symptoms! result: BFN. Ok, now IUI#3, same drill, BFN... but finally we are ready to go for IVF, right? well no, because after the IUI one of follicles still there and is now cyst almost 35mm big... so you have to take bcp again! One week on bcp, cyst still there and getting stronger!! I hate you cyst!!! doctor put me on double bcp per day, i was definitevely feeling the hormone crazyness... but finally after full cycle on double dosis the cyst stopped producing hormones, but was still there same size, but my doctor, says it's ok we can go ahead and start you on your IVF meds. My cycle was a little aggressive, I had to take 3 vials of Menopur + 325 units of Follistim and Omnitrope 5ml per day, after a few days values still low for the amount of drugs so I was bumped to 4 vials of menopur and 375 of follistim, kept Omnitrope the same. Stims lasted 15 days!!! after breaking the bank to pay for all this drugs, my insurance called t say that I have exhausted my limit and now everything is out pf pocket. You know relaxing times... Finally we start seeing progress and i produced about 11 follicles, however about 4-5 were below 15mm... a couple were already 25mm so by day 15 we were done and now get ready for retrieval. As everyone else I google every story and experience and compared to mine, just to confirm that not really any was like mine, their age was different and their protocol as well, but it didnt matter, I still went on reading and watching videos, one of them had 1/4 of the meds I had and she produced 55 follicles and had 48 mature eggs! wow amazing! Retrieval completed and doctor tells me we collected 5 eggs out of the 11 follicles... :-S 5 only!!!! I continue to see my chances dropped by the day :-( Next day, 4 out of 5 fertilized, well that's a good %, by day 5 we had 3 still kicking out of 4, still ok... but losing them one by one :-S we decided to do PGD/PGS because we knew many eggs at my age come with anomalies and that's why ends up in miscarriage... we went on vacation, I needed a break! During vacation they call us to tell us that 2 out of the 3 came back normal! so we have two frosties!!! that seem to be perfect and capable of developing :-D Time for FET... hold on, you have polyps again!!!! we need another hysteroscopy :-| life could get any crueler??? by now it has been almost a year since we decided to do IVF in the process of getting it done... Hysteroscopy checked, polyps removed, now finally moved to FET :-D we almost had a party, with the problem that we havent told anyone what we are doing, because people tends to be nosy! Took the meds and everything look fine, by day 10 my lining was 10mm and hormones on the spot! we continue until day 19 when the transferred was schedule. Lining around 12mm, and doctor asks how many are we putting back... 2 of course!!! we are betting all or nothing! I felt ok, a little bloated right after, some twinges here and there in the pelvic area and some sort of pressure around it to, but nothing else. I didnt want the 2 weeks to end, and I was terrified of testing at home to see a negative and breaking my heart to pieces... I was happy in my bubble... until 8dp5dt I started spotting :-S and my bubble burst :-( I became a nervous wreck, started drinking water to see if more blood would come down, technically the next day was my 28 day from the moment we started my FET cycle, so this could easily be AF... when to the restroom a couple more times and in one of the occasions there was more than just a little spotting... I just panicked, no symptoms, like a clock... my beta was not schedule until 14dp5dt!!! i just grab my strength and had an cheap pregnancy test from who knows when sitting in my cabinet, although I knew that my " sample" would be watered down because of all the water I had taken I just did it. I couldn't wait in front of that thing, I took it, put it on the counter and left to do some work I had pending ... came down scare to see what I was expecting too see, and at the same time telling myself that if negative wait until tomorrow and buy another test don't crumble to pieces!!! when I got to the bath ... i closed my eyes took a deep breath and looked down to the stick... there it was a very faint line, but it was there!!!!!! i couldn't help but sob like there was no tomorrow, I was definitely ready for a BFN, but no was positive, and it was an old test. My husband called me that he was on his way back home, and of course he got worried that my voice sounded broken, Finally home I just took him to the bath and he saw the stick... and he didn't know what it meant... i started crying... again :-| and explained... following act? let's go to the pharmacy to buy a good one and re-test. We bought the FR and took another test... in that one the line was there right away and clearly, so I felt much better. the next morning the bleeding continue and although I had taken another test, that came back positive... what about if Ii'm losing it? i had a CP before... so this could be the same... after a couple of hours I decided to call my RE and asked them what should I do??? they brought me in first thing that afternoon and rush a test, because if i was indeed pregnant and my hormones where not what they should be, they could be causing the bleeding... of course I thought I was hopeless and they would tell me I was actually getting my period.... but to my very great surprise and to stop with my anxiety, my test came back very positive, I had hCG 170.9!!! progesterone and estrogen, 49 & 286 respectively. They change the way I was taking the estrogen to increase it, and after that I have had two more betas, 2nd: 426, 3rd: 5238!!! during my last beta we also had our first U/S... we saw two little beans, that will hopefully become two beautiful princesses!!!!! So far only symptom is enlarged breasts, a little more irritable than usual and thirsty. Best of luck to all of you out there going through this ordeal... and lots of baby dust to you!!
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sorry very long story :-P but so far so good... keep hoping to have the baby dust coming to have a great pregnancy :)

Wow, what an amazing story.  Congratulations! FXd for a happy and healthy 9 months. I will be stalking :) 

amazing story congratz on your bfp H&H 9months :)

Congrats on yr twin BFP! wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy :)

Congrats such an great story

I'm on the 2ww this is horrible and not many Symptom.

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